Rock Pack – 506 Tracks lagu musik – [12-Jan-2022]

Can Bardd – Autumn Shore
Can Bardd – Blomsterkransen
Can Bardd – Crepuscule
Can Bardd – Devoured By The Oak Pt.1
Can Bardd – Devoured By The Oak Pt.2
Can Bardd – Echoes Of The Moss
Can Bardd – Spleen By The Pond
Can Bardd – Une Couronne De Branches
Ninkharsag – Discipline Through Black Sorcery
Ninkharsag – Lunar Hex; The Art of Mighty Lycanthropy
Ninkharsag – Night Wrath
Ninkharsag – Spectres of the Ancient World
Ninkharsag – Strigoi Diabolicum
Ninkharsag – The Dread March of Solemn Gods
Ninkharsag – The Necromanteion
Ninkharsag – The Tower of Perpetual Twilight
Ninkharsag – Under the Dead of Night
Ancient Colossal – Astral Separation
Ancient Colossal – Galactic Rebirth
Ancient Colossal – Intercelestial Reembodiment
Ancient Colossal – Interstellar Transmission
Ancient Colossal – Silicone Parallax
Ancient Colossal – The Gathering
Ancient Colossal – Throes Eternal
Ancient Colossal – Thy Abomination
Arbitrator – Abyss (Instrumental)
Arbitrator – Abyss
Arbitrator – Forsaken (Instrumental)
Arbitrator – Forsaken
Arbitrator – Hollow (Instrumental)
Arbitrator – Hollow
Arbitrator – Mausoleum (Instrumental)
Arbitrator – Mausoleum
Arbitrator – Scorn (Instrumental)
Arbitrator – Scorn
Arkdown – Badlands
Arkdown – False God Complex
Arkdown – Genetic Hysteria
Arkdown – Harbingers
Arkdown – Homecoming
Arkdown – Made Of Misery
Arkdown – Terra Phasma
Betrayal Devours Cowards – 1492
Betrayal Devours Cowards – Letargo
Betrayal Devours Cowards – Odio Venganza
Betrayal Devours Cowards – Outro
Betrayal Devours Cowards – Putrida Existencia
Betrayal Devours Cowards – Tirania
Betrayal Devours Cowards – Tirania (Remix)
Betrayal Devours Cowards – Xenoraza
Cast In Tephra – A Spec Amongst The Sand
Cast In Tephra – Banishment
Cast In Tephra – Calamity
Cast In Tephra – Descent to The Monolith, Pt. 1
Cast In Tephra – Descent to The Monolith, Pt. 2
Cast In Tephra – Fallacy of Mine
Cast In Tephra – The Lazarus Phenomenon
Coltcrusher – Cutie Mark Mutilators 2 Electric Brootaloo
Coltcrusher – Cutie Mark Mutilators
Coltcrusher – Snips and Snails and Pony Entrails
Coltcrusher – Sugarcube Coroner
Coltcrusher – The Super Fashy Pony Smashy 6000
Cosmophobe – Alien Atmosphere
Cosmophobe – Alone Among the Stars
Cosmophobe – Caverns of Eternity
Cosmophobe – Convergence
Cosmophobe – Derelict
Cosmophobe – Distant Discovery
Cosmophobe – Hive Mind
Cosmophobe – Introspection
Cosmophobe – Transcendence
Cult Of Hyenas – Corrupted And Perished
Cult Of Hyenas – Home
Cult Of Hyenas – Souleater
Cult Of Hyenas – Supremacy Dethroned
Cult Of Hyenas – Taste The Cross
Curse Us – Breathe
Curse Us – Curse Us
Curse Us – Haze
Curse Us – Salvation
Curse Us – War
Daraku Shita Kanjo – A Specter’s Misery
Daraku Shita Kanjo – Atrocities Before You
Daraku Shita Kanjo – Necessitated Depravity of Denouements
Daraku Shita Kanjo – Sarcophagus of Remnants
Death Benefits – 536
Death Benefits – A Funeral Abrupt
Death Benefits – Damage
Death Benefits – Grief
Death Benefits – Muertos
Depreciate The Liar – Chainsaw Facefuck
Depreciate The Liar – Dead Meat
Depreciate The Liar – Rules Of Mass Extinction
Depreciate The Liar – Slave To The Bonesaw
Depreciate The Liar – Swallowed by Swine
Depreciate The Liar – Torture Chamber
Entropic Gluttony – A Pigsty of Potential
Entropic Gluttony – Catabolic Transcendence
Entropic Gluttony – Cthulhu Would Be So Jealous
