Minimal, Deep Tech compilation – [29-Oct-2021]

4QM – DP Flux [YOSHII Recordings]
4QM – Mini Flux [YOSHII Recordings]
Adam S Donatz – Dance [Trippy Cat]
Adrianho – East End of Royston [Tzinah Records]
Agu Paredes – Soul [PL7]
Alex Feti & Antonio Marki – Ladies & Gentleman (Kewito Remix) [PL7]
Alex-G – Zkittles [PL7]
Alex Rojas – Nightmare [Don’t Play Recordings]
Alex Rojas – No Reply [Don’t Play Recordings]
ALLEN, LEE – Look At Me [PL7]
Andres Shockwave – Add Device Honey [DIVERSO]
Andres Shockwave – Jay [DIVERSO]
Andres Shockwave – Jay (Matheo Velez Remix) [DIVERSO]
Andres Shockwave – Say You [DIVERSO]
Anton RtUt – Conviction (Acceleration of Life Live Mix) [Limited Recordings]
Anton RtUt – Deep Dance 1A [Limited Recordings]
Anton RtUt – Deeply (Deep Dance Mix) [Limited Recordings]
Arkady Antsyrev – The Dream [Black Sea Side Music]
Arkady Antsyrev – Wave After Rave [Black Sea Side Music]
Arseny Istomin – 7 April [Limited Recordings]
Ayzk Rovshan – Algorithm [Tip Tap Records]
Ayzk Rovshan – Damb [Tip Tap Records]
Ayzk Rovshan – Davam [Tip Tap Records]
Ayzk Rovshan – Low Beats [Tip Tap Records]
Ayzk Rovshan – We Haven’t [Tip Tap Records]
Baar – It’s Your Boy [Be Positive Records]
Baban – Delivery Guy [Tzinah Records]
Basic 96 – Endless Night [Not Allowed]
Bassic (ARG) – More Congas [Bella Vie Music]
Bassic (ARG) – More Drums (Andres Shockwave Remix) [Bella Vie Music]
Bassic (ARG) – More Drums [Bella Vie Music]
Benja Rocco – 4 Am [HHMUSIC]
Boncalo Denis – Planeta [Not Allowed]
Boombeatz – Spin Me (Miguel Serrano Remix) [SonarWave Records]
Caio R – I Want [Tzinah Records]
Canosa – Fireworks (Simone Cerquiglini Remix) [SonarWave Records]
Carlos A. – Cristofori [Vaunce Music]
Carlos A. – Cristofori [Vaunce Music]
Carlos A. – Fly High [Vaunce Music]
Carlos A. – Fly High [Vaunce Music]
Carlos Zypin – Citrine [Mint]
Carlos Zypin – Garnet [Mint]
Chapaev – Polarize [Limited Recordings]
Clgr – Soul Facts [Tzinah Records]
CORMAC – Being Bad [PL7]
Dani Pana – Fingerprint [Lacuna Recordings]
Dani Pana – Running to You (Iris Menza Remix) [Lacuna Recordings]
Dani Pana – Running to You (Jesse Jacob Remix) [Lacuna Recordings]
Dani Pana – Running to You [Lacuna Recordings]
DaveJ – Listen Again [HOT GROOVERS]
DaveJ – Mentor [HOT GROOVERS]
Davide Mentesana – Feeling [Nopreset Limited]
Davide Mentesana – Game [Nopreset Limited]
Davide Mentesana – Rave [Nopreset Limited]
Denis Newset – Diseases [Limited Recordings]
Denis Newset & Fakir Fry – Koala 4 [Limited Recordings]
DJ TITAS – Adilb [Be Positive Records]
Dom Valente – Irrational [kluBasic plus]
Dopedust – Carantine (Denis Newset Remix) [Limited Recordings]
Double Reaktion – Impressum (Michele Rossini Remix) [SonarWave Records]
Drazneesh – Acid Mountains [Not Allowed]
Dr. Tinieblas – Nohayamigo [Not Allowed]
Emanuele – Codice Errato [Amam]
Emanuele – Codice Errato [Amam]
Emanuele – Iron Paper [Amam]
Emanuele – Iron Paper [Amam]
Emanuele – Odissea del Ritorno [Amam]
Emanuele – Odissea del Ritorno [Amam]
Emanuele – Toxic Winter [Amam]
Emanuele – Toxic Winter [Amam]
Fairtone – Dark Matter [Tzinah Records]
Farid Odilbekov – Mood 53 [Limited Recordings]
Farid Odilbekov – Smok [Limited Recordings]
Fher Hedz – Answer the Call [PL7]
Flavius & Boncalo Denis – Degrade [Tzinah Records]
Fogg – Recovery [PL7]
George Saffron – Deep Down [Limited Recordings]
GLF – Save Me (Noetic Curve Remix) [SonarWave Records]
HAAK. – Wrong Place [PL7]
Ilya Dubrovin – Shirts [Limited Recordings]
