Zerothree Melodic House, Techno (15 April 2021) – [17-Apr-2021]

172 – Patric La Funk – Röttgen (Original Mix)
173 – Judah – Födelse (Original Mix)
8Kays – Samarqand (Original Mix)
Abel Ramos – Come Together (Original Mix)
Abel Ramos – To The Sky
Anden – Escalus
Anden – Fires In The Sky
Anden – Flicker
Anden – Light
Anden, Local Dialect – Palmetto (Before You Leave)
Anden – Projections Part II
Anden – Projections Part I
Anden – Retrograde
Anden – September
Anden – Walls
Andre Sobota – Circles (Eekkoo Remix)
Andre Sobota – Circles (Original Mix)
Andre Sobota – Lost Cause (Max Graham Remix)
Andre Sobota – Lost Cause
Andre Sobota – Out Of Sight
Andretta – Fragments
Andretta – If You Got It
Andretta – Summerwave
Andretta – Vision Of You
Another Ambition – Dont Cry For An Empty Sky
Betoko, th;en – Koming
Budd – Elevate (Original Mix)
Budd – Elevate (Soundprank Remix)
Budd, Steve Haines, Danyl – Magnetic Souls (Original Mix)
Budd – Supernova (Original Mix)
CaPa – Endor (Original Mix)
Capa (Official) – Accelerate (Original Mix)
Capa (Official) – Blue Llama
Capa (Official), Clara Sofie – Breathe
Capa (Official), Clara Sofie – Breathe (Shane 54 Remix)
Capa (Official), Clara Sofie – Breathe (Tinlicker Remix)
Capa (Official), Diana Miro – The Lights
Capa (Official) – Digits Feat PowerDress (Original Mix)
Capa (Official), Eric Lumiere – Colours (Radio Edit)
Capa (Official) – Falcon Punch
Capa (Official) – Fenix
Capa (Official) – Fragments
Capa (Official) – Friends
Capa (Official) – From Here (Original Mix)
Capa (Official) – Lake
Capa (Official) – Lotus
Capa (Official) – Mosaic
Capa (Official), Nathan Ball – Necessary Evil
Capa (Official) – Neon
Capa (Official) – Orchid (Original Mix)
Capa (Official) – Walls (Original Mix)
Capa (Official) – Yuna
Corren Cavini – 1001
Corren Cavini – New Beginnings
Corren Cavini, YSA – Wreck My Head
Cubicore – Di
Danzfolk – LMU (Original Mix)
Dave Silcox – Everything (Original Mix)
David Tort, Danielle Simeone – You Got To (Original Mix)
David Tort, DJ Dreghost – Let It Go Feat. DJ Dreghost (Original Mix)
David Tort, Nick Marsh – Let Me Be The One (David Tort & Corey James Remix)
David Vrong – Butcher (Dub Mix)
David Vrong – Butcher (Original Mix)
David Vrong – Erase Me (Original Mix)
David Vrong – Reflection (Original Mix)
Dead Ceremony vs 7dials – Losing You (7dials Remix)
Deeparture – Companion
Deeparture – Jumpseat
Dezza – All I Need
Dezza – Escapist
Dezza – In Tents
Dezza – Law of Attraction
Digitalism – Second Chance (Capa Remix)
Digitalism – Second Chance (David Vrong Remix)
Digitalism – Second Chance (Extended Mix)
Digitalism – Second Chance (Funkagenda Radio Edit)
Digitalism – Second Chance (Traumer Remix)
D.Ramirez, Mark Knight – Colombian Soul (Anden Remix)
D.Ramirez, Mark Knight – Colombian Soul (Grum Remix)
Dylhen, Lyonheart – Gravity
Enamour – Catalyst
Enamour – Culture is Chaos
Enamour – Voye
Farius – 90069
Farius – Close To Home
Farius – Echo Chamber
Farius – Eleventh Hour
Farius – Make This Last (Frederick & Kusse Remix)
Farius – Make This Last
Farius – Running Away
Farius – Waiting (For You) (Radio Edit)
Fasttrack & Maulen – Vega (Original Mix)
Flynthe, Chewie – Osaka
Flynthe, Chewie – Resist
Flynthe – Momentum (Original Mix)
Flynthe – Nocturna (Original Mix)
Gai Barone – A Kick Maybe
Gai Barone – An Emotionally Distant Guy
Gai Barone – Carnival
Gai Barone – Chavah
Gai Barone – Formal
Gai Barone – Minefract
Gai Barone – Monoroid
Gai Barone – Neena
Gai Barone – Nexo (Luka Sambe Remix)
Gai Barone – Nexo
Gai Barone – Two Ghosts
Gai Barone – Walking
Galestian – Berlin
Goom Gum – Chopper
Goom Gum, DJ Pressing – Banabantu
Goom Gum – Inception
Grazze, Deeparture, Dan Soleil – Unfolding
Grazze, Diana Miro – Molecules
Grazze, George Bloom – Hesze
Grazze – In Our Hearts
Grazze, Rauschhaus – Nord
Grum – Straight To Your Heart (Legion & Logam Remix)
Grum – Straight To Your Heart (Radio Edit)
Hollt – Fusion
Hollt – Systems Down
Huminal – Altered Ego
Huminal – Mystic
Jaytech – Hyperloop (Original Mix)
Jaytech – On Your Roof (Original Mix)
Jaytech – Shine On Me (Original Mix)
Jeff Ozmits – Memory
Judah – In And Out Of My Life
Judah – Something’s Wrong
Judah – The Black File
Julian Gray, Pipa Moran – Touch (Dezza Remix)
Julian Gray, Pipa Moran – Touch
