Tech House hottest tracks – [01-Oct-2021]

A503X – Ibiza [A503X Records]
A503X – Love and Roses [A503X Records]
Aaron North – Let You Go (Extended Mix) [Stashed]
Amal Nemer, Dj Lugo – Trumpet Rhythm [Habitat]
Andres Blows – Jet [Worms Records]
Angel Anx & Paolo Barbato – Feel This Groove (Flip Side Mix) [Club Session]
Angel Heredia – Error [Happy Techno Music]
Angel Heredia – Give Me Cigar [Happy Techno Music]
Angel Heredia – Stop the Beat [Happy Techno Music]
Angel Heredia – You Speak Spanish [Happy Techno Music]
Angelique Leroy – Mon Histoire [Neologism]
Angelique Leroy – Vibrations Cosmiques [Neologism]
Angelique Leroy – Vibrations Cosmiques (Radio Mix) [Neologism]
Atroxity – Whacked (Prolonged Whack) [Beatradar]
BEATMOON – Dale [Not So Serious]
Bob IDK – Who [Happy Records]
CASHEW – Poppin’ (Extended Mix) [Hood Stories Records]
Cayee – Groovy Party [Happy Records]
Damian Martin – Make You a Star [Happy Records]
Dani Corral – Ketaun [Happy Records]
DaveJ – Flexy [Club Session]
Djane My Canaria – Keep Up [Canaria Records]
Djane My Canaria – Keep Up (Deep Love Single Mix) [Canaria Records]
Djane My Canaria – Keep Up (Extended Mix) [Canaria Records]
DJ MKY – The Best My Mix Techno [Duo Box Understream]
DJ Parafa – Demaged File [Key Frame]
DJ Parafa – Flying High [Key Frame]
DJ Parafa – Identity On Beat [Key Frame]
dopecreature & Michael Beggs – Bola [Red Paradise Record]
dopecreature & Michael Beggs – Gotta Have Game [Red Paradise Record]
dopecreature & Michael Beggs – Night by Night [Red Paradise Record]
Dub House Project – Take Me Up [Club Session]
Emabeat – Old Times [Ride Music]
Emabeat – Outside [Ride Music]
Emabeat – This Is Classic [Ride Music]
Esteban Di Maria – Sale This One [Club Session]
Fabio Neural – Blazin’ [Happy Techno Music]
Fabio Neural – Blazin’ (Jean Bacarreza & Enzo Amoruccio Remix) [Happy Techno Music]
Fabio Neural – Stormy [Happy Techno Music]
Franco Ciamberlani – Touch The Sky (Buenavibra Remix) [Latitud 62 Records]
Franco Ciamberlani – Touch The Sky [Latitud 62 Records]
Genomig – El Ritmo Loco! [DUB]
Genomig – Sensación [DUB]
Gianni Firmaio – Blaster [Mushroom Smile Records]
Gianni Firmaio – Don’t Like [Mushroom Smile Records]
Gianni Firmaio – I Wanna See [Mushroom Smile Records]
Groove Salvation – Underground People [Vulkano Records]
Hiena – Let Me In [DataTech]
Hiena – Let Me In (Radio Edit) [DataTech]
Hiena – You Got Me [DataTech]
Hiena – You Got Me (Radio Edit) [DataTech]
Honey G. – Fotoshiop [Club Session]
Igor Zanga – Destruction [Happy Records]
Jay Caesar – Poison [Club Session]
Jean Beatz – Sounds of Yeah [Club Session]
Joc House – Radiofonia (Joseph Gaex Remix) [Wanna Dance Music]
JonhFox (COL) – Facundo [BH Records]
JonhFox (COL) – Neverbe [BH Records]
Joseph Gaex, Joc House – Estrella De La Mañana [Wanna Dance Music]
Joseph Gaex – La Jungla (Joc House Remix) [Wanna Dance Music]
Joseph Gaex – Pavo Real (Joc House Remix) [Wanna Dance Music]
Juan M – Creaciones [Anturia Records]
Juan M – Creaciones (Hector Calypzo Remix) [Anturia Records]
Juan M – Creaciones (Lu George Remix) [Anturia Records]
Juan M – Creaciones (Matheo Velez Dub Mix) [Anturia Records]
Justin Lawson – Its a Game [Murston Records]
KENNIO – Let’s Groove [Deep Bear]
Khynes – Pranks [Difussion Records]
Khynes – Runnin [Difussion Records]
Leo Astorga – Do Not Stop [F_Cking Sound Inside]
Leo Astorga – Mdfk [F_Cking Sound Inside]
Leo Astorga – To Night [F_Cking Sound Inside]
Level Groove – Off [Transmit Recordings]
Level Groove – Repitch [Transmit Recordings]
Low Audi0 – The Sound [Audilow Records]
Lrya & KOLM1N – Hood Chicks [Fresh Stuff Records]
Luciano Candia – Wanna Get High [Street Grooves Records]
Mança (IT) – In Yo Face [Wajiro]
Mança (IT) – Saint-Vincent [Wajiro]
Manu Pavez – Movement [Weird Recordings]
Manu Pavez – Trip [Weird Recordings]
Mark Smedley – Freaks At Night [Stash Records]
Mattin – Tumi [Club Session]
Mau Bacarreza – I Want You [Outsiders Recordings]
Mihai Stroe & Surorile Osoianu – Paparuda (Extended Mix) [Club Session]
Mineground – Break [Club Session]
Neritaan – Watermark [Club Session]
Phari – Wrong Is Right [Club Session]
PINTO – Give Me Sax [Record Union]
PINTO – Keep in Secret [Record Union]
Revler – Metronome [Doop Rec]
Revler – That House [Doop Rec]
Rik-H – Ritmos Cambiantes Vol. 1 (Victor Ibarrola rmx) [RH Music Records]
Salvo V – Change [Cumani Records]
Salvo V – Low Blow [Cumani Records]
Salvo V – Shake It Up [Cumani Records]
Simon Erar – All of My People (Extended Mix) [Club Session]
SloeDwn – Lowkey [Club Session]
Sonia Choo – Take Me Home [Club Session]
Soul Data – Mah Beat [Radioactive]
Soul Data – Spice [Radioactive]
Stefano Rossetti – Get You Higher [Happy Records]
t0.n0.n0 – Amitlu [LDN Trax]
Twin Bros, Ernest Ragusa & Nicky Marotta – Row [Happy Records]
Upzation – Restart [Club Session]
Valerio Bianco – Su [TEKNO HUB]
XIV Tribe – Like This [Wajiro]
Yesterday Afternoon Boys – Hanoman [Club Session]