Italobros – Club Sound (Extended Mix) [Glasgow Underground]
Jacobo Saavedra & Catalin Cristian – Airplane [Tzinah Records]
Jafar – Noite Estrelada [Whoyostro White]
Jafar – Segredo [Whoyostro White]
Jafar – Tarde [Whoyostro White]
Jan.Dro, Novelo (Mx) – Alone Again [Fine Music]
Jan.Dro, Novelo (Mx) – Once In Your Life [Fine Music]
Jay House – Dangerous [Kief Music]
Jay House – Fire [Kief Music]
Jorhav – Azimut [Distance Music]
Jorhav – Isolator [Distance Music]
Jorhav – Sweet [Distance Music]
Kuzey – Amber [PL7]
Laydee V – Distance (Za__Paradigma Remix) [PL7]
Laydee V – Fusion [PL7]
Lewraz – Early In The Am [Whoyostro]
Lewraz – When I Move [Whoyostro]
Linear State – Early [Tzinah Records]
Lino Loud – Funky Power [Lemon Juice Records]
Lino Loud – Life Is a Bitch [Lemon Juice Records]
Lino Loud – Shined On Me [Lemon Juice Records]
Lorenzo Cultreri, Luigi.M – Gestour [Substrate Music]
Lorenzo Cultreri, Luigi.M – Sentiti Libero [Substrate Music]
Lorenzo Cultreri, Luigi.M – Silenziosamente [Substrate Music]
Lova Kaifova – Night Shadows (Dub Version) [No Comments Records]
Lova Kaifova – Night Shadows (Ernest Kalinin Remix) [No Comments Records]
Lova Kaifova – Night Shadows [No Comments Records]
Magma & Nuno R – Red Velvet Cake [Be Positive Records]
MARMELADOVA – Victorious [Not Allowed]
Martin Vasquez – Conexión [Haliaeetus Music]
Martin Vasquez – It’s Like That [Haliaeetus Music]
Mateo Bermejo – Exodus of Humanity [Tres 14 Music]
Mateo Bermejo – Robot Kill the Man [Tres 14 Music]
Mau Zeti – String Theory [Kootz Music]
Mau Zeti – Touch Me [Kootz Music]
Mau Zeti – Touch Me (Los.Monos Remix) [Kootz Music]
Mau Zeti – Touch Me (Zippel Remix) [Kootz Music]
Max Cohle – Fanfare [Microdrive]
Max Cohle – Pattern Noster [Microdrive]
Max Cohle – Peace Of Mind [Microdrive]
Miguel Serrano – Revolution [SonarWave Records]
Mirko Worz – Secret Room [SonarWave Records]
Monorok – Hot Space [Pure Cocaine Recordings]
Monorok – Infected (Drop Delay Remix) [Pure Cocaine Recordings]
Monorok – Infected [Pure Cocaine Recordings]
Monorok – Milan [Pure Cocaine Recordings]
Monorok – Roll the Joint [Pure Cocaine Recordings]
Monorok – Third Dimension [Pure Cocaine Recordings]
Monorok – Too Much Too Bitch [Pure Cocaine Recordings]
Moranel – Limbo [Moveton]
M. Rodriguez – Happiness (Remastered) [Be Positive Records]
Nacim LaDJ – Work That [SonarWave Records]
New Minimal – Call the Police [Pure Cocaine Recordings]
New Minimal – Funcking [Pure Cocaine Recordings]
New Minimal – Homer [Pure Cocaine Recordings]
New Minimal – Pause [Pure Cocaine Recordings]
Nick&Jo – Stone [SonarWave Records]
Oner Zeynel – Mental Gaps [SonarWave Records]
Origins of Time – Katana [Tzinah Records]
Ozgur Uzar – Chica Borracha [Platform 7even]
Ozgur Uzar – Humanity [Platform 7even]
Paniz69 – Creepy [Boh]
Paniz69 – Fate [Boh]
Pedro Campodonico – Close My Eyes [HardCutz Records]
Pedro Campodonico – Feeling High [HardCutz Records]
Pedro Campodonico – Is All [HardCutz Records]
Ramirez Resso & Tony Kairom – America [Music Viral Lab]
Red Meat Therapy – Faldy [Station9 Records]
Red Meat Therapy – Glow Circus [Station9 Records]
Red Meat Therapy – Labyrinth [Station9 Records]
Red Meat Therapy – Willow [Station9 Records]
Richard Wasc – Lösung [Arawak Records]
Richard Wasc – No Must [Arawak Records]
Rodrigo Sena – Uptown [PL7]
Rodrigo Valenzuela (CL) – Questions (Stephen Hawking Speech) [Coquimbo Music]
