Psy-Trance exclusive tracks – [07-Oct-2021]

ALHYD – Faith (Extended Mix) [Sol Music]
Alienatic – Freedom [LW Recordings]
Ancient Tribe – Chipset Fantastic [Vagalume Records]
Ancient Tribe & Zorak – Shut Up [Vagalume Records]
AnggaReka – Fallen Kingdom [LW Recordings]
Aram – Wonderland [Sonitum Records]
Aura Vortex – Better Days [LW Recordings]
Banyan – Kailasa [Phantasm Records]
Banyan & ZzBing – Sun Dried [Phantasm Records]
Bassam Jalid – Akelarre [360 Music]
Ben McConnell – Causeway (Ancient Umbra Remix) [LW Recordings]
BenSolo. – Symphony in K Minor [Sonitum Records]
Blusm Tusm – Theme of Blusm Tusm [LW Recordings]
Cosmic Playground & Dr.Optikx – Animus Coniunctus [Sonitum Records]
Creepy Deep & Dystopian – Parvati Valley [Sonitum Records]
Cylon – Test Me [TechSafari Records]
Dark & Roll – Dance Until You Die [Soulectro Music]
Dark & Roll – Don’t Be a Pussy [Soulectro Music]
Dark & Roll – Forest Ghosts [Soulectro Music]
Dark & Roll – Memory Task [Soulectro Music]
Dark & Roll – Night Sins [Soulectro Music]
Dark & Roll – Oscilloscope Draw [Soulectro Music]
Dark & Roll – Prensado Da Flor Roxa Do 2020 [Soulectro Music]
Dark & Roll – Shamanic Journey [Soulectro Music]
Dark & Roll – Take It Easy [Soulectro Music]
Dawn – Lucktime [Zoo Music Records]
Daxthra – Rubi [Sound System Records]
Deedrah – Reload (XoXo (FR) Remix) [Dacru Records]
Deedrah – Reload (XoXo (FR) Remix) [Dacru Records]
Dickster & Mindfield – Proper Naughty [Phantasm Records]
Disconect – SkyWalking [TesseracTstudio]
DJ Almighty, Krooze & Sickjaxx – Tandav [LW Recordings]
Dos Noventa – Anima [Electronica Rave Records]
Dos Noventa – Ilusion [Electronica Rave Records]
Dvergios – Reflection of Soul [LW Recordings]
Enarxis – Beautiful Disguise [LW Recordings]
Eskimo – Does This Look Infected to You! (Xenoben Remix) [Phantasm Records]
Fabio Fusco & Livia – Fears [Spin Twist Records]
Freeman – Control the Night [Progg’n’Roll]
Galactic Explorers – Perfect Timing [Phantasm Records]
Ghost Note & Toxica – Into Existence [Phantasm Records]
Gigi – Cosmic Moments [Sonitum Records]
Gil – Vehicle [Parabola Music]
Hi Profile & Invader Space – Violin 2027 (Invader Space Remix) [Alien Records]
Initial – Light Portal [Sonitum Records]
Inkel – Mystic Garden (Extended Mix) [LW Recordings]
Invader Space – Miller (Delta Species Remix) [LW Recordings]
Keter – Cyber Eden [LW Recordings]
Kiraa – You Say Run [Global Army Music]
Kristiam – Voice Simulation [Adhara Records]
Kronomy – Therefore [Sonitum Records]
KYPA – Implosion [QUID Records]
Labrat & Thelios – Pizzaboy [Sonitum Records]
Limbz – Codeine Ocean [LW Recordings]
Low5 – Mos6969 [LW Recordings]
Lucid Alias – Gargamis [ImButcher Music]
ManMadeMan – Shape the World [Phantasm Records]
Mindfield & Kaleidor – Forest Fire [Phantasm Records]
Mindfield – You Know That You’re High [Phantasm Records]
Minimal Criminal – Mescalito (Dark & Roll Remix) [Soulectro Music]
Morrisound – Dance and Meditation [Uxmal Records]
Morrisound – Mystical Experience [Uxmal Records]
NandinAnubis – Groovy Boom [Power House Records]
NandinAnubis – Wave Form [Power House Records]
Noima Raveway – Brain Activities [LW Recordings]
Nomos & Progress – Scared [LW Recordings]
Nomos – Wonder [7SD Records]
Omegakot – Deep Infinity [Infinity-Tunes]
OmTheory – Chewing Gum [Phantasm Records]
OXIV – Echoes [LW Recordings]
Psycrain – Smash [Bassclef Records]
Reverence, Hybrid Machines & Perly I Lotry – My Mother Told Me – Trance Viking [LW Recordings]
RobotZ – Strange Places [Speedsound]
Satura & Vidha – Move On [LW Recordings]
Schameleon – Still Want You [LW Recordings]
Solid Iron – Flowers in Space [Phantasm Records]
Somnia – Guru [LW Recordings]
Soundaholix & Digoa – Eh Noise [Phantasm Records]
Space Heal – Parallel Existence [LW Recordings]
Spatial Plants – Visions [Sonitum Records]
Spectrum Noise – Perceptions [LW Recordings]
Spirit Shifter – Brain Drill [Sonitum Records]
Swell – Hippy Womping [Sonitum Records]
Synthetic System & Hyriderz – Existence [LW Recordings]
Tekbot – Prime Directive [LW Recordings]
Tripshift – Inner Voice [Sonitum Records]
Twelve Sessions – Eternal Presence [Free-Spirit Records]
Vibrant – Rotted Roots [Sonitum Records]
Warp Drive – Are We Alone!! [Sonitum Records]
Xipe-Totecs – Like a MTR [Sonitum Records]
XOXO – Legions [LW Recordings]
Yerba Divina – Alice in Fungusland [Sonitum Records]
Zeg – Above Majestic [Sonitum Records]