Rock Pack – 593 Tracks songs mix – [08-Jan-2022]

David Bowie – I Dig Everything
David Bowie – The London Boys
Downtown Exit – Funny How That Goes (Clean)
Faded – Zhu EDM Dj Spaykes
Ipe – Igatsen maad
Ipe – Lase mind tuppa
Ipe – Leesar, uhe A-ga
Jeff Espinoza And The Gypsy Runners – Aint That Fuckin Easy
Jeff Espinoza And The Gypsy Runners – Betrayal Blues
Jeff Espinoza And The Gypsy Runners – Breathe
Jeff Espinoza And The Gypsy Runners – Heartless
Jeff Espinoza And The Gypsy Runners – Maybe Change
Jeff Espinoza And The Gypsy Runners – Sarah
Jeff Espinoza And The Gypsy Runners – The Blood
Jeff Espinoza And The Gypsy Runners – The Colors That Are You
Jeff Espinoza And The Gypsy Runners – Wrong Side Of The Rainbow
Jeff Espinoza And The Gypsy Runners – Your Star Will Always Shine
Kingfisher – Before Your Star (Clean)
Papa Roach – Last Resort (Rich 2022 Rock Banger!)[Clean]
Pedigree, Bedless Bones – Zen Agony (Inexorable Disciple) (Bedless Bones Remix)
Pedigree, FAAM – Zen Agony (Funeral Dub) (FAAM Remix)
Pedigree, !!ii – Zen Agony (Selfless) (!!ii Remix)
Pedigree, Khost – Zen Agony (Assassins Remix) (khost Remix)
Pedigree, Shelton San – Zen Agony (Voolta’s Noiseride) (Shelton San Remix)
Pedigree, Viscera – Zen Agony (Hammerhead Mix) (Viscera Remix)
Pedigree – Zen Agony (Hate Meditation) (Pedigree Remix)
Qualia – Black Sheep
Qualia – Float
Qualia – For You (Feat. Before Their Eyes)
Qualia – Malaprop
Qualia – Qualia
Qualia – Still Raining
Queen – Radio Ga Ga (Seville Remix) (Crate Cuts) (Clean – 123BPM)
Robert Finley – All My Hope
Robert Finley – Better Than I Treat Myself
Robert Finley – Country Boy
Robert Finley – Country Child
Robert Finley – I Can Feel Your Pain
Robert Finley – Make Me Feel Alright
Robert Finley – My Story
Robert Finley – Sharecropper’s Son
Robert Finley – Souled Out On You
Robert Finley – Starting To See
Schwarzer Engel – Endzeit
Schwarzer Engel – Ewig Leben
Schwarzer Engel – Kreuziget Mich
Schwarzer Engel – Paradies
Schwarzer Engel – Ring frei
Schwarzer Engel – Schlitzer
Schwarzer Engel – Schonheit
Schwarzer Engel – Teufel
Schwarzer Engel – VII
Schwarzer Engel – Vollmond
Schwarzer Engel – Wie viele Jahre
Seven Nines and Tens – Edutainment
Seven Nines and Tens – Fight for your Right to Partial Relevance
Seven Nines and Tens – Let’s Enjoy the Aimless Days While We Can
Seven Nines and Tens – Midnight Marauders
Seven Nines and Tens – Popular Delusions
Seven Nines and Tens – Sunshine
Seven Nines and Tens – Throwing Rocks at Mediocrity
Smelter – Centrifuge
Smelter – Muffler
Smelter – Supermarket Fit
Smelter – Swell
The Double Brothers – Long Train (Rich 2022 Ultimate Banger)[Clean]
We LeFeat. As Lions – The Factory (Clean)
Yard Act – Land Of The Blind
Yard Act – Payday
