Rock Pack – 493 Tracks all latest – [08-Oct-2021]

A Day To Remember – Everything We Need
AFI – Caught
Bad Suns – When The World Was Mine
Black Midi – Ascending Forth
Black Midi – Chondromalacia Patella
Black Midi – Cruising
Black Midi – Despair
Black Midi – Dethroned
Black Midi – Diamond Stuff
Black Midi – Hogwash And Balderdash
Black Midi – John L
Black Midi – Marlene Dietrich
Black Midi – Slow
Black Midi – Untitled
Black Pistol Fire – Look Alive
Blues Traveler Feat. John Scofield & Rita Wilson – Crazy (Clean)
Bon Enfant – Astronaute amateur
Bon Enfant – Chagrin d’amour
Bon Enfant – Ciel bleu
Bon Enfant – Cinйma
Bon Enfant – Diorama
Bon Enfant – Grandiose
Bon Enfant – L’amour а sens unique
Bon Enfant – Porcelaine
Bon Enfant – Pвte а biscuit
Bon Enfant – Triangle
Bon Enfant – Vent doux
Cannons – Bad Dream
Foxing – 737
Foxing – At Least We Found The Floor
Foxing – Beacons
Foxing – Bialystok
Foxing – Cold Blooded
Foxing – Draw Down The Moon
Foxing – Go Down Together
Foxing – If I Believed In Love
Foxing – Speak With The Dead
Foxing – Where The Lightning Strikes Twice
Hanson – One (Clean)
Jelly Roll – Son Of A Sinner (Clean)
Lindsey Buckingham – On The Wrong Side (Clean)
Lost Symphony – Acceptance
Lost Symphony – Bargaining Depression
Lost Symphony – Decomposing Composers
Lost Symphony – Denial of Anger
Lost Symphony – My Last Goodbye
Lost Symphony – Take Another Piece
Magnolia Park – tonight
Mandrake – Coctel Distal
Mandrake – Cocteles y Formol
Mandrake – Datura Ferox
Mandrake – Esconde Sombras
Mandrake – Frio
Mandrake – Mandra gora Autumnalis
Mandrake – Mandrake
Mandrake – Mil
Mandrake – Sin Pensar
Mandrake – Sin Sumar
Mandrake – Vete Ya
Mastodon – Teardrinker (Clean)
MNYS – It’s Almost Halloween
My Morning Jacket – Love Love Love (Clean)
Stonemongers – Cryogen
Stonemongers – Moonraker
Stonemongers – We Got on Wrong Planet
Stonemongers – We Live Inside a Dream
The Buzzards of Fuzz – All In Your Head
The Buzzards of Fuzz – As They Fly Away
The Buzzards of Fuzz – Burned My Tongue On The Sun
The Buzzards of Fuzz – Desert Drivin’ (No Radio)
The Buzzards of Fuzz – Designer Recliner
The Buzzards of Fuzz – In The Movies
The Buzzards of Fuzz – Lonely In Space (Slight Return)
The Buzzards of Fuzz – Mostly Harmless
The Buzzards of Fuzz – Segue II
The Buzzards of Fuzz – Segue I
The Buzzards of Fuzz – Tarantulove
The L.I.F.E. Project – A World on Fire
The L.I.F.E. Project – Ignite
The L.I.F.E. Project – Purgatory
The L.I.F.E. Project – The Nothingness
The L.I.F.E. Project – Worthwhile
The Quireboys – 7 O’Clock (30th Anniversary Version)
The Quireboys – Hey You (30Th Anniversary Version)
The Quireboys – I Don’t Love You Anymore (30Th Anniversary Version)
The Quireboys – Long Time Comin’ (30Th Anniversary Version)
The Quireboys – Man on the Loose (30Th Anniversary Version)
The Quireboys – Man on the Loose
The Quireboys – Mayfair
The Quireboys – Misled (30Th Anniversary Version)
The Quireboys – Roses & Rings (30Th Anniversary Version)
The Quireboys – Sex Party (30Th Anniversary Version)
The Quireboys – Sweet Mary Ann (30Th Anniversary Version)
The Quireboys – Take Me Home (30Th Anniversary Version)
The Quireboys – There She Goes Again (30Th Anniversary Version)
The Quireboys – Whippin’ Boy (30Th Anniversary Version)
The Seafloor Cinema – Crash Nebula… On Ice!
