Tech House playlist – [29-Oct-2021]

Alexis Samaan – Are You Feeling This! (Vocal Edit) [Audio Safari]
Amal Nemer – Arab From Sveida (Extended Mix) [Ole Rec]
Amal Nemer – Blue Light (Extended Mix) [Ole Rec]
Amal Nemer – Changes (Extended Mix) [Ole Rec]
Amal Nemer – Magic City (Extended Mix) [Ole Rec]
Andrea Oliva – Return To The Dancefloor [Moon Harbour Recordings]
Ardalan – Road to Campout [DIRTYBIRD]
Arnold & Lane – Snooooo [DIRTYBIRD]
Bessey – Dreams (Extended Mix) [DataTech]
Bessey – Dreams (Radio Edit) [DataTech]
Better than Lex – Nothing Stays Wrong (Radio – Edit) [Audio Safari]
Black V Neck & KrazySucio – More [DIRTYBIRD]
Blame Mate – Gypslick [CIRCA TRAX]
Blame Mate – In the Dark [CIRCA TRAX]
Branco Simonetti – Get Down [Go On Records]
Bruuno Diz – One More (Damian Cotto Remix) [Go On Records]
Christian Quast – Dub Tales (Ambient Cut) [Salto Recordings]
Christian Quast – Dub Tales [Salto Recordings]
Claude VonStroke – I’m Solo (Bachelors of Science Remix) [DIRTYBIRD]
Cour T. – Restless Thinking [DIRTYBIRD]
Dackho – Save Me [Difussion Records]
Daniel Levak – Dance Like a Freak [Audio Safari]
Daniel Levak – Dance Like a Freak (Ingo Bergsen Radio Edit) [Audio Safari]
Daniel Levak – Dance Like a Freak (Vince Versa Remix) [Audio Safari]
Detire & Ben Mc Cormick – My Life [Audio Safari]
Detire & Ben Mc Cormick – My Life (Dennis Beutler Remix) [Audio Safari]
Detire & Ben Mc Cormick – My Life (Kuestenklatsch Radio Edit) [Audio Safari]
Dipa – It’s Time To Play [Humatron Records]
Dipa – Keep Live (Anabel Sigel Remix) [Humatron Records]
Dipa – Keep Live [Humatron Records]
Dipzy – The Means [DIRTYBIRD]
DJ Trevas – Never Stop [L.B.A Groove records]
Enrique Hidalgo – Just Breathe [Magic Beatz]
Enrique Hidalgo – Move Your Body [Magic Beatz]
E.R.N.E.S.T.O – Not Again [DIRTYBIRD]
Fabian Haneke – Your Name [Play My Tune]
Feelgood, Groove Killah – Muuvme [Happy Techno Music]
Feelgood – Move My Body [Happy Techno Music]
Frank Brown – Wanna Go Out [Bomb Ass House]
Fran Knight – Bitch [F_Cking Sound Inside]
Fran Knight – Hol Up [F_Cking Sound Inside]
Fran Knight – Wild Style [F_Cking Sound Inside]
Fuzz Worth – Folly Bollocks [We Jack.]
Fuzz Worth – Folly Bollocks [We Jack.]
Fuzz Worth – Lake Lorenzo [We Jack.]
Fuzz Worth – Lake Lorenzo [We Jack.]
Galib – Let It Go [Go On Records]
GRANDEZ – Shamanic [Difussion Records]
Greater Than Us – Circular Motions [Thick As Thieves]
Greater Than Us – Lonely [Thick As Thieves]
Greater Than Us – Me Time [Thick As Thieves]
Harry Romero & Claude VonStroke – House Stepper [DIRTYBIRD]
Iarly Nathanael – For Me [Disco Groove Rec]
Iarly Nathanael – The Block [Disco Groove Rec]
Iva Dive & Cristian Ortega – Se Canario My Friend [ELECTRIC RHYTHM]
Iva Dive – Mr Cat (Plutarski Remix) [ELECTRIC RHYTHM]
Johnny Correa – So Right [Go On Records]
Josh Love – European Game [Fleshtones]
Josh Love – Let It Slam [Fleshtones]
JProko – Buenos Días [Sneaky Records]
JProko – La Toma [Sneaky Records]
Justin Lawson – Do Whatever [Murston Records]
Karlos Kano – La Cepa [Difussion Records]
LÉJON (FIN) – Warm Drive [Big Bang Records]
LIV The Pilot – Gerara Here [Difussion Records]
Lucati – Kick Goes Boom (Extended Mix) [Sink Or Swim]
Madtracks – Wahed [Difussion Records]
Malikk – Like This [Encasa Records]
Marco Latrach & Dorian Chavez – Aurora (Andre Butano & Demian Muller Remix) [Yet Records]
Marco Latrach & Dorian Chavez – Aurora [Yet Records]
MARKYNO – Brother & Sister [Shibiza Recordings]
Matheus Rosa & Mario Fitoria – The God Father [Go On Records]
M.Criv – Fat Dance [Wajiro]
M.Criv – Music Soul [Wajiro]
Milos Pesovic – Energize Me [Wasted Music]