Yard Act – Rich
Yard Act – The Overload
Yellow Boy – All I Know Is Me (feat. MD)
Yellow Boy – Ass On Da Floor (feat. Cadillac Don)
Yellow Boy – Bank Roll (feat. Big Meek, Shugg Nyce & MD)
Yellow Boy – Believe Me (feat. KSG C Sharp)
Yellow Boy – Certified Millionaire
Yellow Boy – Drop Some Money (feat. MD, Rude Boy Red, Gaida Nuski, BIg Meek & King PJB)
Yellow Boy – Hustle To Shine (feat. Shadow B)
Yellow Boy – Just Like You
Yellow Boy – Let Me See My Baby
Yellow Boy – MidWest Niggaz
Yellow Boy – N.S.E.W
Yellow Boy – One Night Stand
Yellow Boy – Talk Money (feat. MD, Big Meek, Shugg Nyce & J Bone)
Yellow Boy – Time To Fail (feat. FTTP)
Yellow Boy – Trade In Traffic
Yellow Boy – We Appreciate (feat. D30)
Yellow Boy – Working Hard
Apes – Cornwall
Apes – Devour
Apes – No Will to Live
Apes – Sore
Carnation – Fathomless Depths (Live at Galaxy Studio)
Carnation – Iron Discipline (Live at Galaxy Studio)
Carnation – Malformed Regrowth (Live at Galaxy Studio)
Carnation – Napalm Ascension (Live at Galaxy Studio)
Carnation – Reincarnation (Live at Galaxy Studio)
Carnation – Sepulcher of Alteration (Live at Galaxy Studio)
Carnation – Serpent’s Breath (Live at Galaxy Studio)
Carnation – The Whisperer (Live at Galaxy Studio)
Carnation – Where Death Lies (Live at Galaxy Studio)
Necrophagous – At Dawn Thee Immolate
Necrophagous – Blood on the Stone of Thee Monuments
Necrophagous – Horns of Seven
Necrophagous – In Chaos, Ascend
Necrophagous – Order of the Lion
Necrophagous – The Binding
Necrophagous – The Plague and Thee Arts
Necrophagous – The Vile Embalmed
Necrophagous – Traitors and the Pendulum
Necrophagous – Wolf Mother
Necrophagous – Wreaker of Pain
Needless – Astrogate the Spectral Lane
Needless – Chrononaut
Needless – Mournful Heavens
Needless – Odium
Needless – Planet Oblivion
Needless – The Cosmic Cauldron
Needless – The Predation
Needless – The Prism Fortress
Needless – Transgalactic
Needless – Warvoid A.D.
DiAnno – Antigua
DiAnno – Bright Lights
DiAnno – Flaming Heart
DiAnno – Heartuser
DiAnno – Here to Stay
DiAnno – Lady Heartbreak
DiAnno – Razor Edge
DiAnno – Road Rat
DiAnno – Tales of the Unexpected
DiAnno – The Runner
Vic Vergat – Breakaway
Vic Vergat – Down to the Bone
Vic Vergat – Hey Love
Vic Vergat – Hot Love
Vic Vergat – I Believe in Love Music
Vic Vergat – I Don’t Wanna Lose You
Vic Vergat – Mean Mean Cat
Vic Vergat – Walk
Vic Vergat – You Never Tell Me You Love Me
Angel Witch – Afraid of the Dark
Angel Witch – Child of the Night
Angel Witch – Evil Games
Angel Witch – Fatal Kiss
Angel Witch – Goodbye
Angel Witch – Reawakening
Angel Witch – Screamin’ n’ Bleedin’
Angel Witch – U.X.V.
Angel Witch – Waltz the Night
Angel Witch – Whose to Blame
Assault – Fight to Win
Assault – I.C.U.C.
