Remix Rotation Psy Trance Chart (18 April 2021) – [19-Apr-2021]

01-N – Bipolarization
01-N – Conformal Cyclic Cosmology
01-N – Lucifer
01-N – Panspermia
1200 Micrograms – DMT (Original Mix)
1200 Micrograms – DMT (Volcano On Mars & Spacenoize Remix)
1200 Micrograms – The World Of The Acid Dealer (Original Mix)
158 – Faders – Flying Objects (Ikøn Remix)
199 – Infinx – Ātman
277 – Pribe – I Be As I Am (Aátma & Kurtt Remix)
352 – Acherøn – Dystopian (Original Mix)
387 – Trillian – Déjavu
392 – IKØN – Mothra
3 Of Life – Santa Catarina
3rdWave, MJR – Aftermath (Extended Mix)
7Eleven – Tear Of
Ace Ventura, Gaudium – Neon Waves (Original mix)
Ace Ventura, Interactive Noise – The Answer (Original mix)
Ace Ventura, Vertical Mode – Deep Breath (Original mix)
Ace Ventura, Vertical Mode – Space of Awareness (Original mix)
Aioaska, Manalishi – Summoning the Ancestors (Original Mix)
Ajja – Juicy Shrooms (Alienatic Remix)
Akasha (BR) – Vibrations
Aladiah, Numayma – Law of Attraction
Alchimyst, Coexist, Jasmine Knight – Move
ALEGRO – Analog Freedom
Alienatic – In the Dark (Original Mix)
Alienn, A-Mush – Stereo Edge
Alien Project, Astrix – Midnight Sun (Save The Robot Remix)
Alok, Timmy Trumpet – Metaphor
Alpha Portal, Burn in Noise – Omnia
Amplify (MX), Ital – Ixchel
Amplify (MX) – Light Speed
Amplify (MX) – Psychedelic People
Arcon, Ajja – Dawn Dragons (Remix)
Arcon – Bigger Picture (Remix)
Arcon – Valkyrie (Remix)
Armin van Buuren – Blah Blah Blah (Extended Mix)
Armin van Buuren – Turn It Up (Extended Mix)
Armin van Buuren, Vini Vici, Hilight Tribe – Great Spirit (Extended Mix)
ArpSync – Mystery of Life
ArpSync – Neocortex
Astral Projection – People Can Fly (Outsiders Remix)
Astrix – Artcore (Hi Profile Remix)
Astrix – Beyond the Senses (Bliss Remix)
Astrix – Deep Jungle Walk
Astrix, Rising Dust – Universo
Astrix – Sahara
Astrix, Vini Vici – Adhana
Atacama, Jakaan – Kmos (Original Mix)
ATB – Ecstasy (Morten Granau Remix)
Atmos – The Only Process (Captain Hook Remix)
Attik (Mexico) – Energy Overdose
Atype – Believe In Us
Audiosonic, FNX – Turn On
Aural Vision – Holographic Information
Avalon, Faders – One
Avalon, Tristan, Vini Vici – Colors (UK Psychedelic Remix)
Avan7, FNX – Revolutionary Energy
Axrin – 4 Elements
Axrin – Cobra
Basscannon – Bounce
Beatman, Ludmilla – Welcome to Skullduggery (Mixed)
Berg, Reality Test – Paradise
Bionic Pulse – Flames
Boneless live – Alternative Society (Original Mix)
Braincell (CH) – Whoosh (Original Mix)
Brain in Space, Holy Madness – Space Madness
Browkan – Versions
Burn in Noise – Beyond Known Space (GMS Remix)
Burn in Noise – Dimensions (Original Mix)
Burn in Noise, Electric Universe – The Future
Burn in Noise – Orders from a Machine (Purple Shapes Remix)
California Sunshine – The Light Between the Trees
Chromatone, Samadhi – All The Things
Chromatone, Samadhi – Arpifany
Cloud7 – Angels of the Dark
Contineum – Rogue Elements
Copy & Paste – Be Yourself
Cortex, XoXo (FR) – Bizarre Trip
Cosmic Tone – Travel in Space (Deep Vibration Remix)
Critical Choice – Roots (Static Movement Remix)
Cylon – Connection To The Planet
Dario BianKi – The Mind Is Everything What You Think You Become
Darth & Vader – Return of the Jedi, Pt. 2 (The Unreleased Live Mix Cut)
