new releases House, Jackin House top song – [03-Oct-2020]

Aaron Lowe – No Sleep Tonight (Edit)
Alex Preston, Rion S – Moments (Original Mix)
Alex Preston, Rion S – Where Its At (Original Mix)
Andrey Exx, Sergey XS – One Love (Original Mix)
Andy Bach – Sunshine
ATFC – Get Busy (Original Mix)
Baltica – Bouncing Heart (Extended Mix)
Ben Rainey & Dupex – Giving Up On Love (Original Mix)
Block & Crown – Don’t Go (Luca Debonaire & The Giver Powerhouse Mix)
Block & Crown, Lissat, Paul Parsons – I Get Over (Original Mix)
Block & Crown – Midas Touch (Extended Mix)
Block & Crown, Paul Parsons – Get With It (Original Mix)
Block & Crown, Paul Parsons – My Feet Keep Dancin’ (Original Mix)
Block & Crown, Paul Parsons – The Feelin (Club Mix)
Block & Crown, Paul Parsons – Your Night (Original Mix)
Bonetti – The Fact
CAARL – Smile feat Todd Wilson (Original Mix)
Calippo – My Sacrifice (Extended Mix)
C. Da Afro – The Lover In You (Original Mix)
CEV’s – Hell’o’him (Loud&Clasiizz Remix)
CEV’s – Hell’o’him (Original Mix)
Chanelle – One Man (Michael Gray Extended Remix)
Chris Valencia, Frank-lo, Alexander Cruel – Gotta Feelin (Extended Mix)
Danilo Secli, Andrea Belli – I Know (Robbie Rivera Extended Remix)
Dayvi – Devagar (Original Mix)
Discoloverz – Before (Original Mix)
DJ PP & Warhol77 – Love & Respect (Original Mix)
DJ W!LD – W!ldstyle
Drax Nelson & Van Stoker – Dutty Freak (Original Mix)
Earth n Days – Everybody Be Somebody (Original Mix)
Endor – Fur (Extended Mix)
Fasto, Nissa Seych – Friends & I (Full Intention Remix)
Formal Chicken – Can’t Get Enough (Extended Mix)
Gary Caos & Rombe4t – Disco Fever (San Sebastian Mix)
Giulio Mignogna, Mimmino, Dj Pax – Feeling Love (Original Mix)
Glen Horsborough & Karmina Dai – For The Love (Earth n Days Extended Remix)
Guy From Downstairs – Insir Rope
Harris & Hurr – Your Body (Extended Mix)
Hatiras – In That Groove (Andy Reid Remix)
Henry Navarro, De La Muerte – Sad World (M6 (UK) Remix)
Juarez – Belive (Extended Mix)
Juarez – Hit the Floor (Extended Mix)
Killian Christolomme & Rio Dela Duna, Tesz Millan – On Target (Extended Mix)
Lan Damon – Baila (Extended Mix)
Lissat & Blockbuster – Let Me Love You (Clubmix)
Lobos – Clap your Hands (Extended Mix)
Louie Gomez – Sun Is Gonna Shine (Louie’s Piano Dub)
Louie Gomez – Sun Is Gonna Shine (Melo Blanco Deep Mix)
Louie Gomez – Sun Is Gonna Shine (Original Mix)
Luca Debonaire, Paul Parsons – Ravin’ (Original Mix)
Luca Debonaire – What A Feeling (Extended Mix)
Ludo Lacoste – One More Time (Extended Mix)
Luke Nash – La Rumba (Extended Mix)
Mad Dogs PL – Don’t Know What I Need (Original Mix)
Makanan – Cleverword (Original Mix)
Makito – Two Hot (Original Mix)
Mario Dubbz, Allen Craig – My Nature (Original Mix)
Maur – Set You Free feat Faber (Original Mix)
Michael Conroy – The Making of Amalia (Extended Mix)
Michael Conroy – The Making of Amelia (Niccolo Vencedor & Tief Traum Remix)
Michael Conroy – The Making of Amelia (Steve Linney Remix)
Michael Conroy – The Making of Amelia (Terry Vernixx Remix)
Mike Chenery – The Music Got Me (Club Mix)
Moon Rocket – Fascinated By You (Mattei & Omich feat Ella Remix)
Morillo – What Do You Want feat Terra Deva (Erick Morillo Club Mix)
Motel Connection – Heroin (Phil Weeks Ghetto Mix)
Namara – Drifting
Never Dull – Esta Llama (Original Mix)
Never Dull – Push The Freak (Original Mix)
Never Dull – Take That (Original Mix)
No Assembly Firm – No Future In Your Frontin
Norty Cotto – Keep Making Me High (Sky High Club Mix)
Ozzie London – Tender Love (Extended Mix)
Paco Wegmann – Outta My Way (Original Mix)
Paddy Chambers – Cyrel (Edit)
Paddy Chambers – Cyrel
Paddy Chambers – Emerald Acid (Edit)
Paddy Chambers – Emerald Acid
Paddy Chambers – Wallop (Edit)
Paddy Chambers – Wallop
Paul C, Paolo Martini – Special One (Original Mix)
Paul Parsons, Block & Crown – Saxel (Original Mix)
Paul Parsons – In Love Again (CLUB MIX)
Paul Parsons – Make You Happy (Got To Hurry Girl) (Block & Crown Remix)
Peter Brown – Fell In Love
Phil Weeks – Born To Roll
Prztz – Oldschoolized
Rhythm Staircase – Play together (Original Mix)
