Psy-Trance music playlist – [01-Oct-2021]

Blintz – Aphrodite [Eutuchia Music]
Blue Matter – Cosmic Resonance [Let It Out Records]
Blue Matter – Only One Life [Let It Out Records]
BLUKI – Psychedelic Vibes [Espiral Records]
Bobeek – Save Me [Phantom Unit]
Brontide – Dr Edgy Cortex [MMD Records]
Can Of Tomato Soup – Can of Tomato Soup [MMD Records]
Cosmic Apocalypse – Spirit Portal [MMD Records]
Cosmic Sin – I Am the Universe [PsyWorld Records]
Cyborgpunk – 7.1 Sound System [Multidimensional Music]
Cyborgpunk – Bach in Virtual Reality [Multidimensional Music]
Cyborgpunk – Crypto Music [Multidimensional Music]
Cyborgpunk – Matrix 4 [Multidimensional Music]
Cyborgpunk – Metaverse [Multidimensional Music]
Cyborgpunk – NFT Art [Multidimensional Music]
Cyborgpunk & Nykronds – Robot Friend (Cyborgpunk vs. Nykronds) [Multidimensional Music]
Cyborgpunk – Solarpunk Manifiesto [Multidimensional Music]
Cyborgpunk – Transhumanism [Multidimensional Music]
D3adlock – Reborn [Upward Records]
Damian Sarandeses – Land Faraway [Speedsound Music]
Deep Vibration & Dual Vision – Dual Vibrations [Iono Music]
Deep Vibration – Spellbound [Iono Music]
Deliriant & Loophole – Imagination [MMD Records]
District Solaris – State of Bliss [GreenTree Records]
District Solaris – Visual Changes [GreenTree Records]
Ethnotek – Morphic Resonance [Viking Trance]
Frozen Ghost – Delirious [MMD Records]
Glytor – Astral Light [Eutuchia Music]
GMS & Burn in Noise – Mad Noise [Tip Records]
Green Fact – Captain Green [Uptrance Records]
Green Fact – Make It Happen [Uptrance Records]
Green Fact – My Life [Uptrance Records]
Green Fact – We Control [Uptrance Records]
Habemos – Chapada dos Veadeiros [SOULOW TRACKS]
Hawkmoon & Aquastereo – I Would Die For You [Digital Music Crew]
Hiyarant – Looking In [MMD Records]
Hizaq – The Guy from Another Space [OUTSIDE STUDIO]
Inner Lux – Anyma [Dacru Records]
Jeremy & Roy Sela – It’s About Time [604 Recordings]
Mad Science – Happy Accidents [MMD Records]
MOABLIVE – Your War [Ruda’ Records]
Mystic Deloun – El Pepe [360 Music]
Pandora & Middle-D – Opar [Ubuntu Records]
Pandora – TheTruth [Ubuntu Records]
Perfect Disarray & Sharmonic – Mind Control [Dense Nebula Records]
Pettra – Elephant [Iboga Records]
Pettra – Sinai [Iboga Records]
Phenomenal & Brandon Hombre – Ancient Technology [Upward Records]
Psyborg Zex – Across the Sky [Electronica Rave Records]
Psyborg Zex – Dark Cycles [Electronica Rave Records]
Psyborg Zex – Falling Down [Electronica Rave Records]
Psyborg Zex – Space & Time [Electronica Rave Records]
Pudova & Ascent – Trip To the Future [Progg’n’Roll]
Qube & Dyce – Shove It (Tribute Mix) [MMD Records]
Reaction & Vaz – Delirious [Tratore]
Sharmonic – Planet Psy Phy [Dense Nebula Records]
Sharmonic – Prognosis [Dense Nebula Records]
Sharmonic – Rise of the Machines [Dense Nebula Records]
Sharmonic – The Boogie Man [Dense Nebula Records]
Sharmonic – The Key [Dense Nebula Records]
Sharmonic – Veritus [Dense Nebula Records]
Sigesmundsen – Fear [Cosmicleaf Records]
Singularity & Solar Axis – The Next Chapter [MMD Records]
Solar Based – Ixmok [Speedsound Music]
SUN GR – Broken Paradise [Blue Tunes Records]
Synthetic Alkaloid – Mr Knock [MMD Records]
Teorema – Não é Não. (feat. Gabi Bidin) [Religare]
Teorema – Pra Sentir que era verdade (feat. Gabi Bidin) [Religare]
Transfuse – Superstring Theory [Blue Tunes Records]
Unix – Breath of Life [PsyWorld Records]
Unix – Can You Dream [PsyWorld Records]
Unix – Can You Imagine [PsyWorld Records]
Unix – Dark Age [PsyWorld Records]
Unix – Dead Words [PsyWorld Records]
Unix – Don’t Look Down [PsyWorld Records]
Unix – If I Cry [PsyWorld Records]
Unix – My Heart [PsyWorld Records]
Unix – New Vision [PsyWorld Records]
Unix – Sad Girl [PsyWorld Records]
Unix – The Path of Time [PsyWorld Records]
Unix – We Are What We Think [PsyWorld Records]
Whiteloop – Cat Jump [Trancedencya Records]
Woza – Feelings [Infinity One Records]
Woza – Warzone [Infinity One Records]