Dekel – Ancient Future
Dekel, Freedom Fighters – Formation
Dekel, Ilan Or – Sons of Earth
Dekel, Out of Orbit – Hypnotize Pt. 2
Dekel – Phoenix
Dekel – Primordial Black Hole
Dekel – Raindrop
Dekel, satcha – Ceremony
Dekel, satcha – Free Diving
Delta Species, Alicid, Bella Kahun – DOSES
Digital Impulse – Moving
Digital Impulse – Never Stop
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Vini Vici, Liquid Soul – Untz Untz
Disconect – Wakan
Doktor Froid, Thrive – Mexicadelich
Drukverdeler, DJ Bim, S.O.A.I. – Cryogenic (Original Mix)
Durs, Sighter – Never Enough
Durs, Unseen Dimensions – Prayers
DX, Baladeva, K1Q – Mr. Nobody
Earthspace – As Within, So Without (Martian Arts Remix)
Earthspace, Burn in Noise – Off To The Moon (Imagine Mars Remix)
Earthspace – Dissolved (Digitalk Remix)
Earthspace, Ingrained Instincts – Capricorn (Imaginarium Remix)
Earthspace – No Rest For The Blast (Laughing Buddha Remix)
Earthspace – The Law Of Attraction (Ilai Remix)
Earthspace – Triplanetary (NoFace Remix)
Ebrax – Follow Me Down (Original Mix)
Eclipsical – Last Light
Eddie Bitar, Metronome – The Life I Always Wanted (Extended Mix)
Eddie Bitar, Michele Adamson – Perception Of Time (ILAI Remix)
Eddie Bitar – Pitch Black
EgoRythmia, Zyce – Axis (Original Mix)
Electric Universe, Hujaboy – Arambolian Nights
Emok, Martin Vice, Morten Granau – Watching the World Go By (Emok 2020 Remix)
e-mov, Ital – Gea
Emphacis – Peace on Earth
Enablerz, Capcom – Frivolous
Enablerz, Hyde – Quantik
ESP – Xtra Sensory
Fabio Fusco, Livia – Music Is My Remedy
Fabio Fusco, Mello Fello, Kevin Brauer – Fall
Faders – The Prophecy
Flegma – PsyBizarre
FNX, Ital – Music Is Not a Physical Substance
Fractal Joke, Kadum – Theory of Everything (Original Mix)
Freedom Fighters, Dekel – The Croc & the Shaman
Freedom Fighters, Outsiders – Sticklights (Modus Remix)
Freedom Fighters, Robert Babicz – Isolation
Freedom Fighters, Sphera – Beyond Belief
Fungus Funk, Virtual Light – Glam Goblin (Spatial Plants remix)
GalactiCode – Time Travellers
Gaudium – 2020 (Original mix)
Gaudium, Martin Vice, Michael Banel – Ascension (Original Mix)
GHOST RIDER, Gezer – Be Focused (Gezer Remix)
GHOST RIDER, Kathy Brauer – Only One
GHOST RIDER, Phaxe – Falling
GHOST RIDER, Ranji, Stonefox – Lightning (Ghost Rider & Ranji Remix)
GHOST RIDER – Speed of Soul (Vocal Version)
GHOST RIDER, Static Movement – Majesty (Static Movement Remix)
GHOST RIDER – Two of Us (Radio Mix)
Gipsy Soul – Soul Travel (Original Mix)
GMS, Poli, Travis – From the Depths (Original mix)
GMS, Stryker – Rikart
GoKen – New What
Golden Ratio, Spiritual Mind – Psychedelic Journey
Grouch, Perfect Stranger – Ionic Defibulizer
Groundbass, Humanizr – Oblivion
H1N1 – Come On
H1N1 – Run Forest
Hallucinogen, Hujaboy, Striders – Machine Selves (Original)
Hazmat Haze, GMO – Together
Headroom (SA) – 16Bit Masterchef (Original mix)
Hidden Secret – Enlightenment
Hidden Secret – In the Dark
Hilight Tribe – Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix)
Hinap, Ital – New Humanity (Original Mix)
Hinap – Primary Level (MoRsei & Karmalogic Remix)
Hujaboy, Striders – Moon Soup
Hybr!d – Go Far
Hypatia, Zephirus Kane – Sonic Stories (Original Mix)
