Rock Pack – 322 Tracks fresh hits – [14-Aug-2021]

Lord Of The Lost – 2000 Years A Pyre
Lord Of The Lost – And It Was Night
Lord Of The Lost – Apokatastasis
Lord Of The Lost – Argent
Lord Of The Lost – A War Within
Lord Of The Lost – A World Where We Belong
Lord Of The Lost – Be Still And Know
Lord Of The Lost – Born With A Broken Heart
Lord Of The Lost – Death Is Just A Kiss Away
Lord Of The Lost – Euphoria
Lord Of The Lost – For They Know Not What They Do
Lord Of The Lost – In The Field Of Blood
Lord Of The Lost – Iskarioth
Lord Of The Lost – My Constellation
Lord Of The Lost – Priest
Lord Of The Lost – The 13th
Lord Of The Lost – The Ashes Of Flowers
Lord Of The Lost – The Death Of All Colours
Lord Of The Lost – The Gospel Of Judas
Lord Of The Lost – The Heartbeat Of The Devil
Lord Of The Lost – The Heart Is A Traitor
Lord Of The Lost – Viva Vendetta
Lord Of The Lost – Work Of Salvation
Lord Of The Lost – Your Star Has Led You Astray
Ricky Warwick – 1000 Dollar Car
Ricky Warwick – Burning Love
Ricky Warwick – Clown Of Misery
Ricky Warwick – Cocaine Blues
Ricky Warwick – Fighting Heart
Ricky Warwick – Gunslinger
Ricky Warwick – I Dont Feel At Home
Ricky Warwick – I Dont Want To Grow Up
Ricky Warwick – Id Rather Be Hit
Ricky Warwick – I Fought The Law
Ricky Warwick – Jesus Loves You But I Dont
Ricky Warwick – Never Corner A Rat
Ricky Warwick – Oops I Did It Again
Ricky Warwick – Still Alive
Ricky Warwick – Summertime Blues
Ricky Warwick – Time Dont Seem To Matter
Ricky Warwick – When Life Was Hard And Fast
Ricky Warwick – Wrathchild
Ricky Warwick – You Dont Love Me
Ricky Warwick – Youre My Rock N Roll
Ricky Warwick – You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
Soul Extract – Carrier Signal (Cliff Lin Remix)
Soul Extract – Carrier Signal
Soul Extract – Centigrade
Soul Extract – Dissolve
Soul Extract – Exploit
Soul Extract – Interstellar Skies
Soul Extract – Kinesis
Soul Extract – Lacuna
Soul Extract – Legion
Soul Extract – Samsara
Soul Extract – Solid State
Soul Extract – Specter
Soul Extract – Specter (Sebastian Komor Remix)
Spyair – 0 Game
Spyair – All I Need
Spyair – Beautiful Days
Spyair – Be With
Spyair – Born To Be Loud
Spyair – B-The One
Spyair – Firestarter
Spyair – Genjyou Destruction
Spyair – I’m A Believer
Spyair – Imagination
Spyair – Inside of Me
Spyair – I Wanna Be
Spyair – Japanication
Spyair – Just One Life
Spyair – Last Moment
Spyair – Liar
Spyair – Midnight
Spyair – My World
Spyair – Naked
Spyair – Niji
Spyair – One Day
Spyair – Pride of Lions
Spyair – Rage of Dust
Spyair – Rockin’ Out
Spyair – Sakuramitsutsuki
Spyair – Some Like It Hot
Spyair – The World Is Mine
Spyair – This Is How We Rock
Spyair – Wadachi
Spyair – We’ll Never Die
Spyair – Wendy It’s You
Staind – Crawl (Live)
Staind – Eyes Wide Open (Live)
Staind – Fade (Live)
Staind – For You (Live)
Staind – Intro (Live)
Staind – Its Been Awhile (Live)
Staind – Mudshovel (Live)
Staind – Not Again (Live)
Staind – Outside (Live)
Staind – Paper Jesus (Live)
Staind – Paper Wings (Live)
Staind – Raw (Live)
Staind – Right Here (Live)
Staind – So Far Away (Live)
Staind – Something To Remind You (Live)
The Ugly Kings – Another Fucking Day
The Ugly Kings – Do You Feel Like You’re Paranoid
The Ugly Kings – Electric Lady (My Kryptonite)
The Ugly Kings – In the Shadows
The Ugly Kings – Last Man Left Alive
The Ugly Kings – Lawman
The Ugly Kings – Mr. Hyde