Entropic Gluttony – Incurable Plague of Prurience
Entropic Gluttony – Masticated by the Void
Entropic Gluttony – Mid-Digestive Epiphanous Capitulation
Entropic Gluttony – The Desecration of Volition
Entropic Gluttony – Torn From the Womb of Existence
Entropic Gluttony – X Marks the BLEGH
Exhuminator – Barrel Of Laughs
Exhuminator – Crackwhore
Exhuminator – Flesh Hungry Homeless
Exhuminator – Human Waste
Exhuminator – Moonlight
Exhuminator – Murderer
Exhuminator – Public Execution
Exhuminator – Scorched Earth
Exhuminator – Vermin
Final Punishment – Concupiscence
Final Punishment – Cookie
Final Punishment – Cortex
Final Punishment – Dark Star Falling
Final Punishment – Donut Lord
Final Punishment – Everyday Shooter
Final Punishment – Falling Into…
Final Punishment – Formidable
Final Punishment – Impending
Final Punishment – Life Infection
Final Punishment – Moon Sugar
Final Punishment – Pull Me Over
Final Punishment – Sour Patch Kids
Fracturus – Bleeding Venom
Fracturus – Crisis
Fracturus – L’appel du vide
Fracturus – The Anomaly
Fracturus – Trenches
Gorbenium Nephris – Chuma
Gorbenium Nephris – Kult
Gorbenium Nephris – Legion
Gorbenium Nephris – M.D.P.
Gorbenium Nephris – Morg
Gorbenium Nephris – Naemnik
Gorbenium Nephris – Oderzhimost
Gorbenium Nephris – Temnyi Zver
Grotesque Impalement – Apunalar
Grotesque Impalement – Cementerio
Grotesque Impalement – Creacion Fetal Morbosa
Grotesque Impalement – Desmembrando Cuerpos
Grotesque Impalement – Incineracion
Grotesque Impalement – Innumerables Cadaveres
Grotesque Impalement – Me Asegurare de que Sufras
Grotesque Impalement – Plasmatica Toxina Neuronal
Grotesque Impalement – Sufriras un Eterno Tormento
Grotesque Impalement – Trasmutacion Somatica
Illusion Of Fate – As The Leaves Fall
Illusion Of Fate – Into the Twisted Maw
Illusion Of Fate – King of Serpents Movement III The Demon
Illusion Of Fate – King of Serpents Movement II The Warlock
Illusion Of Fate – King of Serpents Movement I The Storm
Illusion Of Fate – March of the Lepers
Illusion Of Fate – The Paradigm of Madness
Isoptera – Artificial Paradise
Isoptera – Community of Silence
Isoptera – Fake Promises
Isoptera – Sacrifices
Mangled Carpenter – A Very Mangled Christmas
Mangled Carpenter – Christmas All Around (Remastered)
Mangled Carpenter – God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Remastered)
Mangled Carpenter – Jingle Bells (Slashing Through the Snow) (Remastered)
Mangled Carpenter – Riverbottom Nightmare Band (Remastered)
Mangled Carpenter – What’s This (Remastered)
Mary Cries Red – Bloodbath on Vaticans Holy Ground
Mary Cries Red – Catastrophic Deathtoll
Mary Cries Red – Churches Aflame, Charred Remains
Mary Cries Red – Compelled to Slay
Mary Cries Red – Force Fed Bloody Chunks
Mary Cries Red – Infinite Suffering
Mary Cries Red – Knee Deep in the Dead
Mary Cries Red – Pit of Misery
Mary Cries Red – Sanctum of Burning Souls
Mary Cries Red – The Bloodletting
Meet The Maker – Condolences
Meet The Maker – Equilibrium
Meet The Maker – Incisions
Meet The Maker – Infestation
Meet The Maker – Perdition
Meet The Maker – Prophet of a Dying Breed
Meet The Maker – Rain
Meet The Maker – Self Harm
Meet The Maker – Suffocate
Moria – Book of Lies
Moria – Charlie Brown (Demo Version)
Moria – Disillusion in His Name (Demo Version)
Moria – Forever Entombed (Demo Version)
Moria – Maybe in Death You’ll Understand
