Rock Pack – 1032 Tracks hottest – [10-Oct-2021]

Rock Big Wreck – Bombs Away Radio Edit
Rock Ghost – Hunters Moon Radio Edit
Rock Limb Bizkit – Dad Vibes Clean
Rock The Lathums – Ill Get By Radio Edit
Rock We Came As Romans & Caleb Shomo – Black Hole Radio Edit
Alkuharmonian Kantaja – Harbinger Of The Fallen Hearts
Alkuharmonian Kantaja – Hounds Of Man
Alkuharmonian Kantaja – I Am Of The Beholder
Alkuharmonian Kantaja – Oceans Of Senses
Alkuharmonian Kantaja – Past The Final Winter
Alkuharmonian Kantaja – Shadowy Peripherals
Alkuharmonian Kantaja – The Hands Of The Nebulah
Chotzд – D’Eva Mitem Chuchimдsser
Chotzд – Hass Musig
Chotzд – Jesus Vo Na(Rsch)Zareth
Chotzд – Kabutt
Chotzд – Plump U Primitiv
Chotzд – Schliimschiisд
Chotzд – Schtumpf Isch Trumpf
Chotzд – Todfiggд
Chotzд – Wдuschд Wii
Drittmaskin – Al-Namrood
Drittmaskin – Brune Auge
Drittmaskin – Drittfolk
Drittmaskin – Glattcelle
Drittmaskin – Krig
Drittmaskin – La Dei Do!
Drittmaskin – Limi
Drittmaskin – Mors Nydelige Rose
Drittmaskin – Nar Dei Kjem For A Ta Meg
Drittmaskin – Ni Barn Blir Fodt
Drittmaskin – Rottekrig
Drittmaskin – Takk, Recovery
Earthwomb – Cosmic Revelation
Earthwomb – Fractal Phenomenon
Earthwomb – The Gathering
Earthwomb – Trespassing the Paragons of Consciousness
Earthwomb – Ulterior Revelation
Earthwomb – Vital Flux
Earthwomb – Walkscapes
Havukruunu – Kuu Erkylan Ylla
Havukruunu – Mustan Merkin Enteen Alla
Havukruunu – Routapanssari
Havukruunu – Talvikuu
Havukruunu – Yon Torni
Hegemon – Ad Astra Per Obscura
Hegemon – Ascendency of Astral Chaos
Hegemon – Black Hole Womb
Hegemon – Heimarmene
Hegemon – Mellonta Tauta
Hegemon – Shamanic Cosmocrator
Hegemon – Shape Shifting Void
Hegemon – Your Suffering, My Pillars
Illum Adora – Dark Tower of Gorgoroth
Illum Adora – Folter
Illum Adora – Forever and In Eternity
Illum Adora – Last Gaze Upon The Wintermoon
Illum Adora – Lost In Reverie
Illum Adora – Messiah To Purgatory
Illum Adora – Nausea
Illum Adora – Profanation On Command
Illum Adora – Tief Unten
Illum Adora – Winds of War At Holocaust Sky
Lifeblood – Fading Into Oblivion
Lifeblood – Inner Devastation
Lifeblood – Into the Woods…
Lifeblood – Melancholic Euphoria
Lifeblood – Obscure Thoughts of Suicide
Lifeblood – Ostentation and Decadence
Lifeblood – Ruined, Depraved and Devastated
Lifeblood – Wailing on the Blackened Earth
Liktjern – Bloodperversion
Liktjern – Da Dшden Tok Meg Med
Liktjern – Flame of the Fallen
Liktjern – I Ruiner
Liktjern – Nameless
Liktjern – Pesta
Liktjern – Profetens Sorte Drшm
Liktjern – Slagmark
Norse – Accelerated Subversion
Norse – Ascetic
Norse – Blight
Norse – Fearless Filth Seeker
Norse – Parasite Warmongers
Norse – Radical Depression
Norse – Useless
Norse – Zero Insight
Ogen – Eternity Unguarded
Ogen – The Inward Abyss
Porosl – Brave – Missing (Intro) Exhausted Almost Brave Hope
Porosl – Dumb – Isolation (Intro) Dumb Enough Struggle Leave
Senntus – Deine Asche
Senntus – Der Teufel am Totenbett
Senntus – Die Taschen voller Steine
Senntus – Dornenkonig
Senntus – In Mutters Scho
Senntus – Kettenkarussell
Senntus – Moloch
Senntus – Wendigo
Serpent Sermon – Amaru
Serpent Sermon – Apep
Serpent Sermon – Azdahha
Serpent Sermon – Damballa
Serpent Sermon – Gallu
Serpent Sermon – Nahash
Serpent Sermon – Typhon
Serpent Sermon – Vritra
The Scars In Pneuma – Ascending the Mountain of Old
The Scars In Pneuma – Santu Diadoru
Triacanthos – Apotheosis
Triacanthos – Eternal Bliss… Eternal Death (Judas Iscariot Cover)
Triacanthos – Lycanthropic Transmutation
Triacanthos – Maledictio En Spinis Coepit
Triacanthos – Morningstar
Triacanthos – Occulta De Tenebris Frigidus
Triacanthos – Pagan North
Triacanthos – Procession Of The Aeons
Triacanthos – Rex Mundi
Triacanthos – Rite Of Recalling
Triacanthos – Thaumiel (Extinguishing The Holy Light)
Untamed Land – Achamoth
Untamed Land – A Nameless Shape
Untamed Land – A Nameless Shape (Short Version)
Untamed Land – Clothed in Smoke
Untamed Land – Once Upon a Time in the Kenoma
Untamed Land – The Heavenly Coil
Untamed Land – The Heavenly Coil (Short Version)
Wooden Throne – At The Sorrows Chamber
Wooden Throne – Into Forests Calm
Wooden Throne – Return Into Shadows
Wooden Throne – The Ravens Cross
Wooden Throne – Through The Timeless Fields
Wooden Throne – Under The Moon They Wander Until Fading Away