Hypnoise, Sensescape – Rock Om
Hyriderz – Paradigm
Imaginarium, Shivatree – Reflections
Impulser, Lydia – Hurricane (Original Mix)
Infected Mushroom – Heavyweight
Infected Mushroom – Never Ever Land (LOUD Remix)
Infected Mushroom – Spitfire (Stonebank Remix)
Infected Mushroom – Symphonatic (Infected Mushroom & Astrix Remix)
Ingrained Instincts – Spacefaring Species (Original Mix)
Inner Lux – Apophenia
Inner Sphere – Astronomia
Inside Mind – Hard Times
Inside Mind – Mystery of Existence
Interactive Noise – Chasing The White Rabbit
Interactive Noise – Dreamlike
Interium – Second Life
Introspective – First Ride
Introspective – Space Colours
Invisible Reality, Deep Vibration – Spectral Dimension (Deep Vibration Remix)
Ital, Cultura Trance – Danza Espiritual
Ital, Improvement – Microdose
Ital, Tron – Meztli (Original Mix)
Jacidorex – Artificial Paradise (Original Mix)
Jacob, Jilax – Art & Melody
Jacob, Thorment – You Shine
James Dymond – Black Mirror (Extended Mix)
Jan Johnston, DJ Xquizit – Disorientated (Monolock Extended Remix)
Jeras – End of The World (Original Mix)
Jilax, Benzoo – Let Them Go
Jilax, Kore-G, Reverence – Desert
Jon Snow – Mind’s Eye
Jumpstreet – Nanodroppin’
Jumpstreet – Sonic Slavery
Jumpstreet – Spirit Overflow
Juno Reactor – To Byculla (Rising Dust Remix)
Kalki, Lunarave – Another State of Matter
Kamasutra – Tribe Of Kamasutra (Total Connection)
Klopfgeister, Mind Void, Jost H. Walter – Mad Ancestors
Kore-G – Character
Kore-G, Cropley – Bleed
Kore-G – Extra Terrestrial
Kore-G – System
Krama – Beat Control
Krama – Varium
Kreaminals – Saanson
Kri Samadhi, Nektarios – Deerfields
Kri Samadhi – Out of Know Where
Kri Samadhi – The Journey
Libra – Drama
Lifeforms – Agitation
Liquid Soul, Off Limits – Grow & Glow (Original mix)
Loud – 5 Billion Stars (Captain Hook Remix)
Loud – Green Star Movement (Astrix & Loud Remix)
Loud – Peace Pipe (Dekel Remix)
Loud – Station 42 (Zen Mechanics Remix)
Mad Maxx, Avalon – Heaven Eleven
Mad Maxx, Ozzy – Kookaburra (Morganic Remix)
Mad Tribe – Alien Sex Slave
Mad Tribe – Extremists
Mad Tribe, Raja Ram – Bigger Bang
Magic Mizrahi, Kishal – Ultramizer
Magnifix – Imagination (Original Mix)
Major7, Basscannon – Deeper into Underground
Major7, Kim Lima – Dusk
Major7, Tijah – Like No Other
Mandala (UK) – Entity Dance
ManMadeMan – Release The Freak
ManMadeMan – Voices In My Head
Meerkat, Amadan – Fear and Loathing in West Clare
Megalight, X-side – Source of Power
Megamind, Effective – Enjoy Your Party
Mekkanikka, Ajja – Futurism
Metronome, Beat Herren – Flow Free
Metronome – The Choice (Deep Kontakt Remix)
Middle-D – Lion’s Den
Mindbenderz – Quantum Field (Original Mix)
Mindbenderz – The 5th Level (Dual Vision Remix)
Modus – Under the C
MoRsei – Darkest Times (Original Mix)
Morten Granau, Ruback – Tension (E-Mov Remix)
Mr. Pretty – Cosmo
Mr. Pretty – Roma (The Glory)
Mystika – Black Sky
Mystika – Shadow Moon
Naturalize – Knocked Out
Naturalize – Over The Edge
Naturalize, Second Sun – 3am
Nectar (FR) – All the Way
Neelix, Durs – All Around Us
Neelix, Durs – The Day We Met
Neelix, Interactive Noise – Hello
Nero Effecta, NanoTonez, Lydia – Our Reality (Original Mix)
NoFace – One With Eternity
