Techno (Raw, Deep, Hypnotic) top new – [13-Aug-2021]

Aleja Sanchez & Dorian Gray – Sun Gods [Android Muziq]
Alexskyspirit – Detection [Android Muziq]
Axones & E-Runner – Russian Landscape [Android Muziq]
Casual Mechanism – Geisha, as Before [Stemwinder Recordings]
Casual Mechanism – Geisha [Stemwinder Recordings]
CO-FUSION – Intergranular [Translucent]
CO-FUSION – Vessels [Translucent]
CQNZR. – Tension [CQNZR.]
DjAkilah – Boorek [Emperor Recordings]
DjAkilah – Boorek [Emperor Recordings]
DjAkilah – Deep Dive [Emperor Recordings]
DjAkilah – Deep Dive [Emperor Recordings]
Fabian Wegmeth – Caught in Her Eyes [Android Muziq]
Fjaak – Candide
Franco Rossi – Ductio [Xelima Records]
Gustavo Rique – Random of Lights [Only Only Techno]
Haeon Hertz – Haeon Hertz Adabou [Obscur Antism Records]
Haeon Hertz – Haeon Hertz meet the reaper (Francesco Lolli remix) [Obscur Antism Records]
Haeon Hertz – Haeon Hertz Meet the reaper [Obscur Antism Records]
Haeon Hertz – Haeon Hertz Press start to drop [Obscur Antism Records]
Icka Naraca – At Your Own Risk [After Recordings]
Imus – Angosto [Deep Division Records]
Imus – Old Trip [Deep Division Records]
Imus – Spectro [Deep Division Records]
Kristopher Mørder – Awakening 1.2 [Android Muziq]
LEVS – Pain as Experience [Conscious Mind Label]
Max606 – AI
Max606 – AI (Radio Edit)
Max606 – Caedence
Max606 – Caedence (Radio Edit)
Max606 – So Good
Max606 – So Good (Radio Edit)
Max606 – The Navigator
Max606 – The Navigator (Radio Edit)
munfell – Ellipta [Drum-tec Records]
munfell – No Name [Drum-tec Records]
Mute Note 23 – Ldprpr [Techno Wood Records]
Netty Hugo – Alderaan [Gain Plus]
Netty Hugo – Aldringen [Gain Plus]
Netty Hugo – Rush 4X4 [Gain Plus]
Netty Hugo – Vodoo [Gain Plus]
Noaria – Gemini [Android Muziq]
Norberto Lusso – 62 [Android Muziq]
Pacius Elter – Pathogen [Android Muziq]
PTTRN – Entrainment 1 [ANAOH]
PTTRN – Entrainment 2 [ANAOH]
PTTRN – Entrainment 3 [ANAOH]
PTTRN – Entrainment 4 [ANAOH]
Pyra – Satisfy [IN-KAREH RECORDS]
Rifts & Dajusch Rifts Dajusch – Dubiety
Sandro Galli – Fixed [Android Muziq]
Shayan B – Lazer Gun [Underground BeatCode Records]
Shayan B – Sinere [Underground BeatCode Records]
The Alchemical Theory – Komorebi [Affin]
The Alchemical Theory – Ukiyo [Affin]
The Alchemical Theory – Yugen [Affin]
The GOAT & Gentleman Scholar – Take the Ride [Groundwerk Recordings]
The GOAT – How Was Your Walk Home [Groundwerk Recordings]
The Plant Worker – New Love [Android Muziq]
Tim Vitek – Another Turn [Grid Based Beats]
Tim Vitek – On Your Time [Grid Based Beats]