Wooden Throne – Withered At Sunrise
Wreche – In Agony, To the Earth – And Heaven
Wreche – Les Fleurs Mov. 1
Wreche – Les Fleurs Mov. 2
Wreche – Mysterium
Wreche – Scherzo
Wreche – Severed
Wreche – The Darkling Thrush
Antichrist Siege Machine – Antichrist Siege Machine
Antichrist Siege Machine – Carried into Darkness
Antichrist Siege Machine – Chaos Insignia
Antichrist Siege Machine – Defiled in Iniquity
Antichrist Siege Machine – Intro – That the Wicked Be Revealed
Antichrist Siege Machine – Intro – The Way of Cain
Antichrist Siege Machine – Led by Fire
Antichrist Siege Machine – The Inevitable Penalty
Antichrist Siege Machine – (To Be Sooner) Broken by Pain
Antichrist Siege Machine – Unleashed Hostility
Antichrist Siege Machine – Victorious Legions of Satan
Asterion – Abyssic Mass Bombardment
Asterion – Banished to Realms Beyond
Asterion – Consumed by the Wrath of the Infinite
Asterion – Enslaved by the Shackles of Enthrallment
Asterion – Hearken to Thy Summoning
Asterion – Undying Affliction
ATR BILIS – Bacterium Abloom
ATR BILIS – By the Hierophant’s Maw
ATR BILIS – Hymn of the Flies
ATR BILIS – Into the Seas of Sepsis
ATR BILIS – Lore Beyond Bone
ATR BILIS – Open the Effigy
ATR BILIS – To Entomb the Aetherworld
Cock And Ball Torture – Aphrodisianus
Cock And Ball Torture – Caudal Armada
Cock And Ball Torture – Cellulite Convoy
Cock And Ball Torture – Colon Latino
Cock And Ball Torture – Enema Bulldozer
Cock And Ball Torture – Faggot Filter
Cock And Ball Torture – G-Spot Gigolo
Cock And Ball Torture – Heterosexual Testosterone Compressor
Cock And Ball Torture – Instant Onanizer
Cock And Ball Torture – Kamikaze Incest
Cock And Ball Torture – Klistier Power
Cock And Ball Torture – Multiple Slave Sex
Cock And Ball Torture – Supreme Genital Goddess
Cock And Ball Torture – Tampon Terrorizer
Cock And Ball Torture – Titty Torture Bondage Boys
Cock And Ball Torture – Where Girls Learn to Piss On Command
Cock And Ball Torture – Whoredom Sonata
Creeping Death – Doused In Flames
Creeping Death – Humanity Transcends
Creeping Death – Relics From The Past
Creeping Death – Sacrament Of Death
Creeping Death – Skinned Alive
Creeping Death – The Edge of Existence
Death’s Eminence – Brief as Each Other’s Thrall
Death’s Eminence – Ensuring the Achievement of Infinite Impermanence
Death’s Eminence – Incantation Sheathed
Death’s Eminence – Inescapable Awakening
Death’s Eminence – Instantaneous Obliteration
Death’s Eminence – Omens of Chaos on the Battlefield of Sacred Duty
Death’s Eminence – Unbound Molecular Reasoning
Death’s Eminence – Unworthy Recipient of the Gift Bestowed in the Form of Death
Death’s Eminence – When Acid Consumes Them
Desalmado – Across the Land
Desalmado – Hollow
Desalmado – Mass Mental Devolution
Desalmado – My Enemy
Desalmado – Outsiders
Desalmado – Praise the Lord and Kill People
Desalmado – Unity
Desalmado – Your God, Your Dictator
Devil’s Reef – Ankida
Devil’s Reef – A Whisper from the Cosmos
Devil’s Reef – Beyond Eternal
Devil’s Reef – Plague Uncovered
Devil’s Reef – Quantum Strings
Mysteries End – Through My Veins (Bonus Song)
Naraka – Antra Daemonium
Naraka – Compendium Maleficarum
Naraka – Cursed
Naraka – Darkbringer
Naraka – Dream and Wait
Naraka – In Tenebris
Naraka – Mother of Shadows
Naraka – Of Blood and Tears
Naraka – Sleeping in Silence
Naraka – The Black
Naraka – The Great Darkness
Outer Heaven – Drowned in Your Blood
Outer Heaven – Junkyard God
Outer Heaven – Maggots in Your Coffin
Outer Heaven – Secret Face
Outer Heaven – World of Shit (The Promised Land)
Symbiotic Tomorrow – Abandoned
Symbiotic Tomorrow – Carry The Light
Symbiotic Tomorrow – The Infected
Terrorstahl – Das Ritual
Terrorstahl – Kathedrale der Angst
Terrorstahl – Schwarze Witwe
Terrorstahl – Schweigen
Terrorstahl – Seelensterben
The Breathing Process – A Savage Plea
The Breathing Process – Atlas
The Breathing Process – Heir to None
The Breathing Process – I Sleep, I Wake
The Breathing Process – Labyrinthian
The Breathing Process – Shadow Self
The Breathing Process – Shroud
The Breathing Process – Terminal
The Breathing Process – We, The Drowned
The Breathing Process – Wilt
Throbbing Pain – Assworms
Throbbing Pain – Bloodmoon Massacre
Throbbing Pain – Hate Campaign
Throbbing Pain – P.F.H.
