Remix Rotation Trance Chart (18 April 2021) – [19-Apr-2021]

08 Pulse – You and me (Extended Version)
1st in Line – The Arrival (Extended Mix)
333 – Skynet & Fekky‎‏ – We Are More (Original Mix)
457 – Uberdruck – Drugface (Überdruck Mix)
476 – Corrado Baggieri – Libertà (NoMosk Remix)
4 Clubbers – Children (Future Breeze vs. Junkfood Junkies Mix)
4 Strings – Rewild The World (Extended Mix)
4 Strings, Trance Classics, Ellie Lawson – Safe From Harm (Omar Sherif Extended Mix)
519 – Mario Più – Communication (Indecent Noise pres. Raw Tech Audio Extended Remix)
531 – Binary Finary – 1998
552 – Skynet & Fekky‎‏ – One More Smile (Original Mix)
616 – Dj Jorge Peñalva – La Noche
7 Skies – ZAO (Extended Mix)
Above & Beyond – Blue Monday (Extended Mix)
Above & Beyond, Richard Bedford – Thing Called Love (Oliver Heldens Extended Mix)
Above & Beyond – Sun In Your Eyes (Daniel Kandi Extended Mix)
Above & Beyond, Zoe Johnston – Good For Me (ALPHA 9 Extended Mix)
Above & Beyond, Zoe Johnston – No One On Earth (gardenstate Extended Mix)
Absolom – Baby Boomers
Abstract Vision, Rebecca Louise Burch – I Will Wait (RYDEX Remix)
A.C.T.V – La Noche (Original Mix)
Adam Ellis, Michele C – Don’t Disappear (Kismet 333 Extended Remix)
Adam Pits – Motion Sensor (Roza Terenzi Remix)
Adam Taylor – Paradisiacal (Extended Mix)
Adip Kiyoi, Christina Novelli – Carousel (NRGY Mix)
Adip Kiyoi, Rezwan Khan – Your Destiny
ADM – Psycho (Extended Mix)
Aimoon – Ineffable Feeling (Peetu S Remix)
Air Project – Impact (Extended Mix)
AirTouch, Philippe El Sisi – Canvas (Philippe El Sisi Extended Remix)
Airum, Julia Violin – World Tension (Trance Reserve Remix)
Alan Morris – Intergalactic Journey (Extended Mix)
Alan Sharkey – The Last Laugh (Extended Mix)
Alec Fury – Let’s Make Love
Alesso, Armin van Buuren – Leave A Little Love (Extended Mix)
Alexander Popov, Enzo, Aimoon, cari – Stranger Inside (Aimoon Extended Remix)
Alex Di Stefano – Above The Sky (Extended Mix)
Alex Di Stefano – Quadra
Alex Drane – Infinity (Extended Mix)
Alex Megane – So Today (Bonito & Trooper Remix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H., Aimoon, Northern Storm – Mission Control (Extended Tech Mix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Escape
Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Sylvia Tosun – An Angel’s Love (Original Mix)
AlexMo – SuperNova
Alex Sonata & TheRio – Time (Extended Mix)
Alfredo Pareja, Freshness – Future
Allen Watts, Chris Schweizer – Cabrones (Extended Mix)
Aly & Fila, Audrey Gallagher, Luke Bond – Million Voices (Billy Gillies Extended Remix)
Aly & Fila, Plumb – Somebody Loves You (Extended Mix)
Amos & Riot Night – Codename H (Extended Mix)
Ana Criado, Beat Service – Whispers (Kaimo K Extended Mix)
Andrea Ribeca, Dreamy – Free To Fly
Andrea Ribeca – Sonance (Extended Mix)
Andrea Ribeca – Tuscia Est (Extended Mix)
Andreas Tillnert – Sunset Remedies (Extended Mix)
Andy Cain – Let Me Go (Extended Mix)
Andy Cain – Try To Understand
Andy Moor, Adam White, WhiteRoom – The Whiteroom (Extended Mix)
Angelus – Pave The Way (Extended Mix)
Angie Dj – Drop The Bass (Klubbed Mix)
Angie Dj – Up & Down
Anske, Sarah Shields – Compromise
A.R.D.I. – Follow The Shadow (Extended Mix)
A.R.D.I. – Journey
A.R.D.I., Sean Ryan – I Am (Extended Mix)
A.R.D.I. – Undercover (Extended Mix)
Arkett Spyndl, DJ Neon – Neverending Story
Arkham Knights – Lost in Space
Armin van Buuren, Giuseppe Ottaviani – Magico
Armin van Buuren, Marlo, Mila Josef – This I Vow (Extended Mix)
Armin van Buuren – Turn The World Into A Dancefloor (ASOT 1000 Anthem) (Extended Mix)
Armin van Buuren, Vini Vici, Hilight Tribe – Great Spirit (Extended Mix)
