Rock Pack – 602 Tracks best mp3 – [03-Nov-2021]

Blink-182 – First Date (Clean)
Blink-182 – First Date (Intro Clean)
Blink-182 – First Date (Quick Hit Clean)
Django Django – Asking For More
Django Django – Free From Gravity
Django Django – Glowing In The Dark
Django Django – Got Me Worried
Django Django – Headrush
Django Django – Hold Fast
Django Django – Kick The Devil Out
Django Django – Night Of The Buffalo
Django Django – Right The Wrongs
Django Django – Spirals
Django Django – The Ark
Django Django – The World Will Turn
Django Django – Waking Up (Feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg)
Erik Cohen – Alcatraz
Erik Cohen – Bomberjacken
Erik Cohen – Cafe Stietzel
Erik Cohen – Doomrider
Erik Cohen – Halloween
Erik Cohen – Intro (Northern Soul)
Erik Cohen – Junger Matrose
Erik Cohen – Lokomotive
Erik Cohen – Millionenstadt
Erik Cohen – Nach dem Sturm
Erik Cohen – Schleswig-Holstein
Guided By Voices – Black and White Eyes in a Prism
Guided By Voices – Chain Gang Island
Guided By Voices – Cherub and the Great Child Actor
Guided By Voices – Dance of Gurus
Guided By Voices – Flying Without A License
Guided By Voices – High In The Rain
Guided By Voices – I Share a Rhythm
Guided By Voices – I Wanna Monkey
Guided By Voices – Maintenance Man of the Haunted House
Guided By Voices – My (Limited) Engagement
Guided By Voices – People Need Holes
Guided By Voices – Psycho House
Guided By Voices – Razor Bug
Guided By Voices – Spanish Coin
Guided By Voices – The Bell Gets Out of the Way
Jointhugger – Delysid Rex
Jointhugger – Empty Space
Jointhugger – In Dire Need of Fire, Chapter 2
Jointhugger – Midnight
Jointhugger – The Calm
Shame – 6 1
Shame – Alphabet
Shame – Born In Luton
Shame – Great Dog
Shame – Harsh Degrees
Shame – Human, For A Minute
Shame – March Day
Shame – Nigel Hitter
Shame – Snow Day
Shame – Station Wagon
Shame – Water In The Well
The Kinks – Act Nice And Gentle (Live)
The Kinks – A Long Way From Home (Live)
The Kinks – Big Sky (Live)
The Kinks – Brainwashed (Live)
The Kinks – Harry Rag (Live)
The Kinks – Last Of The Steam Powered Trains (Live)
The Kinks – Lola (Live)
The Kinks – Opening (Mr. Wonderful) (Live)
The Kinks – Strangers (Live)
The Kinks – Sunny Afternoon (Live)
The Kinks – Till The End Of The Day (Live)
The Kinks – Top Of The Pops (Live)
The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset (Live)
XIXA – Eclipse
XIXA – Eve Of Agnes
XIXA – Feast Of Ascension
XIXA – Genesis Of Gaea
XIXA – Land Where We Lie
XIXA – May They Call Us Home
XIXA – Nights Plutonian Shore
XIXA – Soma
XIXA – Thine Is The Kingdom
XIXA – Velveteen
Akhansha – Buried And Forgotten
Akhansha – Less And Less Human
Akhansha – Possessed By Hate
Akhansha – The Path of the Black Cult
Carnival of Flesh – Angst
Carnival of Flesh – Can of Sorrow
Carnival of Flesh – Liberation
Carnival of Flesh – Mask of Humanity
