Remix Rotation Drum & Bass Charts Chart (18 April 2021) – [19-Apr-2021]

107 – Dot Matrix (Trex Remix)
AC13, MC Spyda – Warface
Aktive – Higher
Alix Perez, Halogenix – Unlustrous
A.M.C, Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Gotham (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
A.M.C – Energy (Redpill Remix)
A.M.C – Nitro (Teddy Killerz Remix)
Amplify – Bank
Amplify – Cold
Amplify – Need
Amplify, Nick The Lot, Master Error – Carnage
Amplify, Pengo, MC Skibadee – Bombaclart Dead
Amplify, Warhead – Immune
Annix, Rider Shafique – Equinox
Annix – Substance
Apashe, Buunshin, Geoffroy – Distance (feat. Geoffroy) (Buunshin Remix)
Aries, Deekline, Zen Lewis – Light It Up
Askel, Elere – Get Up
A-Zone, Aphrodite – Calling The People (Bladerunner Remix)
Baby D, Dope Ammo, DJ Hybrid – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Dope Ammo & DJ Hybrid Remix)
Bassface Sascha, DJ Phlex – Frozen Solid
Bcee, Charlotte Haining – History (Technimatic Remix)
Bcee, Charlotte Haining, Tempza – In the Moment (Monrroe Remix)
Bcee, Dynamite MC – Run
Bcee – The Great Scorer
B-Complex – Beautiful Lies (L-Side Remix)
Benny Page, MC Spyda – Serious Time
Black Barrel – Riddim Up
Blacklab – Need 2 Be
Bladerunner – Destination Jungle
Bladerunner – Don’t Break It (VIP)
Bladerunner – Emotions
Blame – Hindsight (DJ Marky Remix)
Bookey, PDX – Sundown
Bou, Enei – DP
Bou, Mefjus – Wormhole
Bou, T I – Road Runner
Bou, Upgrade, Chimpo – Creeper
B-Plexx – Rock for Rollers
B-Plexx – Roughest
Break – Keepin It Raw (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
Break, MC Fats, Cleveland Watkiss – Conversations (Breakage Remix)
Brian Brainstorm – No Ordinary Sound (Aries Remix)
Bru-C, Bou – Streetside
BRUK – Captivate
Bunnerz – Be Careful
Bunnerz – Box
Bunnerz, DnB Allstars – Real Problem
CamelPhat, LOWES – Easier (feat. LOWES) (Sub Focus Remix)
Cardinal Sound – Solitude
Cecil Hotel – Nine Pound Hammer
Cecil Hotel – Sitar
Conrad Subs – Funk Me Sideways
Conrad Subs – Urbanites
Creatures, Hadley – Who Knows
Creatures, Rizzle – Chironex
Creatures, Volatile Cycle – Grump
Culture Shock – Deconstruct
Danny Byrd, MC GQ – Salute (Remarc Remix)
Data 3 – Losing Myself (Revan Remix)
D’cypher – Barrels
Degs, Nu Tone, Charli Brix – The Connection
De Tune – Vatican Cameo
Dimension – Altar
Dimension, Arctic Lake – Plus Minus (feat. Arctic Lake)
Dimension, Liam Bailey – Lord’s Prayer (feat. Liam Bailey)
Dimension, MC GQ – Danger (feat. MC GQ)
Dimension – Offender
Dimension – Organ
Dimension, Poppy Baskcomb – Alive (feat. Poppy Baskcomb)
Dimension – Psycho
Dimension – Sensory Division
Diplo, Sonny Fodera – Turn Back Time (Wilkinson Remix)
Disrupta, Furniss – 3 Seconds
DJ Dextrous, Erin Lordan, Benny L, Shimon – Lovable (Benny L & Shimon Remix)
DJ Hazard – When the Dreams Are Over
DJ Hybrid – Badboy (Bish Remix)
DJ Rap, Dope Ammo, Jasmine Knight – Divine Rhythm Trilogy, Pt. 1 (Jungle VIP Remix)
DLR, Break – Hit the Target
D Minds – Cash Man
D Minds, Mc Foxy – Ouch 21
Document One, Levela – Dials
Document One, Levela – Heat Beams
Document One, Levela – In My Mind
Document One, Levela – Steppa
