VA – Indie compilation (2020( – [10-Sep-2020]

Aiko el grupo – A mí ya me iba mal de antes
Away Forward – Written Answers
Band à Part – El Año Sin Verano
Bats – cats & dogs
Bell Streets The- Brooklyn
Bez – Hit
Bilinda Butchers The – Rie
Black Watch The – Brilliant Failures
Cápsula de Sueños – Tu Mundo De Cristal
Claridad La – La Orilla
Cold Beat – Flat Earth
Dummy – Slacker Mask
Ezrat – Distortions
Firestations – It’s Unreal
Gum Country – Somewhere
Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters – Out Of My Head
Hibernales – Today is the Day
Indigo Bunting – I Fell Through
Kidsmoke – The Bluest You
Lake – Hanged Man
Lunar Vacation – Unlucky
Manhattan Love Suicides – Home
Michael Angelheart – Everybody’s Talking
Morreo – Cluedo
Nah​.​.​. – Tumbledown Weekend
No Suits in Miami – What We Have
Occasional Keepers The – Leave The Secret There Forever
Oki Moki – Lucifer Rising
Operations – Perfect Day
Os Peregrinos – Musas De Ons
Paraíso – Y al final​.​.​. Carolina
Phosphene – Spiral
Primary 5 The – Stills
Red Red Eyes – Where Has Everybody Gone
Reds, Pinks & Purples The – You Might Be Happy Someday
Ringo Deathstarr – Gazin’
Rosehips The – Room In Your Heart
Sea Urchins The – Cling Film
Sissy Space Echo & The Invisible Collaborators – The Butterfly (Fill The Frame)
Softies The – I Can’t Get No Satisfaction, Thank God
Sustains – Razor Apple
Tigre Ulli – Noche Azul
Violet Town – Secrets Told
White Poppy – Hardly Alive
Why Bonnie – Voice Box
Whyte Horses – Up In My Mind
Would​-​Be​-​Goods – Dear St Valentine
Xenia – Montaña Rusa