Carnival of Flesh – Rapacity
Carnival of Flesh – Requiem for a World
Carnival of Flesh – The Great Escape
Carnival of Flesh – The One
Carnival of Flesh – Tropical Plunder
Funeral Chant – Dawn of Annihilation
Funeral Chant – Lucifuge Domain
Funeral Chant – Malefic Reign
Funeral Chant – Oneiric Perversion
Funeral Chant – Pernicious Rites
Funeral Chant – Serpent Pact
Funeral Chant – Terrorspawn
Funeral Chant – Xenophonic Transmission
Kaeck – De Kabal
Kaeck – De Kwekeling
Kaeck – Het Vurig Gemaal
Kaeck – Het Zwarte Dictaat
Kaeck – Over Zwarte Vlakten
Kaeck – Sektarische Magie
Kaeck – Tegen Een Scharlaken Horizon
Minenwerfer – Cloaked In Silence
Minenwerfer – Der Blutharsch
Minenwerfer – Dragging The Dead Through Mountain Passes
Minenwerfer – Kaiserjдgerlied
Minenwerfer – MG 08 15 (Nullachtfьnfzehn)
Minenwerfer – Tiroler Edelweiss
Minenwerfer – Withered Tombs
Morgal – Death Vortex
Morgal – Extermination-Death Penetration
Morgal – Flaming Mouth of Baphomet
Morgal – Gateways of Flesh & Blood
Morgal – Golden Son of Satan
Morgal – Mortifer
Morgal – Nightmare Lord
Morte Incandescente – Anula-Te
Morte Incandescente – A Seia Dos Vermes
Morte Incandescente – As Luzes Da Cidade
Morte Incandescente – Cerra Os Dentes
Morte Incandescente – Instalaзгo Humana
Morte Incandescente – Interlъdio
Morte Incandescente – Nуs Somos O Underground
Morte Incandescente – O Uivo Da Noite
Morte Incandescente – O Vйu
Morte Incandescente – Planeta Parasita
MROH – Dark Ritual
MROH – Dreams of the Past
MROH – Midnight Mist
MROH – Ritual of Change
MROH – Seal of Curse
MROH – Secret Scripture
MROH – Struggle and Confrontation
MROH – The Beginning
MROH – The Nightmare Catcher
MROH – The Revelation of the Sages
MROH – Tree of Knowledge
MROH – Whispers from Nowhere
Olio Tдhtien Takana – A Sorcery Written In Stars
Olio Tдhtien Takana – Ego Aeternum
Olio Tдhtien Takana – Excrucior
Olio Tдhtien Takana – Intro – Enter the Maw of Souls
Olio Tдhtien Takana – Journey To the Most High
Olio Tдhtien Takana – Outro – Into the Everlasting Shadow
Olio Tдhtien Takana – Prophecies of Pandemonium
Olio Tдhtien Takana – Spectral Katharsis
Olio Tдhtien Takana – The Labyrinth of Sleepless Dead
Olio Tдhtien Takana – The Servant’s Heart
Olio Tдhtien Takana – Towards the Dying Moon
Olio Tдhtien Takana – Veri Kirotussa Yцssд
Rьndgard – Descending From the Southern Skies
Rьndgard – Die Valdivianischen Schatten
Rьndgard – Spirits From the Medieval Storms
Rьndgard – Visions Through the Grim Tower
Rьndgard – Vollmonddomдnen
Sargeist – Black Treasures of Melancholy
Sargeist – Cursed Blaze of Rituals
Sargeist – Disciple of the Heinous Path
Sargeist – Echoes from A Morbid Night
Sargeist – Heretic Iron Will
Sargeist – Remains of an Unholy Past
Scorn – Pure Blood Metal
Scorn – Spread Poisonous Gas To Humanity
Scorn – The Signal of Total Hate
Scorn – Ultramassacre
Scorn – Vengeanceremonium
