new song Tech House – [16-Nov-2020]

Adrian Izquierdo – Home
Adrian Izquierdo – Neytiri
Alexander Mattnz – We Bring The Cause
Alexic Rod – Bakaru (Original Mix)
Alexic Rod – Hey (Original Mix)
Alexic Rod – You Are Pushin A Broom (Original Mix)
Amorhouse – My Body (Original Mix)
Andres Blows – Musical Boxes
Angel Anx – Meine (EDIT Mix)
Angelo Ceci – Black Horse
Angelo Ceci – Don_t Stop
Angelo Ceci – Green Sky
Arado – Commerz (Extended Mix)
Arado – Our Future (Extended Mix)
Basic Shapes – Just a Thought
Ben Hemsley – Blotter
Ben Hemsley – King of Darkness (feat. Daddy Dino)
Ben Hemsley – Please Playboy
Ben Hemsley – Shields Possy
Bloque M – Jazz Radical
BOBBY SHANN – Losing Control
Bob Remis – Bip Bip
Bob Remis – Like This
Charly Price – Get the Fuck Out
Charly Price – Try To Understand
Chris River – Vida E O Sol
CLESENT – Break (Extended Mix)
CLESENT – Break (Radio Cut)
CLESENT – Paradise (Extended Mix)
CLESENT – Paradise (Radio Cut)
Coso – The Train (Extended Mix)
Damian Martin – Buck That Bought
Damian Martin – Gosar
Danny Tenaglia – Dibiza (Harry Romero Remix)
Danny Tenaglia – Dibiza (Hector Remix)
Danny Tenaglia – Dibiza (Ki Creighton Remix)
Dantiez & Bensworth – La Luna
Dantiez – Holla Back
Dario D’Attis – Caption
Dario D’Attis – Misleading (Instrumental)
Dario D’Attis – Out of Tune
Dario D’Attis & Shyam P – Misleading (Vocal Mix)
Dave Manali – Lemon Ace (Stanny Abram Remix)
Dave Manali – Purple Haze (Felman Remix Radio Edit)
Deeper Purpose – Push It
Deeper Purpose – The Slap
DJ Deeon & DJ Urban – Let Me Work (Instrumental)
DJ Deeon & DJ Urban – Let Me Work
DJ Deeon & DJ Urban – Work This MF
DJ Midimack – The Flow
DJ Tarkan – Rin Tin Tin (Original Mix)
Dots Per Inch & Gucci Daniels – Get Money (Extended Mix)
Dots Per Inch & Gucci Daniels – Get Money
Drastic Duo & LUCASMB – Back 2 Back
Drastic Duo & LUCASMB – Buster Call
Drastic Duo & LUCASMB – Funky Beat
Dunterz & Eiban – Baby
Duxcal – Stop My Mind (Extended Mix)
Duxcal – Stop My Mind (Radio Edit)
E1GTH PLACE – 4 White Mages (James Black Presents Remix)
Edwards Arabu – Forget the World (Original Mix)
FEX (IT) – Keep The Party Loud (Original Mix)
Filthy French – Darkside (Fritz Carlton Remix)
Filthy French – Darkside
Filthy French – Darkside (No Messin Remix)
Fray Celis – Bass (Leom, Cardos Remix)
Fray Celis – Bass
Gabi Giordan – Bashment
Gavrilovich – Cintura
Gavrilovich – Pa Tra
Gavrilovich – Subelo
Grammelot – Hypermnesia
GVRL – Underground T’sais Quoi (Original Mix)
Hackerbeatz – Hey Baby
hausteK – The Way You Move
Homaag – Fernweh
Hype Nine – Trilling
Invita & ShalomTeck – Chess Cake
iPunkz – Gadem
Jesse Perez – Tongue Tied (Mant Remix)
Jesse Perez – Tongue Tied
Jholeyson – Arbol De Gael (Original Mix)
JMO – Break
JMO – Mystic
Joey Avila – All Night Boogie
Jonny Lexxs – 31 Flavors