Arome – Hands Up Hands Up (Scot Project Mix)
ARS – Soulmate (Extended Mix)
Artento Divini, DAVEY ASPREY – A.D.D.A. (Extended Mix)
Ashley Smith, Sean Whiting – You (Extended Mix)
A-SIDE – Beach Ball (Vocal Mix)
Assaf, Cassandra Grey – Lost At Sea (Extended Mix)
Asteroid, Deirdre McLaughlin – Awake Me (Extended Mix)
ATB – 9 PM (Till I Come) (Signum Mix)
Athema, Trance Arts – Shamed (Trance Arts Remix)
Atlantic Wave – Reforced (Giada Remix)
Atlantis – Fiji (ReOrder Extended Remix)
Atlantis vs Avatar – Fiji (Lange Remix)
Au5, HALIENE – Was It You (Original Mix)
Avao, Amin Salmee – Will You Come Home (Radio Edit)
Awii – One Night Stand
Awii – Turn Up The Bass
Ayla – Ayla Ayla (DJ Taucher Remix)
Barthezz – On The Move (Original Extended)
Basshunter – Every Morning (Rain Dropz Remix)
Beam Vs. Cyrus – Thunder in Paradise Thunder in Paradise (DJ Scot Project Remix)
Beatman, Ludmilla – Sivam (Greg Downey Remix) (Mixed)
Ben Nicky, Stunt – Raindrops (Avao Remix)
Billy Daniel Bunter, Jon Doe – Under My Control
Binary Finary – 1998 (Jose De Mara Remix)
Binary Finary – 1998
Binary Finary, KINETICA, Audrey Gallagher – In Our Blood (XiJaro & Pitch Extended Remix)
Bixx – The High Road (Extended Mix)
Bixx – Uncharted Waters
Black XS – Element 115 (Indecent Noise Original Festival Edit)
Black XS – Fuck Society
Blank & Jones – After Love (Mauro Picotto Remix)
Blank & Jones – Cream (Long Version)
Blashear – Brisk Tempo (Extended Mix)
Blashear – Circular Danger
Blue Serigala – G-Wah
Blutonium Boy – Brainshooter (Thomas Trouble Remix)
Boca – Play with me (Bellfire Mix)
Bogdan Vix, Claudiu Adam, Hamzeh – Hyperion
Boo Selekta feat. Shaun Baker – We Hate Hip Hop! (The Remixes) (Mirko Milano Remix)
Bronski Beat, Lorie Madison – Smalltown Boy (Classic Mix)
Brooklyn Bounce – Get Ready to Bounce Get Ready to Bounce (Radio Attack)
Bryan Kearney, Deirdre McLaughlin – Open My Mind (Ciaran McAuley Remix)
Bryan Kearney, Plumb – All Over Again (Karney Dark Dub Mix)
Brysi, Grapey – 4 O’Clock (In The Morning) (Jason Kane Remix)
BT – Flaming June (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
BT, Matt Fax, Nation Of One – Walk into the Water (Craig Connelly Extended Remix)
Bubbleheadz – Young (Sandra Flyn Remix)
Builder – Bad Manners (Luca Antolini Dj Mix)
Cai – A Force More Powerful
Calvin O’Commor – Deep Caves (Extended Mix)
Carlos de Matos – Gift of Love (Extended Mix)
Cascada – I’m Feeling It (In the Air) (DJ Gollum & DJ Cap Extended Remix)
Cass & Slide – Perception
Cenith X – Feel (Legend B Version)
Chapter 47 – Transcendent (Extended Mix)
Charly Lownoise, Re-Style, Ricardo Moreno – City Streets (Re-Style Hard 180 Mix)
Cheap Thrills – Shut Up & Dance (Basslouder Remix)
Cheeze, Pitch Invader – Little Love
Cherrymoon Trax – The House Of House (Original Remastered Mix)
Chicane – Don’t Look Down
Chicane, Joseph Aquilina – 1000 More Suns
Chicane, Moya Brennan – Saltwater (Radio Edit)
Chris Lyf, Kate Miles – Still Remain (Extended Mix)
Chris Schweizer, Paul Denton – Hammer Time
Christina Novelli, Leroy Moreno – In My Arms (Extended Mix)
Christina Novelli – Numb (Extended Mix)
Christopher Corrigan – Before Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
Ciaran McAuley – From Within (Extended Mix)
Ciro Visone, AP – Astroboy (Extended Mix)
CJ Stone – Infinity (Original Mix)
Claus Backslash – Trail Of Stones (Extended Mix)
Clay C – Missing You (Extended Mix)
Cocooma – World of Fantasy (SXF Thunderscream Remix)
Code 2, Deirdre McLaughlin – You Saved Me (Extended Mix)
Cold Blue – Land of the Free
Commander Tom – Are Am Eye Are Am Eye
Commander Tom – Are Am Eye (Binary Finary Remix)
