Remix Rotation Hardcore, Hardstyle Hard Dance Chart (18 April 2021) – [19-Apr-2021]

118 – Rebelión – Hypnotized
181 – Lock ‘N Load – Blow Ya Mind (Club Caviar Mix)
296 – Da Tweekaz – Jägermeister
4 – Dead Love
Adaro, Robin Vane – Heaven High (Extended Mix)
Adrenalize, ADN Lewis – Astronauts
Adrenalize – Midnight
Alaguan – Bloody No! (Radio Edit)
ALRT – See The NRG
ALRT – Sex
Al Storm – Droppin Bombz (Rob IYF & Al Storm Refix)
Anderex – Gucci Bag (Expulze Remix)
Anderex, Mutilator – HOT SAUCE
ANDY SVGE – Ravetrip (Extended Mix)
Angerfist – Solid Stigma
Anime, Broken Minds – Die Alone
Anime – My Beat
Aria – Left The Ground
Armin van Buuren – Blah Blah Blah (Brennan Heart & Toneshifterz Extended Remix)
Atmozfears, Refuzion – Lost With You
Audio Nitrate – Know My Worth
B0UNC3 – 2 B Cool
Bananaman – Lucky Star
Bang! – Cloudy Daze (Ham Mix)
BASSKRAP – Rise Up From The Bottom
Ben Nicky, Sarah de Warren – Giving You Up
Ben Nicky, Stunt – Raindrops (Technikore Remix)
Ben Nicky, Technikore, JTS – YEET 2.0
BK – Revolution (Original Mix)
BlasterJaxx, Dr Phunk – Here Without You
Brennan Heart, B-Front – The Code (Extended Mix)
Brennan Heart, Harris & Ford – Addicted to the Bass
Brennan Heart, Jonathan Mendelsohn – Journey
Broken Minds – We Arrive
Brysi, Grapey – 4 O’Clock (In The Morning) (Kirk P Remix)
Brysi, Grapey – 4 O’Clock (In The Morning)
B-Stork – Going Back (Extended Mix)
Bulletproof – Wanna Hear Ya
Calderone Inc., Lords of Buzz – See You Again (Extended Mix)
Candee Jay, Sy & Unknown – If I Were You (Sy & Unknown Remix)
Chaos Project, Broken Shadowz – Find You
Cheeze, Pitch Invader – Little Love
Chris Fear, Rob Iyf, Al Storm – Thousand Scars
Clockartz – Falling To Pieces (Extended Mix)
Clsm – An Eno (Extended Mix For DJ Type People)
Code Black, Atmozfears, David Spekter – One In A Million (Extended Mix)
Concept Art, Mortalis – Way Up High (Extended Mix)
Coone – Aladdin On E (Warface Remix)
Coone – Beat Of The Drum
Coone, Dominique Young Unique – BOSS
Coone, Joe Killington – Painkiller
Coone, Zatox – I Like To Move It
Cryex – Our Kingdom
Crystal Waters, Richey Profond – Gypsy Woman (Richey Profond Remix)
Cyber – Closer
Daniel Seven – Chillhouts (Fracus Remix)
Daniel Seven – This Dream (Fracus Remix)
Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer – Party Don’t Stop
Darren Styles, Pollyanna – Neon Hearts
Darren Styles – Pull Over (Are You Ready)
Darren Styles – Switch
Darren Styles, TNT – DLMD
D-Attack – Follow You
Da Tweekaz, Harris & Ford – Moskau
Da Tweekaz – Heroes Of Today
Da Tweekaz – Voodoo (Crude Intentions Remix)
D-block & S-te-fan, Dj Isaac – Harder State Of Mind
D-block & S-te-fan – Good Times
D-block & S-te-fan, Sub Zero Project – Darkest Hour (The Clock)
Deadly Guns, Disarray – Kingdom Will Fall
Deezl – I Don’t Care
Demi Kanon – Wings To Freedom
Demox – Don’t Give a Fuck
Detest – THE RETURN (Original Mix)
Devin Wild – Blinded
D-Fence – Brainshock
Dimatik, D-Stroyer – Greensleeves Reborn
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Scooter – We Love Hardcore
Dither – T3Chn0
Dj Gollum, Mark Future – Sunglasses At Night (Happy Hardcore Extended Mix)
Dj Gollum, Nick Skitz – Temperature (Hands Up Extended Mix)
Dj Isaac – Follow Me
