Rock Pack – 216 Tracks hottest music – [09-Nov-2021]

Along Came A Spider – American Beauty
Along Came A Spider – Black & Blue
Along Came A Spider – Galaxy Eyes
Along Came A Spider – Invisible Disease
Along Came A Spider – Left Behind
Along Came A Spider – Remedy
Along Came A Spider – Stand up and Rise
Along Came A Spider – The Hollow
Along Came A Spider – World Is Ours (Feat. Chris Parketny)
Along Came A Spider – Your Reckoning
Bon jovi – Living on a Prayer (ERG Extended)
Bon jovi – Living on a Prayer (Sergio Villanueva Remix)(Extended)
Brutalligators – 20 10 0
Brutalligators – Coffee & Codeine
Brutalligators – Don’t Talk to Me
Brutalligators – Helpless Hopeless
Brutalligators – Josie
Brutalligators – Protect Yr Own
Brutalligators – The Holiday
Brutalligators – This House
Brutalligators – Touch Knees
Brutalligators – Your Side of the Bed
Buffalo Daughter – Don’t Punk Out
Buffalo Daughter – Et (Densha)
Buffalo Daughter – Everything Valley
Buffalo Daughter – Global Warming Kills Us All
Buffalo Daughter – Jazz
Buffalo Daughter – Loop
Buffalo Daughter – Music
Buffalo Daughter – Serendipity (Tsubu)
Buffalo Daughter – Times
Kasabian – ALYGATYR
Melissa Etheridge – As Cool As You Try
Melissa Etheridge – For The Last Time
Melissa Etheridge – I’m No Angel Myself
Melissa Etheridge – Life Goes On (Live)
Melissa Etheridge – One Way Out
Melissa Etheridge – Save Myself
Melissa Etheridge – That Would Be Me
Melissa Etheridge – Wild Wild Wild
Melissa Etheridge – You Have No Idea (Live)
Mikel Erentxun – A Tientas (Feat. Andrйs Calamaro)
Mikel Erentxun – A Tu Lado (Feat. Izaro)
Mikel Erentxun – A Un Minuto De Ti (Feat. Coque Malla)
Mikel Erentxun – Cicatrices (Feat. Maika Makovski)
Mikel Erentxun – Con El Tiempo A Favor (Feat. Abraham Boba)
Mikel Erentxun – De Espaldas a mн (Feat. Ivбn Ferreiro)
Mikel Erentxun – El Mejor De Mis Dнas (Feat. Nina De Juan)
Mikel Erentxun – En Algъn Lugar (Feat. Santi Balmes & Vнctor Cabezuelo)
Mikel Erentxun – Entre Salitre Y Sudor (Feat. Eva Amaral)
Mikel Erentxun – Esos Ojos Negros (Feat. Amaia)
Mikel Erentxun – Esta Luz Nunca Se Apagarб (Feat. Marc Ros & Juan Aguirre)
Mikel Erentxun – Intacto (Feat. Quique Gonzбlez)
Mikel Erentxun – Llamas De Hielo (Feat. Rafa Val & Alberto Cantъa)
Mikel Erentxun – Maсana (Feat. Zahara & Leiva)
Mikel Erentxun – Quiйn Se Acuerda De Ti (Feat. Diego Vasallo)
Mikel Erentxun – Rozando La Eternidad (Feat. Бngel Stanich)
Mikel Erentxun – Si Te Vas (Feat. Xoel Lуpez)
Mikel Erentxun – Sй Libre Sй Mнa (Feat. Miren Iza)
Mikel Erentxun – Veneno (Feat. Bunbury)
Mikel Erentxun – Бngel En Llamas (Feat. Anni B Sweet)
Rock BoyWithUke – Toxic Radio Edit
Rock Brandi Carlile – Broken Horses Main
Rock Brett Dennen – Paul Newman Daytona Rolex Radio Edit
Rock Cobra Starship – Beautiful Life Radio Edit
Rock Foals – Wake Me Up Radio Edit
Rock Franz Ferdinand – Billy Goodbye Instrumental
Rock Franz Ferdinand – Billy Goodbye Main
Rock Lauran Hibberd – Charlies Car Clean
Rock Lil Dusty G ft Marshmello – Preached Radio Edit
Rock Shamans Harvest – Voices Radio Edit
Rock The Anxiety ft Willow & Tyler Cole – After You Cry Clean
Rock U2 – Your Song Saved My Life Radio Edit
Scorpions – Peacemaker
Haenesy – Katruzsa III
Haenesy – Katruzsa II
Haenesy – Katruzsa I
Haenesy – Katruzsa IV
Haenesy – Katruzsa VI
Haenesy – Katruzsa V
Mossgiver – Embrace the Wrath of Wind
Mossgiver – Led By the Glowing River
Mossgiver – Paths Anew
Nihilism – Cataclysme vers l’ascendance III
Nihilism – Cataclysme vers l’ascendance II
Nihilism – Cataclysme vers l’ascendance I
Nihilism – Cataclysme vers l’ascendance IV
Nihilism – Cataclysme vers l’ascendance VII
Nihilism – Cataclysme vers l’ascendance VI
Nihilism – Cataclysme vers l’ascendance V
Besta – Bolsos Cheios de Nada
Besta – Cravado em Lume Negro (Ao Vivo)
Besta – Dissector
Besta – Portugal em Chamas (Ao Vivo)
Besta – Requiem Macabro (Ao Vivo)
Besta – Social Sterility (Ao Vivo)
Besta – VTA
Black Hill Cove – Angels fall
Black Hill Cove – Blindness
Black Hill Cove – Broken pieces
Black Hill Cove – Hole in the head
Black Hill Cove – In the shadows
Black Hill Cove – Kill the beast
Black Hill Cove – Lutar ate ao fim
Black Hill Cove – O tempo nao volta atras
Black Hill Cove – Standing alone
Black Hill Cove – The calling
Black Hill Cove – The hunt