Coms – Tangled Leads (Original Mix)
Corin Bayley, R3B0RN3 – What Is Your Status (Extended Mix)
Cortina – Music Is Moving (BK & dBm Amber Remix)
Corti Organ – Legendary (Extended Mix)
Cosmic Gate, Diana Miro – Blame (Extended Mix)
Cosmic Gate – Exploration of Space (Extended Mix)
Cosmic Gate – Fire Wire (Club Mix)
Cosmic Gate – Fire Wire (DJ Scot Project Remix)
Cosmic Mystery – Around The World
Costa Pantazis – Archon
Craig B – Endless Glow
Craig Connelly, Christina Novelli – Black Hole (Blake Jarrell Remix)
Craig Connelly, Christina Novelli – Black Hole (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
Craig Connelly, Christina Novelli – Black Hole (Reprise) (Extended Mix)
Craig Connelly – Don’t Panic (Extended Mix)
Craig Connelly, Tara Louise – What Are You Waiting For (Will Rees Extended Remix)
Criostasis – Key To Innocence (Original Mix)
Criostasis, Meggy M – Warrior
C-Systems, Hanna Finsen – Feeling Fine (Extended Mix)
C-Systems, Hanna Finsen – Listen To The Wind (Temple One Extended Remix)
CubeTonic – High Voltage
Culture Beat – Mr. Vain Recall (Recall Mix)
D72 – I Believe In You And Me
D72 – Without You
Dale Hopcroft – Lets Get Serious
Danceforce – The Energy (Deepforces Remix)
Dan Cooper – Dislocate (Extended Mix)
DANIEL KANDI, Lasse Macbeth – Intercity (Extended Mix)
Daniel Wanrooy – Lose Control (Extended Mix)
Dan Kelly, Kevin Energy – Infatuation
Dan Winter – How Does It Feel (Chris Diver Extended Remix)
Dario BianKi – Do Not Come Back to My Heart Again (Jdstreams Remix)
Dario BianKi – To Rip in Job’s Deep Trip (JDstreams Remix)
Dark Sector, Jake Nicholls – Power to the people
Dave Davis – Transfiguration (Original Mix)
Dave Steward – The Form (Extended Mix)
David McRae, NuroGL – Afterthought
David Nimmo – What Goes Up Must Come Down (Extended Mix)
David Oleart, Van Der Bert – Trance Lovers (Extended Mix)
Daxson, Dan Thompson – Different People (Mixed)
Deekay – Lifting
Deepforces – Shell Shokk (Original Mix)
Dennis Sheperd, EKe – Playing with Fire (Extended Mix)
Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp
Dexi – Someone (Keemon Mix)
Dexi – Someone
Diamond – Reason
Diego Morrill – Inception
DIM3NSION, Dj Nano – Shoganai (Extended Mix)
Dirkie Coetzee – Lilly (Extended Mix)
Divine Inspiration – Never Leave You (Kenny Hayes Blue Sphere Remix)
Divisional Phrase, Prisma Storm – What We Choose (Extended Mix)
Dizmaster – The Shadow
Dj Balen – Fallin
Dj Bass – Teardrops (Original Mix)
Dj Boozywoozy – Party Affair (Extended Mix)
DJ Chris Davies – Heavy Dirty Soul Is Pumpin
DJ Fait – Tell Me Anything (Club Mix)
Dj Isaac – Go Insane (Original Mix)
DJ Kevin, Adri Dj – Fire (Original Mix)
Dj Kim – Jetlag (Ben Gold & Allen Watts Extended Remix)
DJ Misjah, DJ Tim – Access (Original Mix)
DJ MKK, Jenny – Right in the Night (Extended Remix)
Dj Moix – Don’t U Worry (Bounce Enforcerz Remix)
Dj Muela, Melero Jr. – Breathe (Original Mix)
Dj Nillos – I Could Be (Original Mix)
DJ Oskar, Dj Bass – Danze All Night (Original Mix)
DJ Oskar, Dj Suko – Party & Bullshit (Original Mix)
DJ Oskar – I’m Not Scared (Original Mix)
DJ Oskar – Love Again (Original Mix)
DJ Oskar, Shannon – Sleeping In My Car (Original Mix)
DJ Oskar – This Is My Life (Original Mix)
DJ Oskar – True Love (Original Mix)
DJ Oskar – We Young (Original Mix)
Dj Overlead – Emotions of an Angel
DJ Phalanx – Pure (Extended Mix)
DJ Pulse, Donna Marie – Wherever You Go (MJ Project Remix)
DJ Quicksilver – Bellissima (Original 12 Cut)
DJ Skatty – Connected
DJ Stardust – The Question (Question One)
DJ T.H., Eric Lumiere – Fly With Me (Radio Mix)
DJ Wag – Life on Mars (DJ Wag Mix 2021 Remastered)