Milos Pesovic – Grateful [Wasted Music]
Milos Pesovic – Not Included [Wasted Music]
Mr. Cookie – Donuts [Arenas Recordings (CR)]
Myla (Official) – Italo [Wajiro]
Myla (Official) – Side Claps [Wajiro]
NandosinsesOs – Vagues [Difussion Records]
Patrick Meeks – Moving Up [VELVET BASSMENT RECORDS]
Pit Ahmeti – Luv Hurts [Audio Safari]
PUNCHTIM – Everybory Is Equal [Go On Records]
raF. – Codec Voice [Ribox Records]
raF. – Weird Frequencies [Ribox Records]
Ralph Kings – Aliens In My Room [Green Alien Records]
Ralph Kings – Extranas Auras [Green Alien Records]
Ralph Kings – Hideout [Green Alien Records]
Ralph Kings – La Voz De Gaia [Green Alien Records]
Ralph Kings – MY Name [Green Alien Records]
Ralph Kings – Sacred Plants [Green Alien Records]
Ramseth – Whispers [Difussion Records]
Razda – Another Paradise [UNRESERVED RECORDS]
Razda – Through My Eyes [UNRESERVED RECORDS]
Red Effects – A Sad Clown [Difussion Records]
Renato De Col – Our House [Audio Safari]
Ricardo Carota – Credo [WRTL Recordings]
Ricardo Carota – Creepy Dentist [WRTL Recordings]
Ricardo Carota – Cruncle [WRTL Recordings]
Ricardo Carota – Don’t Stop [WRTL Recordings]
Ricardo Carota – Ferrofluid [WRTL Recordings]
Ricardo Carota – Geitenkaas [WRTL Recordings]
Ricardo Carota – Kip [WRTL Recordings]
Ricardo Carota – Meccanico [WRTL Recordings]
Ricardo Carota – Musica [WRTL Recordings]
Ricardo Carota – Ricordare [WRTL Recordings]
Ricardo Carota – Roquefort [WRTL Recordings]
Ricardo Carota – Tricum [WRTL Recordings]
Ricardo Carota – West (Intro) [WRTL Recordings]
Rocha – An Indian [Green Alien Records]
Rocha – In Case [Green Alien Records]
Rolemec – Groove [G-Mafia Records]
Romero Sanz – Make Your Body Talk [Top of the Morning]
Salles Musik – Rock Montain [Go On Records]
Sebastian Se – Kase [Green Alien Records]
Sebastian Se – Rizzo [Green Alien Records]
Sebben – Fresh [Difussion Records]
Sentre – Kuwuhara [BIRD UP!]
Stefan Brandenburg – Time to Party [Audio Safari]
Stereophonie – Acid Shit [Audio Safari]
Steve Hope & Danny – Hot Bad [Go On Records]
Teknicoz & Jynx – Booty [DIRTYBIRD]
Theo Short – Winter Party [Richy Records]
The Unlocker – Borderland [Go On Records]
Thomas Quiroz – Bendré [Difussion Records]
Toddee – Got Luv [Go On Records]
Tough Art, Feelgood – Fat Groove [Happy Techno Music]
Vm (Ita) – All Right [Techaway Limited]
Vm (Ita) – Get Out [Techaway Limited]
Vm (Ita) – Rock The Party [Techaway Limited]
Voko – Such a Freak [Audio Safari]
Voko – Such a Freak (Pit Ahmeti Remix) [Audio Safari]
Voko – Wanna Connect [Audio Safari]
Wallace IBZ – Vergüenza [Difussion Records]
Adam Mist – Lunar Dust (Original Mix)
Adam Mist – Stranger In The House (Original Mix)
Andre L – Rewind (Original Mix)
Ben Rolfe – Meow (Original Mix)
Black Jersey – Ok Daddy (Original Mix)
Catalin Sima & Cata L iN – Ghetto Joy (Original Mix)
Cazfletts – Euphoria (Original Mix)
Charlie’s Uncle – Disco Lights (Original Mix)
Corbeler – Gredos (Original Mix)
EM3KA – Wiggle (Original Mix)
Garka – Kitt (Original Mix)
Gene Farris & Kid Enigma – David Copperfield (Original Mix)
Jhon Denas & Deejay Balius – I Love (Original Mix)
Mikel GH – Sheath (Original Mix)
Mishka Peat – Dirty (Original Mix)
Nestor Sanchez & Champloo – Same Old Mad Drums (Original Mix)
Nicolт Pinto – That People (Extended Version)
Our Anthem & WRNG – Trash Talkin’ (Radio Edit)
Paul Parsons – I Wanna See You (Original Mix)
Scott Anderson (UK) – Turn It Up (Original Mix)
Scott Garcia – Closer Than Close (Amy Lauren Remix)
Stanny Abram – Everybody (Original Mix)
Tom Pooks & Joy Kitikonti – SameKik (Original Mix)
Ultra Pop – Dance Boy (Original Mix)
Vitaly Mc’Lay – Project 17 (Original Mix)