Dominator, Skore – Secret Weapon
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Let the Bass Kick (DJ SS Presents Back to Jungle, Vol. 2 Sampler)
Dub Elements – Devices
Dub Elements – Mindshaker
Dub Head – London
Dunk – Bad Trip
Dunk, Manual DNB – Black Box (Manual Remix)
Dunk – Supreme Dream
Dutta, Ego Trippin – Dragon Fist
Dutta – Reprobate
Dutta, Rusko – Reefers
Ego Trippin – Close Encounter
Ego Trippin – Mario Whomp
ELLM – Take Me (Eloquin Remix)
Fade Black – 12 Gauge
Fade Black – Far Gone
FD, Fox – Hazmat
FD – Heaven & Earth
Filthy Habits – Hey
Flat T – Rock the Beat
Flowidus, Matisse – Fire
Formula – Suspended
Formula – You & Me
Freaks & Geeks, flowanastasia – Pressure
Fred V – Icarus
Fred V, Vonne – Away (Kyrist Remix)
Froidy – Bring It
Genic – Uncertainty
Gest – Inertia
Giganti – Legs
GLXY, Rhi – Sweet Lows
Gray – Bristol Jungle
Harley D, Scotty – Bad Bitch
Harriet Jaxxon, Tali – What We Gonna Do
Ha-Zb – Winter Mornings (Zero T Remix)
HEXA – Transistor
High Contrast, Uk Apache, Ady Suleiman – Met Her At A Dance In Leicester (DJ Marky Remix)
Hoax – Backstabber
Hyroglifics, AC13 – Clubcard
Hyroglifics, AC13 – Mercy & Misery
Jack Mirror, Elle Exxe – Junipero
Jam Thieves – Bizness
Jam Thieves – Dexter
Jam Thieves – Heavy Duty
Jam Thieves – Paranoia
Jam Thieves – Sativa
Jappa – Back To Basics
Jappa – Back To Life
Jappa – Keep On Movin
Jappa – Yeah
Jappa – Yeah (Rolla Mix)
Joe Ford, Jolliffe – Circuits
J.O.E – Likkle Yout Man
John B – Up All Night (Data 3 Remix)
John B – Up All Night (Remastered)
J Select – Free
J Select – Got To
J Select – Playback Riddem
J Select, Teej – El Sizzlo
Jubei – Barracuda
Jubei, DBridge – Show Me
Kanine – One
Kanine, T-Man – All Goes Wrong
Kenny Ken – Gimme Dat Roller
Kidsonic – Sunken Place (Original Mix)
Killbox – Rodan
Kings Of The Rollers, Chimpo – Shella (Halogenix Remix)
Kleu – Matter (VIP Mix)
Klinical, Waeys – Framed
Klippee – Hunter
K Motionz – Hold You
K Motionz – Malice
K Motionz – One Night Only
K Motionz – Ride to You
Koherent – Endless Haze
Koherent, Monrroe – Need U
Kontrast – Close To You (Revan Remix)
Koven – Your Pain (The Prototypes Remix)
latesleeper, gyrofield – Wake Up Slap
Levela – Finally Free
Lexurus, Dualistic – Continua
Linguistics, Document One – Our Time ft. Document One
Logistics – Jungle Music (DRS & Dynamite MC x Logistics Remix)
Madface, Symplex, V O E – Call On You
Magenta, Disrupta – Busy
Magenta – Lesson
Magenta, Swifta – Nuff Respect Feat Swifta
makoto, Pete Simpson – Spread Love
Martial Taktics – Bang Bang
Master Error – Crew
Metal Work, Amplify – Discovery
Metrik, Reija Lee – Cadence (VIP)
Mofes, JAK (UK) – Snow
Mollie Collins, Ruth Royall – Remedies
Monrroe, Ruth Royall – Drowning
Monrroe, Zara Kershaw – Out of Time
Monty – F4DE
Monty, Icicle – SVP
Monty, Visages – Polar Wind
Monty – Whatever You Need
Mozey – Knock Ya Block Off
Mozey, Shady Novelle – Sometimes
Muted Hue, Bazil MC – Parting Ways
M-Zine – MOR
M-Zine – TSR
Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Benny L Remix)
Need for mirrors – Peng (VIP)
Netsky – Memory Lane (Flava D Remix)
Nick The Lot, Dunk – Phat Punani