The Ugly Kings – Strange, Strange Times
The Ugly Kings – Technodrone
The Ugly Kings – The Devil Comes With a Smile
Wheel – Ascend
Wheel – Dissipating
Wheel – Fugue
Wheel – Hyperion
Wheel – Movement
Wheel – Old Earth
Wheel – Resident Human
Mъspellsheimr – III
Mъspellsheimr – II
Mъspellsheimr – I
Mъspellsheimr – IV
Mъspellsheimr – VI
Mъspellsheimr – V
Tattva – Altar
Tattva – In the Name of Nothing
Tattva – Merge
Tattva – Nirjara
Tattva – Old Star
Tattva – Rage
Tattva – Reversed Birth
Tattva – The Messenger
Tattva – The Seeker of Light
Deprecation – Cadaverous Smell of Despair (feat. Decomposition of Entrails)
Deprecation – Cannibalistic Decimation
Deprecation – Deadly Omen
Deprecation – Devastation
Deprecation – Estrogens
Deprecation – Fascination
Deprecation – Herentophilic Tendencies
Deprecation – Lubricated
Deprecation – Path of Homo
Deprecation – Psychotic Redemption
Ghastly – Dawnless Dreams
Ghastly – Mirror Horizon
Ghastly – Ouroborus
Ghastly – Out Of The Psychic Blue
Ghastly – Parasites
Ghastly – Perdition
Ghastly – Sea Of Light
Pathogenic Virulence – Anomaly in Transcendence
Pathogenic Virulence – Antropomorhic Parasitoidism
Pathogenic Virulence – Consuming Void in Perennial Atrophy
Pathogenic Virulence – Exoplasmic Engorgement (Intro)
Pathogenic Virulence – Harvest Fetus Metamorphosis
Pathogenic Virulence – Host-Cellular Deformity
Pathogenic Virulence – Phagocytosis Inversion
Pathogenic Virulence – Putrid Gasp Proliferation
Pathogenic Virulence – Vermal Cerebellar Decay
Plagueborne – A Blueprint for Annihilation
Plagueborne – Godforsaken
Plagueborne – Hollow Heart
Plagueborne – Profane Creation
Plagueborne – Reborn from Perception
Plagueborne – Serpents
Plagueborne – The End to Come
Plagueborne – The Value of Freedom
Plagueborne – The Wretched
Plagueborne – Where the Dead Whisper My Name
Raspatory – Ashen Epitaph
Raspatory – Delirium of Imagination
Raspatory – Imperative Hallucinations
Raspatory – Inadequate Affect
Raspatory – Megalomania
Raspatory – Paraphilic Disorder
Raspatory – Pathopsychology
Raspatory – Post Traumatic Nightmares
Raspatory – Thanatophobia
Sepiroth – 45362971N126375544E
Sepiroth – Agonizing Subjection
Sepiroth – Condemned To Suffer
Sepiroth – Destined Between The Eyes
Sepiroth – Embedded Defects
Sepiroth – Pseudoscience
Sepiroth – Pulmonary Barotrauma
Sepiroth – River Of Perdition
Sepiroth – Selective Apocalypse
Sepiroth – Six Time’s A Charm
With All My Hate – 1666
With All My Hate – Detach the Inherent
With All My Hate – Dog Lacinic
With All My Hate – Herald of Imposition
With All My Hate – Holodomor
With All My Hate – Human Debris
With All My Hate – Impaired Existence
With All My Hate – Mallevs Maleficarvm
With All My Hate – Poveglia
With All My Hate – Prayers of Imperation
With All My Hate – Tambora
Delirium – Abismo
Delirium – Arrodillate
Delirium – El Pacto
Delirium – Epopeya De Un Gusano
Delirium – Errante
Delirium – Honduras
Delirium – La Funcion
Delirium – Lobos
Delirium – Navegar
Delirium – Pierdo La Fe
Delirium – Principe
Delirium – Tegucigalpa
Godslave – Final Chapters First
Godslave – Flap Of A Wing
Godslave – From Driven
Godslave – How About No
Godslave – I Am What Is
Godslave – King Kortex
Godslave – Positive Aggressive
Godslave – See Me In A Crown
Godslave – Show Me Your Scars
Godslave – Straigt Fire Zone
Sepultura – Apes of God (feat. Rob Cavestany)
Sepultura – Cut-Throat (feat. Scott Ian)
