Rap Pack – 418 Tracks music blog – [30-Oct-2021]

A$AP Rocky – Acid Drip
A$AP Rocky – Bass
A$AP Rocky – Brand New Guy (feat. ScHoolboy Q)
A$AP Rocky – Demons
A$AP Rocky – Get Lit (feat. Fat Tony)
A$AP Rocky – Houston Old Head
A$AP Rocky – Keep It G (feat. Chace Infinite & SpaceGhostPurrp)
A$AP Rocky – Leaf (feat. Main Attrakionz)
A$AP Rocky – Palace
A$AP Rocky – Peso
A$AP Rocky – Purple Swag
A$AP Rocky – Roll One Up
A$AP Rocky – Sandman
A$AP Rocky – Trilla (feat. A$AP Nast & A$AP Twelvyy)
A$AP Rocky – Wassup
BabyTron – 007
BabyTron – Blankman
BabyTron – Day In Ferndale
BabyTron – Euro-Stepper
BabyTron – Everybody Hates Tron
BabyTron – Frankenstein
BabyTron – Green Lantern
BabyTron – Half-Blood Prince
BabyTron – Heart Break Kid
BabyTron – How
BabyTron – It Is What It Is
BabyTron – Jesse Owens
BabyTron – Lavar Ball
BabyTron – Monkey D. Luffy
BabyTron – Monsters & Mobsters
BabyTron – Next Level
BabyTron – No Jumper
BabyTron – On The Bible
BabyTron – Paul Bearer
BabyTron – Pimp My Ride
BabyTron – Pink Runtz
BabyTron – Pissed Off
BabyTron – Sith Lord
BabyTron – Superstar
BabyTron – Tag Team Champs
BabyTron – Turtle Pie
BabyTron – Young Goats
BackRoad Gee – Ancestors (feat. NSG)
BackRoad Gee – A Yo (feat. TizzTrap & BG)
BackRoad Gee – Bad Mind
BackRoad Gee – Crime Partners (feat. Pa Salieu)
BackRoad Gee – Dark Place
BackRoad Gee – Diamond in da Dirt (feat. Stefflon Don)
BackRoad Gee – Enough is Enough (feat. Lethal Bizzle & JME)
BackRoad Gee – Fear Nuttin
BackRoad Gee – Ferragamo (feat. Dabully)
BackRoad Gee – Fxct It (feat. TizzTrap & BG)
BackRoad Gee – Live in the Flesh
BackRoad Gee – Mbote (feat. Syra)
BackRoad Gee – Nyege Lewa (feat. Ms Banks)
BackRoad Gee – Ready or Not (feat. Nissi)
BackRoad Gee – See Level (feat. Olamide)
BackRoad Gee – Take Time
BackRoad Gee – Top Boy
BackRoad Gee – Warning (feat. Stylo G)
Bandgang Masoe, BandGang Lonnie Bands, Drego, Bandgang Paid Will, Bandgang Biggs – Hard Ball
Bandgang Masoe – Block Grooving
Bandgang Masoe – Can’t Leave
Bandgang Masoe – City Girl
Bandgang Masoe – Head Shot
Bandgang Masoe – Let Ace Shoot The Choppa
Bandgang Masoe – Make Drank Cheap Again
Bandgang Masoe, Onfully – My Brothers Keeper
Bandgang Masoe – Soul
Bandgang Masoe – Topside
Bandgang Masoe – Westbrook
Big Sean, Hit-Boy – Chaos
Big Sean, Hit-Boy – Into It
Big Sean, Hit-Boy – Loyal To A Fault
Big Sean, Hit-Boy – Offense
Big Sean, Hit-Boy – The One
Big Sean, Hit-Boy – What A Life
B.o.B – Ayahuasca (Freestyle)
B.o.B – Banditzzz
B.o.B – Built Like This
B.o.B – DoGG
B.o.B – FOMO
B.o.B – God Loves Violence
B.o.B – K.A.T
B.o.B – Mary Toppins (Bonus Track)
B.o.B – Mong Mong (Bonus Track)
B.o.B – New Shirt
B.o.B – No Love Lost (Bonus Track)
B.o.B – OTS
B.o.B – P.I.W. (Bonus Track)
B.o.B – Wrong
Canardo – On Remet зa
Curren$y, Harry Fraud – Car Lot
Curren$y, Harry Fraud – Key West Classic (feat. Styles P)
Curren$y, Harry Fraud – Purchasing Power
Curren$y, Harry Fraud – Sellin’ Cereal (feat. 2 Chainz)
Curren$y, Harry Fraud – Seventy-Five Tons
Curren$y, Harry Fraud – Super Series (feat. Larry June)
Curren$y, Harry Fraud – The Venture Cup (feat. Jay Worthy)
Curren$y, Harry Fraud – Willy & Sal
Eli Bandman – No Auto 4
Floss Bunnies, Duckman & Chino Nino – Stay Tuned