Throbbing Pain – Psychopathic Butchery
Throbbing Pain – Sowing Hate
Throbbing Pain – The Art of Evil Revenge
Vitrified Entity – Eternal Vitreous Dissolve
Vitrified Entity – Hyaline Wormhole
Vitrified Entity – Hygroscopic, Soaring
Vitrified Entity – Impermanent Radiance
Vitrified Entity – Inertia
Vitrified Entity – Light Withdrawn
Vitrified Entity – Molten Fulgurite
Voidfallen – From Embers to Fall
Voidfallen – From Souls to Embers
Voidfallen – Remnants of the Heart
Voidfallen – Seen Through Ice
Voidfallen – Sui Generis
Voidfallen – The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse
Voidfallen – The Daughters
Voidfallen – The Hollows
Voidfallen – The Slaves of the Echo Chambers
Wasted Heretics – Anastasis
Wasted Heretics – Lurker at the Gate
Wasted Heretics – The Clock Stops
Wasted Heretics – The Cosmic Throne
Wasted Heretics – Where Oceans Meet the Earth
Wasted Heretics – Within Abysmal Depths
Houston – A Lifetime in a Moment
Houston – Heartbreaker
Houston – Heart of a Warrior
Houston – Hero
Houston – Into Thin Air
Houston – I Will Not Give in to Despair
Houston – She is the Night
Houston – Storyteller
Houston – Such is Love
Houston – Until the Morning Comes
Houston – You’re Still The Woman
Jeff Scott Soto – Again 2 B Found
Jeff Scott Soto – Believe in Me
Jeff Scott Soto – Callin’ All Girls
Jeff Scott Soto – Colour My Xtc
Jeff Scott Soto – Coming Home
Jeff Scott Soto – Don’t Let It End
Jeff Scott Soto – Holding On
Jeff Scott Soto – I’ll Be Waiting
Jeff Scott Soto – Livin’ the Life
Jeff Scott Soto – Mysterious
Jeff Scott Soto – Warrior
S.U.D. – Den Toten An Der Nei e
S.U.D. – Die Augen Des Falken
S.U.D. – Ein Letztes Mal
S.U.D. – Ernte
S.U.D. – Heimat
S.U.D. – Kampft!
S.U.D. – Lauf…
S.U.D. – Othala
S.U.D. – Panzergrenadier
S.U.D. – Ringt Sie Nieder!
S.U.D. – Sei Nicht Blind
S.U.D. – YR
ToxicRose – Angel Down
ToxicRose – Blood on Blood
ToxicRose – Domination
ToxicRose – Heroes
ToxicRose – In for the Kill
ToxicRose – New Breed
ToxicRose – Open up N’ Bleed
ToxicRose – Outta Time
ToxicRose – Remedy
ToxicRose – The Great Escape
Dragonbreath – 1974
Dragonbreath – Achilles’ Revenge
Dragonbreath – Deadly Strike
Dragonbreath – Eyes Never Lie
Dragonbreath – The Curse
Dragonbreath – Thermopylae
Dragonbreath – Warrior Within
Dragonbreath – Zillak
Eclipse – Bite the Bullet
Eclipse – Carved in Stone
Eclipse – Dead Inside
Eclipse – Dying Breed
Eclipse – Poison Inside My Heart
Eclipse – Roses on Your Grave
Eclipse – Run for Cover
Eclipse – Saturday Night (Hallelujah)
Eclipse – Things We Love
Eclipse – Twilight
Eclipse – We Didn’t Come to Lose
Evil Hunter – Beyond the Dark
Evil Hunter – Blown with the Wind
Evil Hunter – Burning in Flames
Evil Hunter – Fear Them All
Evil Hunter – Get Up
Evil Hunter – Guardian Angel
Evil Hunter – Locked Down
Evil Hunter – You’ll Never Walk Alone
Gus G. – Chronesthesia
Gus G. – Cold Sweat (Live)
Gus G. – Demon Stomp
Gus G. – Enigma of Life
Gus G. – Exosphere
Gus G. – Fearless (Live)
Gus G. – Fierce
Gus G. – Force Majeure (Live)
Gus G. – Force Majeure
Gus G. – Into the Unknown
Gus G. – Judgement Day
Gus G. – Letting Go (Live)
Gus G. – Money for Nothing (Live)
Gus G. – Mr. Manson (Live)
Gus G. – Night Driver
Gus G. – Not Forgotten
Gus G. – Quantum Leap
Gus G. – Thrill of the Chase (Live)
Queensrяche – Anarchy-X (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-15-1990)
Queensrяche – Anarchy-X (Live In Wisconsin 05-10-12-91)
Queensrяche – Anarchy-X
Queensrяche – Breaking The Silence (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-15-1990)
Queensrяche – Breaking The Silence (Live In Wisconsin 05-10-12-91)
Queensrяche – Breaking The Silence
Queensrяche – Electric Requiem (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-15-1990)
Queensrяche – Electric Requiem (Live In Wisconsin 05-10-12-91)
Queensrяche – Electric Requiem
Queensrяche – Eyes Of A Stranger (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-15-1990)
Queensrяche – Eyes Of A Stranger (Live In Wisconsin 05-10-12-91)
Queensrяche – Eyes Of A Stranger
Queensrяche – I Don’t Believe In Love (Extended Version)
Queensrяche – I Don’t Believe In Love (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-15-1990)
Queensrяche – I Don’t Believe In Love (Live In Wisconsin 05-10-12-91)
Queensrяche – I Don’t Believe In Love
Queensrяche – I Remember Now (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-15-1990)
Queensrяche – I Remember Now (Live In Wisconsin 05-10-12-91)
