Progressive House best new – [11-Jan-2022]

Abity – Beyond [Particles]
Abity – Horizons [Particles]
Abity – Horizons (Peter Makto Remix) [Particles]
Abity – Move [Particles]
Alazkara – Layda [Wold Records]
Amir Farhoodi – Shemroon
An_Ti, E.Lemental – Mystery [E.Lemental Music]
Anza – Livia (Original Mix)
Apnitus – Midnight Sky (Gerardo Moro Remix) [Future Avenue]
Apnitus – Midnight Sky (Xspance Remix) [Future Avenue]
Apnitus – Ocean (Hernan Martinez Remix) [Future Avenue]
Apnitus – Storm (Nakul C Remix) [Future Avenue]
Approximate – Flying Birds (Extended Mix)
Arco – Beginnings [Balkan Connection]
Arco – Indigo Wave [Balkan Connection]
Can Yıldızay – Innerstand (Extended Mix) [Sommersville Records]
Can Yıldızay – Innerstand [Sommersville Records]
Dain – Ambar (Original Mix)
Dain – Red Lights (Basil O’Glue Remix)
Dain – Red Lights (Original Mix)
DANTIEN – Bring Strength Now [XMOD Records]
Dhany G – La Magia (Original Mix)
Dhany G – Mountain Prayer (Original Mix)
Dhany G – Zeno (Original Mix)
Downgrooves, Chris Sterio – Sense Your Soul [Another Life Music]
Downgrooves, Chris Sterio – Sense Your Soul (Orange Jd Remix) [Another Life Music]
Downgrooves, Chris Sterio – Sense Your Soul (Tasz Remix) [Another Life Music]
Eddy Tango – Partyboy (Original Mix) [Monkey League]
Flo314 – Artificial Sun [Neele Records]
Flo314 – Fractal [Neele Records]
Flo314 – Void [Neele Records]
Future Self – Awake [Self Control Records]
GEHØR – Barneo (Original Mix)
Gehør – Barneo [Soundteller Records]
Gehør – Beerenberg 4am [Soundteller Records]
GEHØR – Endurance (Original Mix)
Gehør – Endurance [Soundteller Records]
GEHØR – Thiels (Original Mix)
Gehør – Thiels [Soundteller Records]
Genix & Lyca – Numb (Bexxie Extended Remix)
Golan Zocher & Choopie – Fine Twist (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
Gru V – Serenity [Balkan Connection South America]
Gru V – Tranquility [Balkan Connection South America]
Hernan Cerbello – Give and Take (Original Mix)
Hyunji-A – Fireflies At Dusk (Ric Niels Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Hyunji-A – Sunset Drive (Yumi Kobayashi Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Jaffer – Foreign Voices (Original Mix)
Jelly For The Babies – Faded Memories (Donny Carr Remix)
Jordan Gill, Jeremiah Mcknight – Sin (Extended Mix) [Uv Noir]
Juan Pablo Torrez, Gux Jimenez – Coming Home (Extended Mix) [Uv]
Juan Pablo Torrez, Gux Jimenez, Velveta – Come My Way (Extended Mix) [Uv]
Kivema – Angel Dream [V.M.K Records]
Klur – Entangled (Extended Mix)
Korinami – Obsession [Superordinate Music]
Korinami – Vanitas [Superordinate Music]
Luka Sambe – Combina (Original Mix)
Luka Sambe – Pari (Original Mix)
Luka Sambe – Vertiginous (Original Mix)
Luygi De Paula, Alledo – Voices From A Piano In The Dark [Figura Music]
Luygi De Paula – Voices From A Piano [Figura Music]
Mak Negron_ – She’s Crazy (Feat. Mali) (Dub Mix) [Exceder Records]
Mak Negron_ – She’s Crazy (Feat. Mali) (Extended Mix) [Exceder Records]
Marcus Caballero – Gadja (Original Mix)
Marcus Caballero – Kamala (Original Mix)
Matias Burna – Astor (Original Mix)
Matias Burna – Minic (Original Mix)
Menocii – Alone (Vip Mix) [Davenhar Rcrds]
Michael A – Fantasy (About _ River Remix) [Proton Music]
Michael A – Poison Pan [Proton Music]
Michael A – Silent Moments (Amháin Remix) [Proton Music]
Michael A – Spring Singing [Proton Music]
Michael A – You Are Here [Proton Music]
Mt Dark – Close To You (Original Mix) [Arey]
Mt Dark – Paradox (Original Mix) [Arey]
Naasa – Before (Dub Mix)
Naasa – Before (Original Mix)
Nelli – Apollo (Original MIx)
Nelli – Fakir (Mollono.Bass & Stephan Zovsky Remix)
Neotraffic – Wild Planet [Wander Nation Records]
Nik Alevzios – Dreamland (Extended Mix)
NOIYSE PROJECT – Mindscream (Original Mix)
Noiyse Project – Mindscream [Till The Sunrise]
NOIYSE PROJECT – Walk With Me (Original Mix)
Noiyse Project – Walk With Me [Till The Sunrise]
Paul Velour – Haiku (Extended Mix) [Sommersville Records]
Paul Velour – Haiku [Sommersville Records]
Ramiro Veron – Hard Feelings [Estribo Records]
Ramiro Veron – Hard Feelings (Javier Stefano Remix) [Estribo Records]
Ramiro Veron – Hard Feelings (Matias Delongaro Remix) [Estribo Records]
Rianu Keevs – Nowhere To Run (Original Mix) [Rianu Keevs]
Rich Vom Dorf – Tell Me Why (Original Mix)
Ric Niels – Assemblage (Original Mix)
Ric Niels – Phetro (Original Mix)
Rona (Il) – Be (Instrumental) [Mantra]
Rona (Il) – Be [Mantra]
Sarcasmo – Hold On [Technoblazer]
Seleck – Pulsar (Original Mix)
Seleck – Sideral (Original Mix)
Skyline Project – Blurry Waves [Synth Collective]
Skyline Project – Northern Lights [Synth Collective]
Thayana Valle, Girla – Wildest Dreams (Pedrassani Remix)
Tigerblind – Illusions (Extended Mix)
Tinlicker – Just To Hear You Say
Veeco – Oriental Trip (Damian Sarandeses Remix)
Veeco – Oriental Trip (Original Mix)
Veeco – Oriental Trip (Oscar Kidd Remix)
Veeco – Oriental Trip (Thorin Remix)
CJ Peeton – Wise Warrior [Dynamica]
CRSHR – Ancient Algorithm (E.F.G. Remix) [Dynamica]
Feri – Eclipse (Blanka Barbara Remix) [Dynamica]
Kay-D – Out from the Cave (Volkan Erman Remix) [Dynamica]
One Million Toys – Sultans of Smog (8 – Bit Culprit Remix) [Dynamica]
SIX (HU) & Calzedon Guy – Turbulence (Tenerfuse Remix) [Dynamica]
Smirre – Pantaur (Feri Remix) [Dynamica]
SpringHill – Organism (Sonantis Remix) [Dynamica]
Tamas Skafar – Monoliths (Tomek Remix) [Dynamica]
Ugur Pato & Volkan Erman – Arrival (Jack Lazarus Remix) [Dynamica]
Underground Ticket & Greyloop – Push the Button (Springhill’s Deep Down Low Remix) [Dynamica]