Scorn – Violence of Great Ironfirst
Vredensdal – A Forest Of Light
Vredensdal – Cold Northern Hellscape
Vredensdal – Fodd i ei grav
Vredensdal – Ice In My Heart
Vredensdal – Misanthrophecy
Vredensdal – Silence Is Eternal
Vredensdal – The Slave To Unholy Logic
Wampyric Rites – In the Mystical Night of the Full Moon
Wampyric Rites – Intro
Wampyric Rites – Majestic Vampire Empire
Wampyric Rites – Outro
Wampyric Rites – The Blood of the Ancient Dragon
Zofos – Embraced By Chthonic Void
Zofos – Eurynomos
Zofos – In The Garden Of Idols
Zofos – Trespassing On The Unseen
Zofos – Typhaon (Storm Over Cape Tainaron)
Be’lakor – Foothold
Be’lakor – Hidden Window
Be’lakor – Indelible
Be’lakor – Locus
Be’lakor – Much More Was Lost
Be’lakor – Sweep Of Days
Be’lakor – The Dispersion
Be’lakor – Valence
Death Has Spoken – Call of the Abyss
Death Has Spoken – Crawling to the Tomb
Death Has Spoken – In Vain
Death Has Spoken – Lurking Fear
Death Has Spoken – Under the Flame
Death Has Spoken – Wilderness
Death Has Spoken – Woe
The Breathing Process – A Savage Plea
The Breathing Process – Atlas
The Breathing Process – Heir To None
The Breathing Process – I Sleep, I Wake
The Breathing Process – Labyrinthian
The Breathing Process – Shadow Self
The Breathing Process – Shroud
The Breathing Process – Terminal
The Breathing Process – We, The Drowned
The Breathing Process – Wilt
Abstain – Dual Allegiance
Abstain – Intro Belligerence
Abstain – Prisoner To None
Abuse Ritual – A Bad Frame of Mind
Abuse Ritual – Cross My Path
Abuse Ritual – Hellhound
Abuse Ritual – Merciless
Abuse Ritual – My Will Be Done
Abuse Ritual – Pillars of Suffering
Abuse Ritual – Rampage
Abuse Ritual – Testimony
Bastar ur – Afturhalds Kommatittir
Bastar ur – Black Flag Fools
Bastar ur – Burn
Bastar ur – Neonlight Blitzkrieg
Bastar ur – Satan’s Loss of Son
Bastar ur – The Whispering Beast
Bastar ur – Viral Tumor
Cage – Fleur
Cage – Frizzante
Cage – G.P.
Cage – Night by Night
Cage – Pile ou Face
Cage – Right Brigade
Choice To Make – Frequency
Choice To Make – On Fire
Crown The Empire – Dancing with the Dead
Death Shrine – Braindead
Death Shrine – Dark (feat. Tony Silva)
Death Shrine – Death Shrine
Death Shrine – Hyperbole
Death Shrine – Self Selected (feat. David Lopez)
Death Shrine – Temporary Lines
Death Shrine – Weaponize
Diamondback – Agni Kai
Diamondback – In the Blink of an Eye
Diamondback – No Risk No Reward
Diamondback – Play It Safe
Diamondback – Test of Strength
Fake Fun – Bej ebalo
Fake Fun – Funeral Blues
Fake Fun – Jadernyj vzryv
Fake Fun – Nenavist
Fake Fun – Shkval
Game Changer – Demise
Game Changer – Intro
Game Changer – Payback
Game Changer – Rage
Game Changer – Sink Or Swim
Guilt Trip – All I Hate
Guilt Trip – Emerald Gate
Guilt Trip – Fraction of Time
Guilt Trip – Rain City
Guilt Trip – Split Reflection
Headcount – Anti-Cop Always Baby!
