Psy-Trance Latest Music – [06-Jun-2021]

Aatma – Never Look Back [Spin Twist Records]
Artemis Rising – Petrichor (Second Sun Remix) [Spin Twist Records]
Basso – New Age [Phantom Unit]
Blasting Brotherz, Twigger, Spiritual Molecule & Sep Scoota – Barefoot Hippies [PsynOpticz Records]
Blasting Brotherz, Twigger, Spiritual Molecule & Sep Scoota – The Four Elements of Nature [PsynOpticz Records]
Creative Mind & Megalight – Cyber Revolution (Original) [Nutek Records]
Dahaka – Distort Reality (Red Psy Edit) [PsyWorld Records]
Darkest Pace – Embracing Darkness [Nutek America]
Darkest Pace – Feet Fuck [Nutek America]
Dharmak – Moon Light [YUN Recordz]
Dharmak – Roots of Goa [YUN Recordz]
Dharmak – Space Echoes [YUN Recordz]
Dharmak – Time Signs [YUN Recordz]
Eric Electric – Away From the Visions [Parabola Music]
Eric Electric – Dreamings On Further Begin [Parabola Music]
Freetech – Dark Mornings [Digital Drugs Coalition]
GodMode – Berliner Stattrak [Yeiskomp Velocity]
Hkuya – Hypnotism [Musata Music]
Krama – Colors of Tomorrow [Spin Twist Records]
K Studio – Temporal Rain [Yeiskomp Leisurely]
LUM1NA – Aqua [SYNK87]
Mark Black – Alien Invasion [Climactic Records]
Mark Black – Beautiful Spirit [Climactic Records]
Mark Black – Green Man [Climactic Records]
Mark Black – It’s Raining Sex Pills [Climactic Records]
Mark Black – Mandela High [Climactic Records]
Mark Black – Narcissus [Climactic Records]
Mark Black – Oscillator [Climactic Records]
Mark Black – Psychedelic Modulator [Climactic Records]
Mark Black – Red Angel [Climactic Records]
Mark Black – Virus in the Zoom [Climactic Records]
MOABLIVE – Here [Ruda’ Records]
Ogoun – Dance of the Ants [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Dibon [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Didadi [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Indian Bus [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Madiani [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Soko [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Tansole [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Tiriba [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Woima [Alice-D Records]
Oraw – Air [Eutuchia Music]
Oraw – Astrinia [Eutuchia Music]
Oraw – Dawn [Eutuchia Music]
Oraw – Hexphaze [Eutuchia Music]
Oraw – Motobol [Eutuchia Music]
Oraw – Silver [Eutuchia Music]
Oraw – Stabilization [Eutuchia Music]
Oraw – Tft [Eutuchia Music]
Psychossis & Sultanos – Spiritual Trip [Eutuchia Music]
Red Psy – 24 Hours [PsyWorld Records]
Red Psy – Burn It [PsyWorld Records]
Red Psy – Decade [PsyWorld Records]
Red Psy – Energy Blast [PsyWorld Records]
Red Psy – Goa Session [PsyWorld Records]
Red Psy – Sirius [PsyWorld Records]
Red Psy – Teleport [PsyWorld Records]
Rematic – Connected Souls [Maya Shakti Records]
Sirius Effect – Prayer [Stereofly Records]
Trung Anhz – LIAR [Abun-dance]
Vlano – Recuperate [Upward Records]
Weirdelic – All Together [Random Records SOS]
Weirdelic – Blender [Random Records SOS]
Weirdelic – Bungle in the Jungle [Random Records SOS]
Weirdelic – Cartoon Funk [Random Records SOS]
Weirdelic – Damage Report [Random Records SOS]
Weirdelic – Heroes [Random Records SOS]
Weirdelic – Kicks and Treats [Random Records SOS]
Weirdelic – Looney Tunes [Random Records SOS]
Weirdelic – Mongols On Acid [Random Records SOS]
Weirdelic – Peculiar Times [Random Records SOS]
Weirdelic – Uncoordinated Androids [Random Records SOS]
Weirdelic – Untuned Fucking Piano [Random Records SOS]
XIV Tribe – The Shelby [Ruda’ Records]