The Seafloor Cinema – Drip God
The Seafloor Cinema – If You Deserve It, You Deserve It
The Seafloor Cinema – Tap Tapply
Turnstile – Blackout (Clean)
Vance Joy – Missing Piece
Ancient – Algol
Ancient – Det Glemte Riket (Live 1993)
Ancient – Det Glemte Riket (Reverb Mix)
Ancient – Eerily Howling Winds (Live 1993)
Ancient – Eerily Howling Winds
Ancient – Eerily Howling Winds (Pre-Production 1993)
Ancient – Fjellets Hemmelighet (Long Version)
Ancient – Fjellets Hemmelighet
Ancient – Likferd (Reverb Mix)
Ancient – Nattens Skjшnnhet
Ancient – Nattens Skjшnnhet (Remastered)
Ancient – Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath Cover)
Ancient – The Call of the Absu Deep (Live 1993)
Ancient – Trolltaar
Ancient – Trolltaar (Remastered)
Ancient – Trumps of an Archangel (Reverb Mix)
Avathar – Dagor Dagorath
Avathar – Horns of Doom
Avathar – Palantir
Avathar – Queen
Avathar – The World of Men Will Fall
Avathar – Wight
Behemoth – Ancient
Behemoth – Chant Of The Eastern Lands
Behemoth – Cursed Angel Of Doom (Sventevith Bonus Track)
Behemoth – Dark Triumph (Sventevith Bonus Track)
Behemoth – Entering The Faustian Soul
Behemoth – Forgotten Cult Of Aldaron
Behemoth – From The Pagan Vastlands (Black Metal Inferno Fest 08.06.1996, Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Behemoth – From The Pagan Vastlands
Behemoth – From The Pagan Vastlands (Pagan Triumph Tour 14.09.1996, Maastricht, Netherlands)
Behemoth – Hell Dwells In Ice
Behemoth – Hidden In A Fog (Black Metal Inferno Fest 08.06.1996, Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Behemoth – Hidden In A Fog (Live At Riviera Remont 11.10.1996, Warsaw, Poland)
Behemoth – Hidden In A Fog (Merry Christless 15.12.2017, Warssaw, Poland)
Behemoth – Hidden In A Fog
Behemoth – Hidden In A Fog (Pagan Triumph Tour 14.09.1996, Maastricht, Netherlands)
Behemoth – The Touch Of Nya
Behemoth – Wolves Guard My Coffin (Black Metal Inferno Fest 08.06.1996, Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Behemoth – Wolves Guard My Coffin
Bestial Putrefaction – Barbaric Butchery of Christian Scum
Bestial Putrefaction – Blood-Splattered Jehovah Obliteration
Bestial Putrefaction – Christ Dismemberment
Bestial Putrefaction – Cruel Malevolence
Bestial Putrefaction – Decapitated Throat Holy Fukking
Bestial Putrefaction – Defecating Baptized Newborns
Bestial Putrefaction – Diabolical Force Inferno
Bestial Putrefaction – Entrails of Hate
Bestial Putrefaction – Eternal Fleshripping Chaos
Bestial Putrefaction – Flamethrowers to the Cowards
Bestial Putrefaction – Gore-Drenched Barbarism
Bestial Putrefaction – Gore Heathens of the Apocalypse
Bestial Putrefaction – Heretic Noose
Bestial Putrefaction – Hordes of Gore
Bestial Putrefaction – Impetuous Warpath Proclaimed
Bestial Putrefaction – Invoker of Infinite Enmity
Bestial Putrefaction – M134 Minigun Firing to the Face
Bestial Putrefaction – Primitive Pathology
Bestial Putrefaction – Regurgitated Thorns
Bestial Putrefaction – Rites of Butchery
Bestial Putrefaction – Rotting Stench from the Trenches
Bestial Putrefaction – Satan’s Slaughterhouse
Bestial Putrefaction – Stomping Pious Faces into Bloody Pulp
Bestial Putrefaction – Summoning the Gods of Savagery
Bestial Putrefaction – Vomited Chaos
Bestial Putrefaction – Weaponized Zombies from Hell
Concubia Nocte – Hmla
Concubia Nocte – Ignis Fatuus
Concubia Nocte – Laktibrada
Concubia Nocte – Mociare
Concubia Nocte – Mohylovy Lud