Dj Isaac – Party People
DJ Lhasa, Dimatik – Giulia 2021
DJ Shimamura, Relect, Lindsey Marie – Northern Lights
Dj Thera, Geck-O – A Little Touch (Geck-o 2021 Remix)
Dj Thera, Geck-O – Bonjour (Dj Thera Hardertrance Remix)
Dj Thera, Kruelty – The Watchmen
Dougal & Eruption – Party Time (Eufeion Remix)
Dr. Peacock – Trip to Valhalla
Dr Phunk, Bassjackers – Born to Run
Dr Phunk, Diandra Faye – Firebomb (Mixed)
Dr Phunk – No No No
DR Rude – Atlantis 2021
D-Verze – Braindump
Eazyvibe, Stompy, V-Star – Lights Will Guide You
Ecstatic, Audiotricz, Meryll – Wildest Dreams
Edward Maya, Vika Jigulina – Stereo Love
E-force, Luna – The Power
Entity, Fracus – Feel Alive
Entity – Show U Love
Envine – Voice Of God
Ezkill – Ghetto Blaster
Ezkill – Hands In The Air (Extended Mix)
Firelite – Dance Generation
Fitzy-K – All For You
Fracus – Gets Me Higher
Fracus, Hartshorn – Ready For Love
Fraw, Luminite – Death Ritual
Fraw – Rhythm
Frequencerz – Burning (JNXD Remix)
Frequencerz, Mark Vayne – Ecstasy (Extended Mix)
Fumi – Restart (Extended Mix)
Furyan, LSD – Overdose Party
Galactixx, Stef Classens – Young
Game – Don’t Let Go
Gammer, Darren Styles – DYSYLM
Gammer, Henry Fong – The Feeling
Gammer – THE DROP (Darren Styles Remix)
Ganar – All Alone (Back To Basics Mix)
Ganar, Brady – How Low Can You Go
Ganar – Changed My Life (Extended Mix)
Ganar, Topkat – Feels Like Home (Extended Mix)
Ghost Stories, D-block & S-te-fan – Inside My Head
GridKiller, Restrained – Sewer Boots
Hard Driver, B-Front – Infinity
Hard Driver – Chemistry
Hard Driver – Don’t Give Up Now
Hardnation – Humanoid (Gary D Hardbass Com Club Mix)
Hardstyle Mafia, Caitlin Potter – Afterlife
Harris & Ford, Maxim Schunk – Lost in You
Harris & Ford, Neptunica – Bye Bye
Hartshorn – Anyway
Hatom – Funky Madness
Hatom – Masters Of The Shadows
Hatred – Mind Opener
Headhunterz, JDX – Transcendence
Headhunterz, Sub Zero Project – Our Church
Heatwavez, TESFY – Embrace
Hellsystem, Chaos Project – Rome
Hellsystem – The Apocalypse
Hixxy – Deep In The Night (Jakka-B Remix)
Hixxy & Sharkey – Toytown (Eufeion Radio Edit)
Hoodzie – I am The Party
Hpnotic, Kamikaze – Move Your Body
Hyper On Experience – Lord of The Null Lines (Shimon & Benny L Remix)
Igniter – One More Night
Illenium, Tom DeLonge, Angels and Airwaves – Paper Thin (Headhunterz Remix)
Imperatorz, Disarray – Alpha Legion
Imperatorz, Fraw – Activated
Infirium – Ocean Machine (D-Verze Remix)
Infirium – The Next Explosion
INVADE – Emotions
Jackel – Eyes
Jack In Box, Dbl – I Know (Darwin Mix)
Jakka-B – Warcry
Jamie B, Nova Scotia – Never Ever Die (Extended Mix)
Jason UFO, Fitzy-K, Little Red – Drown
Javi Boss, Xcreamer – Rise Again
Jay Reeve, Elyn – Our Reality
Jay Reeve, Hardstyle Pianist, Elyn – Ignite The Fire
JDX, KNVWN – I Am Fine
Joey Riot, Technikore, Suae – Let Me Hear You Roar
JTS, Technikore – Meet Her At The Love Parade
Juju Rush – Catching Fire
Kami, Orian – Agents Of Rage
Kane Scott, Riko – Lift Off (Extended Mix)
Karun – Hit The Ground
Kb Project, Laura Mac – Give Me Love
KELTEK, LinDi – Run With The Restless
Khaoz Engine – Crack Diet
Killshot – Horrorshow
Killshot, The Straikerz – Here We Go Again
Kitchen Sink Ravers – Set It Of
Klubfiller – Pump It Up
