Most Wanted 144 Djs Chart Top 44 Tracks Party Mix – [02-Nov-2021]

Aikon, Sobek – Atom [Multinotes]
Aikon, Sobek – Burning Hats [Multinotes]
Aikon, Sobek – Come On [Multinotes]
Aikon, Sobek – Diggers [Multinotes]
Aikon, Sobek – Weight Of Words [Multinotes]
Alan Fitzpatrick – A Call Out For Love (Feat. Lowes) [Extended Mix] [Anjunadeep]
Band&Dos – Wild Groove [Sp Recordings]
Chile (Mx) & Wayne Madiedo – La Cumbia De La Vida (Steve Aguirre Remix) [In.Cloud]
Chile (Mx) & Wayne Madiedo – La Cumbia De La Vida (Vlada Asanin Remix) [In.Cloud]
Cristoph X Artche – Illusions (Original Mix)
David Penn – Losing You (84bit Remix)
Del-30 – Eastern Roll (Extended Mix) [Black Book Records]
Den Maar, The Kode – Phantom [Ply]
Enzo Siffredi, Baqabo – Mamacita [Wired]
Ezequiel Arias – Far Above The World [Sudbeat Music]
Fergie – Level Up (Extended Mix)
Gavin Hardkiss – Perc Groove [Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings]
Goda Brother – With Pleasure (Covsky Remix) [Future Avenue]
Goda Brother – With Pleasure (K Loveski Remix) [Future Avenue]
Guy Mantzur & Tamir Regev Feat. Henny Lane – Your Heart’s Desire
Madd Rod – Rumors (Original Mix)
Marius Lehnert – Feci [Sci+Tec]
Maty Owl – Alchemy [Timeless Moment]
Mind Against – Reveries [Maeve]
Moodfreak – Middle Class (Anakim Remix) [Yomo Records]
Muui – Mismo Misma [Here Now.]
Pablo Fierro – Before (Original Mix)
Pako Ramirez – Sunlight [Strictly Records]
Propellar – Mane [Katz & Kauz]
Riggel – Endless Moment [Steyoyoke Black]
R Plus, Amelia Fox – Hold On To Your Heart (Original Mix)
Ruben Karapetyan – Cry Of Duduk (Ziger Remix) [Eat My Hat Music]
Rude Attack – Blocks (Extended Mix) [Fish & Chicks]
Saive – Facing The Sky (Original Mix)
Stan Tone & Zarya – Les (Lost Desert Remix) [Souksonic]
Stan Tone & Zarya – Les [Souksonic]
Stfu – Thriller 2021 (Club Mix)
Stfu – Thriller 2021 (No Hopes Remix)
Tal Fussman – Adaptive [Eastern Standard]
Tebra – Grace
Thirsty Eyes – Heyoka
Thirsty Eyes – Heyoka (Sasha Carassi Remix)
Tom Budin & Ming – I Got This (Extended Mix)
Yotto X Anden – Grouplove (Extended Mix)