Queensrяche – I Remember Now
Queensrяche – My Empty Room (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-15-1990)
Queensrяche – My Empty Room (Live At The Astoria Theatre, London 10-20-94)
Queensrяche – My Empty Room (Live In Wisconsin 05-10-12-91)
Queensrяche – My Empty Room
Queensrяche – Operation Mindcrime (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-15-1990)
Queensrяche – Operation Mindcrime (Live In Wisconsin 05-10-12-91)
Queensrяche – Operation Mindcrime
Queensrяche – Overseeing The Operation (Single Compilation)
Queensrяche – Revolution Calling (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-15-1990)
Queensrяche – Revolution Calling (Live In Wisconsin 05-10-12-91)
Queensrяche – Revolution Calling
Queensrяche – Roads To Madness (Live From Wisconsin 1991)
Queensrяche – Speak (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-15-1990)
Queensrяche – Speak (Live In Wisconsin 05-10-12-91)
Queensrяche – Speak
Queensrяche – Speak The Word (Interview)
Queensrяche – Spreading The Disease (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-15-1990)
Queensrяche – Spreading The Disease (Live In Wisconsin 05-10-12-91)
Queensrяche – Spreading The Disease
Queensrяche – Suite Sister Mary (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-15-1990)
Queensrяche – Suite Sister Mary (Live In Wisconsin 05-10-12-91)
Queensrяche – Suite Sister Mary
Queensrяche – The Lady Wore Black (Live From Wisconsin 1991)
Queensrяche – The Mission (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-14-15-90)
Queensrяche – The Mission (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-15-1990)
Queensrяche – The Mission (Live In Wisconsin 05-10-12-91)
Queensrяche – The Mission
Queensrяche – The Needle Lies (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-15-1990)
Queensrяche – The Needle Lies (Live In Wisconsin 05-10-12-91)
Queensrяche – The Needle Lies
Queensrяche – Waiting For 22 (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 11-15-1990)
Queensrяche – Waiting For 22 (Live In Wisconsin 05-10-12-91)
Queensrяche – Waiting For 22
Reaper’s Revenge – Arctic Winter Green
Reaper’s Revenge – Changing World
Reaper’s Revenge – Gapminder
Reaper’s Revenge – Images Untangled
Reaper’s Revenge – My Fading Silence
Reaper’s Revenge – Phlegmatrix
Reaper’s Revenge – Scary Neighbourhood
Reaper’s Revenge – Suicidal Genocide
Reaper’s Revenge – To Whom Evils Sacrifice
Reaper’s Revenge – Warheads
Vanexa – Armless
Vanexa – Dead Man Walking
Vanexa – Dr. Strange
Vanexa – Earthquake
Vanexa – Hiroshima
Vanexa – I Don’t Care
Vanexa – Like a Mirage
Vanexa – My Grave
Vanexa – No Salvation
Vanexa – Perfect!
Vanexa – The Last In Black
Xfears – Believe in Nothing
Xfears – Endeavour
Xfears – Hell Is Here
Xfears – I See
Xfears – No Regrets
Xfears – Prelude to Pain
Xfears – Take Control
Xfears – The Worst Pain
Xfears – Xfears
Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclettes – Flugantaj Raketoj
Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclettes – Flugensaft
Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclettes – Gigadodane
Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclettes – Glutentag
Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclettes – Goussepaille
Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclettes – Melolo-Aromatomat
Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclettes – Spartacuisse
Animate – A Web Of Madness
Animate – Back To Cold
Animate – Force Gravity
Animate – Ghostmaker
Animate – Pleasant Addiction
Animate – Still Water
Animate – Threshold
Damn The Machine – Corporate Reign
Damn The Machine – Countryside
Damn The Machine – Fall Of Order
Damn The Machine – Honor
Damn The Machine – Humans
Damn The Machine – I Will
Damn The Machine – Lonesome God
Damn The Machine – On With The Dream
Damn The Machine – Patriot
Damn The Machine – Russians
Damn The Machine – Silence
Damn The Machine – The Mission
Direlands – Beyond the Horizon
Direlands – Blood Moon
Direlands – Doombringer
Direlands – Singularity
Eternal Silence – Ancient Spirit
Eternal Silence – Edge of the Dream
Eternal Silence – Firefly
Eternal Silence – Glide in the Air
Eternal Silence – Heart of Lead
Eternal Silence – Lonely
Eternal Silence – My Soul Sad Until Death
Eternal Silence – Rain
Eternal Silence – Red Death Masquerade
Eternal Silence – The Way of Time
Ghost – Hunter’s Moon
Kowloon Walled City – Lampblack
Kowloon Walled City – Oxygen Tent