Kronos, Last Word – Warzone
Krowdexx, Lea Konig – Heaven & Hell
Lee Walker – Tricks (UK Garage Mix)
Lenny Dee – Forgotten Moments
Lenny Dee, Malke – Liberate the Aggression
le Shuuk – Dark Side of the Moon
Lil Texas, Andy The Core – Rockstar
Liquid – Phog
Lock ‘N Load – Blow Ya Mind (Club Caviar Mix)
M3-O, Powerbounce – Take You Down
Ma.Bra. – Dancefloor (Tronix DJ & Uwaukh Remix)
Macks Wolf – Hit ‘Em Like This (Two Minds Project Remix)
MAD DOG – What Is Hardcore
Malice, Krowdexx, Luca Lee Josh – BLACK ANIMA
Marc Pearson – All Out Of Love
Mark Breeze, Macks Wolf, JTS, Heidi Anne – Turn On The Light (JTS Remix)
Marlo, Matrick, Sendr, Nohc – This Way (Suae x Technikal Radio Edit)
Mashmex – Moment with You (Extended Mix)
Max B. Grant – Beeping
Miikka Leinonen – Go Boom
Mike Enemy – Tik Tok
Mike Reverie, Mike Enemy, Christina Rotondo – Drowning In Your Love
Mike Steventon – Forever
Mikey Dee (UK) – Komodo Rising
Mikey Dee (UK), Steve Hill, Imogen – Get A Life (Your Loving Arms) (Mikey’s Vocal Club Mix)
Miss K8 – From The Depths
M-Project – Hyperactive
M-Project – Let The Music Play (Refix)
M-Project, Signal – Ouroboros
M-Project, Signal, T4TSUYA – Skank In The Rave
M-Project – We Rave You
Murdock – Sovereign
Mutilator – Hypnosis
Mutilator – To The Ground
MYST – Bliss
MYST, Elyn – Arms of Sorrow
MYST – Life Eternal (Extended Mix)
MYST – Monster
MYST – The Path We Take
NIVIRO – The Ashes (Extended Mix)
Noisecontrollers – They Pretend
Nosferatu, Alee – In Hart En Nier
N-Vitral – King Of The Underground
Odium – The Weekend
Ophidian – Who You Are (Welcome To Thunderdome)
Paul Maddox – Build It Up
Paul Maddox – Slightly Mad
Pez, Chris Summit – SWAG!
Pherato, D-noizer, MC Synergy – Travelers
Phrantic, GLDY LX – Set The World On Fire
Primeshock – Cheat Codes
Primeshock – Everybody Dance Now
Professor Xavier – Onslaught (Extended Mix)
Professor Xavier, Paul Bartolome – Take Me Away (House of M) (Extended Mix)
Project Core – Betrayal (2K21 Refix)
Project Core – Betrayal (Original Mix)
Proto Bytez – Feel So Free
QUB3 – Memories
Quickdrop – High Up In The Sky
Quickdrop – Shake Your Body (Shinzo Remix)
Quickdrop – So Predictable
Rachel Wallace – Tell Me Why (M&M Full Vocal)
Radical Redemption – The Last Bass
Ran-D, D-Sturb, Xception – Dance With The Devil (Extended Mix)
Ran-D – Living For The Moment (2020 Remix)
Ravegenix – Drop The Bass
Ravegenix – What You Need
Refuzion – Drift Away (Numa Numa Yay)
Re-Style – Towards The Sun (Vertex & Rayvolt Remix)
Riko & Maggz – Yeah Turn It Up (Extended Mix)
Rob Iyf, Al Storm – Lose Somebody
Rob Iyf – Break Up
Rob Iyf, Hartshorn – Mind Eraser
Rob Iyf, Monster – In & Out
Rob Iyf – Pokemon
S3RL, Kayliana – That Feelin
S3RL – Schadenfreude
Scooter, Timmy Trumpet – Paul Is Dead
[email protected], Eazyvibe – Life Without You
Sefa – The Omega
Sephyx, Carola – Whatever It Takes – (Exsequor)
Serzo – Feel It Tonight
Sesi, Javiolo, Kanadhia – Leave Out All The Rest
Sesi, Javiolo – Scare Me
Sethrow – Never Letting Go
Shockrage – Total Exile
Sickmode, Desudo – SHAKE IT
Sickmode, Mish – One And Only
Sickmode, Mutilator – Just A Game
Simon Apex, Dair – Beautiful Day (Eufeion UK Hardcore Mix)
Skeets, Novakaine – R WE DREAMING
Sl2 – On a Ragga Tip ’97 (Original Mix)