Fumez The Engineer – Gotti Maras x Fumez The Engineer – Plugged In
Ghod Brothers – Curve It (feat. BMG)
Ghod Brothers – Deserve That (feat. Walter Hayward)
Ghod Brothers – Killas (feat. Clarkboy)
Ghod Brothers – Play Wit Ya Life (feat. J Reed)
Ghod Brothers – Rah Rah (feat. Gangsta Nino)
Ghod Brothers – Slide on U (feat. Ms Midi)
Ghod Brothers – Too Young (feat. Smurf & Beep)
Ice Cube – A Bird In The Hand
Ice Cube – Alive On Arrival
Ice Cube – Black Korea
Ice Cube – Color Blind
Ice Cube – Death
Ice Cube – Doing Dumb Shit
Ice Cube – Dominate The Weak
Ice Cube – Givin’ Up The Nappy Dug Out
Ice Cube – Good Cop Bad Cop
Ice Cube – Horny Lil’ Devil
Ice Cube – I Wanna Kill Sam
Ice Cube – Look Who’s Burnin’
Ice Cube – Man’s Best Friend
Ice Cube – My Summer Vacation
Ice Cube – No Vaseline
Ice Cube – Only One Me
Ice Cube – Robin Lench
Ice Cube – Steady Mobbin’
Ice Cube – The Birth
Ice Cube – The Funeral
Ice Cube – The Wrong Nigga To Fuck Wit
Ice Cube – True To The Game
Ice Cube – Trying To Maintain
Ice Cube – Us
Jaxsaun – Vilez (Rich’s Remix)
J Sleet – All Kinda Shit (feat. Hyp-Hop Sells)
J Sleet – Black America
J Sleet – Bustin’
J Sleet – Fuck Everybody (feat. Hyp-Hop Sells)
J Sleet – Fuckin’ Wit Me
J Sleet – Get At Me
J Sleet – How It Goes (feat. Hyp-Hop Sells)
J Sleet – IDEK, Pt. 1
J Sleet – Introducin’ Myself
J Sleet – I Told Her
J Sleet – Jus Sayin’ (feat. Hyp-Hop Sells & Twamp Sac)
J Sleet – Outcast, Pt. 1 (feat. Hyp-Hop Sells)
J Sleet – Outcast, Pt. 2 (feat. Twamp Sac & Hyp-Hop Sells)
J Sleet – Overdosin’
J Sleet – Protocol
J Sleet – Reflection
J Sleet – Say What (feat. Twamp Sac & Hyp-Hop Sells)
J Sleet – Schemin’ (feat. Twamp Sac)
J Sleet – Slidin’
J Sleet – U Owe Me
J Sleet – With The Guys (feat. Hyp-Hop Sells)
J Sleet – Won’t Quit
Jug Knight – Ben
Jug Knight, Stepdaddy Retro & Ron Samo – Like This
Junior Bvndo – Booska’18
Kas Havok – Better Days
Kas Havok – Cold Hearted Diaries
Kas Havok – Post Traumatic…
Kas Havok – Sinnerman
Kas Havok – The Nobodies (feat. GR!M $U!C!DE
Kas Havok – What Hurts The Most…
Kaza – Elle Avait Les Mots
Kell B – Why
Kendra Jae – BIG (Clean)
Kendra Jae – BIG (Explicit)
Kendra Jae – BIG (Instrumental)
Kevin Ross – 108.7 Ending
Kevin Ross – 108.7 Giveaway
Kevin Ross – 108.7 The Drive
Kevin Ross – Lady Love
Kevin Ross – Looking For Love
Kevin Ross – Ms. Communication
Kevin Ross – Naturally
Kevin Ross, Rotimi, Afro B – WaveRunner
Kevin Ross – Same Team
Kevin Ross – Sweet Release
L’Allemand – 2 Grammes
Larry – 6t
Larry – Baby
Larry – Barode
Larry – Colis feat Maes
Larry – Crackfood
Larry – Double L feat Leto
Larry – Goosebumps feat Hamza
Larry – Intro (Gothvm)
Larry – Moonwalk
Larry – Noblabla
Larry – Off White
Larry – Sirene
Larry – Vntm
Larry – Voeux
Larry – Zig Zag
Lonepsi – Ce Que Je Vis Me Manque Deja feat Sofiane Pamart
Lonepsi – Comme Une Balle
Lonepsi – En Boucle
Lonepsi – Jupiter
Lonepsi – La Couleur De Tes Yeux
Lonepsi – La Derniere Fois
Lonepsi – La Pluie, C’est Le Passe Qui Revient
Lonepsi – Le Coeur Gele
Lonepsi – Les Deux F Du Mot Souffrir
Lonepsi – Mon Encore Inconnue
Lonepsi – Paradis Perdu
Lonepsi – Plane
Lonepsi – Siberie
Lonepsi – Tu N’es Pas La
Lost TJ & N.F.L Ray – Puppet Master
Lost TJ & N.F.L Ray – Whistle
Maka – Brigand
Mick Jenkins – Contacts
Mick Jenkins – D.U.I.
