VA – Majestik Func (2021) top 100 – [02-Nov-2021]

AD, Zee – Shake Down (AFT Lounge Tech revision)
AFT Lounge Tech – CRAZY legs
AFT Lounge Tech – we used 2 DANCE (Dark Arps remix)
AXJ2000 – Macon Street
Change Request – From the Ashes
Change Request – Minneapolis Magic
Change Request – Trois Reves
Datassette – Permafrost
Dez Williams – I Spit On Your Rave
DJ Shine, Teknostep – First Snow (Jonah Sharp remix)
Fleck E.S.C. – The Outside World
Forward Memory – The Way We Were
Info – Stepping Back
Info – Warm Space
Jay Strata – DMT
Jay Tripwire – Pole Reversal
Joel West – Inner Worlds (Jay Tripwire remix)
Jol – Moonshine Error
JVZ – Dunes (EP version)
Mr. Gentle – Seedling
Noah Pred – Hauptbahnhof Zentrum
+One – Yip
Osynlig – Can We Talk (instrumental edit)
pablo splice – Psionic
Paul Blackford – Hybris
Paul Blackford – Smooth My Soul
Replicants – Hawt Shot (drum a pella)
Robot Person – The Needle Comes Down
Rob Pearson – Let Her Down (AFT Lounge Tech remix)
Tony Thomas – Presence
Various Artists – Majestik Func (Continuous Mix by Aft Lounge Tech)
Vernon Douglas – I Love You (AFT Lounge Tech remix)