So Juice – Never Stop
Somna, Jennifer Rene, Technikore – Stars Collide (Technikore Remix)
Somniac One – Kill Everyone (Deathmachine Remix)
Sonic Sound, Dexi – Come Home (Jay G Remix)
Sound Rush – Live Forever (D-Tunez Remix Extended Mix)
Special D – Discoland (Reloaded 2021 Mix)
Square, X-Cyte, Zoe Van West – Last Forever
Steve Aoki, Ben Nicky, Spyro, Maikki – Like It Like That (feat. Spyro & Maikki)
Steve Aoki, Brennan Heart, Pollyanna – Close to You (feat. PollyAnna)
Steve Aoki, Gammer – Incoming
Steve Aoki, K d – BIB
Stompy, Eazyvibe – I Just Wanna Party
Sub Sonik, Deetox – My Way (Radianze Remix)
Sub Zero Project – Enter The Realm (Extended Mix)
Sub Zero Project – HALO
Sub Zero Project, MC Stretch – Time Machine
Sub Zero Project – Rave Into Space
Sub Zero Project – The Silence (Of My Sins)
Sub Zero Project, Warface – Obey No More
Summa Jae, Technikore – If Ever (Technikore Remix)
Sunvibez, Nick Unique – Ain’t Giving up on You
TAMBAT, Addie Nicole – How To Breathe (feat. Addie Nicole)
Tears Of Fury, Expulze – Till We Die!
Technikore, AK47 – Control
Technikore – Another Day
Technikore – Tick Tock
Technikore, Weaver – DIYA (Died In Your Arms)
Technikore, Weaver, Game, Lokka Vox – Find You Now (Game Remix)
Testify, MAC – Another Way (Fitzy-K Remix)
The Pitcher, Mary Sweet – Collide (Extended Mix)
The Prophet – Kikkdrum (Funkyzeit Remix)
The Prophet – Lay Low
The Straikerz, Fraw – Break Your Bones
The Straikerz, Sickmode – V4MO$
The Straikerz, So Juice – Can You Feel That
Thyron – When Angels Cry (Extended Mix)
Timmy Trumpet, KSHMR, Zafrir – The Prayer (feat. Zafrir)
Timmy Trumpet, Vitas – The King
_tmp_out_074 – Steve Aoki – Mambo (feat. Sean Paul, El Alfa, Sfera Ebbasta & Play-N-Skillz) (Timmy Trumpet Remix)
TNT, Darren Styles – Wonder
TNT, Technoboy, Tuneboy – THOR
Toneshifterz – One With Your Mind (Extended Mix)
Topmodelz, Atmozfears, Sound Rush – Your Love (Atmozfears & Sound Rush Remix) (Extended Mix)
Topmodelz, DJ Fait – Here I Am (Extended Mix)
Toy Soldierz, Ian K – Drop That (Extended Mix)
Transcend, Cyrax – Double Drop
Trifle 69 – Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Technikore Extended Remix]
Twisted Melodiez – In the Silence (Extended Version)
Van Dexter – Ultra (Original Mix)
Vau Boy, Laxal – Roar (Laxal Remix)
Vertile – Change This Place
Villagerz – Coming Home (Extended Mix)
Vyral – Mind Control
Walt – Let The Music Play (D-Block & S-te-Fan Remix)
Warface – Bloody Valentine
Wasted Penguinz, Firelite – Without You
Wavepuntcher – Early Days
Wavolizer – The Wafelijzer
Weaver, JTS, AK47 – Krunk Like (AK47 Remix)
Wildstylez, Sound Rush, Ruby Prophet – Untamable (Tweekacore Remix)
Will Atkinson, Sykesy – End Game (Extended Mix)
Wuki, Softest Hard – Family
W&W, AXMO, Sonja – Rave Love (Extended Mix)
X-Fadid – In This Bitch (Extended Mix)
Yellow Claw, Crisis Era, Ramengvrl – Kawaii 808
Yellow Claw, Juyen Sebulba, Sihk, Ramengvrl – Bassgod
Yellow Claw, Rawtek – Can’t Get Enough
Yoji Biomehanika – A Theme From Banginglobe (2019 Reworked Mix)
Zatox – I’m On Faya
Zatox, Warface – 50 Shades
Zetamale – By Myself
Zetamale – Closer
Zetamale, DJ Stompy, Eazyvibe – I Like The Way
Zetamale, Eazyvibe – YOU
Ziggy X, Dj Satomi – Love U More