Concubia Nocte – Plesa
Concubia Nocte – Roh Velesa
Concubia Nocte – Sekerou Peruna a Kladivom Thora
Concubia Nocte – S Poslednym Lucom Slnka
Concubia Nocte – Tok II
Concubia Nocte – Tok
Concubia Nocte – Usvit
Concubia Nocte – V Davnych Casoch Davno Dane
Concubia Nocte – Vecna Vola
Concubia Nocte – Vlcou Krvou
Concubia Nocte – V Ziare Svargy
Concubia Nocte – Za Tej Najhlbsej Noci
Concubia Nocte – Zomriet za Zivot
Concubia Nocte – Zo Stromu Modla, z Modly Prach
Druadan Forest – Forever Wandering Towards the Shadowgate
Druadan Forest – Pale Sorcery of the Endless Moon
Evil Might – Intro Exitus Tyrants of Armageddon
Evil Might – Serpent Thorns
Evil Might – The Crown of Entropy
Funeral Winds – Dark Rays of His Splendour
Funeral Winds – Gruzelementen
Funeral Winds – Lunar Darkness
Funeral Winds – Night of Reckoning
Funeral Winds – The Age of Fire
Funeral Winds – The Sword of Satan
Helevorn – Bless Her For Granting Me Pain (1994)
Helevorn – Hell Dwells In Ice (1994)
Issolei – Ascension
Issolei – Convergence
Issolei – Delusional Thoughts
Issolei – Destroyers
Issolei – King Apophis
Issolei – The Awakening
Necronautical – Contorting In Perpetuity
Necronautical – Death Magick Triumphant
Necronautical – Disciple (Slayer Cover)
Necronautical – Hypnagogia
Necronautical – Necropsychonautics
Necronautical – Occult Ecstatic Indoctrination
Necronautical – Pure Consciousness Event
Necronautical – Ritual And Recursion
Necronautical – Stain In The Spirit
Noctambulist – Contrivance
Noctambulist – Depletion
Noctambulist – Dissolution
Noctambulist – Engulfed
Noctambulist – Exordium
Noctambulist – Infinitesimal
Old Sorcery – Of Dragon’s Blood
Old Sorcery – Statuesque Souls Locked in a Glowing Emerald
Scope of the Paradox – A Manifesto of Shadows
Scope of the Paradox – Chaotic Dawn
Scope of the Paradox – Ephemeral Winter
Scope of the Paradox – Forever Cursed
Scope of the Paradox – Nostalgia Of Souls
Scope of the Paradox – Pointless Depression
Scope of the Paradox – The Embrace of Death
Scope of the Paradox – The Forgotten Tomb
Scope of the Paradox – The Mournful Soul of Melancholy Howls
Scope of the Paradox – The Nonexistent
Scope of the Paradox – The Sacred Mountain of Soul
Watain – Agony Fires
Watain – Angelrape
Watain – Life Dethroned
Watain – Mortem Sibi Consciscere
Watain – On Horns Impaled
Watain – Rabid Death’s Curse
Watain – The Limb Crucifix
Watain – Walls of Life Ruptured
Watain – When Heavens End (Dшdheimsgard Cover)
Wormwitch – Abracadabra
Wormwitch – Canadian Denim Mountain Attack
Wormwitch – Grail
Wormwitch – Hammer Of The Underworld
Wormwitch – Hit The Lights
Wormwitch – Leering Crystal Effigies
Wormwitch – Lunar Maniac
Wormwitch – Teeth Of The Dawn
Wormwitch – The Crimson Proof
Wormwitch – The Wolves Of Ossory
Comecon – Aerie
Comecon – Bleed-Burn
Comecon – Community
Comecon – Democrator
Comecon – Dipstick
Comecon – God Told Me To
Comecon – Morticide
Comecon – Pinhole View
Comecon – The Ethno-Surge
Comecon – The House that Man Built
Comecon – The Whole World
Comecon – Worms
Deathcraeft – Beginning of the End
Deathcraeft – Daydreaming in the Abyss
Deathcraeft – Free into the Void
Deathcraeft – Paving the Way
Deathcraeft – Spreading Lies
Deathcraeft – Survival
Deathcraeft – The Ritual
Deathcraeft – Welcome to Oblivion
Defiler – Canaanite
Defiler – Fanueil Falls
Defiler – Hailfire
Defiler – Jamboree
Defiler – Schreien Hilft Nicht
Defiler – Trauma Harness
