Techno (Raw, Deep, Hypnotic) popular Songs – [28-Dec-2021]

Axel Karakasis – Bold Assaults [Remain Records]
Axel Karakasis – Endless Era [Remain Records]
Axel Karakasis – Grace [Remain Records]
Berny.G – 828 Code [Emperor Recordings]
DJ Johan Weiss – Red Eyes [Emperor Recordings]
Filip Xavi – Quicksand [MindTrip]
FLAWS – Underneath [MindTrip]
Jiberish – Falling in Love [Emperor Recordings]
JRD – The Chaser [MindTrip]
Kad – Erasmus [Emperor Recordings]
Kev Willis – Cosmic Change [Emperor Recordings]
Lex-Stalker – N.I.B [Emperor Recordings]
Mellow Gellow – Chroom [Emperor Recordings]
Mylba – Feel the Vibration [Emperor Recordings]
Nephilim – Respect & Me [Emperor Recordings]
Slight Function – Mistaken Identity [MindTrip]
Steven Blair – The Crumble of Profit [Emperor Recordings]
Temisan Adoki – Cinea [Record Union]
Temisan Adoki – Crystaline [Record Union]
Temisan Adoki – Forbidden Machinery [Record Union]
Temisan Adoki – Osmosis Front [Record Union]
Temisan Adoki – Retroactive [Record Union]
Temisan Adoki – Waiting for the Past [Record Union]
Tenasio – Mental Control [SMSH]
Tenasio – Time to Die [SMSH]