Revealed The Best Tracks From Selected Chart (18 April 2021) – [19-Apr-2021]

018 – John Dahlbäck – Forget U
021 – George Z – Lose My Mind
024 – Bonka – Overdrive
050 – Steve Eccö – Warrior
097 – PØP CULTUR – Time
Adrian Fyrla, Basstian, Revealed Recordings – Break It Down
Agus Zack, Damsterdam, Revealed Recordings – City Nights
Alenn, Revealed Recordings – Don’t Know
Alex Pizzuti, Revealed Recordings – Feeling
ang, Giftback – Heart Of A Champion
Antoine Delvig – Rolling Down
Argui – About Me
Arsen, Brisco, Stvns, Nino Lucarelli – We’re Alive
Aryue, Sammy Boyle – Fight For Me
Axel Jones, Kevin Brand, Nitai Charan – Vamos
Bancali – Do Better
Basstian, Kevin Brand, Revealed Recordings – Body Rock
Bauti Tesei, Revealed Recordings – Ain’t No Looking Back
Boges – Break The Rules
Bonka, Kris Kiss – Overdrive
Bounce Inc., Mairee, Revealed Recordings – Wicked!
BUTTERWORTH & BENNII, Revealed Recordings, Robin Vane – Get Over It
Calv, Revealed Recordings – STRANGERS
Clef & Canberra, SGX – Children
Covenants, Iago – I Swear
Daav One – Alone
Dada Life – Rumble Slow
Dada Life – This Time (Never Be Alone Again)
Daniel Hein, Severman, Revealed Recordings – Get Me Out
Dastic, Castion – Can’t Stop Dancing
Dave Ruthwell, Mr. Sid, Markhese – Body Rock
Dr Phunk, Diandra Faye – Firebomb
Endego, Revealed Recordings – Beautiful Tits (Silicone vs. Natural)
Evan Wilder, Revealed Recordings – Can’t Sleep
Fablers, Comet, Revealed Recordings, Matt Weiss – Be Okay
Fresh Dom, Zyno, Revealed Recordings, Aleesia – Bad Habits
Future Class, Ingek – Saxfaction
Futuristic Polar Bears, Kess Ross, Robbie Rosen – Wait For You
Gascar, Maori – Better Than Before
George Z – Lose My Mind
Gold n’ Black – No More
Hardwell, BlasterJaxx, Mitch Crown – Bigroom Never Dies
Hardwell, Timmy Trumpet – The Underground
Hardwell, Trevor Guthrie – Summer Air (DubVision Remix)
HAVOQ, Revealed Recordings – Fallin Apart
HYBIT, Gproject – We Are One
Ibranovski – Gimme
Jac & Harri – How We Roll
Jamis – Pia
Jon Barnard, Miranda Myles, ENV – Think About
Jon Barnard, Salena Mastroianni – Body
Kaaze – Midnight Runners
Kaaze, Millennial – Erase You
Kaaze – Triplet (Instrumental Mix)
Kamix, Revealed Recordings – Move On
Kamix, Wyko, Pjonax – Without You
Kevin Brand, Basstian, Revealed Recordings – Bomboclap
Kevin Brand, Guztavo MX, Nitai Charan – Brake Test
Kill The Buzz, Xaverius Funk – All That I Am
Kriss Reeve, Revealed Recordings – Techno On My Mind
Lumberjack, Almero – Born To Rave
Maddix – Ecstasy
Maddix – In My Body
Manse, Meikle, Max Adrian, Elle Vee – A Little Bit
Matt Strike, Brandon Rogers – I Refuse
Melsen – You Did Me Wrong
Mo Falk, Siks – Lie Mashine
Mr.Black, Offer Nissim – Mucho Bien
Mr.Black – The Future
Mr.Black – Top Of The World
Mr. Sid, Tim Hox, Dave Ruthwell – Bring The House Down
MWRS, 21RoR, Revealed Recordings – Level Up
Naems, Renato S, Revealed Recordings – Lost In The Night
Naems, Reverse Prime, Revealed Recordings – Tambor
Nicola Fasano, Dual Beat, Plastik Funk – A Deeper Love (ANG Remix)
Nicola Fasano, Dual Beat, Plastik Funk – A Deeper Love (Plastik Funk Mix)
Niiko x SWAE – Friends (eSQUIRE Late Night Remix)
Pasc, Revealed Recordings – Why
Patrick Moreno, Prince China, Revealed Recordings – Break It Down
Plastik Funk, Calv – Shakalaka
Plastik Funk, SICKRATE, Rentz, Repiet – Never Let Go
Plastik Funk, Triple M, Blanee – What They Want
PURARI, Max Landry, Revealed Recordings – Tomorrow
Rich Edwards, Victoria Voss – Burst
Ryos, HAVOQ, Nino Lucarelli – Fool’s Gold
Sagan – Turn Up The Bass
Saint Misha, Dani Doucette – On My Mind
Sebastian Mateo, DJ St3v3, Revealed Recordings – Hypnotized
Setou & Senyo, Adam Jasim, Adi Leone – Out of Control
Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf, Revealed Recordings – Because Of You
Sick Individuals, Nevve – Symphony
Sick Individuals, Vigel, Nazzereene – Runaway
The Cabas, Revealed Recordings – Flex
Tim Hox – Energia
Tim Hox – Insanis
Tim Hox, NEVERGLOW – Thymus
Tim Hox – Sisto
Tom Hall, Nalestar, Emiah – Casual
Tom Kenny, Revealed Recordings – Up All Night
Tommy Jayden, Castion – Untouchable
Tony Junior, Apaztron – Odin
Tony Junior, Reggio – Burnin’ Up
Trace, Roger Gunn, Revealed Recordings – Voices In My Head
twoDB, Andrew Marks, Revealed Recordings – In The Dark
Venomenal – What’s It Gonna Be
Vessbroz, Loose Keys, Revealed Recordings, Nick McWilliams – Demons
Vidojean X Oliver Loenn – Hiding
Vidojean X Oliver Loenn – Jungle Night
Vion Konger – NRJ
Zheno – From The Stars
Zheno, MadTing, Revealed Recordings – Juicy Beat