NoFace, Purple Shapes – Everlasting Orb
Noor – Spiritual (Original mix)
Offlabel – Breath Of Soul
Offlabel – The Fall
Olmec Heads – Deliverance (Original Mix)
Omiki, Berg – Dori
One Function – Enlightenment (Original Mix)
One Function – Holistic (Drukverdeler & DJ Bim Remix)
One Function, Maitika – Principles of Unity (Doppler Remix)
One Function, Mindbenderz – Counterpoint (Original Mix)
Opix – You Shine
Organ Donors – Rhythms Divine (Sam Punk’s Under The Knife Remix)
Osher – Secret of Frequency (Original Mix)
Oumuamua – Beyond the Singularity
Oumuamua – Drug Destigmatization
Outsiders, Menog – Who Created You (Original Mix)
Outsiders, Ritmo – Breaking Silence (Original mix)
Outsiders, SpaceNoiZe – Outer Space
Ovnimoon, Dominant Space, Spectra Sonics – Process of Life (Spectra Sonics & Dominant Space Remix)
Ovnimoon – God Gaia (Original Mix)
Ovnimoon, Mind Evolution – Astral Civilizations
Ovnimoon – Your Future Self (Original Mix)
Oxytocin – Irregularity
Perfect Stranger, Sphera – Been There (Perfectly Twisted Spheric Remix)
Phaxe – Angels of Destruction (Neelix Whatz Up Remix)
Phaxe, Morten Granau – Lost
Phaxe, Morten Granau – The Collective
Phaxe – Never The Less
Phaxe, Querox – Bloom
Photosynthesis, MoRsei – Morphium
Pitch Bend – Give Me
Polaris (FR), Otezuka – This Is the Way
Polaris (FR), Otezuka – Twisted
Pop Art, Kopel – Love
Praying-Mantis – Pachamama
Pribe – Runnin
Pribe – These Days
Psycho System – Transient Madness (Original Mix)
Psycrain – God’s Will
Querox, Phaxe – Tripical Moon
Random VS Astro-D – Spacefield Malfunctions
Ranji, Omiki, Aviva – Psycho (Remix)
Raveheart – Life Dose (Original Mix)
Raveheart – Orgazma (Original Mix)
Reborn – Strange Perception (Extended Mix)
Red Pulse, Michele Adamson – Up the whole way
Red Sun, Shade – You Must Go On (Original Mix)
Red Sun, Sideform – Subatomic
ReMech – Forever and Ever (Roonie Remix)
Reqmeq – Destroy My Body
RiRiLatina – Inferno
Rising Dust – Blow (Cosmic Flow Remix)
Rising Dust – Hashualim
Rising Dust – Non Stop Techno
Rising Dust, Shayman – Acid
Ritmo, Gaudium – Golden Cage (Original Mix)
Ritmo, Nok – New World Order (Rising Dust Remix)
Roger Rabbit – Natural History (Original Mix)
Ryanosaurus – The Birds and the Bleeps (Sonic Tickle Remix)
Sam Jones – Table Dennis (Extended Mix)
Sandman – Programmed Happiness
Save The Robot – Freaks
Schameleon – For You
Schameleon – Human Error (Original Mix)
Sean Tyas – In Bloom (Extended Mix)
Seven Lions, Blastoyz, Fiora – After Dark (feat. Fiora)
Seven Lions, Skyler Stonestreet – Freesol (feat. Skyler Stonestreet) (Blastoyz & Ranji Extended Mix)
Seven Monkeys – Seven Monkeys (Invader Space Remix)
Shibass, Katri – Stacato
Shivatree – Geometric Circles (Original Mix)
Shogan – Into The Next World
Silicon Sound – Onida (Mad Maxx Remix)
Simon Patterson, Lucy Pullin – Blink (Extended Mix)
Simon Patterson – Smack
Simon Patterson, Volcano On Mars – Our Planet
Si-Moon, Harlekin – Step Back
Solar Walker – Hybrid Substance (Original Mix)
Solar Walker – Life (Original Mix)
Solid Iron – Iron Flower
Solitary Shell – Dawn of Life (Original Mix)
Some1 – Follow the Light (Original Mix)
Sonic Entity – Fabric of the Universe
Sonic Tickle – Wonky