Kowloon Walled City – Piecework
Kowloon Walled City – Splicing
Kowloon Walled City – Utopian
Kowloon Walled City – When We Fall Through the Floor
Kowloon Walled City – You Had a Plan
Mercury Circle – An Arrow
Mercury Circle – Avalanche
Mercury Circle – Black Mirrors
Mercury Circle – Call On The Dark
Mercury Circle – Death Poem
Mercury Circle – Killing Moons
Mercury Circle – Like Matches
Mercury Circle – Seven Archangels
Mercury Circle – The Gates Wide Open
Mercury Circle – You Open Up The Earth
Spectral Darkwave – 731
Spectral Darkwave – A Season of Abyssal Screams
Spectral Darkwave – A Toll Is Due
Spectral Darkwave – At Outer Dark
Spectral Darkwave – Galactic North
Spectral Darkwave – The First Church of Chaos
Spectral Darkwave – The Founding of Man
Spectral Darkwave – The Insertion
Spectral Darkwave – The Last Red Hypergiant
Spectral Darkwave – The March of Sses
Spectral Darkwave – Voyage of the Necronaut
Torment Of Gloom – Depressed
Torment Of Gloom – Dreams
Torment Of Gloom – Drowning
Torment Of Gloom – Frantic
Torment Of Gloom – Under The Red Sun
Trivium – A Crisis Of Revelation
Trivium – Fall Into Your Hands
Trivium – Feast Of Fire
Trivium – From Dawn To Decadence
Trivium – In The Court Of The Dragon
Trivium – Like A Sword Over Damocles
Trivium – No Way Back Just Through
Trivium – The Phalanx
Trivium – The Shadow Of The Abattoir
Trivium – X
Jukka Gustavson – Attention
Jukka Gustavson – Downtown Jungle
Jukka Gustavson – First Love
Jukka Gustavson – Foolish Kids
Jukka Gustavson – Hectic Tact
Jukka Gustavson – In the Movement
Jukka Gustavson – It’s Jimmy
Jukka Gustavson – Jig-Saw Puzzle Street
Jukka Gustavson – Lilac Time – A Romantic Walk In The Old Town
Jukka Gustavson – Oaktree Park Four
ManDoki Soulmates – Barbaro (2021 Version)
ManDoki Soulmates – Return to Budapest (2021 Version)
ManDoki Soulmates – Sessions in the Village (2021 Version)
ManDoki Soulmates – The Torch (2021 Version)
ManDoki Soulmates – Transylvanian Dances (2021 Version)
ManDoki Soulmates – Utopia for Realists (2021 Version)
ManDoki Soulmates – You’ll Find Me in Your Mirror (2021 Version)
Vesilinja – Aamulla
Vesilinja – Heinakuorma
Vesilinja – Ihmisen lapsi
Vesilinja – Prisma
Vesilinja – Vaihtoehto jarjelle
Vesilinja – Valtias
Paakallo – Hevonen
Paakallo – Kuoleman taikaa
Dwarves – Happy Birthday Suicide
Dwarves – Working Class Hole
Lastkaj 14 – Det Дr Inte Jag
Lastkaj 14 – Grеzonens Dimma
Lastkaj 14 – Plan B
Lastkaj 14 – Sjдlvhjдlp
Lastkaj 14 – Vem Sдtter Mдrket
Lastkaj 14 – Viker In Еrorna
Poison Ruпn – Carrion
Poison Ruпn – Crucifix
Poison Ruпn – Demon Wind
Poison Ruпn – Doppelgдnger
Poison Ruпn – Exiles
Poison Ruпn – Fog Of War
Poison Ruпn – Hell Hounds
Poison Ruпn – Morning Star
Poison Ruпn – Paladin’s Wrath
Poison Ruпn – Sacrosanct
The Last Gang – Gimme Action
The Last Gang – Intelligence Is a Plague
The Last Gang – New Skin
The Last Gang – Noise Noise Noise
The Last Gang – Panic Dreaming
The Last Gang – Paris Green
The Last Gang – Prosthetic Lost Cause
The Last Gang – Shameless
The Last Gang – To the King
The Last Gang – WFTW
The Raging Nathans – Drug Dealin’ (For Money)
The Raging Nathans – Pig Pen
Willkuer – Alles In Der Hand
Willkuer – Das Wird Gro
Willkuer – Du Bist Nicht Allein
Willkuer – Fur Immer Ist Ne Lange Zeit
Willkuer – Gib Dich Nicht Auf
Willkuer – Immer Schon Lacheln
Willkuer – Jedem Das Seine
Willkuer – Schei egal
Willkuer – Tausend Grunde
Willkuer – Von Ganzem Herzen
Willkuer – Willkuer
Willkuer – Wir Sind Wer Wir Sind
Ajospaan HiFi – Kriisinhallintaa
Ajospaan HiFi – Loppusuora
Ajospaan HiFi – Pakeneva taivas
Ajospaan HiFi – Potkii renkaita
Ajospaan HiFi – Rakastumatta
Ajospaan HiFi – Talo
Ajospaan HiFi – Uusi elamanmakuinen single
Ajospaan HiFi – Valovuosien sylissa
Ajospaan HiFi – Vieras mies
Banane Metalik – Dance (Boogie Version)
Banane Metalik – Dance
Banane Metalik – Let There Be Gore (Bass Version)
Banane Metalik – Let There Be Rock
Banane Metalik – No Surrender
Banane Metalik – Rock Out
Blanket – Burial
Blanket feat. Gost – Romance
Blanket feat. Kadeem France – In Awe
Blanket – Firmament
Blanket – Last Light
Blanket – Silent Ground
Blanket – The Last Days of the Blue Blood Harvest
Blanket – The Mighty Deep
Blanket – Violence
Blanket – Where the Light Takes Us
Blanket – White Noise
Bodh’aktan – Heave Away (Live)
Bodh’aktan – Ici (Live)
Bodh’aktan – La bonne journee – la suite de la capitale (Live)
Bodh’aktan – La bouteille est agreable (Live)
