Andy Galea – When the Drum Rolls Deep
Angus McDonald – Vamp That Piano Child
Ant Garbe – Anthem
Ant Garbe – Coming Back (feat. Tesni Jones)
Ant Garbe, Dave Bolton & Danny Whittle – Closer to All Your Dreams
Ant Garbe – Touch Me
Ant Garbe – Want It Right Now (feat. Tesni Jones)
Aron Scott – Whou
Blusa, BigNoise & Loja – Everybody Shakin’
Caio Cenci & Plus Beat’z – Gimme The Sunshine
Chelsea Singh – All over the World
Chelsea Singh – Further Out
Chelsea Singh – Let Us Show You (feat. MC Creed)
Chelsea Singh – One Nation
Chelsea Singh & Rob Tissera – Make You Whole
Chelsea Singh – The Power
Christian Cheval – I Don’t Wanna Be Freak
Chris Walker – Come Back To You
Da Hussla & Jamie van Goulden – Don’t You Want My Love
Danny Wild – Talk To Me
Deano B – Hip Hoppin
Delgado – Move With Me
Disco Darlings & Soul Chaser – I’ll Always Be There
Disk nation – Simon Groove
DJ Gomi & Mike Ivy – Hot for Love
DJ Wady & Alec Lino – Bombonera
Double B – Jingo
Emiel Roche – I Found
Fagan – Over You
Fil Alberga – Bouzouki
Groove Technicians – Heaven
Househeadz – Feel Good
Ivan Kay – It Just You Do
Ivan Kay – The Orchestra
Juvenile Delinquents & Jesse James – In The Night
K69 – Come on and Move Me
K69 & Mr Jay – Dance
K69 & Mr Jay – Right Now
Keith Mac Project – Take Me to a Higher Love (Rob Tissera Remix)
Kevin Andrews & K69 – Long Time
Kid Massive & Luke Nash – El General
Lan Damon – Feel so Good
Lan Damon – You Make Me Feel
Loz J Yates – Give It Up
Loz J Yates – Never Never (feat. Iffy)
Luigii Nieto & Harttins – I Need to Know
Mark Armitage – Hit the Dancefloor
Matt Moore – Joyrider (feat. Katy)
Mike Mac – So Emotional
Modegroove – Bassline
Moon Disco (Us) – Good Times
Mr Jay – All I Want Is the Bass
Mr Jay – Keep Movin On
Mr Jay – Such a Feelin
Mr Jay – SwerveBody
Mr Jay – Touch Of Love
Nick Francis – Feel It
NIGHTLAB & Hutch – 6AM
NIGHTLAB – Jack & Dance
Nomar Boltier – Whooa
O-Galla, Agent Greg & Terri B! – Burning Up
ROMBE4T – Fun Key Piano
Ruben Vitalis & Jon Costa – Candy
SAN SEBASTIAN & Ruben Vitalis – Soulpower
Secret Agenda – Rushing
Sir Francis – Piano
Space Ear – Say Yes
Stanny Abram – Las Palabras
Telussa & Tijssen – Rock the House
Terry Lex & CC Brown – I Believe
Valiant Kings – Another Day
Walter Gardini – Show Me Sound
Yvvan Back & Christian Ghinati – Lift Me Up
Zepha B – Love to Dance 8
Zepha B – Love You Endlessly