Assault – Let the Beast Run Wild
Assault – Misery
Assault – Shuffle Off to Buffalo
Assault – Survival in the Street
Assault – The Fire Within
Assault – Thunder Road
Fisc – Danger
Fisc – Don’t Dream Too Much
Fisc – Hungry for Blood
Fisc – Midnight Killer
Fisc – Rock ‘n’ Roll
Fisc – Running with the Devil
Fisc – Sad Girl
Fisc – Teaser Woman
Fisc – Tracker
Hardware – 6000 Bones
Hardware – Bad Toy
Hardware – Breakin’ All the Rules
Hardware – Easy to Say
Hardware – Eukalyptusbonbon (On the Run reprise)
Hardware – Get Down on Your Knees
Hardware – Hell is Rising
Hardware – Hot ‘n’ Ready
Hardware – In Cold Blood
Hardware – In the Night
Hardware – Lady Dynamite
Hardware – On the Run
Hardware – Ready to Kill
Hardware – Sun City
Hardware – Tough Lover
M-80 – Attention
M-80 – Face Cracker
M-80 – Forevermore
M-80 – Frying Pan (Into the Fire)
M-80 – Get out of Town
M-80 – Hollywood Chills
M-80 – Let’s Rock
M-80 – Love is a Sacrifice
M-80 – Maniac’s Revenge Get Outa My Face
M-80 – Nothing to Lose
M-80 – Stop in the Name of Love (The Supremes cover)
M-80 – Stoplight
M-80 – Supply and Demand
M-80 – The Big Fiz
M-80 – The Winds of Blowhuyven
M-80 – You Drive Me Crazy
George Lynch – Blue Light Effect
George Lynch – Cola
George Lynch – Death by a Thousand Licks
George Lynch – Falling Apart
George Lynch – House of Eternal Return
George Lynch – iThink
George Lynch – Octavia
George Lynch – Quiver
George Lynch – Sharks with Laser Beams
George Lynch – Supersonic Hypnotic Groove Thing
George Lynch – The Weight
George Lynch – TJ69
Paul Gilbert – Argument About Pie
Paul Gilbert – A Thunderous Ovation Shook the Columns
Paul Gilbert – Hello North Dakota!
Paul Gilbert – I Wanna Cry (Even Thought I Ain’t Sad)
Paul Gilbert – Meaningful
Paul Gilbert – My Goodness
Paul Gilbert – Problem-Solving People
Paul Gilbert – Professorship at the Leningrad Conservatory
Paul Gilbert – Werewolves of Portland
Paul Gilbert – (You Would Not Be Able to Handle) What I Handle Every Day
Stephan Thelen – Celestial Navigation
Stephan Thelen – Cosmic Krautrock
Stephan Thelen – Fractal Guitar 2
Stephan Thelen – Ladder to the Stars
Stephan Thelen – Mercury Transit
Stephan Thelen – Point of Inflection
Brad Jurjens – A Part Of Me
Brad Jurjens – Flowers For Algernon
Brad Jurjens – Haymaker
Brad Jurjens – Higher Sense Of Consciousness
Brad Jurjens – Hunt Or Be Hunted
Brad Jurjens – Indoctrinated
Brad Jurjens – Moth Into Your Flame
Brad Jurjens – Ordinary
Brad Jurjens – The New Normal
Despised Icon – Absolu (remastered version 2006)
Despised Icon – As Bridges Burn (Alternate Mix)
Despised Icon – Bulletproof Scales (Alternate Mix)
Despised Icon – Bulletproof Scales (Live in Montreal 2008)
Despised Icon – Clef De Voute (remastered version 2006)
Despised Icon – Compelled to Copulate (Live in Montreal 2008)
Despised Icon – Compelled to Copulate (remastered version 2006)
Despised Icon – Compelled to Copulate (re-recorded version 2006)
Despised Icon – Dead King (remastered version 2006)
Despised Icon – Despise the Icons (remastered version 2006)
Despised Icon – End This Day (Alternate Mix)
Despised Icon – Fashionable (remastered version 2006)
Despised Icon – Grade A-One (remastered version 2006)
Despised Icon – Harvesting the Deceased (Alternate Mix)
Despised Icon – Harvesting the Deceased (Live in Montreal 2008)
Despised Icon – Immaculate (Alternate Mix)
Despised Icon – Immaculate (Live in Montreal 2008)