Bodh’aktan – Le 31 du mois d’aout (Live)
Bodh’aktan – Le medley du mal de pieds (Live)
Bodh’aktan – Les dames du large (Live)
Bodh’aktan – Nothing but a Game (Live)
Bodh’aktan – Par chez nous (Live)
Bodh’aktan – Samedi soir au fais dodo (Live)
Bodh’aktan – Zimmerman (Live)
Bornwithhair – Exhumed
Bornwithhair – Kill the Witch
Bornwithhair – Nothing but Dread
Bornwithhair – Personality Weapon
Bornwithhair – Separated at Death
Bornwithhair – The Glome
Bornwithhair – Your Skull
City In Pain – Hail to the Queen
City In Pain – In the Rumble
City In Pain – Night Drive
City In Pain – Sacrifice (I Need To)
City In Pain – Wrong Place, Wrong Face
Dewildes – Causa Efecto
Dewildes – Demolicion
Dewildes – Dientes de Leon
Dewildes – La Espuma de Tu Amor
Dewildes – Sabado
Dewildes – Sigo Buscando
Eizbrand – Bruder
Eizbrand – Finger 3
Eizbrand – Flucht nach Vorne
Eizbrand – Gefuhl von Freiheit
Eizbrand – Haus aus Glas
Eizbrand – Ich bin ich (Segen oder Fluch)
Eizbrand – Ich denk zuruck
Eizbrand – Ich glaube
Eizbrand – Intro
Eizbrand – Lasst uns Geschichte schreiben
Eizbrand – Niemals
Eizbrand – Phoenix aus der Asche
Eizbrand – Stumme Schreie
Eizbrand – Vereint
Eizbrand – Was auch passiert
Eizbrand – Zeichen meiner Liebe
Fischer-Z – A.I.Owns.U.
Fischer-Z – Big Orange Sun
Fischer-Z – Brian
Fischer-Z – Choose
Fischer-Z – Cuban Rain Falling
Fischer-Z – Dystopia’s Here
Fischer-Z – Narcissus Took Me Down
Fischer-Z – Oh Compassion
Fischer-Z – Romance Can Last Forever
Fischer-Z – Same Boat
Fischer-Z – The Selfish Mirror
Fischer-Z – Til The Oceans Overflow
Fischer-Z – Waterside
Fito Y Fitipaldis – A Morir Cantando
Fito Y Fitipaldis – A Quemarropa
Fito Y Fitipaldis – Cada Vez Cadбver
Fito Y Fitipaldis – Cielo Hermйtico
Fito Y Fitipaldis – En El Barro
Fito Y Fitipaldis – Fantasmas
Fito Y Fitipaldis – Las Palabras Arden
Fito Y Fitipaldis – Quiero Gritar
Fito Y Fitipaldis – Si Me Ves Asн
Fito Y Fitipaldis – Transporte
Five Fifteen – Art for Art’s Sake
Five Fifteen – Penny Dreadful
Five Fifteen – Poor Alice Stole Charlie’s Dog
Five Fifteen – Sayonara Panorama
Five Fifteen – Thank You for Listening
Five Fifteen – The Joy of Organ Music
Five Fifteen – The Only Way to Survive
Five Fifteen – Viktor Didin’t Mind That Sally Knows
Five Fifteen – Whatever Happened to Jackie Coogan
Five Fifteen – When Sunday Said Hello
Five Fifteen – When We Wrote Our Masterpiece
Graveyard Bashers – 66 Cuts
Graveyard Bashers – Fun & Games
Graveyard Bashers – Graveyard Brothel
Graveyard Bashers – Mean Motherfucker
Graveyard Bashers – Mystery
Graveyard Bashers – Psychobilly Sleazebags
Graveyard Bashers – Pure Evil (Album Version)
Graveyard Bashers – Set You On Fire
Graveyard Bashers – Straitjacket
Graveyard Bashers – Twisted Nightmares
Grinder Blues – Another Way Round
Grinder Blues – Everybody
Grinder Blues – Gotta Get Me Some of That
Grinder Blues – Hand of God
Grinder Blues – Hold Me Close
Grinder Blues – Keep Away
Grinder Blues – King Without a Throne
Grinder Blues – Somebody
Grinder Blues – When the Storm Comes
Grinder Blues – Who Wants a Spankin
Happoradio – Emman laulu
Happoradio – Jos et olis siina
Happoradio – Kalifornia
Happoradio – Maalissa
Happoradio – Rummut kutsuu
Happoradio – Silta
Happoradio – Super Mario
Happoradio – Tehdaan jotain kaunista
Happoradio – Valaiden luo (Valisoitto IV)
Happoradio – Vesitornin katolla
HorrorPops – Baby Lou Tattoo (Live)
HorrorPops – Dotted with Hearts (Live)
HorrorPops – Everything’s Everything (Live)
HorrorPops – Freaks in Uniforms (Live)
HorrorPops – Ghouls (Live)
HorrorPops – Girl in a Cage (Live)
HorrorPops – Hit ‘n’ Run (Live)
HorrorPops – Intro (Live)
HorrorPops – It’s Been so Long (Live)
HorrorPops – Julia (Live)
HorrorPops – Kool Flattop (Live)
HorrorPops – Missfit (Live)
HorrorPops – Miss Take (Live)
HorrorPops – Psychobitches Outta Hell (Live)
HorrorPops – S.O.B. (Live)
HorrorPops – Thelma and Louise (Live)
HorrorPops – Undefeated (Live)
HorrorPops – Walk Like a Zombie (Live)
HorrorPops – Where They Wander (Live)
Howlin Rain – Annabelle
Howlin Rain – Dharma Wheel
Howlin Rain – Don’t Let the Tears
Howlin Rain – Prelude
Howlin Rain – Rotoscope
Howlin Rain – Under the Wheels
Ian Cubitt – Dynamite
Ian Cubitt – Ghost Car
Ian Cubitt – Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Ian Cubitt – Taphophobia
Karhukolari – Ehka
Karhukolari – Elamalta haluan enemman
Karhukolari – Heikosti
Karhukolari – Kertoja
Karhukolari – Kuunvalo
Karhukolari – M.o.
