Rock Pack – 250 Tracks newest song – [28-Oct-2021]

Cactus Black – 7 Years on Death Row
Cactus Black – After the Hold Up
Cactus Black – All Things Pass, All Things Change
Cactus Black – Bootlickers Shitkickers
Cactus Black – Carry the Weight
Cactus Black – Jesus of Ohio
Cactus Black – Name and Blood
Cactus Black – Poor as Dirt
Cactus Black – The State’s Man
Cactus Black – Whiskey with a Ghost
Deafheaven – Great Mass of Color
Deafheaven – In Blur
Deafheaven – Lament for Wasps
Deafheaven – Mombasa
Deafheaven – Neptune Raining Diamonds
Deafheaven – Other Language
Deafheaven – Shellstar
Deafheaven – The Gnashing
Deafheaven – Villain
Dope Lemon – Rose Pink Cadillac (Clean)
Illuminati Hotties – Cheap Shoes
Illuminati Hotties – Growth
Illuminati Hotties – Joni LA’s No. 1 Health Goth
Illuminati Hotties – Kickflip
Illuminati Hotties – Knead
Illuminati Hotties – MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA
Illuminati Hotties – Pool Hopping
Illuminati Hotties – Protector
Illuminati Hotties – The Sway
Illuminati Hotties – Threatening Each Other re Capitalism
Illuminati Hotties – Toasting (feat. Alex Menne)
Illuminati Hotties – u v v p (feat. Buck Meek)
Kyote Radio – Color
Kyote Radio – Crooked Canyons
Kyote Radio – Fresno
Kyote Radio – Heatwave
Kyote Radio – How High
Kyote Radio – Open Wide
Kyote Radio – Real Crime
Kyote Radio – The Beam
Kyote Radio – The Range
Kyote Radio – Waiting Around to Die
Mario Rossi Band – Acid Chemistry
Mario Rossi Band – I Could Be Good For You Now
Mario Rossi Band – Midnight Woman
Mario Rossi Band – Nemesis
Mario Rossi Band – Raw ‘N’ Rough Boogie
Mario Rossi Band – That Letter
Mario Rossi Band – When the Summer Ends
Miscellen – Aphotique
Miscellen – Chemical Bonds
Miscellen – Cold Comfort
Miscellen – Dive
Miscellen – Ediac
Miscellen – Happy Ending
Miscellen – No Saints Allowed
Miscellen – Scream All You Want
Miscellen – Shadow Blind
Miscellen – Sneer
Miscellen – Your Lucky Day
Mission Pilots and the Dropkick Apollo – Carbon
Mission Pilots and the Dropkick Apollo – Graphite
Mission Pilots and the Dropkick Apollo – Nova Bright
Mission Pilots and the Dropkick Apollo – Void
Mission Pilots and the Dropkick Apollo – Volcano
Moist Wanted – Hyper Croach
Moist Wanted – Push the Sasquatch
Moist Wanted – Sea of Rice
Moist Wanted – Spikeless Hedgehog
Nick Cave Feat. The Bad Seeds – Vortex (Main)
NOISY – Rock ‘n’ Roll Raver (Dirty)
NOISY – Rock ‘n’ Roll Raver (Intro Dirty)
NOISY – Rock ‘n’ Roll Raver (Quick Hit Dirty)
Scarecrow – Blizzard
Scarecrow – Magic Flower
Scarecrow – Spirit Seducer
Scarecrow – The Endless Ocean
Scarecrow – The Endless Ocean Overture
Scarecrow – The Golden Times
Scarecrow – The Moors
Scarecrow – The Mushroom Wizard
Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators – The River Is Rising (Clean)
The O’reillys And The Paddyhats – Barrels Of Whiskey
The O’reillys And The Paddyhats – Beautiful Fear
The O’reillys And The Paddyhats – Dogs On The Leash
The O’reillys And The Paddyhats – Fair Old Lady
The O’reillys And The Paddyhats – Ferryman
The O’reillys And The Paddyhats – Green Blood
The O’reillys And The Paddyhats – Irish Way
The O’reillys And The Paddyhats – Light Up
The O’reillys And The Paddyhats – We All Know (Feat. Doro Pesch)
The O’reillys And The Paddyhats – Yesterdays’s Rebel
Timelost – Lifer Death
Wodorost – Aphelium
Wodorost – Barren Lands
Wodorost – Eternal Atlantis
Wodorost – Fifth Wind
Wodorost – Malachite
Wodorost – N.N.U.