Despised Icon – Interfere In Your Days (remastered version 2006)
Despised Icon – Le Chene Et Le Roseau (remastered version 2006)
Despised Icon – Poissonnariat (remastered version 2006)
Despised Icon – Poissonnariat (re-recorded version 2006)
Despised Icon – Retina (Alternate Mix)
Despised Icon – Retina (Live in Montreal 2008)
Despised Icon – Silver Plated Advocate (Alternate Mix)
Despised Icon – The Sunset Will Never Charm Us (Alternate Mix)
Despised Icon – The Sunset Will Never Charm Us (Live in Montreal 2008)
Despised Icon – Warm Blooded (Alternate Mix)
Despised Icon – Warm Blooded (Live in Montreal 2008)
Infected Rain – Everlasting Lethargy
Infected Rain – Fighter
Infected Rain – Goodbye
Infected Rain, Heidi Shepherd – The Realm of Chaos
Infected Rain – Longing
Infected Rain – Never the Same
Infected Rain – Nine, Ten
Infected Rain – November
Infected Rain – Postmortem Pt. 1
Infected Rain – Postmortem Pt. 2
Infected Rain – Showers
Infected Rain – These Walls
Power Paladin – Creatures of the Night
Power Paladin – Evermore
Power Paladin – Into the Forbidden Forest
Power Paladin – Kraven the Hunter
Power Paladin, Oskar Runarsson – Dark Crystal
Power Paladin, Oskar Runarsson – Righteous Fury
Power Paladin – Ride the Distant Storm
Power Paladin – There Can Be Only One
Power Paladin – Way of Kings
Wilderun – Ambition
Wilderun – Distraction III
Wilderun – Distraction II
Wilderun – Distraction I
Wilderun – Distraction Nulla
Wilderun – Everything In Its Right Place (Bonus Track) (Cover Version)
Wilderun – Exhaler (Bonus Track) (Synth Mix)
Wilderun – Exhaler
Wilderun – Identifier
Wilderun – Passenger
Wilderun – Woolgatherer
9 Skies – Above the Tide
9 Skies – Achristas
9 Skies – Beauty of Decay
9 Skies – Colourblind
9 Skies – Dear Mind
9 Skies – Godless Land
9 Skies – Golden Drops
9 Skies – Porcelain Hill
9 Skies – Smiling Stars
9 Skies – The Old Man in the Snow
9 Skies – Wilderness
Caravan – Down From London
Caravan – Every Precious Little Thing
Caravan – If I Was to Fly
Caravan – I’ll Reach Out for You
Caravan – It’s None Of Your Business
Caravan – Luna’s Tuna
Caravan – Ready or Not
Caravan – Spare a Thought
Caravan – There is You
Caravan – Wishing You Were Here
Ciccada – Eniania (Keepers of the Midnight Harvest)
Ciccada – No Man’s Land
Ciccada – Open Wings
Ciccada – Queen of Wishes
Ciccada – The Old Man and The Butterfly
Ciccada – Who’s to Decide
Cirkus – Alive
Cirkus – Angel
Cirkus – Back and Forth
Cirkus – Forever Tonight
Cirkus – Good News Week
Cirkus – I’m With You
Cirkus – One More Day
Cirkus – Page 12 (On the Right)
Cirkus – So it Goes
Cirkus – The Lure of Santa Monica
Cosmograf – In 1985
Cosmograf – I Stick to You
Cosmograf – Memories Lie
Cosmograf – Rattrapante
Cosmograf – Time Will Flow
Crack the Sky – Alligator Man
Crack the Sky – All My Innocence
Crack the Sky – Another Beautiful Day
Crack the Sky – Another Civil War
Crack the Sky – Blowing Up Detroit
Crack the Sky – Boom Boom
Crack the Sky – Dear Leaders
Crack the Sky – Drinking Myself Sober
Crack the Sky – Quick
Crack the Sky – Stranger in a Strange Land
Crack the Sky – The Lost Boys
Crack the Sky – Tribes
Crack the Sky – We Don’t Know
Eyesberg – Claustrophobia
Eyesberg – Final Ride
Eyesberg – Into the Asylum
Eyesberg – Sacrifice
Eyesberg – Salamander Tree
Eyesberg – Strange Boy
Eyesberg – Walking in Storms
Eyesberg – We Want You Out!