J-Onyx – Talk About This
J-Onyx – You Make Me Move
Jose P – Fresh (Radio Edit)
Julian Millan & GANDER – Velvet Forest
Julian Millan – Golden Voyager
KC Wray – Hit It
KC Wray – Nushit
Keiks – In My Soul (feat. Elle Mariachi)
Kevin Corral – Dreams (Extended Mix)
Kevin Corral – Long Time (Extended Mix)
Kevin Corral – Na Qua (Extended Mix)
Kevin Corral – The Game (Extended Mix)
K-Mack – Spirit & Soul (Kevin Knapp Dub mix)
K-Mack – Spirit & Soul
K-Mack – Spirit & Soul (The Deepshakerz Raw mix)
Koel Wilder – Ligths On (Original Mix)
Kurd Maverick – Bring Back That Feeling
Kurd Maverick – Understand Me
Kyle Zuck – Bodies
Kyle Zuck – Keys to the Whip
Late Nite ‘DUB’ Addict – BASS IN ‘YA’ FACE
Late Nite ‘DUB’ Addict – EACH & EVERY TIME
Late Nite ‘DUB’ Addict – IT WAS CALM
Lavonz – Sleeping With the Devil (Pighi & Paramour Radio Edit)
Lineki & Paolo Barbato – Oh (Edit Mix)
Lorhen – Soul (Original Mix)
Loris Buono, Alexander Cruel & Cruel Kid – Know The Way (Extended Mix)
Loris Buono, Alexander Cruel & Cruel Kid – Know The Way
Loudness Patrol & Efx – Pandemic War (Low)
Loudness Patrol – Pandemic War
Luan Trombin – Funk Under
Lubelski – The James Brown Track (Original Mix)
Luca Bisori – Walking Back
Luca Magnino & Giorgia Magnino – Lock Down
Luca Magnino – Slalom
Luc Canetti – White Substance
Martin Badder & Joshwa – In the 1980s (Extended Mix)
Martin Badder & Joshwa – In the 1980s
Martin Parra – El Caiman
Maury Fly – Sunset Beats (Edit Master)
Morelia – Low (feat. Boondok)
Mr. Marvin – Barkhans (Short Mix)
NO1NO’s – Body Move (Original Mix)
NO1NO’s – Non Stop (Original Mix)
Nutty – Ask Myself
Oscar Nava – Fallen Transsmissions
Oscar Nava – Wagen
Paolo Barbato – Why Not (EDIT Mix)
Phari – With You (Radio Edit)
Phunk Investigation – Twisted Madness
Point Set – I Can’t Get Enough
Pre Brooklyn – Humanized (Dan Rubell Remix)
Proudly People – Bless Up
Proudly People – What U Think
Qubiko – Bidibody
Ralph Rodgers – Secrets
Random Classes – Look Around
Resa Dadash – Give Me a Sign (Jack Rush Remix)
Resa Dadash – Give Me a Sign (Jack Rush Remix Radio Edit)
Reunion Ensemble – Hedonistic Vibe
RIZOTTI – Call (Radio Edit)
Robiin – Feel It (Radio Edit)
Seb Zen – Lucid Dream
Seka Protectors – Reframing
SIDE B – Go Home (Original Mix)
Sonickraft & Keizer Jelle – Let’s Get Weird
Sonickraft & Keizer Jelle – Six Four
Sorley – Face (Extended Mix)
Sorley – Face
Special Vibe – Something About You
Sr. Funkie – One Two Three
Stanley Kubrix – Make It Hot
Stefano Fontana – Da Waveformz (Dat Remix)
Stefano Fontana – Da Waveformz (Steal Tapes Remix)
Svan Code – Keep Moving
This Culture – In My Hut
Tita Lau – 2×2 (Extended Mix)
Tita Lau – 2X2
Vale – Getting Hot
Viktor Wagner – Watching
Welbo – Drop It
Wolfire – Give Up
Zapotec – Indication
Zurra – In My Soul (Extended Mix)
Zurra – In My Soul