Doctor Tom – Scotch Woodcock (Original Mix)
Dominant Space – Imagination
Dominant Space – Imagination (Taishi Remix)
Drival – Valhalla (Black Wands & LaChance Remix)
Drunkenmunky – Geht’s Noch (Ruthless & Vorwerk Square Beats Mix)
Dutch Force – Deadline (Original Mix)
Edele Andaya – First Promise
Ehren Stowers – Time & Space (Extended Mix)
Elevven, Ruben de Ronde – Lucky Penny (XiJaro & Pitch Extended Remix)
Elucidus – Paradise Beach (Extended Mix)
Elypsis – Cordelia (Extended Mix)
Emanuele Congeddu, That Girl – Our Destiny (Extended Mix)
Eugenio Tokarev, Fisical Project – Epifania (Extended Mix)
Eugenio Tokarev, Shedona, Susie Ledge – On My Way to You (Extended Mix)
EverLight, Emma Chatt – Obelisk (Extended Mix)
Eximinds, DJ Sehba – Reality Selection (Extended Mix)
Eximinds – In The Darkness (Extended Mix)
Eximinds, Proyal – Mood
Exolight, Boris Deckert – Oceanic 815 (Extended Mix)
Exouler – Desertion (Extended Mix)
Exouler, RYDEX – Elements (Extended Mix)
Exouler, Sam Laxton – Bloom (Extended Mix)
Fabio XB, Liuck, Christina Novelli – Step Into The Light (Jase Thirlwall Extended Remix)
Factor B, Arielle Maren – Connected (12” Extended Mix)
Factor B – The Unforgiven (Extended Mix)
Fady & Mina – Wonder Why (Activa Extended Remix)
Farius – Wait (Extended Mix)
Fatum – Symphotek (Extended Mix)
Fatum, Trove – Out Of Space (Extended Mix)
Fayola, Coms – Positive Vibrations (Original Mix)
Ferry Corsten – Rock Your Body Rock (Mat Zo Extended Remix)
Ferry Corsten, Ruben de Ronde – Bloodstream (Extended Mix)
ferry tayle, Betsie Larkin, Giuseppe Ottaviani – Live For Tomorrow (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix)
F.G. Noise – Battleship (Extended Mix)
F.G. Noise – Crusader (Extended Mix)
Foggy – Come… (Into My Dream) (Clubmix)
Forza Duo – Zazu
Fragma – Time and Time Again (Megara vs DJ Lee Remix)
Freddy Fader meets Locana – Bom, Bom – Suenan (Cascada Remix)
Freefall – Skydive
Fridge – Paradise (Nu Gray Mix)
Frost – Acid Phase
gardenstate – By Your Side (Extended Mix)
Gareth Emery, Annabel – You’ll Be OK (feat. Annabel) (Andrew Rayel Remix)
Gareth Emery, Annabel – You’ll Be OK (feat. Annabel) (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
Gareth Emery, Annabel – You’ll Be OK (feat. Annabel) (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
Gareth Weston, Amos & Riot Night, Susie Ledge – Anywhere With You (Extended Mix)
Ghost Etiquette, Aza Nabuko – Needed You (Sam Laxton Extended Remix)
Gibby, A-SIDE – 4 O’Clock In The Morning (A-Side Radio Edit)
Ginex Asiss – Into My Car (Original Mix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani – Classmate (Dex Machina Extended Remix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani – Classmate (Extended Mix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani – Classmate (Rusty Spica Extended Remix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani – Glowing In The Dark (Extended Mix)
Glynn Alan – Bermuda
Gouryella – Gouryella (Extended Mix)
Greenz – The Rave Master
GXD, Dan Thompson – Utopia (Hidden Wonderland Anthem)
Haikal Ahmad – Dimension Travel
Hausman – Let Me Go (Extended Mix)
Hausman – Wasted (Extended Mix)
HAYS – Exils
Head Horny’s & DJ Miguel Serna – No More (Rockola Picture)
Head Horny’s & DJ Miguel Serna – Open Your Mind
Hennes & Cold – First Session (D10 Extended Remix)
Hennes & Cold – Sound of Rock (D10 Remix)
Iain M – Erebos (Extended Mix)
Ian Perez – Believe It
Ian Perez – If Only I Could (Extended mix)
Ian Van Dahl – Castles In The Sky (Extended Mix)
Igor S – Airforce One (Will Rees Extended Remix)
Ilan Bluestone, Ellen Smith – Stranger To Your Love (Extended Mix)