Defiler – Wertlos
Imperium AD – Age Of The Blinded Eye
Imperium AD – Fallen Is Babylon
Imperium AD – Plagued
Imperium AD – The Last Gasping Breath Of The Empire
Imperium AD – Two Headed Dragon
Inhuman Architects – Behold The Creator
Inhuman Architects feat. Joao Martins – Defying the Gods
Inhuman Architects feat. Jose Sousa – Astra Natus Est
Inhuman Architects feat. Ricardo Guimaraes – The Great Deceiver
Inhuman Architects – In Adventu Deorum
Inhuman Architects – Interplanetary Suffering
Inhuman Architects – Nephilim
Inhuman Architects – Nibiru’s Wrath
Inhuman Architects – Night Intruders
Inhuman Architects – Vortex
Kataan – Abyss
Kataan – Erase
Kataan – Processor
Kataan – Vessel
Putrevore – Bloodlust of the Sleepers
Putrevore – Clad in Skin and Rot
Putrevore – Consume All Flesh
Putrevore – Miasmal Monstrosity
Putrevore – Terrible End of the Conjurer
Putrevore – The Fleshmen Awaits
Putrevore – Those Who Dwell Beyond
Putrevore – Vortex Devourer
Putrevore – With Tentacles Adorned
Solus Ex Inferis – Constructing the Great Divide
Solus Ex Inferis – Destroying False Gods
Solus Ex Inferis – Destroying Malevolence
Solus Ex Inferis – Set Ablaze the Books of Deception
Solus Ex Inferis – Shattering Divinity
Solus Ex Inferis – The Black Gate
Solus Ex Inferis – The Myth Creation
Matsunaga Was Right – Chairshot Lobotomy (Balls, Balls, Balls)
Matsunaga Was Right – Crazy Monkey
Matsunaga Was Right – Death by Inoki-Ism
Matsunaga Was Right – Doing Face Drugs with New Jack Atop the 2300 Arena
Matsunaga Was Right – Flying Assassin
Matsunaga Was Right – Hardway
Matsunaga Was Right – Listen Here Prazak
Matsunaga Was Right – Mass Transit (One of the Boys)
Matsunaga Was Right – Mdk
Matsunaga Was Right – Piranha Deathmatch
Matsunaga Was Right – Scissors Deathmatch
Matsunaga Was Right – Super Dragon (Clap X3)
Matsunaga Was Right – The Ballad of Czw
Matsunaga Was Right – The Headhunters
Matsunaga Was Right – Well… Well… Well…
Matsunaga Was Right – Worked Yourself into a Shoot
Vessel – Behind the Walls
Vessel – First Rain
Vessel – Keep Running
Vessel – Overdrive
Vessel – Shape Of The Devil
Blood Youth – A-LTX
Blood Youth – Body Of Wire
Blood Youth – Cells
Blood Youth – Colony3
Blood Youth – Dogma
Blood Youth – Human Blur
Blood Youth – Iron Lung
Blood Youth – Kept In A Box
Blood Youth – Open Window
Blood Youth – Something To Numb The Pain
Blood Youth – Synthetic
Carnifex – Alive For The Last Time
Carnifex – Carry Us Away
Carnifex – Cemetery Wander
Carnifex – Cold Dead Summer
Carnifex – Collaborating Like Killers (Graveside Edition)
Carnifex – Countess Of Perpetual Torment
Carnifex – Cursed
Carnifex – Dead Bodies Everywhere
Carnifex – Graveside Confessions
Carnifex – January Nights
Carnifex – My Heart In Atrophy (Graveside Edition)
Carnifex – Pray For Peace
Carnifex – Seven Souls
Carnifex – Slit Wrist Savior (Graveside Edition)
Carnifex – Talk To The Dead
Ether Coven – Boot Poisoning
Ether Coven – The Bolt Or The Blade
Ether Coven – With A Certain Sorrow In Our Eyes
Genophobic Perversion – Alienated Effigy of Malice
Genophobic Perversion – Buried Alive and Forgotten by Humankind
Genophobic Perversion – Carnivorous Ingestion
Genophobic Perversion – Corporeal Strangulation
Genophobic Perversion – Deliberately Repeated Cranial Trauma
Genophobic Perversion – Post Mortal Suppuration
Genophobic Perversion – Removal of all Human-Like Qualities
Genophobic Perversion – Retching Unidentifiable Toxic Mass
