Psy-Trance new song – [08-Jun-2021]

Aatma – Never Look Back [Spin Twist Records]
Alchemy Circle – Imperial Catharsis (Soulid Remix) [Occulta Records]
Almaz & XZEEZ – Moonlight [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Amonati – Odin [Psycologic Records]
Artemis Rising – Petrichor (Second Sun Remix) [Spin Twist Records]
Basso – New Age [Phantom Unit]
Brandon Hombre – Lost in a Land of Enigma [UP Records Australia]
Darkest Pace – Embracing Darkness [Nutek America]
Darkest Pace – Feet Fuck [Nutek America]
Edgar Gongora – Not Bad Not Good [Irresistible Music]
Eric Electric – Away From the Visions [Parabola Music]
Eric Electric – Dreamings On Further Begin [Parabola Music]
Freetech – Dark Mornings [Digital Drugs Coalition]
Half Baked – Baking Tempo [Future Music Records]
Half Baked & Fasma – Do It Again [Future Music Records]
Half Baked – Reality Oven [Future Music Records]
Krama – Colors of Tomorrow [Spin Twist Records]
LUM1NA – Aqua [SYNK87]
MOABLIVE – Here [Ruda’ Records]
Ogoun – Dance of the Ants [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Dibon [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Didadi [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Indian Bus [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Madiani [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Soko [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Tansole [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Tiriba [Alice-D Records]
Ogoun – Woima [Alice-D Records]
Ori Tzadok – Psycho Gamers [Hungry Koala Records]
Ori Tzadok – Psyfish [Hungry Koala Records]
Psychossis & Sultanos – Spiritual Trip [Eutuchia Music]
Punk Rocket & Steven Parson – Here We Go [Trance Sphere]
Rematic – Connected Souls [Maya Shakti Records]
Shadow Chronicles – G.Ai.A [Expo Records]
Sharmatix – Oracle of Yin [Ovnimoon Records]
Soul-ID – High With the Mountain Guys [Occulta Records]
Soul-ID – Occult Manifestation [Occulta Records]
Tijah – Split Me [X7M Records]
Transient Disorder – Reaction Cell [Sonoora Records]
Transpose & Krunch – Higher State [TechSafari Records]
Trung Anhz – LIAR [Abun-dance]
Ullien & Clark Bach – Feelings Apart [Mushadelic Records]
Ullien & Clark Bach – Limited Future [Mushadelic Records]
Vasylchenko Psy – Cherry Bloom and Walks With You [Power House Records]
Vasylchenko Psy – Death of False Ego [Power House Records]
Vasylchenko Psy – Hold Me Tight [Power House Records]
Vasylchenko Psy – I Can Be Whatever I Wanna Be [Power House Records]
Vasylchenko Psy – Love, Sex, And Happiness [Power House Records]
Venado Sonar – Hayabusa Revenge [GOA Records]
Vlano – Recuperate [Upward Records]
Xenoben – Quasar [TesseracTstudio]
Y-Red – Mission- Apollo [7SD Records]