Roni Amitai – Quiet Can Be (Stephan Bazbaz Remix) [Ng Trax]
SeBass-Tian – Loud Therapy [Tzinah Records]
Simone Cerquiglini – Back To Bed [SonarWave Records]
Solntsev – You Was Wrong [PL7]
Stefano Rossetti – Acid House [Hot Chilli Records]
Stefano Rossetti – Evaporate [Hot Chilli Records]
Talii – Look [We Love Underground Music]
The Drunkers (italy) & Tony Kairom – Level 256 [Music Viral Lab]
Tom Savage – Never Be [Fine Music]
Tom Savage – Slap It On (Callum Edwards Remix) [Fine Music]
Tom Savage – Slap It On [Fine Music]
Tontherapie – MiniHop (Abel Nesian Remix) [PlusMore Records]
Tontherapie – MiniHop (Alessio Gnizio Remix) [PlusMore Records]
Tontherapie – MiniHop (Andrea Prete Remix) [PlusMore Records]
Tontherapie – MiniHop (Boukorras Luc Remix) [PlusMore Records]
Tontherapie – MiniHop (David Herencia Remix) [PlusMore Records]
Tontherapie – MiniHop (Devil Maurini Remix) [PlusMore Records]
Tontherapie – MiniHop (Dimo Remix) [PlusMore Records]
Tontherapie – MiniHop (Ian Mart Remix) [PlusMore Records]
Tony Kairom – Adelante [Music Viral Lab]
Tony Kairom – As I Like It [Music Viral Lab]
Tony Kairom – Bim Bum Bam [Music Viral Lab]
Tony Kairom – Closing Circle [Music Viral Lab]
Tony Kairom – Minimantology [Music Viral Lab]
Tony Kairom – #Omg! [Music Viral Lab]
Tony Kairom – Suidelike Hitte [Music Viral Lab]
Tony Kairom – The Return [Music Viral Lab]
Wheats – G.T.N [BOX RED]
Alberto MoreCalde – Poeta (Original Mix)
Andec James – Deficiencia (Original Mix)
Dean Chapple & James Daniels – Calling The Funk (Original Mix)
Dyan K – Techno In The Skies (Original Mix)
Farid Odilbekov – SK (Radio Version)
Fear & Loathing – The Masters (Original Mix)
Gert-Jan Kleyne – Freak (Club Mix)
GIMBO9000 – Energies (Original Mix)
Gеddisшn – 848 (Original Mix)
JUST CHACE – Funking Crazy (Original Mix)
Kassier – Jungo (Original Mix)
Legit Trip – Flutter (Original Mix)
Mario Daic – Lets Go Out Babe (Original Mix)
Martin Hallak – Club De Mantis (ckb Remix)
Memo Rex – Tricknology (Original Mix)
Nativity – Level E (Original Mix)
Nima Gorji – Not Over Yet (Original Mix)
Octave (RO) – Vocoder (Original Mix)
Paniz69 – Lowder (Meet Dubremix)
Paolo Solo – Furtive (Original Mix)
Rich Walker – Chemical Content (Original Mix)
Spacefunk Dub – Bayioo (Original Mix)
Technogen – Drop (Original Mix)
Walter ME – Fugados (Original Mix)
Willian Celuppi – Stalker (Original Mix)
Alberto MoreCalde – Guata (Original Mix)
Anatta – Only Good (Original Mix)
Armholes – Lazy Luke (Radio Version)
Cyberx – French Toast (Original Mix)
Dee Green – This Thing (Original Mix)
Gert-Jan Kleyne – Freak (Radio Edit)
GianMarco Trevisan – This Beat Is.. (Original Mix)
GIMBO9000 – Madder Than (Original Mix)
Happy Medium – Can You See Me (Original Mix)
Heynric & Emerik – Azot8 (Original Mix)
Jwalker – Call That Reality (Original Mix)
Kassier – Strangeways (Original Mix)
Krav – DOF (Original Mix)
Legit Trip – Flutter (Alex Arnout Remix)
Mamo – Clear (Original Mix)
MartinoResi – Nothing Be The Same (Original Mix)
Mihail Borisov – Around Us (Original Mix)
Mok Jay – House & Art (Lola Allen Remix)
Neil Chin & Marisa Lopez – Reach (Louie Gomez & Melo Blanco Dub Mix)
Rov & Jorge Mattos – Turn Nights (Original Mix)
Santi Dominguez – Get That Feeling (Original Mix)
Spirit of Nature Land – Happy Ending (Original Mix)
TechRasta – This Is What We Do (Original Mix)
Vincenzo La Palerma – Underground Feeling [Hey Hey Hey] (Original Mix)
Wurfel & Knobel – The Trembling Trainer (Original Mix)