Trance Top New – [04-Jun-2021]

Aressa – Onyx (Extended Mix) [Nanostate Music]
Aressa – Onyx [Nanostate Music]
Artur Sadowy – All Things [Time of Life]
Bloomferdian – Fight All You Want [Audio Diez]
Bloomferdian – Fight All You Want (Radio Edit) [Audio Diez]
Cedric Lass – Area 51 [Nahawand Recordings]
Cedric Lass – Roswell [Nahawand Recordings]
Frieder Morneweg – Alpha (Extended Version) [03FLA]
Frieder Morneweg – Alpha (Radio Edit) [03FLA]
Psykomakerz – Rigel [GOAPSYRECORDS]
Retrospecto – Marmoula [Get Rekt Records]
Seba Dentis – City Lights [Gseven Records]
Sunlight Project – Bit Trip [Sunlight Tunes]
Trey Vinter – Electronica [Ylla Music]
Trey Vinter – Vision of Life [Ylla Music]
Zschet – Back to Heaven (Wuoarping) [Zschet Records]
Zschet – Change Your Environment [Zschet Records]
Zschet – Dance for Peace [Zschet Records]
Zschet – Return to Heaven (Wuoarping) [Zschet Records]
Zschet – Towards the Sky [Zschet Records]