Heartsick – 9K Diamond
Heartsick – Animal Instinct
Heartsick – Connection
Heartsick – Indigo
Heartsick – Thrill of The Hunt
Heartsick – Where the Trees touch the Sun
Katatonia – Ashen
Katatonia – Code Against the Code
Katatonia – Day and Then the Shade (Frank Default Remix)
Katatonia – Displaced
Katatonia – Dissolving Bonds
Katatonia – Fractured
Katatonia – Help Me Disappear
Katatonia – Hypnone (Frank Default ‘Hypnocadence’ Mix)
Katatonia – Idle Blood (Linje 14)
Katatonia – In the White (Urban Dub)
Katatonia – March 4
Katatonia – My Twin (Opium Dub)
Katatonia – Night Comes Down
Katatonia – No Devotion
Katatonia – O How I Enjoy the Light
Katatonia – Quiet World
Katatonia – Scarlet Heavens
Katatonia – Second
Katatonia – Sistere
Katatonia – Soil’s Song (Krister Linder 2012 Remix)
Katatonia – Sold Heart
Katatonia – Sulfur
Katatonia – The Act of Darkening
Katatonia – Unfurl
Katatonia – Vakaren
Katatonia – Wait Outside
Katatonia – Wide Awake in Quietus
Midhaven – Bhairav
Midhaven – Codeman
Midhaven – Mahakaal
Midhaven – Para Brahman
Midhaven – Primal Song
Midhaven – The Immanent Effervescence of Sorrow
Midhaven – Zhitro
Teramaze – And the Beauty They Perceive
Teramaze – Blood of Fools
Teramaze – Head of the King
Teramaze – Jackie Seth
Teramaze – Modern Living Space
Teramaze – Search for the Unimaginable
Teramaze – Son Rise
Teramaze – Untide
Teramaze – Waves
The Matterhorn Project – Forward
The Matterhorn Project – North
The Matterhorn Project – Reconciliation
The Matterhorn Project – The Dead Zone
The Matterhorn Project – Traveler
Unreqvited – All is Found
Unreqvited – All is Lost
Unreqvited – Autumn & Everley
Unreqvited – Beautiful Ghosts
Unreqvited – Cherish
Unreqvited – Funeral Pyre
Unreqvited – Reverie
Wage War – Circle the Drain
Wage War – Death Roll
Wage War – Godspeed
Wage War – High Horse
Wage War – If Tomorrow Never Comes
Wage War – Manic
Wage War – Never Said Goodbye
Wage War – Relapse
Wage War – Slow Burn
Wage War – Teeth
Wage War – True Colors
The Wring – Cipher
The Wring – Dissension
The Wring – Dose
The Wring – Sorceress
The Wring – Steelier
The Wring – The Light
The Wring – Touch
Kungens Mдn – Andra Hjдlpen
Kungens Mдn – Basfдllan
Kungens Mдn – Hamra Med Slutna Цgon
Kungens Mдn – Uppskjutet Uppskjutet
Calling All Captains – Wasted
Lower Automation – 6 Degrees from Phrenology
Lower Automation – Combover
Lower Automation – Dread
Lower Automation – Dressed in Camo, Hyped to the Teeth
Lower Automation – Father’s Shirt Is a Dress on Me
Lower Automation – Locust Bean Gum
Lower Automation – Old Sparky
Lower Automation – Paper Cuts
Lower Automation – Ruiner
Lower Automation – Vegan Neuroscientist
NoPoint – Can’t Come Home
NoPoint – Classicide
NoPoint – Countdown
NoPoint – Flag Fucker
NoPoint – Gatsby
NoPoint – Golgotha
NoPoint – I Am The ANTIFAscist
NoPoint – Love Beyond The Grave
NoPoint – Oxen Free
NoPoint – Who Am I
Only The Strong – Burn
Only The Strong – Hollow Eyes
Only The Strong – Picking Up The Pieces
Only The Strong – Sinking Ships
Only The Strong – Vacant
Vomit Bag Squad – Acid for Blood
Vomit Bag Squad – Anck-Su-Namun
Vomit Bag Squad – Beware the Moon
Vomit Bag Squad – Fear the Chainsaw
Vomit Bag Squad – One of Us
Vomit Bag Squad – Satanico Pandemonium
Vomit Bag Squad – Send More Cops
Vomit Bag Squad – Soulmates Beyond the Flesh
Vomit Bag Squad – Stick in a Hole
Vomit Bag Squad – Tomatoes of Death
Vomit Bag Squad – What a Piece