Ilan Bluestone, Ellen Smith – Stranger To Your Love (Stoneblue Remix)
Indecent Noise, Lostly – Worlds Collide (Mixed)
Interface – I’m So Excited (Head Horny’s & Dj Miguel Serna Remix)
i_o – Castles In The Sky (Extended Mix)
James Cottle, Tiff Lacey – Uncertain World (Extended Mix)
James Dymond – Push (Jordan Suckley Extended Remix)
James Kitcher, Adam Taylor – Eden’s Sunset (Extended Mix)
Jan Wayne – I Touch Myself (Handz Up Club Mix)
Jan Wayne vs. RainDropz! – Numb (Handz Up Club Mix)
Jazzberri Feat Dj DBC – Raizer (Klubb Mix)
Jeremy Vancaulart, Danyka Nadeau – Hurt (Millennial Remix)
Jericho Frequency, Maxine – Touched By Love (Extended Mix)
Jimmy Chou – Together We Rise (Extended Mix)
JJ – I Need Your Love (Gibby Remix)
Jody 6 – Drops (Extended)
Jody 6 – I Like You Better When You’re Dirty (Extended Mix)
Jody 6 – Rock Your World
Johan Gielen, Tastexperience – Namaste (Extended Mix)
John Askew – Battery Acid (Bryan Kearney’s ‘For The Neighbours’ Remix)
John Askew – Battery Acid (Ellez Ria ReFeel)
John Askew – Battery Acid (Zach Zlov Haunted House Remix)
John Askew – Niceto (Extended Mix)
Joint Operations Centre, Kate Miles – Behind the Silence (John O’Callaghan Remix)
Joint Operations Centre, Kate Miles – Behind the Silence
Jordan Suckley, onTune – Tranceformations Anthem 2020 (Adam Francis Extended Remix)
Jordan Suckley, onTune – Tranceformations Anthem 2020 (Andrea Scopsi Extended Remix)
Jorn Van Deynhoven – Viva La Vida (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Extended Remix)
Jorn Van Deynhoven – Viva La Vida (Extended Club Mix)
Kaimo K – Saviour (Extended Mix)
Kai Tracid – Destiny’s Path (Warmduscher Remix)
Kai Tracid – Trance & Acid
Kaki – Punishment (Original Mix)
Kayan Code – Paradox Of The Resurrection
Kay Cee – Love Stimulation (Trance Club Mix)
Kenny Palmer – Aldorei (Extended Mix)
Kenny Palmer – Blade’s Edge (Extended Mix)
Kenny Palmer, Daniel Skyver – There’s No Going Back (Extended Mix)
Kenny Palmer – Light’s Hope (Extended Mix)
Kenny Palmer – Shala’nir (Extended Mix)
Kenny Palmer – Sunreaver (Extended)
Kenny Palmer – Zandalar (Extended Mix)
Key4050, Plumb – I Love You (Extended Mix)
KINETICA – Nothing To Hide (Extended Mix)
KINETICA, Storyteller – Bel Canto (Extended Mix)
KINETICA – Torque (Extended Mix)
Kita-Kei – Mass Driver (Extended Mix)
Kiyoi & Eky, Ade DokQ, Angel Falls – Away From Home (Instrumental Mix)
Kiyoi & Eky – Dilemma
Klubbheads – Here We Go (Extended Mix)
Klubbheads – Hip Hop Don’t Stop
Klubbheads – Turn up the Bass (Da Techno Bohemian Remix)
Klubbheads – Turn up the Bass (Extended Mix)
Klubbingman, Andy Jay Powell, DJ Fait, Kim Alex – You Look Like Fire (DJ Fait Remix)
Kolonie – Astral (Extended Mix)
Koven – Missing (ilan Bluestone Remix)
Kritikal Mass – Adagio for Strings
Kritikal Mass – Now & Forever (Starman Remix)
Kritikal Mass – The Drill (Bounce Remix)
K-Traxx – Hardventure (Technoboy Remix)
Langenhagen – Moinsen (Paragod Remix)
Last Soldier – Remember You (Extended Mix)
Lazzard – Go! (Original Extended Mix)
Legend B – End Of A Season (95 Acid Remix)
Legend B – Lost In Love (Original Mix)
Leo Lauretti, Zohar (IT), Steph Collings – In the Air (DJ Version)
Leo Lauretti, Zohar (IT), Steph Collings – In the Air (Mind of One Extended Remix)
Leo Van Goch, The Sixth Sense – Another Jam
Leo Van Goch, The Sixth Sense, Sevda B – Blinding Lights (Chris SX Remix)
Levitate – Cielo (Extended Mix)
Levitate – Fuego (Beatsole Extended Mix)
Lewis Adam – Without Fear
Lewis Duggleby, Jennifer Rene – Whispering Words
Liam Melly, Asteroid – Hypnotica (Extended Mix)
Liam Melly – Sharp Objects (Extended Mix)
