Psy-Trance hottest – [24-Nov-2021]

Adonis – Tibetan Monk [Spiral Trax]
Amplify (MX) & Vertikka – Overdrive Machine [Maharetta Records]
Artmind – Dreamland [Sol Music]
Azia – Alternative Reality [OHM Ganesh Pro]
Azia – Sent From Above [OHM Ganesh Pro]
Azia – Surrender [OHM Ganesh Pro]
BackHaze – The Last Knight [NeoDream Records]
Brad Sucks – Dropping Out of School (Acid Beat Remix) [Monkey In Space Records]
Brad Sucks – Making Me Nervous (Luzzar Remix) [Monkey In Space Records]
Captain Pastek – Léon [Another Psyde Records]
Chik’M & Farbi – Intellectual Meetings [Another Psyde Records]
Clean Trip – Lunar Mind [Another Psyde Records]
Copy & Paste – Soulmate [Blue Tunes Records]
Elementrix – The Path [Blue Tunes Records]
Elementrix & Trip2go – Jangalee [Blue Tunes Records]
Eric Electric – Introduce Warms [GOA Records]
Eric Electric – Themes In Transforming [GOA Records]
Evelyn – Native [Sol Music]
eXoLT – Inner Vibration [Another Psyde Records]
Genuim – Only Planet [Sol Music]
Green Pirates – El Charro Negro [Another Psyde Records]
Grumlar – Reborn [Another Psyde Records]
Headloaderz – Rising [Rebeat]
High Q – Space Paranoids [Ovnimoon Records]
Hypogeo – Sasquatch (Symetric Remix) [Another Psyde Records]
IbeX Official – Trip to Infinity [Frequency Squad Rec.]
IbeX Official – Visions of Myself [Frequency Squad Rec.]
Impulser & Brox – Among the Stars [Sol Music]
Itchy Vibes – See the Invisible [GROOVE MISSION RECORDS]
Itchy Vibes – The Fabric of Space [GROOVE MISSION RECORDS]
Kiraz – Alcon Blue [Sol Music]
Lasmar – Take Me Home [Monkey In Space Records]
Luthier & Bruce Leroys – My Love Is (Basscannon & Sighter Remix) [feat. Ellie Ka] [Monkey In Space Records]
Lydìa – Megaron [Sol Music]
Musgolino – Mantrasmatic [Another Psyde Records]
Photonics – New Life [Sol Music]
Pogo & Hypnoise – Three Benevolent Aliens [Nano Records]
Prog Effect – Losing My Self [Neptunes Records]
Psypheric & Unusual Cosmic Process – Mindswitcher [AstroPilot Music]
R3cycle & Boundless – Clever Path [Sol Music]
Rowdy & Avore – Silence of the Sirens [Monkey In Space Records]
Rudenoise – Chocani [Another Psyde Records]
S3N0 & Mahaux – Pharaoh [Bandora Records]
Samra – Paragon [Shamanic Tales]
Solar Based – Holistic Materia [Ovnimoon Records]
Solar Based – My Sacred Dome [Ovnimoon Records]
Solar Based – Solenic [Ovnimoon Records]
Static Movement & Cosmic Flow – From Above (feat. Lydìa) [Sol Music]
Stereodots – Roots of the Devil [Another Psyde Records]
Sykick – Daramsala [Sol Music]
Takahiro Yoshihira & Hkuya – Scandal [Musata Music]
Tomzie – Aliens Hafla [Hi-Trip Records]
Tomzie – Trippy Time [Hi-Trip Records]
Tushane – Mantra Trip [Para Beat]
Tushane – Mantra Trip (Zedo Remix) [Para Beat]
Visir – Wrong Button [Another Psyde Records]
Vitamin THC & RXE – Spiritual Awakening [Repost Network]
Xark – Blunt of Crystals [Speedsound Music]
Xark – Marijuana (Version 2) [Speedsound Music]
Xark – Quality Weed Experience [Speedsound Music]
Xark – The Announcement [Speedsound Music]
Xark – The Dive [Speedsound Music]
Xark – Underground [Speedsound Music]
Xark – Wheels of Fortune [Speedsound Music]
Xark – Your Own Planet [Speedsound Music]