Moria – Of Flesh
Moria – Omnipotent
Moria – On the Eve of a Glorious Battle (Demo Version)
Moria – Remains of a Ghost
Moria – Speak Through Blood (Hidden Track)
Moria – Suffer
Mortal – Apathy
Mortal – Red and Black
Mortal – Vengeance
Nihility – Beyond Human Concepts
Nihility – Conflicting Vanities
Nihility – Destroying The Shackles Of Prejudice
Nihility – Hubris
Nihility – Human Stupidity
Nihility – Martydom For The Herd
Nihility – Sea Of Thoughts
Nihility – The Religious Dogma
Nihility – Will To Power
Pillars Of Autumn – The Confession1
Pillars Of Autumn – The Confession
Pillars Of Autumn – The Emergence1
Pillars Of Autumn – The Emergence
Pillars Of Autumn – The Hunt1
Pillars Of Autumn – The Hunt
Pillars Of Autumn – The Optimist1
Pillars Of Autumn – The Optimist
Pillars Of Autumn – The Pessimist1
Pillars Of Autumn – The Pessimist
Pillars Of Autumn – The Realist1
Pillars Of Autumn – The Realist
Pillars Of Autumn – The Redeemer1
Pillars Of Autumn – The Redeemer
Pillars Of Autumn – The Separatist1
Pillars Of Autumn – The Separatist
Pillars Of Autumn – The Witness1
Pillars Of Autumn – The Witness
Planetkiller – Become None
Planetkiller – Commit to Carnage
Planetkiller – Futility
Planetkiller – Hatred
Planetkiller – Machine Gods
Planetkiller – The Morbid Blight
Planetkiller – Three Tongues
Post Mortal Possession – 26 Acres of Hell
Post Mortal Possession – Apparitions of Black Elk
Post Mortal Possession – Burn the Bodies and Eat the Horses
Post Mortal Possession – Forest of Flesheaters
Post Mortal Possession – Malsumis (Instrumental)
Post Mortal Possession – Mictlan
Post Mortal Possession – Obsolescence
Post Mortal Possession – Relics of the Forgotten (In Dedication to Patrick McDaniel)
Post Mortal Possession – Skinned at Sundown
Post Mortal Possession – Tatanka Ska
Post Mortal Possession – Valley of the Starving
Post Mortal Possession – Wolves of the Dying Sun
Ritual Of Despair – Cease To Be
Ritual Of Despair – Eliminate
Ritual Of Despair – Lesson Learned
Ritual Of Despair – No Sympathy
Ritual Of Despair – Self Inflicted (Nihilistic)
Soul Reborn – Alone in a Sea of Faces
Soul Reborn – A Quiet Chaos
Soul Reborn – Dark Waters
Soul Reborn – Inhuman Arrogance
Soul Reborn – Intro (The Dark Descend)
Soul Reborn – Last Man Standing
Soul Reborn – Resilient God
Soul Reborn – This Dying World
Spell Of Niriti – Born Inhuman
Spell Of Niriti – Chronicles Of Life And Death
Spell Of Niriti – From Beyond (They Arrived)
Spell Of Niriti – Invoker Of Malediction
Spell Of Niriti – Monarch
Spell Of Niriti – Naturally Preserved
Spell Of Niriti – The Dyatlov Pass
Spell Of Niriti – Watch Under Your Bed
Spell Of Niriti – Where The Plague Dwells
Tears Of Blood – Double Trouble
Tears Of Blood – Euphoria
Tears Of Blood – Gobierno Obsoleto
Tears Of Blood – Los Tres Pinches Marranos
Tears Of Blood – Odio mi Trabajo
Tears Of Blood – Pena Capital
Tears Of Blood – Sociedad de Cristal
There’s Only One Elvis – Bleeding Hands
There’s Only One Elvis – Breaking Through this Reality
There’s Only One Elvis – Conquer and Rise
There’s Only One Elvis – Devil Eye
There’s Only One Elvis – Drink Deep the Evil
There’s Only One Elvis – Four Letters
There’s Only One Elvis – Human Like
There’s Only One Elvis – Narcosis
There’s Only One Elvis – Saint of Sacrifice
There’s Only One Elvis – Unrested
This Ending – A New Plight
This Ending – Annihilate