Wodorost – St. Vitus Dance
Wodorost – Summer Riot
Enemy Crucifixion – Affliction (Single version)
Enemy Crucifixion – Authotopia
Enemy Crucifixion – Entombed
Enemy Crucifixion – Eternal Oblivion
Enemy Crucifixion – Immolated Invasion
Enemy Crucifixion – King of Gavwah
Enemy Crucifixion – Nails Deeper
Enemy Crucifixion – No Future
Enemy Crucifixion – Nuclear Glory
Enemy Crucifixion – Pinned Eye
Enemy Crucifixion – Separated (Single version)
Fierce Cult – Anger
Fierce Cult – Bite the Hand
Fierce Cult – Blood
Fierce Cult – Broken Glass
Fierce Cult – Choose Your Gun
Fierce Cult – Feed on Fear
Fierce Cult – … Of The End
Fierce Cult – One Shot, One Death
Fierce Cult – Share My Death
Fierce Cult – The Beginning…
Fierce Cult – There’s Something in My Dreams
Fierce Cult – Where Humanity Ends
Oaktails – Cast an Anchor
Oaktails – Erase
Oaktails – Freezing
Secret Keeper – Everyone Disappears
Secret Keeper – Luxury Funerals (feat. Kyle Medina)
Secret Keeper – Stay Inside (feat. Ian Thomas Slagle)
Snafu – Amazing Waste
Snafu – Bring Suffering
Snafu – Choking Game
Snafu – Closed Casket Habits
Snafu – Exile & Banishment
Snafu – Eyes of Your God
Snafu – Monarch
Snafu – No Rites (For the Less Dead)
Snafu – Soil of Blood
Snafu – The Pear of Anguish
Snafu – Wake of Vultures
Tempter – La Lluvia
Tempter – Night Terror
Tempter – Pestilence
Tempter – Sacricide
Tempter – Uniformed Madness
Enemy Inside – Alien
Enemy Inside – Black And Gold
Enemy Inside – Black Butterfly
Enemy Inside – Break Through
Enemy Inside – Bulletproof
Enemy Inside – Crush
Enemy Inside – Crystallize
Enemy Inside – Dynamite
Enemy Inside – In My Blood
Enemy Inside – Release Me
Enemy Inside – Seven
Full Of Hell – All Bells Ringing
Full Of Hell – Asphyxiant Blessing
Full Of Hell – Burning Apparition
Full Of Hell – Celestial Hierarch
Full Of Hell – Derelict Satellite
Full Of Hell – Eroding Shell
Full Of Hell – Guided Blight
Full Of Hell – Industrial Messiah Complex
Full Of Hell – Murmuring Foul Spring
Full Of Hell – Non-Atomism
Full Of Hell – Reeking Tunnels
Full Of Hell – Urchin Thrones
HERIOT – Ten Ton Hammer (Machine Head cover)
Hulkoff – FNFAL (Svitjod Edition)
Hulkoff – FNFAL (Vinland Edition)
Hulkoff – Hardradi (Svitjod Edition)
Hulkoff – Hardradi (Vinland Edition)
Hulkoff – Hekwos (Svitjod Edition)
Hulkoff – Hekwos (Vinland Edition)
Hulkoff – Holmgang (Svitjod Edition)
Hulkoff – Holmgang (Vinland Edition)
Hulkoff – Jormungandr (Vinland Edition)
Hulkoff – Jormungand (Svitjod Edition)
Hulkoff – Ragnarok (Svitjod Edition)
Hulkoff – Ragnarok (Vinland Edition)
Hulkoff – Sand dina Korpar (Svitjod Edition)
Hulkoff – Send Me a Raven (Vinland Edition)
Hulkoff – Sigrgaldr
Hulkoff – Sigrgaldr (Vinland Edition)
Hulkoff – Till Valhall (Svitjod Edition)
Hulkoff – To Valhalla (Vinland Edition)
Hulkoff – Ulfhednar (Svitjod Edition)
Hulkoff – Ulfhednar (Vinland Edition)
Hulkoff – Vapnum (Svitjod Edition)
Hulkoff – Vapnum (Vinland Edition)
Ill Niсo – All Or Nothing (Feat. Sonny Sandoval)
Ill Niсo & Franco El Gorilla – Si Una Vez (El Rockero)
Persona – Alpha
Persona – Animals
Persona – Beyond
Persona – Ghost
Persona – Hurricane
Persona – Oracle
Persona – Shadows
Persona – Shout Out Loud
Persona – Swallow The Night
Persona – You Can’t Stop Me
Suneater – Absence
Suneater – Ashen
Suneater – Dead End
Suneater – Drained
Suneater – Knife’s Edge
Suneater – Taunt
TheCityIsOurs – Barely Alive
TheCityIsOurs – Body Count
TheCityIsOurs – COMA
TheCityIsOurs – Dangerous
TheCityIsOurs – Death of Me
TheCityIsOurs – Does It Keep You Up
TheCityIsOurs – Madre
TheCityIsOurs – Only Human
TheCityIsOurs – Regret About Me
TheCityIsOurs – Save You with My Love
TheCityIsOurs – So Sad
TheCityIsOurs – Violent
WOWOD – WWD_DRN_21_1-ks_vx_gtr, ‘. 4
WOWOD – WWD_DRN_21_2-ks_gtr, ‘. 3
WOWOD – WWD_DRN_21_3-ks_gtr, ‘. 2
WOWOD – WWD_DRN_21_4-drms_ks_vx_gtr, ‘. 4
Little Jimi – First Cantos
Little Jimi – Indian Rain
Little Jimi – Last Cantos XXIV
Little Jimi – Matchetehew
Little Jimi – Palace Afternoon
Little Jimi – The Way
The Sun Or The Moon – Cosmic
The Sun Or The Moon – Eldorado
The Sun Or The Moon – Julia Dream
The Sun Or The Moon – Quicksand
The Sun Or The Moon – Space Travel Agent
The Sun Or The Moon – Trippin on Mars
The Sun Or The Moon – Twisted Kamasutra
Can’t Swim – 10 Years Too Late
Can’t Swim – Altamonte Explode
Can’t Swim – Better Luck Next Time
Can’t Swim – careless.anxious.neurotic.tired
Can’t Swim – Deliver Us More Evil
Can’t Swim – Everyone That I Know, I Hate
Can’t Swim – Opposite of God
Can’t Swim – Sense of Humor
Can’t Swim – Set the Room Ablaze (Feat. Caleb Shomo)
Can’t Swim – Standing in the Dark
Can’t Swim – To Heal at All, You Have to Feel It All