Fragile – Beyond
Fragile – The Golden Ring of Time
Fragile – Yours And Mine
Kayak – As the Crow Flies
Kayak – A Writer’s Tale
Kayak – Cary
Kayak – Critical Mass
Kayak – Distance to Your Heart
Kayak – Kaja
Kayak – Mistery
Kayak – One by One
Kayak – Out of This World
Kayak – Red Rag to a Bull
Kayak – Ship of Theseus
Kayak – The Way She Said Goodbye
Kayak – Traitor’s Gate
Kayak – Under a Scar
Kayak – Waiting
Lee Abraham – Counting Down
Lee Abraham – Days Gone By
Lee Abraham – Falling Apart
Lee Abraham – Only Human
Lee Abraham – The Hands of Time
Lind – A Hundred Years
Lind – Controversial Theory
Lind – Displaced and Criticized
Lind – Do I Really Notice
Lind – Invisible Tears
Lind – Soul Kinship
Lind – Strange Waters
Lind – The Magic gate
Lind – The Schemes
Mick Paul – Beneath the Gate
Mick Paul – Comfort Zone
Mick Paul – Consigned to Reality
Mick Paul – Cypher
Mick Paul – Frozen Perspective
Mick Paul – Light of Silence
Mick Paul – Morning Skyline
Mick Paul – Name on You
Mick Paul – No Horizon
Mick Paul – One Way Converstion
Mick Paul – Parallel Lives
Mick Paul – Swallows
Mick Paul – Uncharted Course
Mick Paul – Your Days
Nebulous Sun – Aim of Claims
Nebulous Sun – Bargain
Nebulous Sun – Come to pass
Nebulous Sun – Demiurge
Nebulous Sun – First Tale
Nebulous Sun – Vacuitй
Noisy Diners – Duel Pt. 1
Noisy Diners – Duel Pt. 2
Noisy Diners – Manto and Tibrys
Noisy Diners – The Bad Boat
Noisy Diners – The Princess of the Allen Keys
Noisy Diners – The Weak Fog
Noisy Diners – Tiresias
Octopus – Del 2 Krigen
Octopus – Del 3 Flukten
Octopus – Del 4 Prisonen
Octopus – Del 5 Hevnen
Octopus – Del 6 Forlosningen
Octopus – Del 7 Erkjennelsen
Octopus – Del 8 Epilog
Octopus – Ouverture – Del 1 Havet
Ray Wilson – Almost Famous
Ray Wilson – Amelia
Ray Wilson – Cold Like Stone
Ray Wilson – Golden Slumbers
Ray Wilson – I, Like You
Ray Wilson – Mother Earth
Ray Wilson – Symptomatic
Ray Wilson – The Last Laugh
Ray Wilson – The Weight of Man
Ray Wilson – We Knew the Truth Once
Ray Wilson – You Could Have Been Someone
Resistor – Aurora
Resistor – Cricket Season
Resistor – Falling Snow
Resistor – Saint Iris
Resistor – Seraphim
Resistor – Till Spirits Rise
Resistor – Winter
Satin Whale – A Bit Foolish – A Bit Wise
Satin Whale – A Whale of a Time
Satin Whale – Desert Village
Satin Whale – Devilish Roundabout
Satin Whale – Don’t Stop The Show
Satin Whale – Girl
Satin Whale – Goin’ Back to Cologne
Satin Whale – Holidays
Satin Whale – I Can’t Believe
Satin Whale – It’s Better
Satin Whale – Kew Gardens
Satin Whale – Lady Night
Satin Whale – Let it Roll
Satin Whale – Little Tune
Satin Whale – Maree
Satin Whale – Mighty Skycrapers
Satin Whale – More Than a Voice
Satin Whale – My Anne
Satin Whale – No Time to Lose
Satin Whale – One More Night
Satin Whale – Out of Control
Satin Whale – Racing Driver
Satin Whale – Reminiscent River
Satin Whale – Shady Way
Satin Whale – Spring
Satin Whale – Stay With Me
Satin Whale – Too Late
Satin Whale – Your Love
Sylvan – Bit By Bit (Overture)
Sylvan – Encoded at Heart
Sylvan – Go Viral
Sylvan – Not a Goodbye
Sylvan – On My Oddyssey
Sylvan – Part of Me
Sylvan – Start of Your Life
Sylvan – Trust in Yourself
Sylvan – Unleashed Power
Sylvan – Worlds Apart