Mick Jenkins – Gucci Tried to Tell Me
Mick Jenkins – Is, This Cigarettes
Mick Jenkins – Reflection
Mick Jenkins, serpentwithfeet – Scottie Pippen
Mick Jenkins – Speed Racer
Mick Jenkins – Stiff Arm
Mick Jenkins – The Valley of the Shadow of Death
Mick Jenkins – Things You Could Die For If Doing While Black
Mick Jenkins – Truffles
Momsii – Covid-19
New Breed Ent. – 817 Til I Die (feat. G-Spook, Smoothvega & Osama The Great)
New Breed Ent. – Ain’t Yo (feat. Young Black)
New Breed Ent. – Bankrolls (feat. Oak Kliff Makk)
New Breed Ent. – Faded
New Breed Ent. – I Be…
New Breed Ent. – If It Wasn’t For…
New Breed Ent. – I Love Lucy
New Breed Ent. – Intro
New Breed Ent. – Po’ Me Up
New Breed Ent. – Star One Day (feat. Lil Flip)
New Breed Ent. – Take It With Me (feat. Tum Tum)
New Breed Ent. – The Hang Over (Outro)
New Breed Ent. – The Party (Interlude)
New Breed Ent. – They Know
New Breed Ent. – This & That
Nuk – Breaking Bad (feat. 200)
Nuk – Dear White People
Nuk – Doozie
Nuk – Dream to be Out
Nuk – Forum Gangsters
Nuk – Ghetto story
Nuk – G Kode (feat. Mo Money & Lil Mello)
Nuk, Glockboyz Teejaee – Autostart (feat. Jimmy DuhCre)
Nuk, Glockboyz Teejaee – Fuxk It
Nuk, Glockboyz Teejaee – Hold on, hold on, wait
Nuk, Glockboyz Teejaee – Jawana
Nuk, Glockboyz Teejaee – Keep it on the low (feat. Lil Beno)
Nuk, Glockboyz Teejaee – Mhmm Yop (feat. The Big Homie)
Nuk, Glockboyz Teejaee – Mpr
Nuk, Glockboyz Teejaee – Real Hustla
Nuk, Glockboyz Teejaee – Rekap
Nuk, Glockboyz Teejaee – Selfish
Nuk, Glockboyz Teejaee – SRT
Nuk, Glockboyz Teejaee – Stay Dangerous
Nuk, Glockboyz Teejaee – Tinted Windows
Nuk, Glockboyz Teejaee – Tripple X
Nuk, Glockboyz Teejaee – West Viva
Nuk – Glory Road
Nuk – Golden State
Nuk – Got It Bad
Nuk – Had A Ball
Nuk – Hate
Nuk – Kriminal Mind
Nuk – Loxkjaw
Nuk – Only One (feat. IBEFOOLYNN)
Nuk – Remember
Nuk – Sukihana
Nuk – Vacant Heart
Planet Asia – 1984
Planet Asia – Bar Fight
Planet Asia – Boom Bye
Planet Asia – Green Thin Wood
Planet Asia – Highlander
Planet Asia – Jason Bond
Planet Asia – Live From The Kremlin
Planet Asia – Nag Champa
Planet Asia – Pocket Change
Planet Asia – Stay For Credits
Planet Asia – Stayn’ Dangerous
Planet Asia – Take It Lightly
Planet Asia – The Pack Made It
Popey – Blue
Ransom, Rome Streetz – All I Know
Ransom, Rome Streetz – Bandoleros
Ransom, Rome Streetz – Claudine
Ransom, Rome Streetz – Dark Love
Ransom, Rome Streetz – Death Becomes Life
Ransom, Rome Streetz – Fairwells
Ransom, Rome Streetz – Jet Fuel
Ransom, Rome Streetz – No Remorse
Ransom, Rome Streetz – Rooftop Sermons
Ransom, Rome Streetz – Silent Murderers
Ransom, The Game, Rome Streetz – Pray For The Weak
R Dotta – Black Owned
R Dotta – Cold Game (feat. Fe Sensei)
R Dotta – Goldie
R Dotta – Last Season
R Dotta – On (feat. Bluflame James)
Retro J – H4E
Retro J & Jug Knight – Have Some Fun
Retro J – Swensons
Road Runna Rio – All The Time
Road Runna Rio – Away Games (feat. Good Perry)
Road Runna Rio – Did You Hit Your Goal Today
Road Runna Rio – Foodie
Road Runna Rio – Go!
