Revealed Selected Episode 035 By 9lives (26 September 2021) songs mix – [27-Sep-2021]

9lives, Arsen, Nathan Brumley – Leave Our Mark (Mixed)
9lives, Avao, Bonkr – Revealed Selected Intro (Mixed)
9lives, Emdi, Enrosa – Flying High (Mixed)
Avao – Concentrate (Mixed)
Blackcode, Morell Brown – Fire and Flames (Mixed)
Bonkr – I See Red (Mixed)
Dash Berlin, Ang – Firefly (Mixed)
Diegx, Joffrey Lorquet, Anthony Meyer – Crystal Clear (Mixed)
Kaaze – Born To Die (BLK RSE Mix) (Mixed)
Maddix – Home (Mixed)
Maddix – Receive Life (Mixed)
Meikle, Roy Orion – Time To Give (Mixed)
Melyjones, Nevaleft – You & Me (Mixed)
Sam Helix, Bonkr – Healing (Mixed)
Savalla – How You Feel (Mixed)
Shaysova – Wonderland (Mixed)
Somero – All My Life (Mixed)
Vidojean X Oliver Loenn – Found You (Mixed)