Psy-Trance newest – [23-Oct-2021]

Abween – Voices from Other Spaces [Woo-Dog Records]
Act One – Ver Sinhaza [Woo-Dog Records]
Ahman – Vesica Pisis [Omaha Records Mexico]
Akima & Tetuna – Magic Trick [Trance Sphere]
Apach – Akando [Tendance Music]
Apach – Cin [Tendance Music]
Apach – Eyanpaha [Tendance Music]
Apach – Hoye [Tendance Music]
Apach – Mahtola [Tendance Music]
Atezu – The Step of the Dachshund [Woo-Dog Records]
Aurabyss – Don’t Gimme No Woo Woo [Woo-Dog Records]
Bubble Mind – Low & Deep [Progg’n’Roll]
Bubble Mind – P-Drugs [Progg’n’Roll]
Capteach & Mati Estiga – Tequila [Tratore]
Color Box – Blacksfield [Classic Goa Trax]
Color Box – Bluesville [Classic Goa Trax]
Color Box – CYANid [Classic Goa Trax]
Color Box – Goldfish [Classic Goa Trax]
Color Box – Greenious [Classic Goa Trax]
Color Box – Greenvich [Classic Goa Trax]
Color Box – Grey Spook (Eastside Mix) [Classic Goa Trax]
Color Box – Grey Spook (Westside Mix) [Classic Goa Trax]
Color Box – Indigo [Classic Goa Trax]
Color Box – Kinky Pinky [Classic Goa Trax]
Color Box – Maroon [Classic Goa Trax]
Color Box – Yellowstone [Classic Goa Trax]
Contrast – Wat Se Jy [Woo-Dog Records]
Critter & Sense Datum – Woo World [Woo-Dog Records]
Curuja – Arapuca [Magus Nexus Records]
Curuja – Digital Amplifier [Magus Nexus Records]
Curuja – Forest Witch [Magus Nexus Records]
Damian Sarandeses – Lost Jungle [Progressive Vibes Dark]
Digital Culture – Flash from the Past [Vagalume Records]
Digital Culture – Kali [Vagalume Records]
Digital Culture – Kushed 2.0 [Vagalume Records]
Digital Culture – Magical Life [Vagalume Records]
Digital Culture & Nevermind – Oito Do Oito [Vagalume Records]
Digital Culture – Scent of Woman [Vagalume Records]
Digital Culture – Sense of Meaning [Vagalume Records]
Digital Culture – Tunes of Soul [Vagalume Records]
Digital Culture – Virtual Drama [Vagalume Records]
Ebb & Flow – Grove Groove [Woo-Dog Records]
Ephedra – 3000 Emotions [Goa Madness Records]
Ephedra – A New Normality [Goa Madness Records]
Ephedra – Another Place On Earth [Goa Madness Records]
Ephedra – Eye Modulation [Goa Madness Records]
Ephedra – Kick Out the Pain [Goa Madness Records]
Ephedra – Something or Nothing [Goa Madness Records]
Ephedra – They’ve Arrived [Goa Madness Records]
Ephedra – Vertigo [Goa Madness Records]
Ephedra – Warriors of Nonsense [Goa Madness Records]
Fusion Field – One Planet [Mainstage Records]
Fusion Field – One Planet [Mainstage Records]
Gadikt & Xando – Skin Rash [Woo-Dog Records]
Hidden Secret – Nothing Is True [Blue Tunes Records]
Hypnospores & Amoeba – AMC Amnecia Gac Manja [Woo-Dog Records]
InnSæi – Everything Is a Dream [Omaha Records Mexico]
Invsb – El Vivir Es Un Arte [Omaha Records Mexico]
Kanaloa – Unorganised Nonsense [Woo-Dog Records]
Lah Narrad – Splendid Doses [Woo-Dog Records]
Lusid – Rev9 [Woo-Dog Records]
Manthra – Dancing In the Future [Omaha Records Mexico]
Mistikan – Virtual Reality [Solar Tech Records]
M. Key – Mental Evolution [OUTSIDE STUDIO]
Mowgli – Bustin Jieber [Woo-Dog Records]
Mystic Deloun – LSD Effects [360 Music]
Mystic Modulators – Deeper & Deeper [Woo-Dog Records]
Nativo – Trillions of Teracosmos [Speedsound Music]
Neurosynthesis & Komfuzium – Woo [Woo-Dog Records]
Niria – Drakiphi [Woo-Dog Records]
Overdream – Subconscious Critters [Woo-Dog Records]
Panayota & MIMRA – Location Point (Panayota vs. Mimra) [BR Records]
Panayota – My World Is Psychedelic [BR Records]
Piazer & Gesh – Laughter of the Soul [Woo-Dog Records]
Psique – Primary Language [Woo-Dog Records]
Quantum Fracture – Unkown Entities [Omaha Records Mexico]
Racode – Abduction [Speedsound]
Reevoke – A Vortex of Some Kind [Woo-Dog Records]
Reqmeq, SonGoa & Laura Heily – Play It Cool [Blue Tunes Records]
Rubuscubus – Teacup Ride [Woo-Dog Records]
Skyhighatrist – Jelly & Pine Fresh Revisited [Woo-Dog Records]
Slide – Ash & Dash [Forestdelic Records]
Slide – Cumbia Criança [Forestdelic Records]
Slide – End of Ego [Forestdelic Records]
Slide – Oh My Wild [Forestdelic Records]
SÜNDENBÖCK & MADDIZIN – Earthvibe [Binary Audio Machinery]
SÜNDENBÖCK & MADDIZIN – Guiding Light [Binary Audio Machinery]
SÜNDENBÖCK & MADDIZIN – Healing [Binary Audio Machinery]
SÜNDENBÖCK & MADDIZIN – Reborn Power [Binary Audio Machinery]
SÜNDENBÖCK & MADDIZIN – Sacred Elements [Binary Audio Machinery]
SÜNDENBÖCK & MADDIZIN – Sound Explorer [Binary Audio Machinery]
SÜNDENBÖCK & MADDIZIN – Swarm Intelligence [Binary Audio Machinery]
SÜNDENBÖCK & MADDIZIN – Toxic Poison [Binary Audio Machinery]
Synthetic System & Zeg – Trippin’ Loud [X7M Blaze]
Ugammi – Belo Horizonte [Woo-Dog Records]
Vial & Gabaa – Morphing Fractals [Woo-Dog Records]
Zz Bing – Zzipp Woo (Krosis Remix) [Woo-Dog Records]