Black Hill Cove – The wolf
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – …and My Faded Reflection in Your Eyes
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – Anything to Take Me Anywhere but Here
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – Intersecting Storylines to the Same Tragedy
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – Life as a Soap Opera Plot, 26 Years Running
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – Losing Sight Of The Exit…
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – Melodrama Between Two Entirely Bored Individuals
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – Misinterpreting Constellations
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – Ouroboros as an Overused Metaphor
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – Sharpen What You Can
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – The End to a Brief Moment of Lasting Intimacy
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – The Peace in Disillusion
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – The Romance of Affliction
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – With Arms That Bind and Lips That Lock
Callus – Cinderstella
Callus – Fatberg
Callus – Ka-Tet
Callus – Molar Crown
Callus – Sludge Guzzler
Callus – Sorrow’s Bane
Callus – Toadfish
Mother Iron Horse – Mass At Dungeon Rock
Mother Iron Horse – Nocturnal Eternal
Mother Iron Horse – Old Man Satan
Mother Iron Horse – Samhain Dawn
Mother Iron Horse – Samhain Night
Mother Iron Horse – The Devil’s Work
Mother Iron Horse – The Witches
Mother Iron Horse – Under The Blood Moon
Halocraft – A Mother to Scare Away the Darkness
Halocraft – Don’t Break the Loop
Halocraft – For the Son you Could Not Save
Halocraft – In the Woods
Halocraft – New Beginnings
Halocraft – Quantum
Halocraft – Small Victories
Halocraft – The Machine
Halocraft – Through the Caverns
Bullet For My Valentine – Bastards
Bullet For My Valentine – Death By A Thousand Cuts
Bullet For My Valentine – Knives
Bullet For My Valentine – My Reverie
Bullet For My Valentine – No Happy Ever After
Bullet For My Valentine – Paralysed
Bullet For My Valentine – Parasite
Bullet For My Valentine – Rainbow Veins
Bullet For My Valentine – Shatter
Burning Point – Arsonist Of The Soul
Burning Point – Blast In The Past
Burning Point – Calling
Burning Point – Eternal Life
Burning Point – Fire With Fire
Burning Point – Hit The Night
Burning Point – Off The Radar
Burning Point – Out Of Control (Savage Animals)
Burning Point – Persona Non Grata
Burning Point – Rules The Universe
Burning Point – Running In The Darkness
Burning Point – Will I Rise With The Sun
Murro – Auto Flesh
Murro – Consequente
Murro – Estrabico
Murro – Fabrica
Murro – Galinhas
Murro – Homem do Talho
Murro – Pa Modi Bo
Murro – Silvestre
Shadow of Intent – From Ruin… We Rise
Shadow of Intent – Intensified Genocide
Shadow of Intent – Where Millions Have Come to Die (feat. Phil Bozeman)
Sinistro – Cidade 2 (Live at Roadburn)
Sinistro – Corpo Presente (Live at Roadburn)
Sinistro – Estrada (Live at Roadburn)
Sinistro – Reliquia (Live at Roadburn)
Arion – Punish You
At Vance – The Evil in You
Bloodbound – Bloodheads United
Brainstorm – The Kindred Soul
Burning Point – Ton of Bricks
Dead City Ruins – Devil Man (2019 Version)
Deaf Rat – Like a Prayer
Dragonland – At the Inn of Eamon Bayle
Dynazty – Prestige
Elvenking – No Prayer for the Dying
Emil Bulls – Night over Disneyland
Epysode – Forgotten Symphony (Jacob Hansen’S Extended Mix)
Evergrey – The Darkness in You
Evidence One – Wait up For More
Firewind – New Found Power
Flotsam And Jetsam – Life, Love, Death
Herman Frank – Forever
Iron Mask – March of the Slaves
Lordi – Hulking Dynamo
Metalite – Hunting High and Low
Mors Principium Est – Livin’ La Vida Loca
Nostradameus – The Voyager
Orden Ogan – Fields of Sorrow (Orchestral Version)
Paradox – Timegrain
Pyramaze – World Foregone (Orchestra Version)
Ross the Boss – Blood of My Enemies
Serious Black – I Show You My Heart
Shakra – I Want It
Solution .45 – Spirit Side Dreaming
U.D.O. – Falling Angels
Anti-Lam Front – Bandasjer Brudd Med Gaffa
Anti-Lam Front – E Vi Nшdt
Anti-Lam Front – Hele Norges Jesus (For Mor Mi)
Anti-Lam Front – Ikke Misforstе Med Vilje For Helvete Faen