Liam Wilson – Light at the End
Liam Wilson, Paul Troubridge – The Fortress
Lightforce – Join Me (Lightforce Club Mix)
LNY TNZ, The Kemist, Da Tweekaz – We Made It (Mariana Bo Remix)
Lochi – London Acid City
Logger, Critical Error – Artefact
Logger & Critical Error, Rennz – Biggest Illusions
Logger, Critical Error – Skeletons (Original Mix)
Lost Signal X – Different World
Lost Witness – Happiness Happening (Lange Remix – Classic Bonus Track)
Lost Witness, Milos Novotny – Rescue Me (Extended Mix)
Lost Witness, Tracey Carmen – Red Sun Rising 2020 (Extended Mix)
LTN – Sidewalking (Extended Mix)
Ludo – Dawn Of Time
Ludo – The Power
Luke Bond, Nathan Nicholson – Stars (Extended Mix)
Lustral – Everytime
Lynxx – Liberated from Sociopath (Ed Lynam Remix)
Lynxx – Liberated from Sociopath
Maarten de Jong – Alone (Extended Mix)
Ma.Bra. – Call on me (Ma.Bra. Mix)
Maddix – In My Body
Madwave – Vooteta (Extended Mix)
Mandala – Astralia (Colourbox Remix)
Maor Levi, BT, Nation Of One – Here (Extended Mix)
Marc Aurel – Running (Elucidus Extended Remix)
Marc Et Claude – La (Moonman’s Flashover Mix)
Marc Et Claude – Ne (Moonman’s Flashover Mix)
Marco V, Vision 20 20 – WA VE (Extended Mix)
Marc van Linden, Leroy Moreno – Beautiful Together (Extended Mix)
Maria Healy – Bluebell (Extended Mix)
Mark Miller – Inside Your Mind (Extended Mix)
Mark Sherry – I’m Not A Robot (Extended Mix)
Mark Sixma, Jordan Shaw – Somebody Else Instead (Fisherman Festival Mix)
Markus Schulz, Christina Novelli – Not Afraid to Fall (The WLT Extended Remix)
Marlo – Antidote
Matt Bukovski – Game Over
Matt Bukovski – The Unknown
Matt Bukovski, Tiff Lacey – Speak Your Name (Extended Mix)
Matti Laamanen – Flakes (Original Mix)
Maxipaul – The Farmer (Klubbed Hard Skin Mix)
Mega Lo Mania – Close Your Eyes
Megastylez, DJ Restlezz, Euphorizon – Our Revolution (DJ Tht Remix)
Megastylez, DJ Restlezz, Euphorizon – Our Revolution (Original Mix)
Megastylez – Whiteline Fever (Club Mix)
MeHiLove – Beautiful (Extended Mix)
Melvin Sheppard, Liz Wigley – Hypnotic State (Extended Mix)
Mental Cube – Q
Metta & Glyde – Break the Chain
Metta & Glyde – Visualize (Extended Mix)
Michael L. – Annular Eclipse (Extended)
Mickey Marr – ROAR (Original Mix)
Midway – Amazon (Allen Watts Remix)
Mike Nero – Hardcore Feelings (Original Mix)
M.I.K.E. Push – Hope Is Everything (Extended Mix)
Mikey Dickens – Brain Freeze (Original Mix)
Miky One, Dj Kino – Outside Of Me (Original Mix)
Mino Safy – Science (Extended Mix)
Miroslav Vrlik – Awakening (Extended Mix)
Miroslav Vrlik, Dave Steward – Euphoria (Original Mix)
Miroslav Vrlik, Dave Steward – Run To Me
Monomonkey – GS (Original Mix)
Monomonkey – Joy of Summer
Monomonkey – Queen Of Frogs (Original Mix)
Myde, Sharon Valerona – For Better Days (Extended Mix)
Myon, Alissa Feudo – The Darkest Light (gardenstate Extended Mix)
Myon, Alissa Feudo – The Darkest Light (Myon Intro Club Mix)
Neonica – Away From You
Neuro, Peska – Stop The Party (Original Mix)
NG Rezonance, PhD – Acid Drop
Niall McKeever – Reload (Mixed)
Niall McKeever – Voyager
Nicholson – Determine Your Life (Extended Mix)
Nicholson, Quake – Life’s A Dream
Nick Callaghan – Casting Spells (Extended Mix)
Nicksy – Open Your Eyes
Nico Cranxx – Pecundang
Niels De Vries – 12 Inch (Rocco & Bass-T Remix)
Nifra – Resistance (Extended Mix)
Nightbass Dj Team – Overdrive (Blutonium Boy Hardstyle Mix)
Nikolauss – Supernova (Extended Mix)
Nitrous Oxide, Jaki Nelson – Embrace The Love Inside (Extended Mix)
NOMADsignal, Isotapes – Thorium-238 (Progressive Mix)
NoMosk, cari – Don’t Hold Back (Corrado Baggieri Remix)
N-sKing – Satori (Extended Mix)
NU NRG – Dreamland