Headcount – Good Citizen
Headcount – Imprint
Headcount – New Paths
Headcount – Parse
Headcount – Stolen Time
Hologram – Bite the Smoke
Hologram – Deprivation Fantasy
Hologram – Gifthorse
Hologram – Humiliation Drills
Hologram – Innate
Hologram – I See a Pale Light
Hologram – No Longer Human
Hologram – Phantom Limb
Hologram – Untitled
Ignition – De Pie Estoy
Ignition – Escupo Tu Fe
Ignition – Hardcore Por Siempre
Ignition – Intro
Ignition – Representando
Ignition – Traidores
In Time – Can’t Stop This Youth
In Time – Cutting Ties
In Time – Grief
In Time – Intro
In Time – Landmarks
In Time – What Keeps Us Together
Knivad – Avdelning 369
Knivad – Deras Hat
Knivad – Dricka Fцr Att Glцmma
Knivad – Ett Цvergrepp
Knivad – Fцrbrukad
Knivad – Hдktad
Knivad – Jag Blev Ingenting
Knivad – Jorden Satt I Brand
Knivad – Sцmnlцsa Nдtter
Knivad – Talet
Long Night – Im So Tired Its Not Fair
Long Night – Knuckledraggers
Long Night – Troubled Times
Long Night – Well Skilled in the Art of Autocorrect
M 40 – Avgrunden
M 40 – Dцdens Bleka Hдst
M 40 – En Fцrlorad Vдrld
M 40 – Lykantropen (Feat. Grift)
Mob Swarm – Begin to Prey
Mob Swarm – Drop Out
Mob Swarm – Mob Swarm
Mob Swarm – Myself I Betray
Mob Swarm – No Way Out
Nasti – Kill the Kids
Nasti – Lip Licker
Nasti – Man of the House
Nasti – One Less Piece of Shit
Nasti – People Like Me
Nasti – Psychopath
Nasti – Self Sucker
Nasti – Stud Gods
Poley Tight – Blasphemous Traitors
Poley Tight – Gottes Schweigen
Poley Tight – Suffer
Sial – Kita Dilahirkan Untuk Mati
Sial – Kita Dilahirkan Untuk Melawan
Temper Tantrum – Bag of Tricks
Temper Tantrum – Cowboys Don’t Cry
Temper Tantrum – S.I.N.
The Dividing Line – Crisis Actor
The Dividing Line – Firing Squad
The Dividing Line – Fraud
The Dividing Line – FYBS
The Dividing Line – Glory Hound
The Dividing Line – Hypocrite
The Dividing Line – Join or Die
The Dividing Line – Owe You Nothing
The Dividing Line – Punisher
The Dividing Line – Told You So
The Dividing Line – Ultimatum
Thirteenth – Downfall
Thirteenth – Time
Unidad Ideolуgica – Bloqueo Mental
Unidad Ideolуgica – El Miedo
Unidad Ideolуgica – Guerra Y Negocio
Unidad Ideolуgica – Inhabilitado Para Reaccionar
Unidad Ideolуgica – Metadata
Unidad Ideolуgica – Tercer Hito Del Desarollo
Unidad Ideolуgica – Tiempo Salvaje
Unidad Ideolуgica – Vidas Controladas
Us Them – Acid Rain
Us Them – Coward’s Cross
Us Them – Draped Up and Dripped Out
Us Them – Killing Yourself to Live
Us Them – We’ve Only Just Begun…
Danny Danzi – Accountable
Danny Danzi – American Dream
Danny Danzi – Arms Wide Open
Danny Danzi – Broken
Danny Danzi – Carry Me Back
Danny Danzi – Cold Hard & Dangerous
Danny Danzi – Don’t
Danny Danzi – Forever
Danny Danzi – Frozen In Time
Danny Danzi – Hangin’ On
Danny Danzi – Help Me Out
Danny Danzi – It Is What It Is
Danny Danzi – Restitution
Danny Danzi – Shameless
Danny Danzi – Where Do We Go
Wenches – 100,000 Years
Wenches – Bad Man
Wenches – Break Up To Make Up
Wenches – Mama, Wake Up
Wenches – My Lady’s On Fire
Wenches – Six To Midnight Man
Wenches – Slip Slidin’