Junior Sanchez, Kaz James – Underground Police feat Vick Knightly
Kolonie – Astrogate
Kolonie – December
Kolonie – Epilogue
Kolonie – Genesis
Kolonie – Invictus
Kolonie – Isolated
Kolonie – Moments
Kolonie – Torn Vision
Kolonie – You Know Why
Kristian Nairn, Alex Graham – Life Is Too Short
Lange – You Are Free (Original Mix)
Lee Coulson – We Found Out
Local Dialect, Las Von – Flote
Local Dialect – Perseus
Lukas Fonsell – Lyn (Original Mix)
Luke Chable – Comet (Zerothree Mix)
Luke Chable – Echo (Zerothree Mix)
Luke Chable – Mr Gravity (Original Mix)
Luke Chable – Voyager (Zerothree Mix)
Majestique – Science Of The Heart (Tinlicker Remix)
Maor Levi, BRKLYN, Mariah McManus – No Sleep (Unplugged Mix)
Matt Fax – Diving (Original Mix)
Matt Fax – Dogwander (Original Mix)
Matt Fax – Supertaper (Original Mix)
Matt Fax – Turismo (Original Mix)
Matt Fax – Wrath
Max Freegrant – Every Moment (Andre Sobota Remix)
Max Freegrant – Every Moment (Original Mix)
Max Freegrant, Haxxy – You (Original Mix)
Max Ruby – Awaiting
Mearch – Everywhere
Mearch – Found
Mearch – Orphan (Extended Mix)
Movement Machina – All I Wanted
Movement Machina – Angels In The Abstract (Original Mix)
Movement Machina – For Whatever Reason
Movement Machina – Nakatomi
Movement Machina, Noble North – Ejecta
Movement Machina – Only One
Movement Machina, Timo Vaittinen – Bypass (Original Mix)
Movement Machina, Timo Vaittinen – Upsides Have Downsides (Original Mix)
Muvy – Go Back (Original Mix)
My Friend, Dezza – Dream Weaver
Nihil Young, Less Hate – Bow To The Rain
Nihil Young, Less Hate – Loss
Nihil Young, Less Hate – Sol
Nihil Young, Paige, Matt Elle – I’ll Feel The Same
Notaker – Feel The Rain (Original Mix)
OAI, Floa – Saw District
Paige, Nihil Young, Maylyn – Love You Or Don’t
Patric La Funk – Hasensprung (Original Mix)
Paul Thomas, Jerome Isma-ae – Tomorrow (Luke Chable Remix)
Paul Thomas, Jerome Isma-ae – Tomorrow (Matt Fax Remix)
Paul Thomas, Jerome Isma-ae – Tomorrow (Richard Knott Remix)
Paul Thomas, Mr. V – How Deep Can You Go
Paul Thomas, Shadow Of Two – 365 (Original Mix)
Pete K – Altair (Original Mix)
Pete K – Azimuth
Pete K – Forest
Pete K – Nebula
Pete K – Nova
Pete K – Pathos
Pete K – Prophet
Pete K – Traveller
Port Manteau – Faded
Port Manteau – Pyro
Proff, 8Kays – Arcology
Proff, Cory Friesenhan, Cory Freisenhan – Misidentify (Original Mix)
Proff, Cory Friesenhan – Misidentify (Movement Machina Remix)
Proff, Fon.Leman – Just Don’t (Original Mix)
Proff – Losing My Mind (Original Mix)
Proff – Obscure
Proff – Slumber Rain Elegy
Proff – Used to Love (Original Mix)
Rauschhaus, Peer Kusiv – Mesopotamia
Reuben Keeney – I Won’t Forget
Reuben Keeney – SVE
Richard Knott – Ghost
Rodg – Derange
Rodg – Tell On Me
Roland Clark, David Tort – The Pleasure Dome (Original Mix)
Rolo Green, NUALA – Stokenchurch (feat. Nuala)
Rolo Green – Shimmer
Sebastian Weikum – Lot
Sebastian Weikum – Riot
Shane 54 – Dark & Long (Dark Train)
Shane 54 – Eat More Bacon
Shane 54 – Pancakes For Breakfast
Siege – Things You Do (Original Mix)
Solanca – Through The Haze
Sonic Union, MXV – Crash Course
Soundprank – Largo (Original Mix)
Soundprank – Obsidian (Original Mix)
Soundprank – Rhombot (Original Mix)
Steve Haines, Budd – Connekt (Original Mix)
Supernatet – Sapiente (Original Mix)
Tim Mason, Capa (Official), Kelli-Leigh – Never Be (Acoustic Mix)
Tim Mason – Chords Of Life (Original Mix)
Tim Mason – Figalogue
Tim Mason – Modulate
Tim Mason – Najona
Tim Mason – Nothing More (Original Mix)
Tim Mason – Overdrive (Original Mix)
Tim Mason – Rezzie
Tim Mason – Serum (Original Mix)
Tim Mason, Sonny Noto – Inner Love (Original Mix)
Tim Mason – Switcher
Tinlicker – Automatic (Original Mix)
Tinlicker – Culture Clash (Original Mix)
Tinlicker – In All The Fire (Original Mix)
Tinlicker – Maandag (Original Mix)
Tinlicker – Motion
Tinlicker – Shadowing
Tinlicker – Triangle (Original Mix)
Tom Zeta – Heist
Trilucid – Fibonacci Trip
Trilucid – Foundation (Original Mix)
Trilucid, Phil Martyn – Cawewa
Trilucid – Shelter (Original Mix)
Unterberg – Synthasia
Vintage & Morelli – Nothing To Lose (Original Mix)
Wally Lopez – April Soul
Wally Lopez, Betoko – Soonrize
Wally Lopez, Betoko – Soonrize (Rauschhaus Remix)
Wally Lopez – Space Control
White-Akre – AHIAS
White-Akre – Stratosphere