Add-Us – Moments [Awen Records]
Alessio Pennati – Abstral Vibes [Awen Records]
Atwalk – Timeless [Awen Records]
Darcy Stephens – The Calling (Michael Chiritos Remix) [Awen Records]
Dark Matter (ISR) – Perception (Paul Angelo & Don Argento Remix) [Awen Records]
Dark Matter (ISR) & Tom Shwartz – Out of Bounds [Awen Records]
Eleonora, Marat Mode & Didaek – Dark [Awen Records]
Jeancy – Energetic Stability [Awen Records]
Magnetic Brothers – No Party (Apo Tulup Remix) [Awen Records]
Mångata Projekt – Strange Things [Awen Records]
Moeaike – Change [Awen Records]
NickO – Ko [Awen Records]
Noidor – Cropp [Awen Records]
Palinodia – Invaders [Awen Records]
Saccao – Sirens of Odyssey [Awen Records]
Sebastian Frett – Oddysey [Awen Records]