The Samurai of Prog – A Queen’s Wish
The Samurai of Prog – Into The Woods
The Samurai of Prog – Iron John
The Samurai of Prog – Searching for the Fear
The Samurai of Prog – The Blue Light
The Samurai of Prog – The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs
The Samurai of Prog – The Lady and The Lion
The Samurai of Prog – The Three Snakes-Leaves
The Samurai of Prog – The Travelling Musicians
The Samurai of Prog – The Tricky Fiddler
The Samurai of Prog – The Tricky Fiddler – Reprise
The Samurai of Prog – The White Snake
Tony Kaye – 285 Fulton Street
Tony Kaye – 911 Overture
Tony Kaye – Aftermath
Tony Kaye – Battle Cry
Tony Kaye – Flight 11
Tony Kaye – Ground Zero
Tony Kaye – Heroes
Tony Kaye – Homecoming
Tony Kaye – Hope and Triumph
Tony Kaye – Let’s Roll
Tony Kaye – NYC Blues
Tony Kaye – Sweetest Dreams
Tony Kaye – The Battle
Tony Kaye – Towers Fall
Tony Kaye – Tug of War
Tony Kaye – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Twilight Time
Hawkwind – Alcyone
Hawkwind – Barkus
Hawkwind – Cave of Phantom Dreams
Hawkwind – China Blues
Hawkwind – Counting Sheep
Hawkwind – I Can’t Get You Off My Mind
Hawkwind – It’s Only a Dream
Hawkwind – Meditation
Hawkwind – Pulsestar
Hawkwind – Small Objects in Space
Hawkwind – Strange Encounters
Hawkwind – Sweet Dreams
Hawkwind – Unsomnia
ASP – 1
ASP – 1
ASP – 1
ASP – I wanna live
ASP – Just Do it
ASP – Let’s go as a weirdo
ASP – You don’t say
Lazy Riots – Kein Zurueck
Lazy Riots – Queen And King (Hidden Track)
Lazy Riots – Queen And King
Lazy Riots – Start
Lazy Riots – Vicious Tongues
Lazy Riots – We’re Coming Back
Lazy Riots – What Would You Do
Lazy Riots – Zu Laut
MetzgerButcher – Fangt An
MetzgerButcher – Irgendwie Tot
MetzgerButcher – Kultur
MetzgerButcher – Sprachnachricht
MetzgerButcher – Was Glaubst Du
The Boondocks – (10455)
The Boondocks – A City on Fire
The Boondocks – Beware, BEWARE!
The Boondocks – Doppelgangers
The Boondocks – Man of the People
The Boondocks – Mr. Politician
The Boondocks – Shadow in the Light
The Boondocks – Smokin’ Aces
The Boondocks – Starving Dogs
The Boondocks – The Hypernarrative
The Boondocks – Whatever You Said Went Over My Head
Battlefield – Grave of the Unknown
Battlefield – Knock Down the Door
Battlefield – Nuclear Death
Battlefield – Possessed Preacher
Battlefield – We Come to Fight
Burnt Offering – Beware the Axe
Burnt Offering – Black Blasphemy
Burnt Offering – Desecration
Burnt Offering – Graphic Violence
Burnt Offering – Kick Your Dirt
Burnt Offering – Leatherface
Burnt Offering – Power of Death
Burnt Offering – Prisoner of War
Burnt Offering – Pure Fuckin’ Death
Burnt Offering – Slaughterhouse Grizzle
Burnt Offering – Snow Death
Nocturnal Graves – Across the Acheron
Nocturnal Graves – An Outlaw’s Stand
Nocturnal Graves – Beyond the Flesh
Nocturnal Graves – Command for Conflict
Nocturnal Graves – Death to Pigs
Nocturnal Graves – Law of the Blade
Nocturnal Graves – No Mercy for Weakness
Nocturnal Graves – Ruthless Fight
Phalanx – A Winterday’s Thought
Phalanx – Closed Eyes
Phalanx – Do You Think
Phalanx – I Will Devour
Phalanx – Lethal Toy
Phalanx – On the Beach
Phalanx – The Judas Touch
Phalanx – The Seeds We Plant
Phalanx – Towards the Pearly Gates