Psy-Trance playlist new mp3 – [01-May-2021]

Aeio – Empy Galaxy [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
Artcore – Away From Keyboard [Dense Nebula Records]
ARUMAN – Nyctophilia [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
Astra – Dark Matter [Dense Nebula Records]
Benzoo & Jilax – Let Them Go [Blue Tunes Records]
Berg & Reality Test – Paradise [Blue Tunes Records]
Breezer Live – Gardenia [Phantom Unit]
Cript – Apologize [ProgWorx Records]
Curutech – Brasil 172 [Hypnotic Records India]
Eku & Boris Gallo – Perfect Nightmare [Global Minds Records]
Epiphanyc – Divine Elements [Uxmal Records]
Epiphanyc – Memories [Uxmal Records]
ETH – Crossroads [Dense Nebula Records]
Fala – Fugazi [Dense Nebula Records]
FORMA MENTIS – Indiko [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
Gaia Groove – Arcane [Dense Nebula Records]
Ghost Rider – Majesty (Static Movement Remix) [Blue Tunes Records]
Gynx – Lustral [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
Highpo – Out of Time 170 [Hypnotic Records India]
Holymen – 2004 [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – 951 [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Abra Kadabra (End All Remix) [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Atom Selection [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Black [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Color of Sound [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Cyan [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Etno Trance [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Furious George [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Hard Attack [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Infernion (Recorded Live in Tokyo 2002) [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Init [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Kiss [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Lap 808 [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Last Dance [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Magenta [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Maya [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Midnight Run [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Noah [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – On the Five [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Pumping [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Read Me [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Remix 2001 [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Retox Nation [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Romeo & Juliete [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Seven’th Heaven [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Sicko Leako [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Silver [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Six Months [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Symphony of the Heart [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Tanshi Niko [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – The Formula [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – The last Universe (End All Remix) [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Time For Peace [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Yellow [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Zero Zero 7 [Eutuchia Music]
Humalien – Dance Is the Answer [FreakingBeats Records]
Hybrid – Jungle Juice [Dense Nebula Records]
inverted world – Pachamama [Universal Tribe Records]
inverted world – Pêssegodelia [Dense Nebula Records]
inverted world – Shaman Sorcerer [Universal Tribe Records]
inverted world – Summoners [Universal Tribe Records]
Killatk – Noise [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
Komorebi – It’s a Releaf [Dense Nebula Records]
Kromagon – Heacy Lohic (Nüho Remix) [Dense Nebula Records]
Metronome & Shinouda – Liquid Rhapsody [Blue Tunes Records]
Metronome – The Choice (Deep Kontakt Remix) [Blue Tunes Records]
Modus – After the Storm [Stereo Society]
Modus – Fear of the Unknown [Stereo Society]
Modus & Freedom Fighters – Soph [Stereo Society]
Modus – Harbu Darb [Stereo Society]
Modus – Scrambled Sequence [Stereo Society]
Modus – The Future Is Behind Us [Stereo Society]
Modus – To Start Press Any Key [Stereo Society]
Modus – Under the C [Stereo Society]
Modus – Visitors [Stereo Society]
MOHINIA – Operator Mediator [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
Naturalize – Over the Edge [Blue Tunes Records]
Need One – Didgeridoo [Ipnotika Unit Records]
Need One – La Vida [Ipnotika Unit Records]
Nomad Aliens – Chakras [Beyond Visions]
Nomad Aliens – Pyramid Shaped UFOs [Beyond Visions]
Nomad Aliens – Wasteland [Beyond Visions]
oneL & Enarxis – Sandhills [1db Records]
OXIV – Just Be Quiet [TesseracTstudio]
Roburck – Psychedelic Drugs [Artrance Records]
Sagmo – The Last Eagle [Dense Nebula Records]
Shouton – Voodoo Doll [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
Siit – Insomnio [Puertalaxy Records]
Symphonix & Alegro – Moonlight (Extended Version) [Blue Tunes Records]
Symphonix & Eddie Bitar – Looking For [Blue Tunes Records]
The Smiling Shadow – Maniacal Spectre [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
VAndiixX – The Day of the Event [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
Vial – Pandemic [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
Vini Vici – Alteza (Phaxe Remix) [Blue Tunes Records]
Vini Vici & Liquid Soul – Universe Inside Me (Ranji, Ghost Rider Remix) [Blue Tunes Records]
Virgatshi – Oh Look, I Just Found Happiness [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
Vishva – Blurred Afterimage [29 Trance]
Vishva – Dharma [29 Trance]
Vishva – Initiation of Light [29 Trance]
Vishva – Manvantara [29 Trance]
Vishva – Mushroom Temple [29 Trance]
Vishva – Through the Valley of Shadows [29 Trance]
Vladimir Lebedev – My Way [Gert Sound Records]
Zekrom & CHOCK – Frequency Manipulation [Escuadrón Records]
Zekrom – Evolution of Magic [Escuadrón Records]
Zekrom – Which Video Game! [Escuadrón Records]