Traxsource Essential Tech House (2021-12-06) song list – [11-Jan-2022]

Alkalino – Confusion
Angelo Scalici – Yeah It Do
Ben Delay – Belter (Extended Mix)
Bess Mazepleight – Welcome To Americana
Discoplex – Kisses
Dj Dove – Passion
Dvit Bousadj Friscomarcos Peon – My Kisses (Extended Mix)
Elle Mabell – Dance With Me
Ernesto De Santis – Coast To Coast
Eskuche – Confession
False Identity (Uk) – Pretty Faded (Original Mix)
Fickryandres Power – The Fonk (Original Mix)
Franklyn Wattsdateless – Corazon Partio
Gioc – Just Bounce
Haynes – Big Booty (Extended Mix)
Hugo Massien – Trust Issues
Hynka – La Gonga
Jaded – Physically (Extended Mix)
Johan Skpd – Uno (Extended Mix)
L.D.S.D – Good Drop
Like Miketube & Bergerlil Baby – Silence (Feat. Lil Baby) (Tube & Berger Remix)
Local Singles – Foolish (Original Mix)
Malcolm Zeller – Freak
Mancodex – Percolator
Marco Lys – Keep Looking Around (Brett Gould Extended Remix)
Meli Rodriguez – Underrated
Niles Shepardcabrillo – People Wanna
Rafael Mangaravok – It’s Dope
Raffa Fl – Treat (Wh0 Festival Remix)
Reelow – Pim Pam Pum
Rob Moore – Put Your Hands Up
Rupert Harveyjlnmr Phonic – Ow Baby
Ryan Gould – Poll
Sanchez & Narvaezjojo Angellucas Alexander – Trapped (Lucas Alexander Remix)
Shapeless – Body Mind
Shapeless – Transition
Sllash & Doppe – Like Pablo (Original Mix)
The Deepshakerzkarmina Dai – Werk (Extended Mix)
Vasco Cmilen Dj – Train Delay
Will Taylor (Uk) – Da Rhythm! (Radio Edit)