VA – New Music Releases Week 51 of 2021 (Mp3) songs mix – [27-Dec-2021]

24kgoldn – More Than Friends
930 – satellite
9m88 – A Merry Feeling
A4 – Dangerous
Aaliyah – Poison
Abe Parker – Rain For Christmas
Abra Cadabra – Lean Wit It (Remix) [feat. Blitty, Kush, Bradz, Kash One7, Akz, YF, Double Lz & Bandokay]
Adam Turley – Circles
Adrian Bello – Si Tú Me Quisieras
aespa – Dreams Come True
Aïssa – UN Ratito Mas
Aiyana-Lee – Bedroom
Akim – FaceTime
Albé – Prima di te
Alexcis – Until the Day (Remix)
Alok – Typical (feat. Lars Martin)
Andrew Barth Feldman – Emma
Anna Trümner – winter
ANTILOPEN GANG – Auf sie mit Gebrüll
Anton Ishutin – Ocean
Anya Gupta – you ruined phoebe bridgers
Apashe – Distance (feat. Geoffroy) (Tony Romera Remix)
Armin van Buuren – Soundscape
Asako Toki – A Night In New York
ASAN – Liviano
Ashley Park – Mon Soleil (from _Emily in Paris_ soundtrack)
Axel Rulay – Loco Toditos
Azizi Gibson – That Ain’t Nice
Baauer – Love In The Music
Bad Milk – Otra Noche
Baltra – Will You Be_ (CFCF Remix)
Bamily – Little Island
Basstripper – Lightspeed
Bbno$ – edamame (Diplo Remix)
Beachbag – Plans of Power
Big Boogie – Mixed Emotions
Bigkaybeezy – Middle Man
Billy Marchiafava – BERRIS FUELLER
Birdy – White Winter Hymnal
Bomb Factory – THE STORY ENDS
Bonaparte – Daft Punk spielen in meinem Haus
Brett Eldredge – Holy Water
Bryson Tiller – The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)
CactusTeam – serenity
Ca$his – Higher Than I Eva
Camilo – Pesadilla
Cami – POCA FE
Carin Leon – Como Que Me Enamoro (En Vivo)
Case – Secrets
Casper Magico – Karma
Christopher Damas – MANIPULATOR
Chris Webby – Lord Knows (feat. Justin Clancy)
Citizen Deep – Dtjoh (feat. Jessica LM)
C-kan – Loco e Insano
CLAK Faktory – Fly Shit
Cody・Lee(李) – しろくならない
COLOR – Ahora No
Cosmic Boy – Alone (feat. SOLE, Dvwn)
Coyote Theory – Wishlist
Cruzito – Lagrimas y Lambos
Daniel Blume – Better
David Ford – 2 Shots
DEKKO – 12×3
Delroy Edwards – Change The World
Derun – La Sombra Del Viento
Dielo – Madrugada
Disco Fries – Feel Again
Dj Paak – Played (Daa Daa Wo)
DJ Treeplo – NO ONE ELSE (feat. Shari)
D’One – How You Feel
DVBBS – Body Mind Soul
Dylhen – Code 404
Echo Resort – Earthquakes
Eddy M – Really Really Hot
EisSensei – 5am in tokyo
El Bala – Te Vas
Elijah – Vater und Sohn
Elsie Mae – Stop
Emilia – De Enero a Diciembre
Emily Muli – Break
Eric Clapton – Heart of a Child
Ethan P. Flynn – Superstition
Eva Shaw – 100GANG
Fabian Wegerer – Such nicht bei mir
Faime – Follow Me
familypet – fake friends
Fay Wildhagen – promise,
FeeFa – On My Diez
FEMME5 – Cloud 9
Fireboy Dml – Peru
FKA twigs – Tears In The Club (feat. The Weeknd)
Flyboiz – JEFE$
Francesco Bertoli – Cosmo
Fredo Bang – Fool for Love
Fumez The Engineer – Lazza x Fumez The Engineer – Plugged In, Pt. 2
Gabrielle Aplin – Skylight
Gerardo Ortiz – Tranquilito (Remix)
Gesu No Kiwami Otome – DOPAMIN
Gotay “El Autentiko_ – Anoche
Gottz – SUNSET (feat. IO, Yo-Sea & tofubeats) [Remix]
Groovenatics – Dance Dance
guardin – bad luck
Ha Hyunsang – Lighthouse
han.irl _3 – @thenovo
Hatiras – Get Yo Self (Edit)
Hi-Lo – String Theory
Huh Gak – Nothing Without You (Nth Romance X Huh Gak)
Hurricane Wisdom – No Favors
HWLS – Fenix
Ilan Bluestone – Paid For Love
Ilegales – Mi copa y yo (feat. Andrés Calamaro)
infinityghxst – NEVERGAVEAFUCK!
I Segreti – come state
Issei Uno Fifth – Outta Time (feat. JP THE WAVY)
ITZY – DALLA DALLA (Japanese ver.)