This Ending – Devastate
This Ending – Eclipse of the Dead
This Ending – Embraced by the Night
This Ending – Hell to Hell
This Ending – My Open Wound
This Ending – Needles of Rust
Unexpectance – Deja Vu
Unexpectance – Deus Ex Machina
Unexpectance – El Altar del Olvido
Unexpectance – Guerra Interior
Unexpectance – Hipersomnia
Unexpectance – Ira de los Justos
Unexpectance – La Caida de Prometeo
Unexpectance – Neurapraxia
Unexpectance – Pandemonium
Unexpectance – Ultima Palabra
Unplexiety – Anomalies of Consciousness
Unplexiety – Cognitive Suppression
Unplexiety – Cutting the Human Flesh
Unplexiety – Face Encrusted with Nails
Unplexiety – Grew Blind to Another’s Entreaties
Unplexiety – Hellspawn
Unplexiety – Messorem
Unplexiety – Outro
Unplexiety – Reinvigorate
Unplexiety – Sulfur Wasteland
Unplexiety – Symbol of Hypocrisy
Volatile Ways – Fat Man Gets Dropped
Volatile Ways – Reduced To A Mess
Abrasion – Death’s Embrace
Abrasion – Dios No Te Va Salvar
Abrasion – Face to Face
Abrasion – Intro
Abrasion – No Loyalty
Ammo – All You Do (Is Want Me To Die)
Ammo – Answer To A Lower Power
Ammo – Balance Of Hatred
Ammo – Black Site
Ammo – Ethnostate
Ammo – Kleptocracy
Ammo – Known Unknown
Ammo – Life Crime
Ammo – Military Option
Ammo – Slam Slam Slam
Ammo – Spell It Out
Bizarre – Blindside
Bizarre – In the Mouth of Madness (feat. Boncel Pleazure & Pain)
Bizarre – Subliminal
Concrete Control – Gone
Concrete Control – Have to Wait
Concrete Control – Outbreak
Concrete Control – Straight On (7 Seconds Cover)
Concrete Control – War
Devil Despize – Burning
Devil Despize – Heavy Bloom
Devil Despize – Intro
Devil Despize – Twisted Power
Devil Despize – Victim
Die In Vain – Baska Bir Yer Yok
Die In Vain – CIA Told You So
Die In Vain – Desperate To Piss
Die In Vain – Gary Gilmore’s Eyes
Die In Vain – Mortal Solution
Rejoice – Empty Hands
Rejoice – Evermind
Rejoice – Hog
Vonnis – A Million Eyes (Never Blinking)
Vonnis – I’ll Be Queen (For One Last Night)
Vonnis – Mother (Your Perfect Enemy)
Vonnis – Sleepwalker (On Broken Legs)
Vonnis – Zoveel Bloed (Voor Zo`n Klein Ding)
World Of Agony – Clean Slate
World Of Agony – Times Change (Me)
World Of Agony – T S T F B
World Of Agony – Unforgivable
World Of Agony – Weighed Down
Stimmen Der Ostkuste – Bruderschaft
Stimmen Der Ostkuste – Den Tyrannen
Stimmen Der Ostkuste – Doch Wir Sehen Die Jugend
Stimmen Der Ostkuste – Fragt Nicht
Stimmen Der Ostkuste – Freiwilliger
Stimmen Der Ostkuste – Ostseestrand
Stimmen Der Ostkuste – Schaue Nicht Auf Sie
Stimmen Der Ostkuste – Sturme Lasst Erbrausen
Stimmen Der Ostkuste – Um Das Kassenloch
Stimmen Der Ostkuste – Und Wenn’s Beschlossen Ist
Kk’s Priest – Brothers Of The Road
Kk’s Priest – Hail For The Priest
Kk’s Priest – Hellfire Thunderbolt
Kk’s Priest – Incarnation
Kk’s Priest – Metal Through And Through
Kk’s Priest – Raise Your Fists
Kk’s Priest – Sacerdote Y Diablo
Kk’s Priest – Sermons Of The Sinner
Kk’s Priest – Wild And Free
Amaranth – Babayaga
Amaranth – Ciclos
Amaranth – Despertar
Amaranth – Destruccion de una Constante
Amaranth – En Mi Mente
Amaranth – Haunted
Amaranth – Redencion
Amaranth – Rockstar
Amaranth – Titan
Amaranth – Zero
Empty Hollow – Crateraa
Empty Hollow – Exit
Empty Hollow – Shattered
Invisible Sphere – 6(sic)6
Invisible Sphere – Bar The Gates (Demo)
Invisible Sphere – Carnage
Invisible Sphere – Fire
Invisible Sphere – Hellhound
