Progressive House Top New – [04-Jun-2021]

Alan Fitzpatrick; Lawrence Hart – Warning Signs (Extended Version)
Alejandro R – I Can’t Sleep (Feat. Katy M) [Franzis-D Remix]
Alejandro R – I Can’t Sleep (Feat. Katy M) [Hakimono Zhoe Remix]
Alejandro R – I Can’t Sleep (Feat. Katy M) [Lightning Effect Remix]
Alejandro R – I Can’t Sleep (Feat. Katy M)
Alesso – AGAIN(Original Mix)
Alesso – TOGETHER (Original Mix)
Ambient Pino – Yes Yes (Space Motion Remix)
Amir Telem – God Is Present (Dabeat & Kamilo Sanclemente Remix)
Arkatekt, Stateline – Altered Reality
Arkatekt, Stateline – Reno
AxeLara – Plasma [AH Digital]
Axel Zambrano – Alphin [Dopamine White]
Axel Zambrano – Night Late [Dopamine White]
Axel Zambrano – Phenom [Dopamine White]
BackstoryDisco – Pulling Myself Together (feat. Splat) [Trident Music]
Boskii – Dione [Music UK]
Boskii – Pallene [Music UK]
Chico Rose, Mick Mazoo feat. Eке – Without You (Extended Mix)
Chico Rose, Mick Mazoo Ft. EKE – Without You
Deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 43 (Jerome Price Remix)
Dylhen & Rion S – Hope (Extended Mix)
Eddie, Voicians – Night Runners (Original Mix)
EDU – All About You (Extended Mix)
EDU – Immersion (Extended Mix)
Elviomv – Life At Home
Elviomv – Stay At Home
Facundo Navarro – Renacer [AH Digital]
Fer De Risio – The Power of Now [AH Digital]
Genix; Lyca – Numb (Extended Mix)
GUDY – Resilencia [AH Digital]
Ignacio Salgado – Inflection [AH Digital]
Imar – Dibs (Original Mix)
Inner Voice – Soundfields (Extended Mix)
ITM – Corridor [Lost Garden Records]
ITM – Purl [Lost Garden Records]
Kaskade – Where Did You Go (Original Mix)
kopix2 – A Hazy Night [Lost Garden Records]
Leo Baroso – Wandering Soul (Innerphonic Remix)
Lost Garden – Girls’ Talk [Lost Garden Records]
Lost Garden – Hand in Hand (feat. mintea) [Lost Garden Records]
Lost Garden – Morning Mocha [Lost Garden Records]
Lost Garden – Over the Sunset [Lost Garden Records]
Lost Garden – Secret Passage [Lost Garden Records]
Lost Garden – Sparkling Treasures [Lost Garden Records]
Lost Garden – Summertime Rendezvous (feat. mintea) [Lost Garden Records]
Lucas Donda – Disorder [AH Digital]
Lucas Martinez – Darkasher [AH Digital]
Lumina – Fresh Air [Lost Garden Records]
Manzanares – Lever Du Soleil [AH Digital]
Mike Griego – Dysbiosis
Mike Griego – Waste Of Time
Mind Of One – All Without You (Extended Mix)
Mind Of One – Sensus (Extended Mix)
Nicky Romero pres. Monocule & Jamis ft. Michael G Moore – Ways To Heaven (Extended Mix)
Nicolas Benedetti – Red Droplets
Pablo Awad – Betadecimal [DXT Records]
Pablo Awad – Isocathode [DXT Records]
Pablo Awad – Maxent [DXT Records]
Pablo Awad – Polydec [DXT Records]
Rockka – Endless Horizons (Original Mix)
Sajith Prakash – Black Box [AH Digital]
Shazze – Into The Depths
Shazze – Opium
S.I.D (Us) – Another You Another Me (Original Mix)
S.I.D (Us) – We Are All Connected (Original Mix)
Solarstone – When I Dream (Kryder Extended Remix)
Stylo & Space Motion – Player (Original Mix)
Sunn Jellie – Stargaze (M x A Extended Remix)
The Loco – Fate 25 (Christian Monique Remix) [Emotional Content Recordings]
The Loco – Fate 25 (Christian Monique Remix)
The Loco – Fate 25 (Ricardo Piedra Remix) [Emotional Content Recordings]
Tom Staar x Jem Cooke x AVIRA – Gravity (Extended Mix)
VASSCA – Secrets (Extended Mix)
VegaZ SL – Black Hole (Blue Cell Remix)
Veneo Isrugi – Avaritia [Lost Garden Records]
Veneo Isrugi – Calling [Lost Garden Records]
Veneo Isrugi – Gula [Lost Garden Records]
Veneo Isrugi – Invidia [Lost Garden Records]
Veneo Isrugi – Select [Lost Garden Records]
Veneo Isrugi – Twilight Vision [Lost Garden Records]
Veneo Isrugi – White Hope [Lost Garden Records]
Vikon – Haberdashery of Moody [Vikon Music]
Vikon – Odysseus [Vikon Music]
Vikon – Outlandish Place [Vikon Music]
Vikon – Some of Them [Vikon Music]
Vikon – You Take Me [Vikon Music]
Vintage & Morelli; Arielle Maren – Valley Of Hope (Extended Mix)
Y KOJ – Trincomale [AH Digital]