Nick The Lot – Holding Back
Nick The Lot, Yatuza – Mystic Wayz (Master Error Remix)
Nookie – Kaeya (D&B Mix)
Nu Tone, Lalin St. Juste – One Day At A Time
Nymfo – Bunny Hop
Nymfo – Dizzy
Nymfo – Headhunter
Nymfo – Stone Cold
Origin8a & Propa, Benny Page – Harmony (Extended Mix)
Original Sin – Tiger Kung Fu
Particle – Audio Visual
Particle, Klinical – Cult Process
Phace, Kemal – MODE 101
Phace, Submarine – GHETTOSHIT
Phaction, Leo Wood – Electric Wires
Platinum Breaks, Bladerunner, Eden – Everything (Bladerunner Dirty Mix)
Platinum Breaks, Bladerunner, Eden – Everything (Bladerunner Vocal Mix)
Platinum Breaks, Eden – Everything
Pola & Bryson, Lauren Archer – Under
Potential Badboy, MC Fats, Yush – Girlz (L-Side Intro Remix)
Potential Badboy, MC Fats, Yush – Girlz (L-Side Remix)
Prolix – Pushed
Prolix – Waiting
Puppetz – Element 115
Quadrant, Iris – Cold Brew
Quadrant, Iris – Fernet
Quadrant, Iris, Genic – Aperol
Quadrant, Iris, Klippee, Combine – AeroPress
QZB, Charli Brix – We Pretend
Ray Keith – The Chopper (Bou Remix)
Ray Keith – The Chopper (Traumatize VIP)
Riddim Punks, Eva Lazarus, Taxman – Heavy Sound System (Taxman Remix)
Rise – Badman
Sam Binga, Chimpo – Draco Gas
Sam Binga, Chimpo – Rude AF
Sam Binga, Chimpo, Slay – Murda Dem
Screamarts – Endless Journey Inwards
Screamarts – Prodigy
Screamarts – Shake a Leg
Selecta J-Man, Rider Shafique – Round here (Ben Snow Remix)
Selecta J-Man, Suku – Couple Guinness
Serum, MC Spyda – All Ganja Man
Serum, Spyda – All Ganja Man (T I Remix)
Serum, Voltage – 8-Bit (Taxman Remix)
Shadows – Orca (Original Mix)
SHOCKONE – Follow Me
Shy FX, Breakage – Michael Knight
Skore – My Selectah
Skore – Slushy
Slipz, Logan D – Kill Me
Sonic – Piano Anthem (S.P.Y Remix)
SOTA – Pumpers
Speaker Louis – Heatwave (Gold Dubs Remix)
Speaker Louis, Parly B – Link Up
Sub Focus – Solar System
Sub Focus, Wilkinson, Empara Mi – Freedom (Sub Focus x Wilkinson x High Contrast Remix)
T95, Operate – Set You Free
Tantrum Desire – Resistance
Technimatic, Charlotte Haining – Still Miss You
Teej, Grimesy, T-Man – Quantum Leap (Teej Remix)
Teej – Liberation
Terrence & Phillip – Trust No One
The Force, Psych – Trouble
The Skeptics – Into a Groove
T I, Dutta – Lava Cake
Toby Ross – Look Inna Mi Eye
Toby Ross – Original Badboy
Total Science – Lightweight (Break Remix)
Toxinate – Space
Trex – Everybody
Trex – Moment Of Truth
Trex – Never Slipin’
Trex – Other Species
Trex – Same Difference
Trex – Stress Test
Trex – Too Far
Turno, A.M.C – Voyage
Turno, Skantia – Engage
Unknown Artist – OPUS III
Urbandawn, Tyson Kelly – Come Together (Dillinja Remix)
Villem, Alpha Rhythm – The Maker
Vital – Culture
Vital – Recognition
Voltage – Save Me From Myself (Harriet Jaxxon Remix)
Vovking – Tears
Waeys, Duskee – Bold Courage
Waeys – What It Was
Whiney, Inja – Game Face (Stay Alert)
Whiney, Subten – Headlines
Wilkinson – Frontline
Willy Mav – Discretion
Willy Mav, EJ Kitto – I Don’t Mind
Workforce, SP MC, Break – Overnight Express (Break Remix)
Xav – Simplistic
Xav, Toby Ross – Feds
Zeitgeist, Nia Archives – Move On
Zero T – One More Chance
Zero T – Sonic Bionic