Wenches – Truck Stop Tank Top
Wenches – What’s Next To The Moon
Beast In Black – Battle Hymn
Beast In Black – Bella Donna
Beast In Black – Blade Runner
Beast In Black – Broken Survivors
Beast In Black – Dark New World
Beast In Black – Hardcore
Beast In Black – Highway To Mars
Beast In Black – Moonlight Rendezvous
Beast In Black – My Dystopia
Beast In Black – One Night In Tokyo
Beast In Black – Revengeance Machine
Beast In Black – They Don’t Care About Us
Beast In Black – To The Last Drop Of Blood
Inner Core – Bloodlines
Inner Core – Crystal Sky
Inner Core – Desert Snake
Inner Core – Home
Inner Core – Jane
Inner Core – Kingdom of Mirrors
Inner Core – Lionheart
Inner Core – Morning Shots
Inner Core – Symphony
Inner Core – The Dark Chronicles
Inner Core – The Queen I Am
Inner Core – Unholy
Running Wild – Blood On Blood
Running Wild – Crossing The Blades
Running Wild – Diamonds & Pearls
Running Wild – One Night, One Day
Running Wild – Say Your Prayers
Running Wild – The Iron Times (1618 – 1648)
Running Wild – The Shellback
Running Wild – Wild & Free
Running Wild – Wild, Wild Nights
Running Wild – Wings Of Fire
Silver Talon – As The World Burns
Silver Talon – Deceiver, I Am
Silver Talon – Divine Fury
Silver Talon Feat. Andy LaRocque – Resistance 2029
Silver Talon – Kill All Kings
Silver Talon – Next To The Sun
Silver Talon – Touch The Void
Silver Talon – What Will Be
U.D.O. – Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye
U.D.O. – Empty Eyes
U.D.O. – Fear Detector
U.D.O. – Holy Invaders
U.D.O. – I See Red
U.D.O. – Kids And Guns
U.D.O. – Like A Beast
U.D.O. – Marching Tank
U.D.O. – Metal Damnation
U.D.O. – Metal Never Dies
U.D.O. – Midnight Stranger
U.D.O. – Prophecy
U.D.O. – Speed Seeker
U.D.O. – Thunder Road
U.D.O. – Time Control
U.D.O. – Unbroken
U.D.O. – Wilder Life
Skepticism – Calla
Skepticism – Passage
Skepticism – The Inevitable
Skepticism – The Intertwined
Skepticism – The March Of The Four
Skepticism – The Swan And The Raven
Trna – Burning Bridges, Shattered Dreams
Trna – Echoes Of The Past
Trna Ft. Gaerea – Shining
Trna – Hearts Turn To Stone
Trna – Istok
Trna – Rebirth
Trna – Shining (Instrumental)
We Are Among Storms – Bolger
We Are Among Storms – Clouds and Compass
We Are Among Storms – Creation
We Are Among Storms – Cykles
We Are Among Storms – The I In We
We Are Among Storms – The Wind Beneath
We Are Among Storms – Time Has No Favorite
We Are Among Storms – Traveller
Xiphea – Baba Yaga
Xiphea – Chedipe
Xiphea – Die Rose bluht
Xiphea – Drink
Xiphea – Fire
Xiphea – Ghost Ship
Xiphea – Steadfast Tin Soldier
Xiphea – The Fairy Ring
Xiphea – The Price
Xiphea – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Xiphea – True Love’s Kiss
Xiphea – Witchcraft
Shurakay – 4th Quarter Moon
Shurakay – Akhenation
Shurakay – Andromeda
Shurakay – Cignus Neck
Shurakay – Eclipse
Shurakay – Interlude
Shurakay – New Age
Shurakay – Pimaninicuit
Shurakay – Prince Dagnarus
Shurakay – Shurakay
Shurakay – The Book Of Nises
Shurakay – Universe’s Eye
Shurakay – Waning Moon
