Techno (Raw, Deep, Hypnotic) newest – [24-Nov-2021]

Alexander Harre – Anything But… [Abstract Realism]
Alexander Harre – Life Continues [Abstract Realism]
Alexander Harre – Restless [Abstract Realism]
Alexander Harre – We and We [Abstract Realism]
A.Paul – Magnetite [Equation Recordings]
A.Paul – Magnetite Rework [Equation Recordings]
A.Paul – Reflexion (2021 Rework) [Equation Recordings]
Atonal Structures – Clock Out (4am Mix) [Voltage Records]
Atonal Structures – Tessalation [Voltage Records]
Atonal Structures – Tod Durch Tanz [Voltage Records]
Bergsonist – NECESSITE [Bergsonist]
Bergsonist – SPACE RACE [Bergsonist]
Bergsonist – TOXIC MATERIALISM [Bergsonist]
BFMM – Production Space [BFMM Music Records]
Black Hertz – Spacetrippy [Phobos Records]
Black Hertz – Starhertz [Phobos Records]
Black Hertz – Thunderspace [Phobos Records]
Casko – Disrupt & Heal [Leyla Records]
Casko – Ignorance Vs Innocence [Leyla Records]
Casko – Mother Tongues and Father Throats [Leyla Records]
Casko – Premiss [Leyla Records]
Das Ton – Washmoog [Room 307]
Diego Infanzon – Abre Tu Mente [Tronic]
Diego Infanzon – Living in a System [Tronic]
Diego Infanzon – The Revival [Tronic]
Diego James – Galaxy Collider [Beats Hd]
Diego James – Sandpipers [Beats Hd]
Dimi Angelis – Burning Bush [Mord]
Dimi Angelis – Green Powder [K S R]
Dimi Angelis – Interscope [Mord]
Dimi Angelis – Manic [K S R]
Dimi Angelis – Micromégas [Mord]
Dimi Angelis – Riot Lovers [Mord]
DJ Lily – Blåslagen [LILIES]
DJ Lily – Infarkt [LILIES]
DJ Lily – Kroppsligheten [LILIES]
DJ Lily – Lille Häst [LILIES]
DJ Lily – Ringöns Revolt [LILIES]
DJ Lily – Själens Tröst [LILIES]
Duniz & Henrixx – Frog [Refur Records]
Duniz & Henrixx – Hügelstrecke [Refur Records]
Duniz & Henrixx – Kobra [Refur Records]
Duniz & Henrixx – Montag bis Freitag [Refur Records]
Flug – Alloy Steel [Rspx]
Flug – Black Out [RSPX]
Flug – Move Around [RSPX]
Flug – Sinergy [RSPX]
ForceReaction – Control Abuse [K S R]
GetCosy – Codes [Bunkaball Records]
GetCosy – Smaking Killa [Bunkaball Records]
GetCosy – Terminal [Bunkaball Records]
GetCosy – Vottak [Bunkaball Records]
Juan On Drugs – Pressure [Osler Records]
Klint – 2223 [Suara]
Klint – Mezcal [Suara]
Klint – Nemesis [Suara]
Klint – Resonance [Suara]
Makaton – Neglect (Death Abyss Pain Is All You Are Worth Mix) [Rodz-Konez]
Makaton – Neglect (Inigo Kennedy Remix) [Rodz-Konez]
Makaton – Neglect (Is this loss! Mix) [Rodz-Konez]
Makaton – Neglect (Paàl Bass Meditation Mix) [Rodz-Konez]
Makaton – Neglect (Paul Damage Remix) [Rodz-Konez]
Makaton – Neglect (Sickness You’ll Dance to Anything Mix) [Rodz-Konez]
Makaton – Neglect (Tommy Four Seven Remix) [Rodz-Konez]
Makaton – Neglect (Tomohiko Sagae Remix) [Rodz-Konez]
Matrixxman – Vexxer [K S R]
NDSTPS – Neptune [Osler Records]
Óscar Sánchez – Primate V2 [Osler Records]
Other Form – Mirrorpath (Polygonia Remix) [Unknown Movements]
Other Form – Mirrorpath (Quelza Remix) [Unknown Movements]
Other Form – Mirrorpath [Unknown Movements]
Other Form – Protista [Unknown Movements]
Other Form – Public Layer [Unknown Movements]
randy adams – Catechism [Sayaw Records]
randy adams – Deep Chord [Sayaw Records]
RPN – Youth (Club Mix) [RPN]
RPN – Youth [RPN]
Sergio Marini & Cominotto – Reference Points (Extended Mix) [Zoomer Records]
Sergio Marini & Cominotto – Reference Points [Zoomer Records] – Kotoba Nai Uta [Problematic Antagonic Solutions] – Nigeru [Problematic Antagonic Solutions] – Yoru [Problematic Antagonic Solutions]
Technogain – Monastery [L2l Music]
Technogain – Sphera [L2l Music]
Troy – Chainsaw [K S R]
Vīnculum – Come Down [Laber Nicht Records]
Vīnculum – Come Up [Laber Nicht Records]
Vīnculum – Italo at Mattia’s [Laber Nicht Records]
Vīnculum – It Was Pretty Sick (feat. Valeria) [Laber Nicht Records]
Vīnculum – Pine Licht [Laber Nicht Records]
Vīnculum – Repetition [Laber Nicht Records]
Vīnculum – There’s Always a First Time (feat. Mattia) [Laber Nicht Records]
Vīnculum – Weil Halt [Laber Nicht Records]
Vīnculum – Werk It [Laber Nicht Records]
Vīnculum – Wir Sind die Kinder der Nacht [Laber Nicht Records]
Vīnculum – You Didn’t Think About Leaving! (feat. Max) [Laber Nicht Records]
Vīnculum – You Don’ Know [Laber Nicht Records]
V.LACE – Shattered [Osler Records]
Zsak – Once Again (Extended Mix) [Sayaw Records]
Zsak – Once Again [Sayaw Records]