Olly James, David Rust – 303
Onova – Angelic (Extended Mix)
Pacific Link – Contatto (Luca Antolini Original Mix)
Pacific Link – Rings Of Jupiter
Partypimpz, DJ Sven, MC Miker G. – Holiday Rap (feat. MC Miker G. & DJ Sven) (Club Mix)
Patrik Humann, Sarah de Warren – Love Again (Extended Mix)
Paul Denton, Audrey Gallagher – Beneath The Stars (Sneijder Extended Remix)
Paul Denton – Existence (Extended Mix)
Paul Denton – Moonwalker (Extended Mix)
Paul Skelton – In My Eyes
P&C – Truly Madly Deeply (Topmodelz Remix)
Peetu S – Fearplane (Extended Mix)
Pekka, SJ – Take Me Away (Starman Remix)
Peska, Neuro – Between The Light & The Dark (Free Party Remix)
Peska, Neuro – The Game (Original Mix)
Peter Miethig, Six Senses – Living A Dream (Extended Mix)
PG, JANE – Wipe Away My Tears (Original Radio Edit)
P.H.A.T.T. – This Moment
Phillip J, Kim Casandra – Change In The Air (Extended Mix)
Pierre Pienaar, Rob Dalby – New Beginnings
Pimp! Code – You know (Ti-Mo Remix)
Pitch Invader – Touched By An Angel
Plastic Angel – Schatten 2021
Protoculture – Lost In Isolation (Extended Mix)
Pulsedriver, DJ Fait – Light a Rainbow (Hard Dance Mix)
Push – Strange World (2000 Remake)
Push – Strange World (Joyhauser Remix)
Push – Universal Nation (Remastered Album Mix)
Ralph Fridge – Angel (Club Mix)
Ralphie B – Terra Prime (Extended Mix)
Ram, Alchimyst, KINETICA, Inversed – Pills & Thrills On Amphetamine (Extended RAMashup)
Rank 1 – Airwave
Rated R – Jeffrey (Extended Mix)
Raul Arribas, Yannick Esquefa – Wanna Be (Original Mix)
Raul Soto, Miguel Serna – Innocence
Rave Allstars – The Logical Song (Rave Club Mix)
R.E.L.O.A.D. – Acid For Dummies
Rem-x – Dawn of the Dark
Renegade System – Get Higher (Extended Mix)
Renegade System – Global Panic (Extended Mix)
Renegade System – In The Machine (Extended Mix)
Renegade System – Portals (Extended Mix)
Rennz & Raybold – The Creator (Original Mix)
ReOrder, Neil Hunter, Zach Alwin – You Should Know (Extended Mix)
Rezwan Khan – Abyss (Original Mix)
Richard Durand – Tree of Life (Extended Mix)
Rick Guyez – Find A Way (Extended Mix)
Robert Curtis – Pandora (Extended Mix)
Robert Miles – Children (Dream Version)
Roland Kenzo – Everlasting Love Everlasting Love (Club Mix)
Roman Messer – Can You See The Light
Roman Messer – Sunset
Roman Messer – Sweet Desire (Bogdan Vix Remix)
Ronski Speed, Lucy Saunders – Calm Before the Storm (BiXX Extended Remix)
Ronski Speed – Roxy (Extended Mix)
Ryan K – Rivage
RYDEX – Persefona (Extended Mix)
Safety Sam – Bring The Thunder
Sam Laxton – Rocha
Sam Vance – Paranoia
Sash! – Ecuador (Eat Me Edit Bruce Wayne Mix)
Sash! – Ecuador (Original 12 Mix)
Sash!, Rodriguez – Ecuador (Ecuador Rebuilt)
Satellite Robots, Andy Jay Powell, Kim Alex – Whenever You Leave (Savon Extended Mix)
Scooter – Rhapsody in E
Scorz, Jaime Deraz – Poison (Extended Club Mix)
Sean Tyas, Darren Porter – The Potion (Metta & Glyde Extended Remix)
Seven Lions, HALIENE – Rush Over Me (feat. HALIENE) (Seven Lions 1999 Extended Mix)
Seven Lions, Jason Ross, Paul Meany – Higher Love (feat. Paul Meany) (Seven Lions & Jason Ross 1999 Remix)
Shee-wa, Dance 2 Spirit – Dreamer (Radio Edit)
S.H.O.K.K. – Ashes Quarry (Laura May Remix)
S.H.O.K.K., Nick The Kid, Hati – Force Majeure (SHOCK FORCE Remix)
S.H.O.K.K., Nick The Kid, Hati – Force Majeure (Shugz Remix)
Sholan – Hand Of God
shugz, Reece Foster – Repentance
Signum, Scott Mac – Coming On Strong (Original Mix Edit)
Signum, Scott Mac – Coming On Strong (ReOrder Extended Remix)
SJ – I’ll Always Remember
Smith & Brown – Phobos (Extended Mix)
SMR LVE, Roxanne Emery – Lost In Love (Madwave Extended Remix)