Soundkitchen, Livia – Freak Your Mind
Soundkitchen, Sun Project, Tsuyoshi Suzuki – We Always Ask (Soundkitchen Progressive Mix)
Space Tribe, Faders – Energy, Frequency & Vibration
Spatial Plants, Insignia – Infinity Test
Spectra Sonics, Dominant Space – Fifth Dimension (Original)
Spectro Senses, Synthatic – Sinners (Original Mix)
Spinal Fusion, Synthaya – Intelligence For Healing
Spinney Lainey – Free (2020 Remix)
Spirit Architect, Djantrix – Alien Nest (Original Mix)
Static Movement, Anna Cherry – California Dreaming (Instrumental Mix)
Static Movement, Artmind – Chasing Stars (Original Mix)
Static Movement, Lydia – Inside Me (Original Mix)
Static Movement, Theona – Purple Rays (Artmind Remix)
Static Movement, Theona – Purple Rays (Knowhow Remix)
Static Movement, Theona – Purple Rays (Original Mix)
Strange Cookies – Permafried
Stryker, Space Tribe – Dirty Tricks
Sub6 – Illegal Law (Libra Remix)
Subway Shamans – Lucy (Rising Dust Remix)
SUN (GR) – Utopia
Symbolic, Electric Universe – Science & Spirit (Transient Disorder Remix)
Symphonix, ALEGRO – Moonlight (Radio Version)
Symphonix – Dreams We Have
Symphonix, Eddie Bitar – Looking For
Symphonix – Melodic Elegance (Radio Version)
Symphonix, Nok – 7am
Synthatic – No Mercy
Synthologic, Orisma – Helios
Syxtra – Jungle Muse
Talpa, Align – Bring On The Science
Technical Hitch – Mama India (Outside The Universe Remix)
Thirsty Amigo, Erpsyhc – Eye (Original Mix)
Tongue & Groove, Earthspace – Dawn of The Heads (Christopher Lawrence Remix)
Total Eclipse – Can’t Do That (Original Mix)
Total Eclipse – Solstice
Transient Disorder, X-side – Human Consciousness
Triode, Voolgarizm – Army Of One (Radio Edit)
Tristan, Alienatic – Time & Space (Alienatic Remix)
Tristan, Digital Hippie – Hello Coconut
Tristan, Raja Ram – Turn On!
Twelve Sessions – Decipher (Original Mix)
Unseen Dimensions – Real High (Physis Remix)
Vandal, Naptali – Fire Burn (2020 Remix)
Vegas (Brazil) – Elipsy (Original Mix)
Vegas (Brazil), Lasmar – Reflected (Lasmar Remix)
Vegas (Brazil), Tijah – Quebra Queixo
Vertex – Tree Of Life
Vertikka – A New Sacred Day
Vertikka – Dream Come True
Vertikka – Mind and Universe
Vibrate Soul – Human Vibe (AlexZideyn Remix)
Vimana Shastra – Shooting Star
Vimana Shastra, Vicky Merlino – Rapid Progress
Vini Vici, Astrix – Adhana (Blastoyz Remix)
Vini Vici, Blastoyz, jean marie – Gaia
Vini Vici, Emok, Martin Vice, Off Limits – In & Out (Liquid Soul Remix)
Vini Vici, Liquid Soul – Universe Inside Me (Ghost Rider & Ranji Remix)
Vini Vici, Ranji, Halflives – Everyday Rockstars
Vini Vici, Shapov, Nervo – My World
Vini Vici – Talking with U.f.o’s (Ace Ventura & Outsiders Remix)
Virtual Riot – Hysteria
Volcano On Mars, Jimbo, Chicago, Sitarsonic – Goa On My Mind, Pt. 2
Volcano – Rollercoaster
Warp Brothers – Trippin In Goa
Wayne Bird – 2gether Stronger (Ciaran Dolan Remix)
Xamanist – The Origin (Original Mix)
Xamanist – Unite (Original Mix)
Xandar – Natural Law
Xenoben – Universal Question
X-side, Trillian – Wild Visions
Yahel, Tammy – Ocean (Arrival Remix)
Zanella – Time Travellers
Zeridium, Siloka – Your Kids Are Gonna Love It ! (Original Mix)
Zone Tempest – New World (Original Mix)
Zyrus 7, Pablo Anon – Cosmic Mystery (Extended Mix)