Road Runna Rio – Knock Me Down
Road Runna Rio – Relapse Freestyle
Road Runna Rio – Road Runna
Road Runna Rio – Step In Freestyle
Road Runna Rio – Trapstar Life
Robert AK47 – 1666 E.H
Robert AK47 – 6 Double 6
Robert AK47 – AK-47 Outro
Robert AK47 – Creepin In The Night
Robert AK47 – Doin Big Thangz
Robert AK47 – Hater Killahz
Robert AK47 – No Choices
Robert AK47 – On Sum Shrooms
Robert AK47 – Rivals
Robert AK47 – Super Silver Haze
Robert AK47 – T.I.D
Ron Samo – Spice Talkin (Partial)
Severus – My Gial (Feat Cobbee)
Severus – No More
Severus – Nouveau Paysage (Feat Addaki And Cezur)
Severus – Whine Up
The Godfather – 1999 Spurs
The Godfather – Broad Day
The Godfather – Can’t Be Found
The Godfather – Certified Steppa
The Godfather – Flu Game
The Godfather – Forever Paid
The Godfather – Gun Sounds
The Godfather – I’m Back
The Godfather – I’m in my Bag
The Godfather, Joshypreme – Ice Cold (Interlude)
The Godfather, Joshypreme – Intro
The Godfather, Joshypreme – Outro
The Godfather, Joshypreme – Sick of These Niggaz
The Godfather – Junkie
The Godfather, Karish – Where U At
The Godfather, M4rlee – Choices
The Godfather, M4rlee – Dark Alley
The Godfather – Naw Fr
The Godfather – No Rules
The Godfather, Onfully – Believe Me
The Godfather – Press Me
The Godfather – Ridiculous
The Godfather, Stampz – Born 2 Win
The Godfather – Still The Same Nigga
The Godfather – Strikers
The Godfather – Thats Boom
The Godfather – That’s how we keep it
The Godfather, The Big Homie – FTOS
The Godfather – The Truth
The Godfather – Thick Bitch
The Godfather – Times Up
The Godfather, YS – Evening Freestyle
The Godfather, YS – Ice Cold
Tiitof – Ouuw feat Timal
Tonie Jackoloni – Mambo Italiano
Triple M – Faded
Triple M – Fast Cash
Triple M – Favor 4 Favor
Triple M – Head On
Triple M – Jumpin’
Triple M – No Love
Triple M – Plenty
Triple M – Rudolph
Triple M – Slipping
Triple M – Starve
Truphy – Would You
UnoTheActivist – Astral Plane (High As Me)
UnoTheActivist – Cap to Me
UnoTheActivist – Flex a Hunnid
UnoTheActivist – Make It Make Sense
UnoTheActivist – Margiela Man
UnoTheActivist – Playhouse
UnoTheActivist – Purgatory 2
UnoTheActivist – Repent (Next Move)
UnoTheActivist – Riding Round
UnoTheActivist – Sexy Energy
UnoTheActivist – Sold Ya Soul (Drip Like This)
UnoTheActivist – The One (Destiny)
UnoTheActivist – Time To Live
UnoTheActivist – Weak Hoes
Young Bossi – Plug
Young Tay – Aye!
Young Tay – Galaxy
Young Tay – Law & Order
Young Tay – On Me
Young Tay – Top Chef
Young Tay – Verizon
Yung Bleu f. Kehlani – Beautiful Lies (Clean)
Yung Bleu f. Kehlani – Beautiful Lies (Explicit)
Alice Smith – Wednesday’s Child
Barrington Levy – Better Than Gold
Cee-Lo Green – Blackskin Mile
Edi Gathegi, R.J. Cyler – Lightnin’ With The Blam Blams (Skit)
Fatoumata Diawara – Black Woman
JAY-Z, Jadakiss, Conway The Machine – King Kong Riddim
Jeymes Samuel – No Turning Around
Kid Cudi, JAY-Z – Guns Go Bang
Koffee – The Harder They Fall
LaKeith Stanfield, Regina King – We Ain’t No Nincompoop (Skit)
Laura Mvula, Mayra Andrade – We Go Harder
Pretty Yende – Three And Thirty Years
Seal – Ain’t No Better Love
Zazie Beetz, Jonathan Majors – Is The Devil Dead (Skit)