Sneijder – Chase The Sun (Extended Mix)
Sneijder, David Forbes – Accelerate (Extended Mix)
Soarsonic – Breaking Free (Extended Mix)
Soundgrabber – Acid Fighter (The Crow Remix)
South Of The Stars – Retrospekt
Southside Spinners – Luvstruck (Extended Version)
Special D – Come With Me Come With Me (Rob Mayth Remix)
Special D. – Forever Young (Extended Mix)
Special D – Forever Young Single Edit
S_P_Y, Mhammed El Alami – Balance
Standerwick, Tensteps, Nohc – This Letter (Extended Mix)
StanV – A Little Brighter (Extended Mix)
Starparty – I’m in Love (Ferry Corsten & Robert Smit Remix)
Starpicker – Zandmmer Vibes (Extended Mix)
Steve Allen, Paul Skelton, Deirdre McLaughlin – Fairytales (Extended Mix)
Steve Allen, Trance Classics – Adagio For Strings 2021 (Extended Mix)
Steve Brian, Nathan Rux, Rachael Nemiroff – To Get To You (Cubicore Extended Remix)
Steve Brian, Renee – Sweet Little Lies (Myon Summer of Love Extended Mix)
Steve Byers – How Did We Get Here
Steve Dekay – Pegaso (Extended Mix)
Steve Murano – Passion (Maiwald & Fiedler Remix)
Stoneface & Terminal – Azimuth (Extended Mix)
Strahinja Arbutina – Take Me To Your Stash Spot
Suncatcher, Exolight – Water Colour Memories (Last Soldier Extended Mix)
Sunlounger – Hello Sunrise (Club Mix)
Sunny Lax – Delirium (Extended Mix)
Sunny Lax – Soul Seeker (Extended Mix)
Super8 & Tab – In This Life
Super8 & Tab, Tom Fall, London Thor – September (Extended Mix)
Swisstylerz – You May Think (Club Edit)
Symmetrik – Revolution
Symmetrik – The Curse (Extended Mix)
System F – Out Of The Blue (Original 1999 Extended)
Talla 2XLC, Allen Watts – Suburbia
Talla 2XLC – Carpe Diem
Talla 2XLC – Follow The Meteor
Temple One – Healing (Extended Mix)
The Blizzard – Obie
The Freak – The Bells (Original Mix)
The Hard Concert – Get The Power (Vocal Hard Mix)
The Mole – Insanity
The Overseer – Skankin’ Like a Skank
The Reproductive System – Face Melter
The Reproductive System – Pair of Bollox
The Rhythm Anten, D.J. Logan – D! Zone (Re-Action Mix)
The Thrillseekers, Hdra – Amber (Hydra’s Altered State Extended Mix)
Thomas Gold, Jillian Edwards – Magic (Cubicore Extended Remix)
Thomas Nikki – Dreams (Extended Mix)
Thomas Trouble – Insane Asylum (Pedro del Mar Remix)
Tinlicker, Robert Miles – Children (Extended Mix)
T-Jay, Aaron McLaren – Let Me In (Original Mix)
Tom Exo – Future Sun (Extended)
Tommy B – Wired To Respond (Original Mix)
Topmodelz, DJ Fait – Here I Am (Hardtrance Club Mix)
Topmodelz, DJ Fait – Here I Am
Topmodelz – Fly On The Wings Of Love (Rocco Remix)
Traveller – Bright Sign (Club Mix)
Traveller – Bright Sign
Tronix DJ, DJ Restlezz, Euphorizon – New Dimension (Danceboy Remix)
Tronix DJ, DJ Restlezz, Euphorizon – New Dimension (Nick Unique Remix)
Tuneboy – Dirty (Dj Stardust Remix)
UDM – Oxygen (Extended Mix)
Valhalla – Energy
Vapour Trail – Etheria
Veracocha – Carte Blanche
Vicious – Pfeifenalarm (Balloon Remix)
Vintage & Morelli, Monoverse – Maverick (Extended Mix)
Vision X – Illusion
Wavetraxx – Against the Flow (Extended Mix)
WiJjY, Toad – Star Puncher
Will Atkinson – Rush (Extended Mix)
Will Atkinson – The Last Rave on Earth (Extended Mix)
Will Rees, Rhys Elliott – Infinite (Extended Mix)
Will Renville – Tooth Sweater (Original Mix)
Woody van Eyden, Rene Ablaze – All My Life (Extended Mix)
X-Cess! – Suck My …. (Garbie Project Extended Remix)
XiJaro & Pitch, JTwo0 – Out Of This World (Extended Mix)
XiJaro & Pitch, Mart Sine – No Stone Unturned (Extended Mix)
Yoji Biomehanika – Ding A Ling (2002 Scot Project Remix)
Yoshi & Razner – Pegasus (Extended)
Yoshi & Razner – Retaliation (Extended Mix)
Yoshi & Razner – Supernova (Extended Mix)