Richard Grey – Sunshine & Happiness (Original Mix)
Ridney, Pablo_Rita – The Game (Instrumental)
Ridney, Pablo_Rita – The Game (Original Mix)
Roger-M – Our Love (Original Mix)
Rose Spearman – Power of One (Kerri Chandler Brazil Mix)
Rudimental feat. Anne-Marie & Tion Wayne – Come Over (Paul Woolford Extended Remix)
Samo – Sexy Disco (Original Mix)
Sandy Rivera – Love Somebody Else (Glen Horsborough Remix)
Santiago & Bushido – Let Me (feat Hiroki)
Secondcity x Paul Woolford feat. Andrea Martin – All I Want (Extended Mix)
Simon Fava, Yvvan Back – Mia (Extended Mix)
Snazzy Trax – Disco Loops (Original Mix)
Soul Central – Jack The Power (Back To 89 Mix)
Soul Central – Jack The Power (Jackin Mix)
Ssol – Last Days of Disco
Stefano Pain & Nicola Zucchi – Just Move (Original Mix)
Stereosoulz, Serop – WYS (Edit)
Stereosoulz, Serop – WYS (Original Mix)
The Cube Guys, Olav Basoski – Manero (Club Mix)
The Dopeheadz – Now I Got Edit
Thelma Houston – Don’t Leave Me This Way (De Soffer Remix)
The Love Bite – Take Your Time (Extended Mix)
The Renegade Gardener – The Gardeners Handbook
Trilane – I Want You To Know (Extended Mix)
Vanilla Ace, Venky – Feel Your Body (Original Mix)
Vanilla Ace, Venky – Secret (Kyle Kinch Remix)
Vanilla Ace, Venky – Secret (Original Mix)
Vanilla Ace, Venky – Secrets (Karsten Sollors Remix)
Vetter – Keep On (Radio Edit)
Wagon Cookin’ – MAR (Masters At Work Remix)
Wagon Cookin’ – MAR (Masters At Work Ritual Mix)
Wagon Cookin’ – MAR (SWAG Remix)
Wagon Cookin’ – Naturaly Vibrant (Maurice Fulton Remix)
Wh0 – You Got Me
Will Clarke & MK – My Church (Original Mix)
X-Coast – Deep Inside (Original Mix)
Yvvan Back & Incognet – Hot Sauce
Action Disco – Rhythm & Beats (Club Mix)
Angelo Ferreri – Free Funk (Original Mix)
Angelo Scalici – Love Me Right Now (Original Mix)
AP, Husko – You
AP – Terrace Fever
Basual People – The Milkshake (Original Mix)
Block & Crown, Paul Parsons – Burning My Veins Out (Club Mix)
Brejner & The Teacher – Don’t Go (Original)
Brothers in Arts – Climatized (Original Mix)
Brothers in Arts – Climatized (Radio Edit)
Bruno Browning – Funky Game (Original Mix)
Chris Carrier – House Music
Christian Arno – Groove In The 64 (Original Mix)
Cockney Lama – The Yoman
Col Lawton – Metronome (Col Deeper Mix)
Col Lawton – Metronome (Col Lawton & JedX Mix)
Crazy Rabbits – Slow play
Da Funk Junkies – Good Inside (Original Mix)
Disco Ball’z – Avantgarde (Original Mix)
Disco Ball’z – Dance With U (original Mix)
Disco Ball’z, Depth Phunk – Do Ya Sample (Original Mix)
Disco Ball’z, Depth Phunk – Line Back (Original Mix)
Disco Ball’z – Jammin On The Floor (original Mix)
Disco Ball’z – My House Your House (Original Mix)
Disco Ball’z – Rockin The House (Original Mix)
Disk nation – Single Ladies (Extended Mix)
Don Diego – So Hard So Long (Original Mix)
EIGHTY2 – Together (Original Mix)
FederFunk – Dance This Disco Rhythm (Original Mix)
Felipe Avelar – Power of Love (Original Mix)
Gangs of Naples – Take Your Car (Jerem A Remix)
Gangs of Naples – Take Your Car (Max Esposito Remix)
Gangs of Naples – Take Your Car (Original Mix)
Infrasoul – Only You (Original Mix)
Ivan Miranda, Allan Nunez – Pereira (Extended Mix)
Javier Balance – This Feeling (Dub Mix)
Jef Jonson – Back In The 90′ (Original Mix)
J. Fenix – Deed I Do (Original Mix)
Makito – Everybody (Original Mix)
Melodymann – Diss You Right Now (Original Mix)
Melodymann – Only One (Original Mix)
Melodymann – The Rumble (Original Mix)
Oh-Me – Feel It (Original Mix)
Pablo Ferrero – Get Jackin (Jackin Vip Mix)
Prelude – In My Bone (The Cube Guys Edit)
Ralph C – Unified Vibe (Original Mix)
Retro Groover – To The Funk (Club Mix)
Rick Marshall – Stereo Funk (Original Mix)
Ssol – Afterlight
Stephan Vegas, David Novacek, Frank-lo – Bonita (Original Mix)
T-Bonez – 6AM (Original Mix)
T-Bonez – Citizen (Original Mix)
The Fabulous Joker – No one (Original Mix)
Thomas K – Old Time Things (Original Mix)
Tiptoes – Let Go (Original Mix)
Vaniat Funkybeats – Funkwell (Original Mix)
Vaudafunk – Me And You And Me (Instrumental Mix)
Vaudafunk – Me And You And Me (Original Mix)