Karhukolari – Pohjaton on katkeruuteni
Karhukolari – Sinun kanssasi
Karhukolari – Vauhtisokea
Lathe – Glisten
Lathe – Hydrangeas
Lathe – Sunday
Mikko Ilmari – Atlantti
Mikko Ilmari – Green Day
Mikko Ilmari – Hauras ja vahva
Mikko Ilmari – Jos oisit joku toinen
Mikko Ilmari – Kiire
Mikko Ilmari – Mayday
Mikko Ilmari – Pahvikaupunki
Mikko Ilmari – Paratiisin viimeiset
Mikko Ilmari – Sydan kestaa osumaa
Mikko Ilmari – Tanaan vielakin
Nothing – Amber Gambler
Nothing – La La Means I Love You
Nothing – The Great Dismal
Ochmoneks – Alles kann nichts muss
Ochmoneks – Auch wenn Ihr nie davon erzaehlt
Ochmoneks – Dein stolzer Sohn
Ochmoneks – Der Freund den Du verdienst
Ochmoneks – Freiheit Liebe Rock n Roll
Ochmoneks – Galileo
Ochmoneks – In diesem wunderschoenen Land
Ochmoneks – Intro
Ochmoneks – Kerben bringen Glueck
Ochmoneks – Rauch das Leben bis zum Filter
Ochmoneks – Roland Kaiser
Ochmoneks – Roy Orbison
Ochmoneks – Zeig mir Deine Freunde
Pekko Kappi – Aamunkoi
Pekko Kappi – Hera tetty
Pekko Kappi – Huntu
Pekko Kappi – Kenelle 1
Pekko Kappi – Kenelle 2
Pekko Kappi – Kirsikankukkia
Pekko Kappi – Korvennunko jo kohta
Pekko Kappi – Luopioiden laiva
Pekko Kappi – Miksi teit sen
Pekko Kappi – Minotauros
Pekko Kappi – Mykka lintu
Pekko Kappi – Ovi
Pekko Kappi – Pahat ei tarvitse puutarhaa
Pekko Kappi – Paholaisen ka tyri
Pekko Kappi – Pela tti
Pekko Kappi – Valaita
Plan E – Alfons
Plan E – Koko mylly viemariin
Plan E – Kuilun reuna
Plan E – Kuin sammalta
Plan E – Musta uni
Plan E – Nuorten miesten laulu
Plan E – Oulu Codex
Plan E – Pinnan alla
Resham – As I See’d
Resham – A Voice Less
Resham – Glitch
Resham – Leaves Before Fall
Resham – Prairie Girl
Resham – Rewrite
Resham – Tell the Visioned
Revolverheld – Abrei en
Revolverheld – Am Steuer eingeschlafen
Revolverheld – Dahinten wird’s schon wieder hell
Revolverheld – Das Gro te
Revolverheld – Es bedeutet mir die Welt
Revolverheld feat. The Night Game – Na ihr wisst schon
Revolverheld – Irgendwann kommen wir schon an
Revolverheld – Keine Zeit
Revolverheld – Leichter
Revolverheld – Neu erzahlen
Revolverheld – Nicht so wie die
Revolverheld – Vom Suchen und Finden
Samantha Fish – All Ice No Whiskey
Samantha Fish – All The Words
Samantha Fish – Better Be Lonely
Samantha Fish – Crowd Control
Samantha Fish – Faster
Samantha Fish – Forever Together
Samantha Fish – Hypnotic
Samantha Fish – Imaginary War
Samantha Fish – Like A Classic
Samantha Fish – Loud
Samantha Fish – So-Called Lover
Samantha Fish – Twisted Ambition
Shihad – Empire Falling
Shihad – Feel The Fire
Shihad – Just Like You
Shihad – Little Demons
Shihad – Mink Coat
Shihad – Old Gods
Shihad – Slow Dawning
Shihad – Tear Down Those Names
Shihad – The Hill Song
Shihad – The Wreckage
Shy, Low – Decease Spe Re
Shy, Low – Fata Morgana
Shy, Low – Fulgurations
Shy, Low – Helioentropy
Shy, Low – The Beacon
Shy, Low – Umbra
Shy, Low – Where the Light Bends
Stage Frite – Army Of The Dead
Stage Frite – Fantasy Man
Stage Frite – Gimp Geese & Ghastly Grebes
Stage Frite – I Got A Love
Stage Frite – Massacre Of Mudpike
Stage Frite – Midnight Prowler
Stage Frite – Poor Girl
Stage Frite – Psychos On The Run
Stage Frite – Revenge Of The Killer Coypu
Stage Frite – Taken
The Bloodstrings – Gaslight
The Bloodstrings – German Angst
The Bloodstrings – Hookline
The Bloodstrings – Tik Tik Tik
The Brainiax – Goodbye Horses
The Brainiax – Laboratory Love
The Radios – African
The Radios – Gold East
The Radios – Love Swamp
The Radios – Make You Mine
The Radios – Roulette
The Radios – They Live We Sleep
The Radios – Victims of Period
The Radios – Visitors
The Rumjacks – Athens to the North
The Rumjacks – Bullhead
The Rumjacks – Golden Death
The Rumjacks – Goodnight & Make Mends
The Rumjacks – Hestia
The Rumjacks – Light in My Shadow
The Rumjacks – Lizzie Borden
The Rumjacks – Motion
