Traxsource New Releases (05 July 2021)) – [06-Jul-2021]

Alterboy, Heynegaard – Where 2 Go (Original Mix)
Becky Hill – Last Time (Biscits Remix)
Bklava – Close to You (Original Mix)
Boombox Cartel, JID – Reaper (Original Mix)
Boombox Cartel, Moody Good, Calivania – Shadow (Original Mix)
Brohug – Night Rider (Original Mix)
Da Funk Junkies – Meant To Be (Extended Mix)
Dante Klein, KOOLKID – Stranger Love (Original Mix)
Dastic, TwoDB, Over Easy, Linney – Anywhere Tonight (Extended Mix)
David Hohme, Dustin Nantais, Sophia Urista – Storybook (Extended Mix)
Deeperlove – Illness (Special Vibe Extended Remix)
Dosem – Unclosed (Original Mix)
Dropgun, Kiki – Forever (Extended Mix)
D-Stroyer – Hero’s Born (Extended Mix)
Ed Lee – All I Want Is You (Extended Mix)
Eric Spike, BCMP – Dark Nights (Extended Mix)
Erika Krall, Torok – Say You’re Done (Extended Mix)
Faulhaber – Go Ahead Now (Extended Mix)
Federico Gardenghi – Get It One (Original Mix)
Fiin – Palo Santo (Original Mix)
Framed Stories – Tear (Extended Mix)
FROZT, Single Spark, Roundrobin – Me & U (Faith Remix)
Fuenka – Kore (Extended Mix)
Gino G – Back On You (Original Mix)
Godlands, BRUX – My Weakness (Original Mix)
GotSome, George Kwali – In The Dark (Extended Mix)
Gregor Potter, Linka – Endora (Extended Mix)
Gry, Nevve, Thomas Gold – Now Or Never (Extended Mix)
Guglielmo Nasini, MOORAD, Corx – Break It Down (Extended Mix)
H4LL – Keep Me (Extended Mix)
Harry Romero – Get Closer (Extended Mix)
HAVOQ, Naems – Drop Like This (Extended Mix)
James Hurr – She Knows What She’s Doing (Extended Mix)
Janee – Can’t Let You Go (Extended Mix)
Joseph Ray – Lose My Mind (Extended Mix)
KPLR, Clara Sofie – Safer On My Own (Extended Mix)
KYANU, H3ARTACHE – Sleepwalking (Bass Prototype Remix)
L.GU. – Prisoner (Extended Mix)
Madhex – Stay (Original Mix)
MATTN, Angemi, Trygge – Knew That Second (Extended Mix)
Max Styler – Fools Paradise (Extended Mix)
Mazare, Keepsake, Liel Kolet – Open Heart (Original Mix)
Mehilove – Universe (Extended Mix)
MelyJones, Darren & Cashwell – Fresh (Extended Mix)
Mike Candys – Selecta (Original Mix)
Miqro – Better Love (Extended Mix)
Mirko Di Florio – What You Need (Extended Mix)
Moska, Rek – Alcántara (Extended Mix)
Movement Machina, MK8 – Dreamspace (Extended Mix)
Mr. Sid, Ado Woodz – Electric Skies (Extended Mix)
Mr. Sid, Chris Burke – Dance With Me (Original Mix)
Murat Salman, Rednod, Ezgi Kosa – Give It To Me (Extended Mix)
Nicky Romero, Monocule – You Don’t Know (Extended Mix)
Nightlapse, Hayley May – Sweet Love (Original Mix)
OOTORO – Hit Em (Original Mix)
Pavel Khvaleev, PARAFRAME, Macarena – Have Mercy (Pavel Khvaleev Extended Remix)
Pirate Snake, Earstrip – Don’t Stop (Extended Mix)
Pushing Daizies – I Want To Know (Original Mix)
R3SPAWN – Beat Of My Heart (Extended Mix)
Ranger Trucco, Dear Evergreen – I Think I Like It (Original Mix)
Ranger Trucco – In My Mind (Original Mix)
Ranger Trucco – Substances (Original Mix)
Sagan – Protocol (Extended Mix)
SAINT PUNK – Closer Tonight (Extended Mix)
Samuel Pomata, Fran Perez – Turn The Volume On Baby! (Original Mix)
Sandro Silva – As One (Extended Mix)
Sean Finn – Disco Revenge 2021 (Extended Mix)
Sem Thomasson – Push & Pull (Simon Ray’s Extended Day Mix)
Sem Thomasson – Push & Pull (Simon Ray’s Extended Night Mix)
Seven Lions, Wooli, Amidy – Shadows (Original Mix)
Shingo Nakamura, Stendahl – Tribute, Chapter III (Extended Mix)
Showtek, Theresa Rex – What Is Love (Original Mix)
SIDEPIECE – Acrobatic (Original Mix)
Sidney Samson, Bowman, BLEAM, Marboo – Hurricane (Extended Mix)
Sirprice, ÆMES – Weekend (Original Mix)
Skellism – Rise And Fall (Original Mix)
Solomun, Jamie Foxx – Ocean (Original Mix)
Somna, Jennifer Rene – Stars Collide (XiJaro & Pitch Extended Remix)
Square Perception – Stamina (Original Mix)
Stellz – Rush The Limit (Extended Mix)
Stephan M, John Maxwell – Believin (Original Mix)
Sunlounger, Zara – Lost (Club Mix)
Taim & Alyss – If You Need (Original Mix)
TaylorX, Charlie Lane – Bright Lights (Club Mix)
Tempo Giusto – In Another Life (Extended Mix)
The Cube Guys, Mandy Smith – Santhosh (Club Mix)
The Knocks, Mallrat – R U HIGH (Digitalism Remix)
Thomas Gold, Vivid, Nino Lucarelli – Let Me In (Extended Mix)
Timmy Trumpet, Nitti Gritti – Hey Motherfucker (Extended Mix)
Timothy Allen – The Sound (Extended Mix)
TOBSIK, New Northern – In Your Arms (Extended Mix)
Tom Staar, Ferry Corsten, Darla Jade – Glow (Extended Mix)
Tourneo, Chris Salvo – All About House Music (Instrumental Mix)
Trance Wax – Northern Sky (Original Mix)
Tujamo – You Know (Extended Mix)
Van Herpen – Hollywood (Original Mix)
VASSY, Sultan + Shepard – Somebody New (Sebastian Davidson Remix)
Vol2Cat – Addicted (Extended)
Volac, MKJAY, Daft Hill – Candy Shop (Extended Mix)
Will Fast – On My Mind (Dub Mix)
Will Sparks, Colleen D’Agostino – Close (Extended Mix)
Wulflock – Head Spinnin’ (Original Mix)