listen new exclusive House – [29-Apr-2021]

5LINK – Mimosa [Caleto Records]
ACDHSTLR – Ain’t Got Nuthin [303AD Records]
ACDHSTLR – Ain’t Got Nuthin (Dub) [303AD Records]
Adarra & Liiz Rodriguez – Breathe (Remastered) [bocina records]
Adarra – Movimiento (feat. Luna Is & E. Molino) [Remastered] [bocina records]
Adarra – Viento (feat. Moe Palau & E. Molino) [Remastered] [bocina records]
Anto – Everybody In The Club (Original Mix)
Bad Banana – Blame Me [Gloamed]
Block & Crown – If You Need Some (Club Mix)
Bloque M – Gay Drum [Loop Current Records]
Bloque M – Gay Drum (Super Gay Remix) [Loop Current Records]
Bonetti & Cisco Barcelo – You Will Know [Little Jack]
Calippo – Somebody Else (Extended Mix)
Cave Studio – Realize [Uprise Music]
Cave Studio – Show You What [Uprise Music]
Chrissy Meechan – The Beat (feat. Christie Oliver) [Blindsided]
Cristobal & Jamiez – Return to Summer (feat. JenJammin Sax) [Force Of Habit]
Cuneyt Z – No Sweat [29 CLUB]
Damon Hess & Laura Davie – Someone Like You (Extended Mix) [New State Music]
Damon Hess & Laura Davie – Someone Like You [New State Music]
Damon Hess – Someone Like You (Extended Mix)
DAV BOA – Sonar [PMP Records]
DavidDance – Free With You [VIP Stars]
Deborah Aime La Bagarre – Sapiens Sapiens [Deborah Aime La Bagarre]
DEMIXL – Just Clap (Original Mix)
Diego Veira – Simancón [Candy Flip]
Diversity Project – Wanna Be (feat. Diego Brown) [Carrillo Music LLC]
Divided Nation – Sweet Love [DeeVu Records]
DJacuzzi & DJibouti – America [Critique]
DJ Landan Time – Who Got the Funk (Instrumental Edit) [Urban Penguin]
DJ Landan Time – Who Got the Funk (Vocal House Mix) [Urban Penguin]
Eran Hersh, John Dish – U Get It (Original Club Mix)
Eugenio Fico – Lucky Bounce (Original Mix)
Fitzzgerald – Cloud Cruise [Planet Trip]
Fitzzgerald – E36 [Planet Trip]
Fitzzgerald – Minute to Midnight [Planet Trip]
Fitzzgerald – Obsession [Planet Trip]
Fitzzgerald – Ocean’s Call [Planet Trip]
Fuzzy Hair & The Cube Guys – Pump My Trumpet (Club Mix)
G1ST – Gangstas Heaven [Anatomy]
Hidd3n Hand – Got Down [Maison Fauna]
Hidd3n Hand – Guardian [Maison Fauna]
Hidd3n Hand – Try To [Maison Fauna]
Il Mona – Chapeau [Boot Music Records]
Jav Teran – Done (feat. Budda Khan) [JIATRecordsNYC]
Jav Teran – Moliendo Cafe [JIATRecordsNYC]
Jazzek – My House (Club Mix) [FDF Records]
Jazzek – My House [FDF Records]
Joy Marquez & D-George – Zax (Extended Mix) [Dirty Music]
Joy Marquez & D-George – Zax (Jeremy Bass & All Fred Extended Remix) [Dirty Music]
Joy Marquez & D-George – Zax (Jeremy Bass & All Fred Remix) [Dirty Music]
Kazaa – Want Me [Tru Musica]
Kazarian – Drunken Master [Underground Is For Everyone]
Linzy Creber – You Control Me [Ripe Pear Records]
Luca Debonaire & Maickel Telussa – Needless Noise (Clubmix)
Lutti – Up All Night [Cactunes Records]
Macro Nick – Take Away [Intercept Music]
Martin Oakson – Secret [IROX Records]
MaX ForWorD – You Shape Go [Max Forword]
Michael Paul – Reggae Music (Instrumental) [Kalita]
Michael Paul – Reggae Music [Kalita]
Modern Citizens – Solo (feat. DYLAN) [Double-Up]
Modern Citizens – Solo (feat. DYLAN) [Modern Citizens Club Mix Edit] [Double-Up]
Mr. Tony Technics – Shake That Head [Souljack Digital]
Ninckx – Back the Round [High Five Music]
No Hopes – Wicked Game (Extended Mix)
ogfbs – Donuts [Play Nice]
Olive Pickers – Press Rewind (Original Mix)
Orhuz – Wherever I Go [Gloamed]
Original Italian House Journey – Seasons [cygnusx1records]
Original Italian House Journey – Seasons (Deep mix) [cygnusx1records]
Paggi & Costanzi – Thousand Kisses (Original Mix)
Queshin Mark – Elixir (feat. Xaka de Bansa) [Club House Group]
Queshin Mark – Monke (feat. Tribe Nova) [Club House Group]
Queshin Mark – Pheehas Demise [Club House Group]
Queshin Mark – Sereto (feat. Mokgadi Leshaba) [Club House Group]
Queshin Mark – The Sky is Dark (feat. Tribe Nova) [Club House Group]
Raul Soto – The Flute Song [30 Finger Music Records]
Raul Soto – The Flute Song (Chicago Acapella Flute Mix) [30 Finger Music Records]
Return of the Jaded Branzei – Generation (Extended Mix)
Santarini, Milk Bar feat. Davide Ciura – California (Qubiko Extended Remix)
Sepiatonic – John the Revelator (Mr. Automatic’s Deep House Remix) [Roaring City]
Sepiatonic – John the Revelator (VTQ Remix) [Roaring City]
Sepiatonic – Step Up (Pete Augusta’s House Mix) [Roaring City]
Shub Nigurat – Drunk in Vogue [Vengangza]
Spencer. – Automatic (Orion Sun Remix) [4AD]
SWIM & Crush3d – Love (CRUSH3d Remix) [GYRObeats]
SWIM – Love [GYRObeats]
SWIM & Skin On Skin – Love (Skin On Skin Remix) [GYRObeats]
Tōnis – Count On Me [Smashing Trax Records]
Two Men With A Dog – The Human Touch (Radio Mix) [ShockIt]
Two Men With A Dog – The Human Touch [ShockIt]
Uppermost & Fūji – Raw Jewels [Uppwind]
Vanilla Ace The Ger-Man – Freak (Extended Mix)
Zev Lyso – Monkey Tail [Chill Caterpillar]
Zsak – I Just Wanna Love (Original Mix)