The Rumjacks – Naysayers
The Rumjacks – Rhythm of Her Name
The Rumjacks – Sainted Millions
The Rumjacks – Tell Me What Happened
The Rumjacks – Through These Iron Sights
The Rumjacks – Wanderust
The Rumpled – Broken Romances
The Rumpled feat. FolkaMiseria – One Love
The Rumpled feat. FolkaMiseria – Patty’s Jig
The Rumpled feat. Paddy And The Rats – Fearless and Brave
The Rumpled – Feelin’ Fine
The Rumpled – Grace O’malley (Extended)
The Rumpled – Song of Ill Repute
The Rumpled – Stand Up
The Rumpled – Take a Drop
The Rumpled – The Gipsy Dancer
The Rumpled – The Maiden
The Rumpled – The Road
The Rumpled – Time to Go
The Velveteers – Beauty Queens
The Velveteers – Bless Your Little Heart
The Velveteers – Brightest Light
The Velveteers – Charmer And The Snake
The Velveteers – Choking
The Velveteers – Dark Horse
The Velveteers – Devil’s Radio
The Velveteers – Father Of Lies
The Velveteers – Limboland
The Velveteers – Motel #27
The Velveteers – Nightmare Daydream
The Velveteers – What A Smile Can Hide
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Afraid to Die
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Blank Drone
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Blank Worker
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Died in the Prison of the Holy Office
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Fewer Afraid
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Infinite Josh
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Invading the World of the Guilty as a Spirit of Vengeance
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Queen Sophie for President
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Trouble
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – We Saw Birds through the Hole in the Ceiling
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Your Brain is a Rubbermaid
Toxic Frogs – Beginning
Toxic Frogs – Bestie Life
Toxic Frogs – Go Back Again
Toxic Frogs – My Lucky Own
Toxic Frogs – Thank You Humanity
Toxic Frogs – The Shamrock’s Jig
VD Pitkanen – 15 Kevatta
VD Pitkanen – Ahven
VD Pitkanen – Demoversio
VD Pitkanen – Ei Kenenkaan Psalmi
VD Pitkanen – Han Oli
VD Pitkanen – Ihan Ok Valimuotofossiili
VD Pitkanen – Kuravesi
VD Pitkanen – Levelilla
VD Pitkanen – Paassani Valvon
VD Pitkanen – Pakasteaurinko
VD Pitkanen – Satoi Kaatoi
VD Pitkanen – Urheilun Lainalaisuuksia Basistin Soololevylla
Vesa & Masa – Niin se kay
Vesa & Masa – Sen siita saa
Wayward Sons – Big Day
Wayward Sons – Bloody Typical
Wayward Sons – Downfall
Wayward Sons – Even up the Score
Wayward Sons – Faith in Fools
Wayward Sons – Fake
Wayward Sons – Land of the Blind
Wayward Sons – Looking for a Reason
Wayward Sons – Sign of the Times
Wayward Sons – They Know
Wayward Sons – This Party’s Over
Wayward Sons – Tip of My Tongue
Addict – Bang or Die
Addict – Endtime
Addict – Killed by Death
Addict – Never Lose
Addict – Rats Friends
Addict – Sick Masses
Addict – This Is Unreal
Addict – War
Addict – We Are Antisocial
Infrared – Beautiful Death
Infrared – Blood & Sweat
Infrared – Eat Your Own
Infrared – Eternal Exile
Infrared – Evil Ascent
Infrared – From the Black Swamp
Infrared – Left Lane Fuck
Infrared – Lockdown
Infrared – No Masters, No Gods
Infrared – Semita Domum
Infrared – Tradimento
Infrared – Tribal Junction
Omission – Anger Ablaze Discharge
Omission – Blue Water
Omission – Crowned for Dust
Omission – Crush the Christian Scum
Omission – Darkness Itself
Omission – Enfeebled by Vice
Omission – Furious Fighting
Omission – Obliteration Proselitism
Omission – Scavenger Vultures
Omission – Somber as Retaliation
Omission – The Signs of Living Fast
Phrenetix – Blaze of Alienation
Phrenetix – Dark Side of Mine
Phrenetix – Defunct
Phrenetix – Exuviae
Phrenetix – Hallucigenation
Phrenetix – Kill The Messenger
Phrenetix – Raw Pain
Phrenetix – Sybil