Sepultura – Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering (feat. Emmily Barreto)
Sepultura – Hatred Aside (feat. Fernanda Lira, Angelica Burns, Mayara Puertas)
Sepultura – Inner Self (feat. Phil Rind)
Sepultura – Kaiowas (feat. Rafael Bittencourt)
Sepultura – Mask (feat. Devin Townsend)
Sepultura – Orgasmatron (feat. Phil Campbell)
Sepultura – Phantom Self (feat. Mark Holcomb)
Sepultura – Ratamahatta (feat. Joao Barone & Charles Gavin)
Sepultura – Sepulnation (feat. Danko Jones)
Sepultura – Slave New World (feat. Matthew K. Heafy)
Sepultura – Slaves of Pain (feat. Fred Leclercq)
Sepultura – Territory (feat. David Ellefson)
Sepultura – Vandals Nest (feat. Alex Skolnick)
Tuatha de Danann – Battle Song (Moytura)
Tuatha de Danann – Battle Song
Tuatha de Danann – Behold the Horned King
Tuatha de Danann – Celtia (Live 2008)
Tuatha de Danann – Celtia
Tuatha de Danann – Finganfor
Tuatha de Danann – Into the Magic Dance
Tuatha de Danann – MacDara
Tuatha de Danann – Some Tunes to Fly
Tuatha de Danann – Tan Pinga Ra Tan (Acoustic)
Tuatha de Danann – Tan Pinga Ra Tan
Tuatha de Danann – The Dance of the Little Ones (2021)
Tuatha de Danann – The Dance of the Little Ones
Tuatha de Danann – Tingaralatingadum (Live 2007)
Tuatha de Danann – Tingaralatingadun
Tuatha de Danann – Vercingetorix
Destruction – Antichrist
Destruction – Armageddonizer
Destruction – Bestial Invasion
Destruction – Betrayal
Destruction – Born to Perish
Destruction – Curse the Gods
Destruction – Damir’s Shred
Destruction – Death Trap
Destruction – Inspired by Death
Destruction – Invincible Force
Destruction – Life Without Sense
Destruction – Mad Butcher
Destruction – Nailed to the Cross
Destruction – Reject Emotions
Destruction – Release From Agony
Destruction – Rotten
Destruction – Sign of Fear
Destruction – The Butcher Strikes Back
Destruction – Thrash till Death
Destruction – Tormentor
Destruction – Total Desaster
Destruction – Under Attack
Killing – 1942
Killing – Before Violence Strikes
Killing – Don’t Get Mad, Get Evil
Killing – Killed in Action
Killing – Kill Everyone
Killing – Legion of Hate
Killing – One Last Victim
Killing – See You in Hell
Killing – Straight Out of Kattegat
Bad Omens – Careful What You Wish For
BONES UK – Beautiful Is Boring
City and Colour – What Makes a Man
(Crosses) – The Epilogue
Jonathan Davis – It’s A Sin
KennyHoopla – how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway
Kings of Leon – Closer
Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker – A Girl Like You
Meg Myers – The Underground
Night Riots – Contagious
Palaye Royale – Nightmares In Paradise
Sleeping With Sirens and Kellin Quinn – No Rain
Sleeping With Sirens and Kellin Quinn – Shadow Preachers
The Flux – True Faith
The Mavens, Lilith Czar, Starbenders – I Don’t Believe In Love
The Relentless – Cats In The Cradle
The Relentless – Cruel Game
The Relentless – Curtain Call
The Relentless – Disarm
The Relentless – Lost In Control
The Relentless – Nothing Lasts Forever
The Relentless – Rookie
The Relentless – Seven Kinds Of Sin
The Smashing Pumpkins – Ramona
Acid Storm – Light of Faith
Acid Storm – Terminator
Avalon – 57th Street
Avalon – Child’s Eyes
Double Cross – Obey thy Master
Double Cross – The Assassin
Maldevera – Maldevera
Maldevera – Voyager Destroyer
Revelatцr – Greed
Revelatцr – Lust
Sadic – Blood Spattered Bride
Sadic – Caustic Sealed Container