Jacob Collier – Fix You (Live for There With Care)
Jadu Jadu – never had a place
Jamby El Favo – Bandido
Jaxomy – Feel The Soul
Jayson U – Stay Positive
Joss Stone – Breaking Each Other’s Hearts
Jperk – RIP
Juanfran – Jangueo
Juan Rached – Polaroid
Junior H – Nací Para Amarte
Juno – come thru (feat. midwxst)
Kaia Lana – Quédate
kanemochi – GASLIGHTING
Kaskade – How Long v3
Katia Morales – Cometa
Kidd G – I Don’t Wanna
Kid Flex – Que Todo Mejore
Kid Ink – Hoe Games
Kiki – Run to you (Christmas Special)
Kim Loaiza – Ya No Somos
Kina Grannis – Gold
King Gnu – Sakayume
Klaas – Cross My Heart
Klang Ruler – タイミング ~Timing~
K Lone – B.R.O.K.E. (KUČKA edit)
KSHMR – Close Your Eyes (VIP Mix)
LadBaby – Sausage Rolls for Everyone
Ladron – Ya Dame Chocolate
La Loquera – Charles Ans x Neto Peña x Yoss Bones – LQRA Session #5
LIGHTS – Real Thing (feat. Elohim)
Lil Dicky – We Good (From The TV Show _DAVE_)
Los Alegres De La Loma De Diego Ahumada – La Trampa
Lost Minds – Overdose
Luar La L – Si La Pillo
Lucky Rose – Give You Up
Luis R Conriquez – A La Orden (En Vivo)
M2h – Cámara Lenta
Macaroni Empitsu – Happyendhenokitaiha
Maliya – Hot Spot (feat. Shurkn Pap) [Remix]
Marco Acevedo – Guaracha Con Ñejo
Marco Castello – Luminarie
Margarita la diosa de la cumbia – Burrito Sabanero
Matteo Faustini – Per Donare
Meela – What Do You Know_
Mentira – este año
Mew Suppasit – Before 4_30 (She Said…)
Michael Bibi – Soul System
Michelangelo – Solo tu
Michelle BI – Solo en la Peda
Mike Candys – Insomnia (Rework)
Mike Singer – Licht
Minho – Heartbreak
Mini Haye – Deeper
Mixed Matches – bluemoon
Money Man – Fans Go Crazy
MOTi – Back To You (Willim Edit)
Mr Traumatik – Changes
Nas – Wave Gods
Nas – Wu for the Children
Nathan Micay – You Take One Dip And Then You End It
NEFFEX – Hustlin’
Nego True – Winter Polaroids
Nfasis – Esta Noche
Nikonn – Addicted
Nissim Black – Adored
NOD – Watch the Sky
North Mississippi Allstars – Didn’t We Have a Time
Notalike – Always You
Nuevo Elemento – Otro Triste Invierno
OH MY GIRL – Shark
Olin MattiBlue – Everysunrise
Omy de Oro – MOOD (Remix)
On Planets – Spectacle
OPlus – X No Te Vas
Orange Ocean – Made for Mermaid
Ovi – Que Locura
P110 – On Smoke
Paenda – Run To You
Pancho Barraza – Compañera Mía
Passenger – Happy Christmas My Dear
PAVLO – me acostumbro (sesiones en el bosque)
Phil Anker – Safe Place (feat. Lilia) (QRTR Remix)
Philou Louzolo, Kususa & Mariseya – Melanin
Pomme – Itsumo Nando Demo (from Spirited Away)
Producto Sin Corte – Manzana
Ptazeta – Cae la noche
Purple Disco Machine – Dopamine (Matt Johnson Remix)
Putra Timur – Forever Lasting Joy
Rak-Su – Woman
Rayven Justice – On The Low (feat. Drenesse)
Regal Lily – Planet Trash
Rich Dietz – Hype Beast
Rico Mendossa – Economy (Remix)
Robert Burian – I Wanna Feel You
Rosa Lavenne – Alabaster
Rose Cousins – Begin Again
Rvfv – Aléjate
s0cliché – Nutcracker
Samantha Barrón – Diablo
Sav’O – Evil Intentions
Scirocco – Per non scomparire
Séb Mont – Pieces
Seb Zen – Prcct (Original Mix)
Seno J – Bills
Seven Kayne – Dame Love (Remix)
Sharp Dialect – Shiny Toys
Siik – Goodbye
Sipper – psycho killa
Sissi – Stupidi lovers
Sobrino – Otra Canción
Sol Pereyra – Seguir
Solr – Walk Away
Sonjah – Underrated
Sophie Holohan – butterfly effect – demo
Spotemgottem – No Strings Attached
Spotemgottem – On A Tee
Stella Jang – My Winter Trip
Steve Lawler – Boom Shack (Will Taylor Remix)
Stray Kids – Scars (Korean)
Strikes – Tap It Up
Summer Soul – My Christmas Day’s For You (2021)
Sung Si Kyung – If you’re with me
Supathick – Can’t Keep Waiting
Sy Ari Da Kid – Christmas In The Hood
Tay Money – Self Made
Teesy – Jesus
Teqkoi – Too Late
Ters – Ciencia Ficción
The Divine Comedy – Home For The Holidays
The Kopycat – Everything You Do
Thomas Glaop – The One Who Wins
Tiffi – vivienne
Tim Reaper & Kloke – Tunnelvision
Tish – Sirene rotte
Tori Kelly – I Say A Little Prayer
UFO361 – allein allein
Vases – Comfort Creature
Victoria La Mala – Last Christmas
Volen Sentir – Mitra
Walk The Moon – Win Anyway
Wami – Lost Sometimes
WeiBird – R.I.P
Wells_ – I’m So Sad
Wifisfuneral – Save Me from Myself
Windows 96 – Cry Again
Xatar – Streets
Yaffle – Magic Touch
Yana Bey – Nihilist
Yung Fume – Paydays
yungmaple – SET THE BAR
Yung Skrrt – Cinderace Weight
Zach Oliver – Feel Like Forever
Zemine – Gec Kaldin
Zion.T – A Gift!
Zizzy – RIP
東京事変 – 原罪と福音