Acid Dad – 2Ci (Live)
Acid Dad – Bada Bing (Live)
Acid Dad – BBQ (Live)
Acid Dad – Contact (Live)
Acid Dad – Die Hard (Live)
Acid Dad – Dissin’ (Live)
Acid Dad – Djembe (Live)
Acid Dad – Don’t Get Taken (Live)
Acid Dad – Living With A Creature (Live)
Acid Dad – Marine (Live)
Acid Dad – Mistress (Live)
Acid Dad – Mr. Major (Live)
Acid Dad – RC Driver (Live)
Fuzz – Earthen Gate (Live)
Fuzz – Hazemaze (Live)
Fuzz – Jack The Maggot (Live)
Fuzz – Pipe (Live)
Fuzz – Raise (Live)
Fuzz – Rat Race (Live)
Fuzz – Returning (Live)
Fuzz – Sleigh Ride (Live)
Fuzz – Spit (Live)
Fuzz – The 7th Terror (Live)
Fuzz – Time Collapse (Live)
Neon Burton – Bathysphere
Neon Burton – Dew Drops
Neon Burton – Mighty Mondeo
Neon Burton – Neon Sleep
Neon Burton – Sundazed
Neon Burton – Trans Sibirian Express
Post Animal – Caving In (Live)
Post Animal – Gelatin Mode (Live)
Post Animal – Goggles (Live)
Post Animal – How Do You Feel (Live)
Post Animal – In a Paradise (Live)
Post Animal – Planet Earth and Its Many Ecosystems (Live)
Post Animal – Post Animal (Live)
Post Animal – Ralphie (Live)
Post Animal – Safe or Not (Live)
Post Animal – Schedule (Live)
Post Animal – Sifting (Live)
Post Animal – Thank You for Listening (Live)
Post Animal – When I Get Home (Live)
Post Animal – You Know Better (Live)
Post Animal – Your Life Away (Live)
Slift – Altitude Lake (Live)
Slift – Citadel on a Satellite (Live)
Slift – Heavy Road (Live)
Slift – Hyperion (Live)
Slift – It’s Coming… (Live)
Slift – Lions, Tigers and Bears (Live)
Slift – Thousand Helmets of Gold (Live)
Slift – Ummon (Live)
B Squadron – 1982
B Squadron – 6 6 44
B Squadron – Aggro
B Squadron – Do You Know Stanley
B Squadron – Everything You Hate
B Squadron – Homegrow Hate
B Squadron – I’am War
B Squadron – LNCCBB
B Squadron – Pals
B Squadron – Raising Cain
B Squadron – Rebels Without A Clue
B Squadron – Small Circles
B Squadron – Unfriend
Gatuplan – All tid i varlden
Gatuplan – Apan pa ryggen
Gatuplan – Cashen dom tas
Gatuplan – Dee Dee Ramone
Gatuplan – Din varld min varld
Gatuplan – Millennial Blues
Gatuplan – Min revolution
Gatuplan – Punkhjarta
Gatuplan – Radio Gatuplan
Gatuplan – Skandinistas
Gatuplan – Staden med levande doda
Gatuplan – Stureplansfrisyr
Criminal – After Me, The Flood
Criminal – Age Of Distrust
Criminal – Caged
Criminal – Dark Horse
Criminal – Ego Killer
Criminal – Hunter And The Prey
Criminal – Live On Your Knees
Criminal – Sistema Criminal
Criminal – Theocrazy
Criminal – The Whale
Criminal – Zealots
Criminal – Zona De Sacrificio
Demonztrator – Acid Remains
Demonztrator – Crossing the Rubycon
Demonztrator – Embryonic Evil
Demonztrator – Intermission Deus Volt
Demonztrator – Into the Mouth of Madness
Demonztrator – Murderlust
Demonztrator – Nail Them All
Demonztrator – Proclamation
Demonztrator – Scavenger of War
Demonztrator – The Collapse
Prestige – Blessed Be
Prestige – Burn My Eyes
Prestige – Exit
Prestige – Innocent
Prestige – In Remains
Prestige – Pick Your Poison
Prestige – Prime Time
Prestige – Ready
Prestige – Self Destruct
Prestige – You Weep