Invisible Sphere – Intro What Once Was
Invisible Sphere – Punishment (Demo)
Invisible Sphere – The Sphere
Invisible Sphere – Tribulations
Leo – Come Together (Feat Hannah Boulton, Truls Haugen, Erik Torp & Rabea Massaad) (Metal Version)
Leo – Easy On Me (Metal Version)
Leo – Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) (Metal Version)
Leo – Holding Out for a Hero (Metal Version)
Leo – Hot in Herre (Metal Version)
Leo – In Bloom (Metal Version)
Leo – In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company (Metal Version)
Leo – Inspector Gadget Theme (Metal Version)
Leo – Say Say Say (Metal Version)
Leo – Sha-La-La-La-La (Metal Version)
Leo – Spooky Scary Skeletons (Metal Version)
Leo – The Chipmunk Song (Metal Version)
Leo – Where Is My Mind (Metal Version)
Leo – Who Let the Dogs Out (Metal Version)
Leo – You Are My Sunshine (Metal Version)
Rotten Halo – Antivist
Rotten Halo – A World Worth Dying For
Rotten Halo – Bloodline
Rotten Halo – Blowtorch
Rotten Halo – Call of the Entity
Rotten Halo – Dead Man’s Hand
Rotten Halo – Devoured Hope
Rotten Halo – Distorted Reality
Rotten Halo – Global Meltdown
Rotten Halo – Lords of War
Saraksh – Drive
Saraksh – Eden in Waste
Saraksh – Moloch
Saraksh – This Life
Thy Raventhrone – Andromedan Intervention
Thy Raventhrone – BattleGaia
Thy Raventhrone – Call of the Source
Thy Raventhrone – CCT-Force
Thy Raventhrone – Recall of the Source
Thy Raventhrone – Reminiscence (Alternate Version) [Bonus Track]
Thy Raventhrone – Saturnalian Heresy
Thy Raventhrone – The Astrodancer
Thy Raventhrone – War of the Sirian Rebellion
Trenches – Eclipse
Trenches – Empires
Trenches – Horizons
Trenches – Lenticular Clouds
Trenches – Reckoner
Trenches – Remnants
Trenches – Stillness
Trenches – The Death of All Mammoths
Trenches – The Raging Sea
Trenches – Ties That Bind
Trenches – Wrecking Age
Vyletongue – Casket Crawler
Vyletongue – Crywolf
Vyletongue – Dependent
Vyletongue – Morose
Vyletongue – Scar Tissue
Vyletongue – Substance
Vyletongue – Violent Hymns (Hatemonger II)
The Young Ones – An Ode To Gianna
The Young Ones – Don’t Wanna Working Class
The Young Ones – Gobsmacked
The Young Ones – Gutter Kids
The Young Ones – Hardrock Ronnie
The Young Ones – Hilti Job
The Young Ones – Last Years Youth
The Young Ones – Stanley Boulevard
The Young Ones – The Dodge Few
The Young Ones – Wetherspoons Warrior
Duane Eddy – Angel On My Shoulder
Duane Eddy – Anytime
Duane Eddy – Bali Ha’i
Duane Eddy – Born To Be With You
Duane Eddy – Cannonball
Duane Eddy – Country Twist
Duane Eddy – Dear Lady Twist
Duane Eddy – Detour
Duane Eddy – Exactly Like You
Duane Eddy – High Noon
Duane Eddy – Hi-Lili Hi-Lo
Duane Eddy – I Almost Lost My Mind
Duane Eddy – Let’s Twist Again
Duane Eddy – Lonesome Road
Duane Eddy – Love Me Tender
Duane Eddy – Loving You
Duane Eddy – Memories Of Madrid
Duane Eddy – Mirriam
Duane Eddy – Miss Twist
Duane Eddy – Moanin’ ‘N’ Twistin’
Duane Eddy – Moon River
Duane Eddy – Moovin’ ‘N’ Groovin’
Duane Eddy – Ramrod
Duane Eddy – Rebel Rouser
Duane Eddy – Secret Love
Duane Eddy – Stalkin’
Duane Eddy – Sugartime Twist
Duane Eddy – The Lonely One
Duane Eddy – The Peppermint Twist
Duane Eddy – The Twist
Duane Eddy – Three-30- Blues
Duane Eddy – Twisting Off A Cliff
Duane Eddy – Twistin’ ‘N’ Twangin’
Duane Eddy – Unchained Melody
Duane Eddy – Walkin’ ‘N’ Twistin’
Duane Eddy – When I Fall In Love